all black kings go to heaven

  • How I see kpop and kpop groups in general; let's go!
  • Mamamoo: extra af, what is ladylike?, don't have an image to hold, queens of selling out a three day concert in 1 minute, UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT OF TALENT, everyone loves them, literally no antis??????, Everything is shippable
  • Exo: new generation kings, undefeated, already a senior group????????, vocals always on point, 18 deserved daesangs, SCREAMING, ships, all visuals tbh, always releasing bops
  • Bts: gets praised for everything even though it isn't that great, give jin lines, extra af, screaming 24/7,
  • Black pink: overhyped, everyone loves them bc they have an edgy™ concept, overrated a bit, rosés voice is heaven
  • Twice: getting hate for no reason, actual angels, literal babies pls love and protect them, always releasing hella bops, give jeongyeon more lines
  • iKON: everyone misses them, people whine how they're ygs favorite but.........they aren't?, only bops, double b, all visuals don't @ me, in fact very underrated
  • Monsta x: sistars little brothers, "mhmmm don't worry, shownu will save us all", "there's a reason our group is called monsta", extra af and very underrated, what is a 1st win??, jooheons dimples
  • Got7: Jackson and the boys, literally friends with everyone, everyone loves them, have the ability to release goof music but don't want to, vocals for days,,,,
  • Big bang: kings, already missed, made yg a thing
  • Shinee: kings of bops, the fandom is so soft everyone is so nice, really loud
  • Block b: what?, zico and the 6 others, actual babies, I miss them (I actually miss them I can't wait for their comeback)
  • Aoa: seolhyun and the girls, generally nice, so fucking cute all of them, give choas hair justice, seolhyun dated zico but that flopped, overall babies
  • Snsd: legends, no one can ever, when will the queens come back and snatch, "never accept rejection as failure", give sunny a solo
  • That's it, for now! Please don't take offence to this, this is me being sarcastic while giving my honest impression if the group, anyways sorry its a bit lengthy.
My Ryden Playlist:

Backseat Serenade - All Time Low
If these sheets were the states - All Time Low
Oh calamity - All Time Low
Stand by me - Ben E King
Done for you - Black Veil Brides
Follow you - Bring Me The Horizon
Don’t go - Bring Me The Horizon
Go to hell for heavens sake - Bring Me The Horizon
Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars
Liquor store blues - Bruno Mars
It will rain - Bruno Mars
Young girls - Bruno Mars
Moonshine - Bruno Mars
If I knew - Bruno Mars
Teenager in love - Don & The Belmonts
Lego house - Ed Sheeran
I’m a mess - Ed Sheeran
Photograph - Ed Sheeran
Kiss me - Ed Sheeran
Give me love - Ed Sheeran
Drunk - Ed Sheeran
This - Ed Sheeran
Sunburn - Ed Sheeran
Can’t help falling in love - Elvis Presley
Space bound - Eminem
Jet back blues - Fall Out Boy
Fourth of July - Fall Out Boy
Favorite record - Fall Out Boy
Here we are - The Fray
Be still - The Fray
If you told me to - Hunter Hayes
Bleeding out - Imagine Dragons
All of me - John Legend
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Lost - Michael Bublé
Everything - Michael Bublé
End of May - Michael Bublé
Home - Michael Bublé
Hold on - Michael Bublé
To love somebody - Michael Bublé
Human nature - Michael Jackson
Remember the time - Michael Jackson
If I could fly - One Direction
A.M - One Direction
18 - One Direction
Fools gold - One Direction
Hold on til may - Pierce The Veil
White noise - PVRIS
Eyelids - PVRIS
Only love - PVRIS
Air catcher - Twenty One Pilots


If you have songs to add, go ahead. But keep in mind, some of the artists on here aren’t ones I like as people, or any of their other music. These are all just songs that remind of me ryden other than the ones by Panic!