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Do you think Bughead might have sex in episode 7? Somehow Betty ends up spending the night with Jug but I keep thinking they are gonna hold off for their big sex scene till at least the midseason finale. What do you think?

I’m really hoping so anon! I feel like you though, that they’ll probably hold off for a while longer, maybe mid-season finale? All I know is they better make it epic! I don’t want them kissing, then it cutting away to the morning after, and I don’t want them being interrupted or having any regrets. I want it to be as full on as the CW allows (Elena and Damon had some pretty hot sex scenes in TVD) and I want to feel the love and passion between them. I am starting to find it unrealistic that they went as far as they did in 1x13 (Betty even said they would’ve gone all the way) and now….nothing. Barely even any kissing! Yet they’ve been completely alone quite a few times since. They’re hormonal 16-year-olds in love! They’d be all over each other, even with the drama around them. Especially after reconciling. It’s annoying me a little tbh 🤣

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hey so someone pointed out that the arm wrestling video that's supposedly between ino and allen was not, in fact, allen but someone else. i re-watched it and in the last seconds, the guy in the hoodie faced the camera for a bit and i gotta admit it didn't look like allen. just thought you should know haha

Ok so I took another look and yeah, that looks like Judai.

I made the mix-up because he’s wearing the same black hoodie Allen was wearing in all of his wrestling videos.  Now I’ve gone and fixed the tags on the original post but the post is past 2200+ notes and my edits aren’t going to sync to everyone who’s already reblogged it… 

Thankfully I didn’t say it was Allen in the body of the post, only in the organizational tags, but I have to admit that fixing it felt like a moot point.

me, before going into any marvel tag- you know I bet the fandom grew up all that bad™ stuff is gone by now

me afterwords, hastily closing all tabs- I was wrong

Antipsychotic Funerals

Raindrops used to

pour from our

wrists and

evaporate into a

better time when

we were


oblivious to

teething hearts.

We made out with

tongues of Sahara and

beat one another with

stained whips just to

feel the pull of

the sun.

On mornings when

we drowned in

autotuned snow, we

breathed stale air

into each other’s

lungs while

we fantasized about

antipsychotic funerals.

I cried

stomach acid almost

every night while

listening to

Hands Like Houses,

wondering if you really

loved me or if it was

all just


Nothing has

changed now that

you’re gone;

my cheeks are

flaking with every


as Trenton Woodley’s

angelic voice

sings me to

blissful choking and

your face

brands itself onto my

every synapse.

I’m not gonna stop posting about gustav anytime soon bc he motherfucking flipped my whole world upside down and I felt safe with him here. And now that he’s gone all I feel is an emptiness. I also see how loved he always was. He gave us all so much. His music saved us more than any religion ever could. Fuck anyone that says otherwise. They don’t know shit. I only knew peep for 7 months and these were the best 7 months. I can’t believe that’s all but I’m blessed, thankful as fuck for it… Listen to “the brightside” and you’ll see that he’s here. Wherever he is, he’s with us. We mean so much to him. His last post was about his fans. He fucking cared so much. He said when i die you’ll love me but we fucking loved you always. always and forever. I dunno I just need help to function. I need hugs. I need to keep playing his tracks.

Although her father is accused of neglecting her, there are references to her in his letters which suggest that, by fits and starts, he was a conscientious and even an affectionate parent, and took an interest in her looks. In the summer of 1797 he suddenly decided that Charlotte’s hair should be cut short, as was the fashion then for little girls. It would seem indeed, from Princess Elizabeth’s letter to the Prince, that he cut it himself: “The King and Mama”, she told him, “were delighted with her on Thursday; she…told us of your having cut her hair, and now it’s all gone.” In a letter to Lady Elgin, the Prince refers to Charlotte as “little crop”, and he was evidently amused by the child complaining to him of the dullness of Weymouth. “Not I think without good reason, for it is horrid dull indeed except to men who like the Camp.”Some three weeks later he wrote to the Countess of Elgin asking her to bring the little girl to the Carlton House. Another summons went out a month later, and the letter ended:”Give her a little kiss from me, & if she could understand I would desire you to tell her that nobody can or shall perform the duties of an affectionate parent by her more conscientiously than me…”
—  ‘Prinny’s Daughter: A Biography of Princess Charlotte of Wales’ by Thea Holme

Quote 13: “Are…are you awake? Did you fall asleep already?” for Anon!

And thus she drew their first “I love you”

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The Orionids meteor shower is happening this weekend, but it’s cloudy…. so my boys are watching it in my place


Fine, I will admit the truth. I do not wish to be the father I had, nor do I wish to be the father Marcel has come to loathe. Perhaps I am better as a myth. And Hope is better off without me.

My guys, my dudes. I don’t think we talk enough about Russel before Gorillaz.

‘Cause like? He was about 17 and he was going to a good private school and his future was looking pretty bright when suddenly a demon who’s been possessing his body for who-knows-how-long takes over completely and destroys his high school, mauling his classmates and getting him expelled, not to mention putting him in a coma for four years. Then finally the demon is exorcised from his body and he goes to a new high school to finish his education and he makes great new friends who introduce him to his life-long passion, only for all of that to be ruined by a drive-by shooting which kills all of his friends right in front of him, and on top of that the spirits of his newly dead friends all possess him. His parents, understandably freaked, send him to a totally different country to try and keep him safe and he never finishes his formal education and at 22 he’s living alone in a strange place, haunted metaphorically and physically by his past. And then who should walk into his life but Murdoc Niccals?

I think we should talk more about how having such a formative period in your life go so fucking pear-shaped could fuck a person up. I really think we should.