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Here's the Other Thing™

I won’t allow it.

I won’t allow to people to be scared.

I won’t allow people to feel threatened or insecure about themselves for stupid comments.

I won’t allow antis or a n y o n e to take away this show that has brought me so much just as to others.

I won’t.

You wanna ship? Ship. Wanna write Fanfiction? Write. Wanna draw fanart? Draw.
Wanna reblogg? Reblogg. Wanna squeal and ramble about it in a post? Do it.

Don’t hide. Don’t be afraid. Because here’s the thing: I’m here for you.

This is not even ‘just a speech’;if someone even tries to give you shit, DM me, contact me, do something to reach me and I. Will. Be. There.

I don’t care if you have never heard of me. If you read me before. If you follow me or not.

Talk to me and I will be there.

Because I won’t allow ANYONE to stop themselves from doing something they like/love or bring joy to their life just because of some stupid people who don’t know about limits.

I’m here. I won’t leave. I will fight for you and with you.

I won’t allow hate to spread. I won’t.

At the drama
  • Me: So yeah, anyways, I'm on my corner of the fandom...writing my ships and like, shit posting and ...yeah ok, call me when seaosn 3 is out.

When I first saw an edit of two Disney princesses together I shed a tear. I really don’t think you realise how much you’re affected by everyday heteronormativity in media until you’re shown exactly what has been missing from your life. I never realised how much it meant for me to see two female characters in a sweet & innocent way. So often same sex relationships are viewed as hyper-sexual and something to protect young people from, or they don’t have a happy ending. I’m so grateful for the community of artists on Tumblr that create these edits and in turn create this world that shows just how wrong they’ve got it. Love is beautiful in all of its forms.

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Kenji and Alex taking care of a kid??? For a sketch??? I don't know...

Hey nonny! Fell asleep and only found the time to do this now, but HERE. YA. GO. Domestic Kenji x Alex is just. Idk I can’t  XDD

Kenji x Alex fluff sketch 4/4

The kid is… Kenji’s niece?Let’s pretend he has a cousin on Meiko’s side who has a kid. And he asks Alex to help. 

Also, Kenji makes up 10 different voices when he reads out loud because YES.

noticing there’s a weird divide between the attitudes of Hellsing Fans like the fans of the gonzo anime have some pretty strong rose tinted glasses imo

“Hellsing Ultimate is terrible. It’s script is crap and it has horrible cgi. The original is so much better in every way.”  They cry to the heavens. 

okay but the anime is horribly divergent from the manga storyline and therefore non canon
and it aged badly. Not just in terms of quality but also visual style.
Also it has very poor consistency in animation quality and style through the whole TV series. The main villain Incognito didn’t even fit in the universe at all in terms of visual design, if anything he looked like a rejected early design for Megamind.

Ultimate’s animation quality can stand up to animes that have come out in the past year and it’s cgi is still better than the shit that was used in the Sailor Moon Crystal 3D