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goin out of town this weekend

My sibling @captain-chameleon and I are going to our grandma’s farm from Friday to Sunday, and there is no internet out there so my online presence will be scarce if anything. If I take a while to respond to something I apologize :V If you’re close enough to me to have my phone number, text me if u need me!

and I had hoped to finish the last part of the “A Ripple In Time” comic by Friday but I have had a very off week and only have 2 pages done rn, so here is a small preview for now- hopefully I’ll have this done early next week

also since I am going to be incapable of watching these shows on Saturday, please don’t discuss Star Wars: Rebels or Samurai Jack spoilers with me, i beg. I don’t want to be spoiled :’y

but yE, I leave tomorrow afternoon, y’all be good while I’m gone now, ok?

anonymous asked:

Steve being forced by his dad to get a haircut and being devastated and sad. Jonathan trying his hardest not to laugh but maybe taking some pictures to show his boyfriend he's still got it and is cute as hell anyways with out his "one beauty" (this is a reference to Jo March in Little Women when reveals she sold her hair and her sister says Jo! your one beauty!)

( This is so cute and funny, a great submission! )

“I’m ruined!” Steve declares with a flail of his hands, his voice trembling dramatically as he drops back onto Jonathan’s bed. “I spent months growing it out, and now it’s all gone and I’m ugly!” He moans, turning over onto his side and pulling one of Jonathan’s pillows over his head.

Jonathan bites back a grin at his boyfriend’s over exaggerated antics and tries to find a little empathy. Real emotions masked with drama, he reminds himself, Steve was overcompensating so as not to come off as seriously upset. In many ways, Steve was like an actor of sorts, he put on certain acts to cover everything else up.

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Fired! After years… years of hard work. And ass kissing. Oh God, I kissed so many different kinds of asses.

My guys, my dudes. I don’t think we talk enough about Russel before Gorillaz.

‘Cause like? He was about 17 and he was going to a good private school and his future was looking pretty bright when suddenly a demon who’s been possessing his body for who-knows-how-long takes over completely and destroys his high school, mauling his classmates and getting him expelled, not to mention putting him in a coma for four years. Then finally the demon is exorcised from his body and he goes to a new high school to finish his education and he makes great new friends who introduce him to his life-long passion, only for all of that to be ruined by a drive-by shooting which kills all of his friends right in front of him, and on top of that the spirits of his newly dead friends all possess him. His parents, understandably freaked, send him to a totally different country to try and keep him safe and he never finishes his formal education and at 22 he’s living alone in a strange place, haunted metaphorically and physically by his past. And then who should walk into his life but Murdoc Niccals?

I think we should talk more about how having such a formative period in your life go so fucking pear-shaped could fuck a person up. I really think we should.

Photo study of the gorgeous @viria

Photo from her instagram:

This is the first photo study I am very proud of. I often saw other artists draw photo studies and they often said it was relaxing or they did it to practise. It sounded so easy and when I tried it, I failed so hard. But I wanted to make one so bad that I kept trying. So the other day I got angry and was almost in my “I dont care anymore I just want to draw” phase and then I put on some loud music and just drew. In fury, but soon my anger transfered into energy and I felt good while drawing. I did not feel blockated anymore. It was just funny how furious and angry I was at first when I started to draw the portrait. And now all the negative feelings are gone. And it may sounds weird but I think I transformed my emotions and had a flow feeling as a result. So all in all, I am happy I kept trying. And that the result is good. I am happy. :3 A happy art potato. haha

I recently wrote a piece talking about how bad I was craving her.
I wanted to touch her,
I wanted her skin on mine,
I wanted her fingers interlocked with mine,
I wanted her lips pressed against mine.
I wanted it all, and that day finally came,
I finally had it all.
But now she’s gone,
She’s headed back home, and I crave her even more than I did before.
I constantly ache for her,
Her laugh,
Her scent,
Her eyes, and the way she looks into mine,
Her hands , and the way she grabs mine if I’m not holding hers.
I just crave it all.
I think I’m homesick.
—  I-viii-mmxiv
Rick and Morty: The Experience

What you think you’re getting when you start watching Rick and Morty:

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What you actually get:

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I am your emperor. under my rule, we begin a new era in galactic history.

i accidentally took over the galaxy send help

I’m still laughing about Louis never posting the dog until the stunt ended. He had that little puppy for 10 months and we got nothing from him, no pic, no tweet, not a single thing. And suddenly D*uis is over and he’s like ‘HEY look at my dog!!’ and Clifford gets papped at his house and he talks about him in interviews lol

You’ve all heard of “Full Boyle,” but have you considered… Full Thorin?

Dwalin having to hold Thorin back as he plans to make the most wild, over-the-top declarations of love to Bilbo inappropriately soon.

Balin explaining why it’s not practical, not at all, to propose marriage (two weeks into their courtship, mind you) in front of a full court, or to have a gold statue of Bilbo in full armour erected in the middle of the throne room.