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It’s bad out there. Worse than I anticipated.

Sometimes I hate seeing the bombshells blogs of black women. Yeah these are very beautiful women, and I understand you wanna show the world that black is beautiful (because it is). But you must understand that ALL black is beautiful. This means the ones with little butt, and the ones with small boobs. The ones who don’t know how to do that perfect eyeliner and those perfect eyebrows. The ones who don’t have those voluptuous curves. The ones who have type 4 hair and those who have type 5 hair (And yes it does exist.) Bottom line us as a whole ARE BOMBSHELLS and to only view one side of it, what’s deemed as beautiful by society is kind of irritating to other black girls and women like me that can’t relate because I look nothing like them.

So a book I’m reading is talking about the almost radical equality between men on a pirate ship. When they got a ship to sail on, one of the first things pirates would do is knock down cabin walls– everyone sleeps in the same room (or kind of wherever they wanted) and nobody gets special treatment. The captain would basically be one of the men except for in battle.

What I’m getting at is, it seems Flint’s captain cabin may be historically inaccurate. And I get it! They need a symbol of Flint’s isolation from his crew, general solitude and seeming untrustworthiness. Gotta have the schemes and private conversations.

But what I’m also getting at is

I don’t think there was anywhere to fuck in guaranteed privacy on a pirate ship. At least nowhere with a bed.

Which I get kills some people’s dreams. But also can we imagine the comedy inherent in this

Trying to get a moment alone and someone keeps wandering by

“What no I was just making sure that the cut on character B’s back wasn’t anything serious”

“Character A had a… muscle cramp.”

No wonder they’re so desperate for land

Too Black?: Why dark-skinned women are a threat to those who try to erase her...

“The Goddess Kali is represented as black in color. Black in the ancient Hindu language of Sanskrit is kaala. The feminine form is kali. So she is Kali, the black one. Black is a symbol of The Infinite and the seed stage of all colors. The Goddess Kali remains in a state of inconceivable darkness that transcends words and mind. Within her blackness is the dazzling brilliance of illumination. Kali’s blackness symbolizes her all-embracing, comprehensive nature, because black is the color in which all the colors merge; black absorbs and dissolves them.” 

No one can fuck with the divinity of a dark-skinned woman. NO ONE. When a dark-skinned woman is at her best, her power radiates through her pores, blinding anyone who dares to box her in. So why are dark-skinned women the most disrespected women on the earth? Why does her very existence ruffle so many feathers? 

       There have been many attempts to bastardize, infiltrate, and erase the power that dark-skinned women possess. As the first woman to walk the planet earth, she is the creator of all life forms. “Her black skin represents the womb of the quantum unmanifest from which all of creations arises and into which all of creation will eventually dissolve.” Dark-skinned women represent the first matriarch. Her femininity and her power transcend throughout society. Cultures around the world praise her as the first mother that possesses the power to breathe life and destroy life (ie. The Black Madonna and Kali Ma).  

       So here’s my theory as to why dark-skinned women are the most disrespected. Due to colonization and slavery, colourism emerged and the dark-skinned woman’s agency was torn to shreds leaving her as a representative of all things awful, bitter, and distasteful. Dark-skinned went from being revered to being a symbol of low status…a symbol of trauma and dysfunction. That is the reason why we have stereotypes that surround dark-skinned women as being angry, loud, boisterous, dirty, poor, and just all around evil, whereas lighter skin (due to it’s proximity to whiteness) is deemed as worthy, high class, pleasant, bougie, best of the best and all around more satisfying. We see this throughout all sorts of media such as music, art, text, movies (ie. jiggaboos vs. wannabes in School Daze). Colourism did a number on society, especially the black community. Colourism manifested in the black man so severe that the darkest black man believes that his dark-skinned female counterpart is grotesque while his skin is to be revered amongst women of all nations. Black men have adopted this mental notion that to love a dark skinned woman is to accept the fate of the damned. Eldridge Cleaver, a prominent leader in The Black Panther Party, wrote in his book Soul On Ice “ Every time I embrace a black woman I’m embracing slavery, and when I put my arms around a white woman, well, I’m hugging freedom.” The dark-skinned woman’s existence forces black men to come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t able to protect his own likeness. Diallo Kenyatta writes “If a man cannot protect someone that he is genetically and culturally obligated to protect it hurts him. So he has one of two choices: he must fight to gain the power to protect or pretend that he doesn’t have the obligation, he must pretend that women are unworthy of the protection, that women are instead worthy of his scorn and objection.” 

The color black governs power and control of the self and others. It creates fear and intimidation. Darkness forces us to face our fears and submit to what is ahead. It forces us to take responsibility for what was and what is to come. In the darkness, our conscience takes us over and we are forced to come to grips with our inadequacies. So what happens when you are too black? What happens when your skin tone reminds your male counterpart that he is, in fact, inadequate and lack the basic foundation to protect you… That’s where degradation and prejudice (which is masked as “preference”) comes in. In a world where men have to fight for a seat at the winner’s table, black men find it easier to assimilate than to fight for the reverence of his image. That is the reason why dark-skinned women are so disrespected. Disrespecting and dehumanizing dark-skinned womanhood is the black man’s way of aligning himself with white supremacy so that he MAY have a seat at the table. Contorting his prejudice into a “preference” is his way of being able to say “hey, I’m a black man, but I do not relate to those dark women. I got a light, bright, damn near white woman on my hip. See, I’m just as powerful as you.” Constantly creating caricatures that deem us unlovable and ugly is their way of sharing a big hearty laugh and a high five with white elitists in hopes of becoming an elitist themselves. What they don’t know is that it makes them look pathetic. They will NEVER have a seat at the table by denouncing their connection to dark-skinned women. They will never be revered as the KINGS they so desperately want to be. They will never be true patriarchs worthy of ruling any society. Why? The moment you disrespect the first mother, you put the gun to your own head. See the thing about self-haters is that they can’t just hate themselves and go. Their self-hate is a terrible concoction of inadequacy and narcissism. Thus, we have a group of men who work overtime to ensure that dark-skinned women have the same low self-esteem that they do. Dark-skinned women are not being scapegoated because they are ugly, insufferable or unworthy. They are being scapegoated because they represent blackness in its entirety. Many black men see this as a nuisance. They see your dark skin as a setback. To them, it’s easier to conform to white supremacy than it is to fight white supremacy, so they literally vilify dark-skinned women in order to be seen as a separate entity worthy of redemption in a white patriarchal society. DARK-SKINNED WOMEN. YOU ARE ROYALTY. YOUR IMAGE IS ALL OVER THE WORLD AS THE CREATOR OF LIFE. THROUGH YOU, ALL NATIONS WERE BORN. The wonderful thing about being too black is that you are intimidating in a way where your power blinds the opposition. Next time a black man or whoever disrespects dark-skinned women, just remember that your divinity reminds people that they are lack-luster and that their excuses are useless. They have to disrespect you in order to feel better about their own inabilities to navigate through the world. They hate the fact that through adversities, the dark-skinned woman is still here…still pushing through…still snatching edges…and still raising the standards. 

Quick disclaimer: Before you all start to bitch…No, this is not a jab at light-skinned women. No, this is not a jab at black men who fell in love with a light-skinned woman. No this is not a jab at all dark-skinned men. This is for the black men (specifically dark-skinned men) who’s self-hatred runs so deep that they condemn their own female counterparts. This is for the black men that do not know the difference between preference and prejudice. This is for the black dark-skinned men that have disdain for the same women he shares a complexion with. Save the “not all” and the “this is divisive” bullshit.   

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