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Reminder. If you’re rping a canon character and feeling insecure about your writing, or fearing replacement, simply remember that your muse is not just a duplicate. No one else will be able to breathe life into that character the way you do. No one else will feel the exact way you feel about your muse. There will be people who value your muse and never stop writing with you no matter what. There will be people who appreciate your portrayal, no matter how many other versions are out there. Always remember why you made your blog. Never let anyone or anything cast your passion out of your heart !!


“You’ve gotta seize life. Do something man, just do something that matters. Squeeze the fuck out of every day. Life’s always sewn up. Everything’s in this right place, charged, ready. Whatever happened to all the heroes, man? I’m the last one. You hear me? The last one.”


when something impossible happens, there are only two possibilities.
either your assumptions are wrong,
or you have gone crazy.


LOK Relationships (Books 1-3) → Korra & Lin 

Her mother Toph taught Avatar Aang how to earthbend, but Chief Lin Beifong didn’t feel any special affection for the reckless new Avatar at first. But now this metal and earthbending police chief sees Korra as a true leader and protector for Republic City and will do her best to support the Avatar when called to action.


you didn’t need me at all…


I’m so stupid. At that time, I thought I could escape. I thought I’d be taken somewhere out of this world. I got my hopes up a little. But that’s impossible isn’t it? I’m not playing by the rules. As if anyone would just take me away when I wanted them to. I’m so stupid.