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Gardener AU!! 

(I’m a bad writer, but if you’re interested in some rambling, read more)

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until dawn – stereotypical teen party movie trailer edition

this is my contribution to the until dawn fandom. enjoy.

Remember when Beth threw her arms around Daryl at the height of their argument because she understood the pain he was feeling over the collapsing weight of trying to be strong after losing the only family he ever truly had and he just cried while she held him and it was so pure, and so loving .

I’ve seen all these rumors/speculations about Jerry being written as a villain in season 3 and I really hope it isn’t true. The last thing I want is mindless and hurtful hate/contempt people hold for him to suddenly seem “justified”


Ive had the biggest (the biggest) hankering for awkward stepdad Stan for the longest of times so I finally got around to drawing it

Not pictured is Beth beating up the kids at school using the boxing practice Stan taught her and her nerdy step-uncle Ford (and fiddleford)