all blacks nation

Sometimes I hate seeing the bombshells blogs of black women. Yeah these are very beautiful women, and I understand you wanna show the world that black is beautiful (because it is). But you must understand that ALL black is beautiful. This means the ones with little butt, and the ones with small boobs. The ones who don’t know how to do that perfect eyeliner and those perfect eyebrows. The ones who don’t have those voluptuous curves. The ones who have type 4 hair and those who have type 5 hair (And yes it does exist.) Bottom line us as a whole ARE BOMBSHELLS and to only view one side of it, what’s deemed as beautiful by society is kind of irritating to other black girls and women like me that can’t relate because I look nothing like them.


Hot Damn!

Even When Injured, Dan Carter Manages To Look Sexy As Hell! And Skipper Kieran Read Is Second Best To None!

Bring It Home, Baby!


“this is about to get real cheesy in a hot minute (and she’ll never admit it, ‘cause, y’know, that’s natasha romanoff for you so you might as well hear it from me) but i feel like we saved more than each other’s asses that day–we saved ourselves too.”

[ a clint barton/natasha romanoff fancast ]