all boy stunt

Naughty Boy just continues to be so shady every time he talks about Zayn.  He pauses a lot, thinks a lot, and it reminds me of how Harry chooses his words so that he’s telling the truth even if you don’t know it at the time.

He keeps saying things like “I understand everyone needs someone to blame” and “it will all blow over soon”, "Zayn’s his own man” and “no one can tell Zayn what to do, least of all me”.  

With my already biased perspective, it sounds to me like Naughty Boy finds his role as a the villain a bit ironic, knows that eventually (hopefully soon) people won’t be blaming him anymore because Zayn will be back, and that Zayn has been fighting his management tooth and nail over the things he can fight them on.

Also, saying Zayn is writing a “soulful” album and that “the less [Naughty Boy] says about it, the better” is a bit weird.  Soulful can apply to anything written using real emotions, so it’s not that Zayn is necessarily leaping eagerly into various types of genres and sound production.  Soulful is about the meaning, not the sound.  That’s a bit of a dodge from what the interviewer asked.  

The second line sounds to me like one of those times where the boys are using a coy line, but in the end it’s the truth.  Literally, there’s a big secret, so Naughty Boy can’t say more about Zayn writing because it’s not allowed and really not advisable.

Anyway, take this for tinhatting if you want, but my point is that once again, nothing Naughty Boy has said actually supports the idea of Zayn leaving and going solo.  Words are put in his mouth or implied by the context, but he seems to be playing Harry’s dodging game.  He actually seems to be hinting at a return.