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It seems I shall be the bearer of bad news today. =( Thought once more seemed more suitable on this account of mine. I noticed this on the HQ facebook page…


I had a bad feeling when Nick Foster said: “Plenty more of it to come later in the year ….” I tried to ignore it, but… I had a feeling.

It seems we could be in for a longer haul. Ugh. Hopefully that’ll make the gap to season 3 (actual S3, not Amazon’s S3, mind ;) ) not as long? =(a Hopefully also when they say tell us a date soon, they mean actually soon. lol


Season Three


Taylor Swift Valentines–great to send to family, friends, and that special someone ;)


i think this is the first time i didn’t look incredibly awkward while smiling!

  • Sasuke: (barging into the kitchen) I swear he couldn't be more stupid! Who would do such an reckless mistake, especially on a top secret mission...
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun...
  • Sasuke: Obviously, the Uzumaki idiot! The master of idiotic Uzumaki things!
  • Sakura: Darling, calm down, please and-
  • Sasuke: I know you want to defend him, Sakura, but a lecture about friendship and teamwork is the least thing I want to heat right now. We both could've died if I ha-
  • Sakura: Darling!
  • Sasuke: (sighs) What?
  • Sakura: You just poured breast milk into the coffee.
  • Sasuke: (spits the liquid, red from embarrassment)
  • Sakura: (lauging) Well Sarada won't be too pleased... welcome home, Sasuke-kun.
  • Sasuke: (still tomato faced) Hn.