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Aisles [M]

Aisle Two

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

Word Count: 6,772

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Aisle One Aisle Two Aisle Three

Your apartment was like a ghost town. The emptiness echoed every time you stepped foot in the sad space. His shoes were missing by the front door. Your keys were never on the side table. There was evidence that people lived there. Ramen packets in the trash. Used coffee cups on the sink. But no one had really been around for two weeks.

Two weeks. This was the longest you had gone without speaking to Hoseok, yet alone seeing him. The fight at Yoongi’s was the worst you ever had. His sharp tongue dug wounds that even stitches couldn’t heal. He had been keeping himself occupied at Yoongi’s or the dance studio. Your heart sank into your chest anytime you came home and heard the washing machine running, only to find that the person who was wearing them was nowhere to be found.

A small part of you enjoyed the quiet. You were able to spread all your materials out on the coffee table. Bags of chips and half empty iced lattes were littered in between stacks of highlighted notes. He wasn’t there to yell at you when you fell asleep face first on your microbiology homework, the lines of the pages leaving imprints on your cheeks.

You did miss him. The two of you had been friends for years. But this time it was not your turn to say sorry. If Hoseok wanted things to go back to normal, he would have to swallow his large amount of pride and apologize.

But you had never heard Hoseok apologize in his life. 

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concept: tony stark going to a casino and counting cards

another concept: tony stark realizing hes been counting cards and that he doesnt need to, and so making a conscious effort to stop. his brain continues to do so anyway and he continues to keep winning. he leaves all his chips on the table when he goes.
Google's Diversity Controversy Mocked in Street Art Near Office
The posters were plastered onto bus-stop benches and behind glass looking like official advertisements

The politics of Google has been in the spotlight since the online giant seemingly fired an employee for challenging liberal orthodoxy. It’s a situation tailor-made for Sabo, and the conservative street artist struck before the sun rose on Friday, plastering the Venice area of Los Angeles, all around some offices where Google and its YouTube unit reside, with disparaging posters in some very hard-to-reach areas.

The posters, some of them exceedingly large and very high up, some plastered onto bus-stop benches, some behind glass looking like official advertisements, contrast Google with Apple, distorting the latter’s catchphrase to suggest that thinking different at Google won’t produce world-changing products, it will get you fired.

The controversy that Sabo is exploiting concerns Google’s VP of diversity, integrity and governance Danielle Brown publicly chastising an employee who wrote a memo chastising Google for what he thinks is an obsession with diversity.

The employee, James Damore, wrote 3,000 words in his memo, but some of the ones that got him in trouble went like this: “I’m simply stating that the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership.”

After some employees complained about Damore’s 10-page missive, Google CEO Sundar Pichai fired him.

In Sabo’s artwork, Pichai’s image appears alongside the image of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and both logos from the tech giants are also present.

In some posters, Apple’s tagline “Think Different” is alongside Google’s logo with the text “Not So Much.” In other posters, it’s alleged that thinking different gets you hired at Apple but fired at Google.

“It seems since after the election of Trump not only has the left lost their minds,” Sabo tells The Hollywood Reporter, “they’ve all decided to throw all their chips on the table by oppressing anyone who either voted for Trump, supports Trump, is right of center, or simply doesn’t see things their way.”


“Look, if I was trying to woo you, I’d take you somewhere a mite fucking nicer than this.”

He threw all his chips on the table and rolled the dice.

Inspired by Scene of the Crime, 2016
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We're Dating!

Requested: “Hi can you do a harry hook imagine where reader is mal’s sister and reader and harry start dating and mal, evie, jay, Carlos, Ben, uma, and Gil are all shocked but happy for them at the same time. Thank you so much😊”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

Originally posted by dovecameron-thomas-domascamerty

“You ready to do this?” You asked Harry.

Both of you were about to tell your friends Evie, Ben, Carlos, Jay, Uma, Gil and you’re sister Mal that you guys are dating. You were nervous at first but since Harry was going to be right by your side you knew you would be okay.

“More then ready because I can finally show you off and call you my girl.” Harry said causing you to blush.

You both walked into Ursula’s Fish and Chips where all your friends were sitting together in one table.

“Oh look it’s Y/N and Harry together again.” Carlos winked.

“You both are inseparable it’s adorable!” Evie commented causing you to smile.

“Well I think you’ll find it even more adorable when I tell you that we’re dating.” You said.

Everyone quieted down until Evie jumped up squealing. The girls had shocked expressions but they smiled while the guys started grinning like crazy.

“I’m so happy for you guys congrats!” Evie exclaimed while giving you a hug and you hugged her back. “Thank you girl.” You smiled.

“I’m so proud of you congrats!” Mal said. “Thank you sis.” You said as you embraced each other in a hug.

“If you hurt her I will feed you to the sharks. “That’s my little sister.” Mal said looking at Harry.

“You won’t need to do that I promise I won’t hurt her.” Harry said nervously.

“He’s going to make you very happy congrats Y/N and if you hurt her Harry I’ll chop your limbs off and then Mal and I will feed you to the sharks.” Uma continued and you started laughing.

“Okay okay I get it. That was very graphic I understand.” Harry said.

“Congratulations guys we are all very happy for you both.” Ben smiled as he gave you a hug but gave Harry a man hug.

“Congratulations.” Carlos said hugging you. “Thank you.” You smiled.

“Treat her right.” He said as he pointed a finger at Harry and he nodded.

Jay hugged you, “Congratulations.” He said. “Thank you.” You replied.

“Okay I’m not going to say my threat cuz that’s a surprise but just know there will be consequences if you hurt her.” Jay said before walking away and you giggled.

The last one was Gil, “If you hurt him I will-” before he could finish everyone started groaning but then they all laughed.

“Hey hey hey I was just mocking you all. I’m kidding. Congratulations guys you both are very lucky.” Gil said before sitting back down.

“Thanks man, thank you all of you.” Harry said.

You and Harry we’re both very happy, things had worked out with you two perfectly, your friends were happy for you guys and you had their full support. Everything had fallen into place perfectly.

This is the last imagine I’m posting/writing for today (7/13/17) the rest will be done/posted tomorrow (7/14/17).

bloody-bee-tea  asked:

I see the Tony is immortal drabble and I raise you this: when Steve hits him in Siberia Tony hopes this is finally it, he will die here like he was supposed to so many years ago. But Steve smashes the shield down and dislodges the fake sternum and cracks rips and later the doctors will say that and the hypothermia and the other injuries should have killed him and Tony just laughs and laughs and laughs. They just mumble that should have killed him too, new sternum and all, and then he just cries.

Well hello there Satan.

I see you and also raise: Tony isn’t reckless because he wants to save everyone. Tony is reckless because he wants to die. The Avengers would shout at him in medical, or in the quinjet, or during debrief, and yell that he’s really fucking lucky, and Tony’s just sitting there quietly, thinking, if I were actually lucky, I would have fucking died. Siberia is sort of a Hail Mary for him. If two Super Soldiers beating the shit out of him doesn’t work, if Steve slamming the shield through the reactor and breaking his fake sternum and the hypothermia didn’t kill him, nothing would.

And it fucking doesn’t.

You know what? I’m going all-in. *shoves entirety of chips to the middle of the table* Thanos comes, and Tony thinks finally, because this… this is what he’d been warning everyone about. And now they can see he was Right. He sees the fear on everyone’s faces even when they try to hide it, and he worries about them, but underneath it all he’s smug. Because now they can see it wasn’t all just his hubris talking.

And then they fight Thanos. Tony sacrifices himself, because that’s what he does, because he’s never going to die. If Afghanistan didn’t kill him, if Stane’s betrayal didn’t kill him, if the Paladium poisoning and the Mandrin didn’t kill him, if Steve’s betrayal didn’t kill him, Thanos certainly isn’t going to. Thanos isn’t personal the way so many of his enemies have been. In fact, this might be the easiest fight Tony’s ever had, if only because there are no feelings attached to it.

They manage to beat Thanos. And Tony finally dies. (Tony stands over his body and watches as the rogue Avengers scream and cry and mourn over him. It’s very surreal. “Too little, too late,” he says, and no one hears him.)

((They bring Tony back, of course, because this is Marvel. They expect Tony to be happy, if only because everyone has to tell him that he was right, and they are sorry. And it’s this that sends Tony over the edge, makes him angry. He does not accept their apologies. He does not care that he was right. “YOU ARE SO SELFISH THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN LET ME DIE IN PEACE. I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M EVEN SURPRISED.” This is not what anyone expected. And now they have to live with the worry that Tony might put a bullet through his head in front of them. He’s angry enough to.))

Bet Your Ass

Contribution @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash Negan challenge.   I know I am two weeks late (eek!)  I really did have some major health problems though.  Thank you for being understanding! 

I did an Anal story

Warnings:  Smutty, smut smut smut.  Dub-Con (More reluctance than anything else tho), Anal (Obv),

Pairing:  Negan/OFC

Words:  4700

Tags: @arkhamasylumpatient-blog1, @blondesouthsquad, @enchantingoblivion, @alyisdead, @dead-head-joker, @miiraal, @theonethatgotaway213, @marauderice, @kellyn1604, @megandrawsspace, @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers, @shanaatjelove11, @daintyunicorn, @mac5323,  @thecynicalnerd

                    “I win.”  The two words spewed out of the man’s mouth all night. 

                You tossed your cards down and went to stand up from the table as he pulled in all his chips.   

                “Quitting so soon?” Negan raised an eyebrow and looked away from his haul.   

                “Quitting?’  You scoffed.  “I don’t have anything left to bet. You won it all.” 

                You signaled to the three other men who were standing away from the table.  Even though you lost it all you were proud of coming in second tonight.  Negan was either the best bluffer in the world or the luckiest damn poker player who ever existed.  

                “A lady like you with your charms…I’m sure you’ve got something that would entice me to throw down.”  Negan gives you that billion dollar grin and you roll your eyes.  

                “I think one of your wives can take care of that for you.”  There is no playfulness in your voice as you walk away from the table. 

                “What a shame Y/N.” Negan’s voice gives you pause. “I never took you for a chicken.” 

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❝ Do you want to go to my place? ❞ Part2

Plot: You and Heechul get drunk at a members party and kiss(part 1) Months later you fall pregnant and do not tell him, but he find out (part 2)

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,9k+

Genre: Angst, drama with slight fluff

For anon , I hope you like it ^^


Part 1

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

The front door opened a sloppy kisses could be heard, along with the clumsy actions of removing shoes. You had thrown your purse somewhere in the darkness, not that you cared at that moment. Heechul has his tongue in your mouth as he shut the door and pressed you up against it. Launching yourself up, you wrapped your legs around his waist as your dress rode up slightly. He supported you with his hands as he carried you to what you assumed was his bedroom. He kicked the door close and threw you on the bed. Clothing was quickly thrown off, as he was on top of you. His lips explored your body as your nails racked his back. He nibbled on your lower lip as you moaned, gaining him access to your hot cavern. Their tongues fought for dominance before falling into an erotic dance. Leaving your lips, he kissed the corner of your mouth then jawline with him reattaching to your neck. Sucking and biting at the crook of your neck which earned him a sensual moan as he created his artwork in his drunken state.

Kissing the hickey one last time, he kissed down your chest and through your channel, down your stomach and landed between your legs. You bit down on your lower lip as Heechul kissed your inner thigh which sent electric shocks down her spin. Your head was spinning from the alcohol that ran rampant through your system, but that just urged this action on.

Intimate moans echoed around the room with the accompaniment of the sound of flesh against flesh. With ever thrust he made, you match it with a moan which just turned him on even more causing him to move faster. He was neither rough nor hard but still fast in his thrusts. His movement were strong yet passionate as your bodies rocked together with lips attached at any given moment. The duvet was draped around Heechul’s waist as you both went at it. Time passed as you both spent your intimate moment together. After a few rounds around the room, they finally settled in bed, breathless, sweaty and completely dazed from the alcohol.


‘Are you feeling any better?’ Your friend Seunghee asked.

‘Nope!’ You ran straight to the bathroom to throw up for the nth time.

‘You sure you don’t have alcohol poisoning from the party?’ She asked.

‘Two weeks later?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘Are you being for real?!’

Since the night with Heechul, you remember waking up and parting ways. There was no heart felt moments but just splitting. You really didn’t remember what transpired that evening, besides you sleeping with him. Now two weeks later you were suffering with nausea and you had no idea why. It wasn’t food poisoning, because you couldn’t stomach anything down and neither was it the flu. Draped across the toilet, you just felt like a mess. There was one other possible manner, but you didn’t even wanna think about it.

‘Some vitamin C tablets?’ You found yourself at a pharmacy with Seunghee.

You had ventured past the pregnancy test section and quickly grabbed it, ‘Ah yeah, mind going and grabbing some groceries and I will pay.’

‘Sure but-’


You had cut her off and purchased the test. Arriving home, you parted way with her and went to the bathroom. Doing it, you sat on the bathtub waiting for the results and you had lost all colour in your face. You were pregnant, and with Kim Heechul’s child. All rational thought was thrown out the window as you ran and hit dial on your phone. You paced up and down waiting for the person to pick up.

‘Hello?’ The person answered.

‘Hyerim-ah?’ You question in a panic.

‘What’s up, Y/N?’

‘Can you come over? It’s an emergency!’

Without having to argue, she hung up and was on the way to you. Being the girlfriend to Leeteuk, you didn’t want her really involved with you being sick, but now her best friend roll was going to be important. Arriving, you dragged her in the apartment and began to explain everything to her. She was polite in the manner of not interrupting, but once you were done, she exploded.

‘Are you going to tell him?’ She asked, hands in her hair.

‘No…’ You said softly.

‘Why not?’ Hyerim questioned, ‘Are you insane?! This is his child, Y/N!’

‘Born out of wedlock!’ You reasoned, ‘Plus he would never want the baby, he is an idol. He has a life that is already busy, and a baby wouldn’t make it better. Please don’t tell him, or Jungsu for that matter.’

Your best friend looked at your pleading face, ‘Fine but you will have tell him….eventually.’

And eventually was slowly approaching. You were now approaching your due date. Truth be told, many people didn’t even think you were pregnant, because the baby bump wasn’t as big as they normally would be. You were described as a ‘fit’ pregnancy. Since the last trimester arrived, Hyerim had been bothering you with telling Heechul. You hadn’t seen him or the boys since the incident. The singer had tired to keep in contact with you so much, since you were friends before this incident. Every try he made, you shut down.

‘How is Y/N?’ A sultry voice asked, ‘I miss her.’

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All You Need is Love: Chapter One “Girl”

A Love Story Told by The Fab Four / Inspired by “Across the Universe”

Spencer Reid: a genius, hardworking, dedicated FBI profiler. Persephone “Percy” Jacobson: a passionate, brilliant, ambitious FBI specialist, and the newest member of the BAU. Spencer doesn’t believe in soulmates. Persephone doesn’t believe in happy endings. Told nonlinearly, watch as time, each other, and The Beatles, proves them wrong.

Chapter List


A/N: I was going to make this a reader insert series, but I found it much easier to write this with an OC. Some of these chapters will be cohesive stories, others, like this one, will be a collection of drabbles. I will always make sure to include the year that the section takes place to help with context will also include the title of an episode if the story occurs during a specific one. Also, the card game drabble uses dialogue from the Reid and Prentiss card game during season 5 (mostly because I don’t understand poker and its lingo), but I set it during season three to fit better in my story. Hope you enjoy!

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Is there anybody going to listen to my story

All about the girl who came to stay?

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700 Celebration (6/100)

Request: Anonymous: “A request for your celebration. Clint 74. 26”

74. “Where does it hurt? Yes.”

26. “Can you… can you just hold my hand, please?”

Originally posted by antaresiceslayer-art

You felt… hazy. Warm and heavy. Nothing felt real; nothing felt quite right. It took you a minute before you could gather the focus and the will power to open your eyes, and when you did the world that was your little hospital room seemed even less real than you did. There was a steady beeping from an EKG, though, and that gave you something to focus on. Once your sluggish mind finally found something to anchor it to your present situation, it was kind enough to remind you of the backstory in a series of quick bursts.

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Slump Day

Words: 872
Bucky Barnes X Steve Rogers X Reader
Request:“Hey Darling :) Can I ask you for an imagine ? :) I really have a bad time at the Moment and thought of some cheering up. Maybe something where you’re also an avenger and the others also notice you’re Feeling down lately. So to get you in a better mood, Steve & Bucky take you out for some ice cream and later watch Football together. Slowly you start to feel better and later you fall asleep cuddled together with them on the Sofa. I hope this is okay with you :)” - Anon

You weren’t proud of yourself for feeling the way that you did. All things considered your life was that bad. You had a successful career as an Avenger. Success in your mind being defined by the number of missions you survived in enough pieces to make it to the next. You had enough money and in the general course of your life, you had pretty good luck with guys. Despite all of this you found yourself in a slump.

It some days it was something as simple as you could bring yourself to get out of bed early enough to make breakfast, while other days, you couldn’t even muster the courage to talk to another human being. You felt guilty knowing that your friends had all suffered so much more than you. So you never said anything to anyone. You tried to push through how you were feeling and hoped no one else noticed.

Steve and Bucky knew better than anyone what you felt like. They also knew what a world of a difference it can make if someone else lets you know that they see your pain and are there for you. So together the two friends concocted a plan to get you right as rain.

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Mind’s Eye - Chapter Three

Chapter Three

The walk home from the park became tense when Sehun trailing behind Kai and you became Sehun walking beside you. He glanced at you briefly, prompting a smile from you.

His large hand rested on your back. You closed your eyes when his thumb rubbed in an arc over your shirt. Your blush burned hot, and you hid your face in Kai’s shoulder.

Suddenly Kai hopped and adjusted his hold on your legs. His back tense against your chest, and you felt his jaw clench where your wrists joined underneath it.

‘What’s wrong?’ you asked quietly.

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flabbergabst  asked:

Captain canary + fluff + 31 & 34

Here you go dear!
I’ll admit neither quote is used exactly as it is on the prompt list (just couldn’t get it to flow with this two) but I think I kept the spirit of them well enough.
Fluff all around!!

Hope you enjoy!

Captain Canary - Established
Goldenvibe - Established
WestAllen - Established
Olicity - Implied

Read it on AO3

               Sara sits at one of the many decorated tables, watching the people of Central City talk and dance at the reception around her. Barry and Iris’ wedding had been lovely, and despite her initial hesitancy she was glad Leonard had asked her to come. If for no other reason than getting to see Team Flash, as well as Ollie and his group. Most of which they hadn’t had time to talk with about saving Leonard, aberrations and the aftershocks of broken time keeping them busy.

               “You’re looking lovely, and dangerous as ever.” Cisco states, motioning to the knife she’s absently twirling. “May I?” he motions to the seat next to her.

               “Of course,” she smiles, shifting to face the younger man. “You’re quite dashing yourself Ramone, Lisa has good taste.”

               He flushes slightly at that, then lifts his chin slightly. “She does, doesn’t she?” At this the pair laugh, and he drops into the seat beside her. “My feet are killing me though.”

               “Been there,” she nods sympathetically.

               “So, where is your date?” he glances around the room, “I’m still not sure it’s safe to leave him unsupervised.”

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OK I’m just gonna put all my cards on the table… Play all my chips? (I don’t know gambling references)… 

I am now CONVINCED that Larry’s going to die in suspicious circumstances and Robert will be the No.1 suspect. 


This is how I think it will go down…

- Dr Bf and Aaron meet, Aaron finds out about the diazepam - Rob and Liv’s row - and the plot to bring down the Whites. He’s like “Robert, I’m so done with you…” And throws himself into the waiting arms of Dr Bf and his consolation…

- I think Liv MUST have got the booze from HF. The “Lachlan is suspicious” spoiler Eastieoaks posted they said was probably about the drugging and happens on the same day that Robert indulges in more boozing with Lawrence. I think Lachlan will be suspicious of Robert’s intentions to the White Family

- I think while this is going on, Chrissie will move back. Her and Becky will fall out, probably over Becky getting close to Robert (falling in love with him lbr) again. Lachlan will feel pushed out and take his Mum’s side

- That “One day this will all be yours” quote that Robert overheard from Lawrence to Lachlan wasn’t for nothing… I think Lachlan will start to feel pushed out over Rebecca’s baby

- I think Lawrence - in a weird and stupid swing - will probably start trusting Robert after they bond over losing Aaron and Ronnie (in their whisky drinking session) and he will probably incur the wrath of Lachlan even more because of this

- I think there will be some epic fallout, between [Chrissie + Lachlan] and [Rebecca + Lawrence]. With Robert taking Becky’s side. Something like, Lawrence saying to Chrissie, “You’re not my real daughter, you walked out on this place when we needed you most. Rebecca, my real daughter, stayed. She’s having my real grandson” 

- I think Lachlan will get a little murderation in his heart. He’ll probably know about Robert drugging Lawrence by now, have stored some evidence and just like his Darling Mama, he’ll be brewing a plan to set Robert up and get his hands on HF before Lawrence changes his will to write Chrissie and Lachlan out and the Sugspawn bastard in

- Lawrence will die. In very suspicious circumstances. Lachlan will have done it

- Whilst all this has been going on Aaron and Dr Bf will be getting close and Robert will be super jealous. Aaron and him will exchange some heartfelt moments. He’ll probably tell Aaron it’s tearing him apart to see him with someone else. And Aaron will believe him and feel bad. But think that moving on is the right thing to do

- The police get involved at HF. Of course, Chrissie and Lachlan pull rank to frame Robert. They have the booze and the diazepam and probably more evidence linking Robert too. They’ll probably even get Rebecca onside so that she’s TOTALLY HORRIFIED SHE NEVER SAW THIS COMING. Nope, not ever… Cos she’s a bright spark right there is ol’Becky

- Robert will be arrested, in dramatic scenes, somewhere public. Probably in front of the village and Aaron and Dr Bf in particular. Aaron will be devastated and confused. But inherently feel that Robert is not guilty. Robert will probably say something as they cuff him like “Aaron, I SWEAR TO YOU, I didn’t. I couldn’t. Not that! You know?” And Aaron will be struck like “I knooooow

- Liv will be devastated and probably know Lachlan is responsible. Aaron will tearfully end the charade with Dr Bf when Dr Bf doesn’t understand his upset with regards to Robert

- Robert will SUFFER in jail/prison and be up for murder and it will look TERRIBLE. His prospects. BLEAK. The angst will be off the charts. They might even give him a tearstick. When they give him his one phonecall he won’t know who to ring. So he’ll ring Aaron, course

- Aaron and Liv will WORK TOGETHER to prove that Robert wasn’t responsible. Somehow. Becky will have turned her back on him, like “he killed my Dad. He’s having nothing to do with this baby” - if the baby survives the “trauma” tbh. Lachlan will probably be involved in more drama, killing people as you do

- Eventually, the Dingle-Sugden crack team of Aaron and Liv (plus hopefully Vic) and whoever else Lachy has pissed off will bring the Whites down and free Robert

 - Probably in court. Because ED love the drama lbr. The Whites will be exposed and either have to leave town or die

- Robron will reunite and it will be beautiful <33333

- We’ll get lumped with the SugSpawn - but, hopefully, not RW

bangingpatchouli  asked:

Sometimes I can't help but think of all the motel rooms Sam and Dean spent the night in ... just the two of them. Imagine that. All those long hours...

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Yes, so much so.

All the tear-stained pillows when Dad didn’t make it back in time for Sammy’s birthday, sorry son, sorry, cardboard apologies piling up. But Dean, nicking packaged pastries from quick marts the world over, never let a May 2nd go by without sticking a candle in a muffin and maybe carrying Sam piggyback to the arcade for a couple rounds of Galaga.

All the outdated beige phones, and the TVs they had to bang on to get a channel, and the poor-reception radios that taught Sam a lot about why a crush was called a crush. Like when Dean said once, “Who’d’ya think all these songs are written about, huh? Madalaine? Beth? Their ball and chain? Nah. Their best lay.” Their best love, he’d meant. And Sam, fluent in Dean-speak, had gone to bed that night dreaming an idiot’s dream of being a hair metal song title.

All the puke pink walls in the southern siesta by-the-hours that had crumpled history assignments and secondhand boots and cans of Mountain Dew thrown at them on nights when Dean started staying out late and Sam, barely through puberty and tender where it counted most, knowing it wasn’t for a hunt – at least not for any sort of monster.

All the speckled mirrors that saw a ropey, mop-headed teenager peering into them, looking for answers, looking for himself, sighing when he came up empty, frowning when he’d say, ghost-like, “You’re not what he wants. He’s not dirty like you.”

All the 200 thread count blankets that learned about the heaviest hearts and the shakiest hands and the first time Sam Winchester ever gave a blowjob, ever went down on his brother, “No wait, Sam, Sam, oh god,” all question mark spines and scraped up knees; after-talk of spells and night-beasts and “you didn’t have to swallow, you didn’t have to—“

All the floral patterned wallpaper that rubbed near clean through with the press of three hundred plus pounds of sweaty desperation being thrown against it, sucking bruises under jaws and sobbing, moaning, whispering about Dad coming back, hurry, hurry, jesus, lift your leg.

All the yellowing tubs with mildew corners and grit-brown between the tiles that splashed with low pressure water and off-brand shampoo and wet, wet heat from between the legs of two boys that shouldn’t have fit inside, didn’t really fit anywhere, not in the world, but maybe just in their own. Dean rinsing the wound above Sam’s eyebrow; Sam drinking the water off Dean’s throat.

All the shag carpets that saw baby roaches and unopened condoms and bore witness to the fact that Sam had been wrong, so wonderfully wrong. Dean Winchester was filthy, three fingers down deep and then lick-em-later kind of filthy, and nobody complained about red-raw rugburn, not once.

All the wobbly chairs Sam sat on, packed up and waiting while Dean puttered around the rooms collecting blades and ammo and wadded up underwear balls that he’d leer at, then throw in Sam’s face. 

And all the chipped mosaic tables loaded with newspaper clippings and donut boxes, decade-old gum underneath; tables like the one Sam was slumped over, boredly checking his phone for missing persons, the first time he heard Dean clattering under the beds for stray weapons and crow-caw singing “Sa-a-a-mmy” to the tune of Europe’s Carrie…and Sam, smiling and smug, took it as a jest, but he’d known. He’d known.

And so had every motel they’d ever bled pieces of their 2-for-1 life into.

“Let’s embrace the point of no return”. [Jared - One shot]

Summary: Jared and his brother Shannon are the most dangerous men in California; a couple of drug lords. Not only do they share a criminal life but they also share a girl. 

Chapter 2: {  X  } 

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Just a quick reminder that this is all FICTION and i don’t mean to disrespect Jared or Shannon. DRAMA. This is NSFW, there’s violence, there’s drugs and some other inappropriate things.

Song referenced in title: “Magnets” -Disclosure Ft. Lorde.


The woman swayed her hips as she danced in her underwear in front of Shannon, but his eyes were set on someone else, her.

She’s in the same living room, sitting across from him.

She graces him a demure smile but gets distracted by Jared, who’s sitting next to her and had just put his arm around her shoulders.

She looks at him, their noses rub; he crashes his lips against hers hungrily as ever.

Jared takes a long drag on his cigar and blows out the smoke before turning to his right to go back to his poker game.

She looks at Shannon; he’s still looking at her with a playful smile.

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