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anna i had a dream last night that You ran for class president and i was helping with ur campaign and made A big sign with rosie on it that just said "wow! anna!!!!" but my dream ended before the results of the election came in :-(

This is great!! One time in high school I was unknowingly the subject of a grass roots campaign to be elected homecoming king and I think I got 2nd place and we had some kind of assembly where all the candidates were there and for some reason I thought it would be funny to go out on stage wearing really tiny and unflattering short shorts but everyone just told me I looked really awkward!!!

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I mean is Zayn still alive? Is he real? Did we collectively make him up as a part of a fevered dream? Like he hasn't been seen this year at all, it's been all leaked candids or pap photos, he didn't go to pick up his billboard award which was a big deal, he didn't go to Japan, and now a store visit with like 50 people for maybe an hour at the most has been canceled? I don't like this at all.

A collective beautiful fever dream would really explain his consistently world class hair and skincare game. To be *that* Melly, he did do the SGT fan event and Paris Fashion Week in March, and he has been spotted a handful of times over the last few months in NYC, but yeah, its worrisome, I won’t lie. 

if you ever feel that your country’s politics have become a joke just remember that in serbia a guy dressed fully in white riding a white horse leading a party called “you haven’t tried sarma” became the second strongest politicial option in his municipality without any campaigning and that he’s now running for the president

he was just trying to make fun of the government he didn’t think that people would actually vote for him but here we are