all black kings go to heaven

Dark Lovers

An AU Series

Character Pairing: Demon!Bucky x DemonKing!Steve x Female Reader

Word Count: 2912

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut. M/M/F threesome, oral (male and female receiving) fingering, sexual penetration, female ejaculation (squirting), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!) and swearing. 

Request: can you write one where bucky and steve are demons and they fuck angel reader and she squirts and bucky goes “ well damn stevie look at this”  @apolla62200

A/N: Don’t judge me too harshly! This is my take on angels and demons! 

“I thought you’ve been told not to come to our neck of the woods angel face.”

You squared your shoulders and walked straight past Bucky. You heard his heavy boots turn to follow you.

“Defiance,” he said as he sucked in through his teeth. “I like it. I thought angels were supposed to be sweet and innocent. A bit on the submissive side.”

Glancing at him over your shoulder, you smirked, “Goes to show how dumb you demons are.”

Bucky lunged forward and grabbed your forearm roughly. He backed you against the nearest wall and pushed his big body against yours, pinning you in place. “Tread carefully angel, I’ll make it to where not even your precious God can save you.”

You quirked a brow at him as you chuckled, “Your first mistake is thinking that I need to be saved,” you pushed against his chest, backing him up a step. “Besides, your King summoned me here.”

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  • How I see kpop and kpop groups in general; let's go!
  • Mamamoo: extra af, what is ladylike?, don't have an image to hold, queens of selling out a three day concert in 1 minute, UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT OF TALENT, everyone loves them, literally no antis??????, Everything is shippable
  • Exo: new generation kings, undefeated, already a senior group????????, vocals always on point, 18 deserved daesangs, SCREAMING, ships, all visuals tbh, always releasing bops
  • Bts: gets praised for everything even though it isn't that great, give jin lines, extra af, screaming 24/7,
  • Black pink: overhyped, everyone loves them bc they have an edgy™ concept, overrated a bit, rosés voice is heaven
  • Twice: getting hate for no reason, actual angels, literal babies pls love and protect them, always releasing hella bops, give jeongyeon more lines
  • iKON: everyone misses them, people whine how they're ygs favorite but.........they aren't?, only bops, double b, all visuals don't @ me, in fact very underrated
  • Monsta x: sistars little brothers, "mhmmm don't worry, shownu will save us all", "there's a reason our group is called monsta", extra af and very underrated, what is a 1st win??, jooheons dimples
  • Got7: Jackson and the boys, literally friends with everyone, everyone loves them, have the ability to release goof music but don't want to, vocals for days,,,,
  • Big bang: kings, already missed, made yg a thing
  • Shinee: kings of bops, the fandom is so soft everyone is so nice, really loud
  • Block b: what?, zico and the 6 others, actual babies, I miss them (I actually miss them I can't wait for their comeback)
  • Aoa: seolhyun and the girls, generally nice, so fucking cute all of them, give choas hair justice, seolhyun dated zico but that flopped, overall babies
  • Snsd: legends, no one can ever, when will the queens come back and snatch, "never accept rejection as failure", give sunny a solo
  • That's it, for now! Please don't take offence to this, this is me being sarcastic while giving my honest impression if the group, anyways sorry its a bit lengthy.
Broken Empire

Request: Could you write a fic about Crowleys teenage (about 200 in human years) and how she deals with him beeing dead and her beeing the new Queen of hell? Love you 😘 😘 😘

Requested by: @dont-trust-humanity

Originally posted by destihellhound

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anonymous asked:

Any 100k+ fics, please love?

Anybody going on a long car ride? A long flight? Anything like that? Have a ton of fics that will keep you from being bored! :)

Alternatively: The new classics list of all the great fics over 100k words (or at least very close to it). :)

Dark Lovers [4]

An Au Series

Character Pairing: AU!Demon King Steve Rogers x AU!Demon Bucky Barnes x AU!Angel Female Reader

Word Count: 2,975

Warnings: 18+, mentions of torture and violence, nothing major though. Language and King of Hell Wrath.

A/N: As always, @apolla62200, this wouldn’t be possible without you!

One - Two - Three

“You don’t mean that.”

Bucky stood tall, arms crossed over his chest. His eyes had turned black and his wings were spread behind him.

You wanted to smile through your hurt. Bucky didn’t hide his emotions well.

“I do though,” you whispered. “So much has happened in the weeks I have been gone. I fear that I have only made it worse for myself.”

His jaw clenched so hard that you could hear his teeth grind together. His wings relaxed against his back, but his stance was still defensive. “I sense a lot of sadness in you little one.”

You looked at the floor as tears pricked your eyes, “It doesn’t matter.”

“But it does,” Bucky said vehemently. “You were glowing with happiness when you left this chamber. Your eyes and your smile held so much light. But now, all I see is a heavy darkness.”

You shook your head with sardonic laugh, “You’re not wrong.”

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underfell au got me like

Hi my name is Papyrus Dark’ness Dementia Raven Skeleton and i have glowing red eyes like the blood of my enemies and I only speak in the Papyrus font (that’s how I got my name) and a lot of people tell me I look like King Asgore (A/N: IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO DAT IS THEN GET DA HELL OUT OF HERE!) I’m not related to Mettaton but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a royal guardsman (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly red and black. I walked around Snowdin. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun which I was very happy about. Frisk stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them. 

“We’ve been brainwashed. Everything good is supposed to be white.

We look at Jesus, and we see a white with blond hair and blue eyes. We look at all the angels; we see white with blond hair and blue eyes. Now, I’m sure there’s a heaven in the sky an it colored folks die and go to heaven.

Where are the colored angels? They must be in the kitchen preparing milk and honey. We look at miss america, we see white. We look at miss world, we see white. We look at miss universe, we see white. Even tarzan, the king of the jungle in black Africa, he’s white. White Owl Cigars. White Swan soap, White Cloud tissue paper, White Rain hair rinse, White Tornado floor wax. All the good cowboys ride the white horses and wear white hats. Angel food cake is the white cake, but the devils food cake is chocolate. When are we going to wake up as a people and end the lie that white is better than black?”

—  Muhammed ali
Good songs to play for people you hate

1) “You Make Me Sick”- Of Mice & Men

2) ‘Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver”- All Time Low

3) “Caught Like A Fly”- Falling in Reverse

4) “Hate”- Plain White T’s

5) “Break Stuff”- Limp Bizkit

6) “Liar”- Taking Back Sunday

7) “King For a Day”- Pierce the Veil ft. Kellin Quinn

8) “King of Amarillo”- Issues

9) “Go to He’ll, For Heaven Sake”- Bring Me the Horizon

10) “Hello My Hate”- Black Veil Brides

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Hey can you recommend some fanfic cassss?? Ive read all my "to reads" and now im bummed and cant find a good one that i hasn't read :(

baaaaaaaaaaabe… i honestly havent read much new stuff lately because i reread RNTM. have you Relief Next To Me ? we can’t be friends if you havent?

i am currently reading stuff from the Big Bang … some of them are really good. Im reading the Survivor AU at the moment.

I also read Butterfly Gun and LOVED it.. i havent added it to my fic rec list yet i dont think. But she is on holidays at the moment so the epilogue hasnt been posted yet, but it’s on its way im told.

Have you read In Dreams yet?

Want You More Than A is pretty cute too

What about a cute kid fic I Need Home (our tangled bones)

This was a cute AU.. i read it at 2 in the morning so hopefully it’s as good as i thought it was then haha.. low dancing in a burning room

I had an X-Men movie marathon the other week and then read this (we’ve got the world in our hands) and i almost creamed my pants

And these are literally my go to fics

i dont think i could say a bad word about The King Of Spades i LOVED it

Cute Oneshot The Stars Above You and the Streets Below

i dunno if you’ve read And Down the Long and Silent Street but you should

same with Who Painted the Moon Black and You Came Running With My Heart

If you’re partial to a religious type fic Allies in Heaven, Comrades in Hell - or So Keep My Candle Bright

fuck that’ll do for now, otherwise ill go on for ages. lemme know if you have read all these haha