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what do u think about the actual clothes that dan chose tho?? I think it was a good mix of funny + ridiculous + different aesthetics but I would’ve loved some more clothes that actually looked good on him and didn’t make me cringe x10000

YES DEAR GOD. i will give u a full rundown of my thoughts on each outfit. 

  • the fuckin black ripped jeans: amazing, divine, brilliant, showstopping, etc. it’s AMAZING to see phil in jeans that fit him so well, his normal ones have a bit of give to them and can sometimes look a little baggy on his tiny legs. 
  • phil as a member of 83 piløTs: NO. hard no. what the fuck. the grey shirt was like … okay . the color worked, it fit his chest nicely, i couldve done with it being a standard silhouette rather than that longer length and so tight at the bottom, but i’ll give it a pass, whatever. the vans were actually great and fit his normal aesthetic and i dug the red color. but the beanie was So Bad and seeing all of those pieces together ……. no. he looked like he was a wannabe 16-year-old making a severely misguided attempt to hold onto his fading youth and i was dying from cringing
  • rose-core sensitive bad boy: good. i like the jacket a fuck ton. i like the jeans. the shirt w the jacket is a bit trash bc it’s so long but w/e i can deal. the hat sucks. why is it white. it makes no sense w this outfit. no no no no no 
  • fluffy coat: i love it bc i will never be over phil snuggling it up to his face and making puppy eyes at dan like … kill me? and i feel like phil would love to lounge in this and wrap dan up in it maybe or just drape it over both of them when theyre chilling on the sofa and im gonna cry now
  • bird shirt: as i said before, i rly liked this weirdly??????? ? wtf???? probs bc phil in all black, and again in sizes that fit him more snugly and accentuate his shape so well made my heart literally stop. he’s so fucking fine?????? and the bird wing fringe kinda works in a cool way, i’m into it. good shit. 
  • lumberjack dad: gross. i mean we are all blessed to witness the artwork that is phil’s arms so i can’t be too mad at this but also … i can … it’s the worst. sleeveless COLLARED shirts make no fucking sense at all, the flannel is horrible, the color is horrible, the jeans are horrible bc the color sucks and theyre way too big on him ……. nO
  • pearlescent hoodie: it’s way too light on him, and ugly kinda generally so …… another no … why dont people (and dan) understand that this man’s color schemes are dark/bold/jewel toned, not this milky, washed out pastel shit. i said it when this vid idea first came out and im still saying it … yall needed to go DARK and u DIDNT (i blame dan entirely tho) 
  • THAT suit: ok this is what i mean. aside from the obvious about how horrific this outfit is, this COLOR works so well with phil’s skin tone!!!!!!!!! bc it’s BOLD and JEWEL PINK ok, like it complements that pale ass alabaster, and this is what we needed more of and also damn i am not complaining about the cut in general, his legs are looking fine, and im still laughing so hard about the fact that it was so small he needed to physically hide his modesty
  • the camo dungarees: nope nope nope, didnt work for me, i hate dungaree shorts first of all, i hate camo second of all, and put both of them together esp not in a slim cut, but w those baggy wide legs instead … fuck that. i cannot believe dan thought this looked cool im going to legitly fight him. the color overall is not bad though. 
  • sushi underwear: 39420394234/10. best looks. dan bought phil underwear that is funny and cute and that phil would def actually like and wear and if youre not fucked up about this yet what are u doing in life
  • The Cheese: obvi amazing and great? artistic? beautiful? no im not just saying this bc the cheese dress gave us unprecedented thigh views and a shot of phil showing dan his ass?? 
  • phil as the definitely sufficiently beautiful newest member of BTS: not feeling it for the reasons listed above about pastel colors on phil’s skin tone. the white jeans could be good, maybe, if paired w smth dark on top but the yellow and white together??? nah. i like that this is the only outfit he seemed moderately comfortable in though, and how supportive and excited dan was about it 
  • 2004 punk rock glam: errrrrrrrrrr. gonna go w fashion diva!dan on this one and agree that this would probs look good on nobody ..? the baseball tee style doesnt work very well, it kind of takes away from the cute art on the shirt (like if this was just a regular black tee w that art, it’d be p nice?) and also those pants …. pass. not Horrible, just A Lot
  • metallic green envelope: i mean. do i even need to bother aahahha (but this one genuinely made me laugh a lot i loved how visceral phil’s reactions were and how dan just couldnt fight that urge to rub the material so vigorously) 

so ya overall i rly thought almost nothing in this vid worked on phil which i suspect was dan’s objective w what he selected (like going for the feel of PJ’s fashion videos .. if you havent seen those, watch them omg.)  as i wrote in some tags i kind of felt a lot of secondhand embarrassment when i was watching this bc phil looked soooooooo uncomfortable in a lot of these outfits? and fair enough–whether it was too small or revealing in ways he wouldnt normally go for or geared at teenagers rather than a 30-year-old man or jst overall unflattering, a lot of these outfits just didnt work for him and thats exACTLY why 1. i rly appreciated how dan completely ditched his snarky dark prince of sarcasm attitude to just uninhibitedly voice support and enthusiasm for phil with every single outfit, like he was out there truly being phil’s biggest fan and encouraging him to be less shy and just lighten up a little bit and he was making phil laugh the whole time and like … i die??? but also 2. i rly appreciated that phil made this video at all, knowing it would probs take him out of his comfort zone in this way. sdjfsdfsdflksdf it was jst such an important video on so many levels idk if ill ever be able to stop talking about it 

Hey,,,,,, @ people who can draw,,,,,,,,, would you be so kind as to mix-and-match Be More Chill cast members and characters? Like, I want to see Stephanie Hsu as Rich. Jake Boyd as Michael.  Will Connolly as Brooke. Katie Ladner as Christine. Please, I had this idea a few days ago and it’s not leaving my brain. I need it………

The Daedra as schoolmates

Azura: The ultimate mom friend, to the point of total annoyance. Always nagging you about doing homework and paying attention in school. Perfect grades, perfect attendance, and has no time for frivolities like relationships. Although she’s extraordinarily pretty and caring in a maternal way, she’s also extremely terrifying when angered. You’ve seen her rip apart lives piece by piece in a calculating and cruel manner because someone bumped her in the hallway and didn’t say “Excuse me”, and then blame their lack of manners for their suffering.

Sheogorath: The random and uncomfortably loud class clown. He spends more time laughing at his own jokes than he does anything else. While occasionally entertaining, he’s also very unpredictable. He once knocked a kid out because he said “Oh yeah, I’ve heard that one before” to one of his jokes. He was also suspended for a month for putting a cherry bomb in the principals desk, which caused a minor fire in the office and caused a school-wide evacuation. Because of his crazy antics, he doesn’t have many friends, and the friends he does have are just as nutty as he is. 

Namira: The girl with a greasy mop of hair who smells like mildew and body odor. You’re not entirely sure she even owns a shower. People avoid her in the halls, but she doesn’t seem to mind because she’s too busy picking her teeth with her fingernails and smelling it. During lunch, you can usually find her swirling all her food into a disgusting slop and putting it in people’s faces, or behind the school building picking up bugs playing with them. She usually wears the same two or three outfits every day, with the exception of her gym clothes, which you know for a fact haven’t been washed all year. 

Hircine: The kid who is constantly wearing camo for no apparent reason at all. Camo jackets, camo hats, he even has camo interior in his ridiculous truck. Like literally all camo, all the time, for no reason. He’s the kid who goes hunting every single weekend and brags about the giant deer antlers hung up in his living room that his dad killed a few years ago. Needless to say, he’s president of the archery club and an NRA fanatic. He’s always bringing his own lunch to school, which looks eerily similar to a pile of freshly cut meat. You’re fairly certain he has a collection of animal skulls and organs hidden away in his closet ‘for trophy purposes.’

Boethiah: The infamous two-faced backstabber. She acts sweet and kind to your face and then talks shit about you to her ‘friends’ when you walk away, and the same thing over again when they walk away. However, whenever you confront her, she somehow always convinces you that it never happened, or maybe you heard wrong, or perhaps the other people were lying. She always comes out looking innocent. And Divines forbid you date someone who she takes a liking to, because you’ll find yourself with a nasty breakup on your hands and shortly after, her on their arm. At least for a few weeks until she gets bored. Then she’ll come to you and say how sorry she is, and that she genuinely thought it was true love and how she never should have betrayed your friendship for him. And when you forgive her, and you always do, she’ll walk away smirking, planning her next bitch move.

Peryite: This kid is always sick. Seriously, it’s always something with this guy. He spends more time out of class than he does in it, which you can’t say you’re not grateful for, because he’s also disgusting. He constantly sneezes without covering his mouth, and in the direction of other people. He sniffles all the time which sounds more more like snoring, and it makes everyone gag. You’d feel bad for him, but you know he does it on purpose. He’s also weirdly obsessed with learning about plagues. At first, you thought it was because he was so sickly and might be worried about himself, but now you’re not so sure. 

Mephala: The school rumor spreader. You have no idea how, but this girl knows everyone and their business, and she has no shame twisting it to her pleasure. She’s ended relationships, friendships, and even scholarships. Somehow her tangled whispers find their way all over the school halls. For whatever reason, her word is taken as law, and she’s an authority on everyone else’s business. Maybe it’s because she’s cute, or maybe it’s because her skirts are a little too short, but whatever the reason, she has a way of convincing everyone else that her word is infallible. Most people try to make themselves invisible to her, but everyone finds their way into her web of lies eventually.

Mehrunes Dagon: Mehrunes is the quarterback of the school football team, but contrary to cliche, he’s very disliked, to say the least. Even the rest of the team can’t stand him because of his anger issues. While he has experience and ambition, he’s just an absolute jerk for no reason at all. Even the coach knows there’s something up with him, but won’t take him off the team because he’s so good at what he does. He’s fairly well known as a bully and an all around asshole throughout the school. Divine’s help if the school loses a game, because when they do, he ends up smashing in lockers and breaking sinks in the locker room. Seriously, this guy needs to be locked up because he can cause some real damage, and you have a sneaking suspicion he’ll be in jail less than a week after his 18th birthday.

Meridia: Meridia is the class president and voted most likely to succeed. She’s the perfect school princess who always does what she’s supposed to, and makes sure that others do too. You know that outfit you love that is just a tiny bit out of dress code? She’s the one that comes up and says “You know, that outfit doesn’t meet the dress requirements!” a little too loudly in front of a teacher, and then smiles and flounces off. She’s constantly making pointless, boring speeches at the school assemblies and deludes herself into thinking people she doesn’t know legitimately care about her plans for after college. The teachers roll their eyes when she’s around, and even the principal is tired of this chick. 

Jyggalag: This dude is OCD as hell. He arrives at school every day at exactly the same time, sharpens every single pencil he owns so they are the exact same length, and reorganizes his notes before class. Every. Single. Day. Every notebook he owns is color coded and even page numbered so that he could make an index, and his handwriting looks like a typewriter wrote it. He’s been hall monitor for like two years now even though the limit is 3 months. He also absolutely detests Sheogorath, so much so that a rumor is going around that he switched schools just to get away from him. 

Vaermina: Mean. Just mean. No rhyme, no reason, just mean. She never says a word to anyone, but everyone has a horror story involving this chick. New to the school? She’ll welcome you by tripping you in the hall. Have a new crush that you think is going to ask you out? Don’t worry, she’ll help you by making sure you sit in water in the class you share with them and don’t notice it until it’s too late. Having a bad day? That’s good, cause she’s going to make it worse, and she’ll enjoy every second of it. For real, this girl is a real nightmare. 

Nocturnal: The school goth girl. You’re entirely certain she doesn’t own any clothes that aren’t black, and she’s always got her headphones in listening to bands you’re fairly certain you’ve never even heard of. No one ever sees her arrive or leave the school, and no one can ever find her unless she’s attending a class. No one really even knows her name, even the teachers. She doesn’t have any friends, but she does have a weird occult following that obsesses over her. She doesn’t seem to notice or care. Strangely, things constantly seem to go missing when she’s around, but it couldn’t possibly be her because she hasn’t moved from her seat all period… Has she?

Hermaeus Mora: Ah, this guy. The know-it-all. Why does he even bother attending? He already knows everything. The teachers hate him because he’s constantly showing them up. His most used phrase is “Well, actually.” You know that kid who is constantly yelling out answers in class without being asked? Yep, that’s him. When he’s not in the library hoarding books like a dragon, you’ll find him stalking various students around the school who intrigue him, and referring to them as his “subjects.” You have a sneaking suspicion that he’s the one that has been using the lab supplies without permission and also the reason behind why the school banned animal dissection in science class. 

Malacath: This dude could use some help, like a therapy session or maybe a hug. He’s rude for no reason, but only because he assumes you’ll be rude to him first. He’s constantly trying to prove how tough he is by getting into fights over, well, everything. He and his group of friends are exclusive and reclusive, angrily calling themselves ‘misfits’ unironically, and will only accept you if they think you’re as outcasted as they are. The rest of the school either shuns or ignores them, so it’s understandable. Rumor has it that disputes in the group are settled via wrestling match in the parking lot after dark. 

Sanguine: The walking leather jacket. Girls fawn over this dude, and all the guys want to be like him. He comes to school late on a motorcycle smelling like cigarettes and drinks vodka out of a sprite bottle in history class. Don’t worry, he’s always down to share. He is the walking embodiment of “Screw you mom and dad, my band is definitely going to get big!” He’s sort of friends with everyone, and he can’t walk down a hallway without being a part of at least 8 or 9 separate conversations. Teachers can’t stand him, mainly because if he’s even a minute late to a class, he says ‘fuck it’ and hangs out on the bleachers until lunch, and he’s always late. His yearbook quote was “Life is too short for school, so screw it and drink it down and party it up.” He also has his own ‘bachelor pad’ and wants to move to New York and play guitar in the street after graduation.

Molag Bal: So, you know that guy that you’re absolutely terrified will shoot up the school one day? Yeah, that’s this guy. This guy is angry as all hell, and you swear he can literally smell weakness. If he ends up making it through school without ending up in jail, you’re fairly certain he’s going to become a serial killer. He just terrifies everyone. The people who have tried to get on his good side (you know, just in case) ended up making things worse, and they won’t talk about why or what happened. Chances are, he has a manifesto saved on his computer. He has this weird thing with Boethiah and you don’t know whether they dated or what, but those two really don’t like each other. Or they just really need to tension bang. 

Clavicus Vile: You know, you’re not sure this guy even goes here. He’s always hanging out in the parking lot with his dog that they don’t allow in the school. He calls himself ‘the hookup’  and seems pretty cool at first. He offers to get you discount cigarettes, beer, drugs, whatever you need for cheap. However, it’s probably better not to trust him. Maybe it’s just a feeling, or maybe it’s the fact that your friend said the weed he bought from him tasted funny and gave him a panic attack, or maybe it’s because the beer he brought to a house party once tasted strangely like the swill that bars throw out after closing. Either way, you don’t trust the guy. He’s just trying way too hard to get you to trust him. He tried to offer you a cigarette the other day, but why was the tobacco white and fuzzy?

FRUITY : the ultimate girl group summer bops playlist 

over 100 bops including:

i feel good - exid | fruity - hyolyn ft. kisum | girls are back - girls’ generation | pippi - 2eyes | all mine - f(x) | camo - boa | i swear - sistar | no oh oh - clc | chewy chewy - d.holic | hothae - badkiz | taxi - anda | red - hyuna

Funhaus sayings from GTA V lps
  • James: I bought this for $700,000, but I didn't have $700,000 and now I'm in crippling debt.
  • .
  • Adam: Zebra pants with a camo shirt?
  • James: It's all camo.
  • Adam: Yeah, if you were sitting on a zebra.
  • .
  • Adam: James, you look like a preppy from Saved By the Bell.
  • .
  • Lawrence: I like skeleton patterned clothing in general.
  • .
  • Lawrence: If you don't like Batman, you're not American.
  • .
  • Bruce: The opposite of baseballs are soccerballs.