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I can’t find it anywhere this video from 2007/8ish of the rock group The Gossip for MTV’s artist of the week campaign and they had little spots filmed with them highlighting them. there was one spot I remember watching all the time on youtube, frantically writing down and searching all of beth ditto’s influences. I remember the tone of her timbre as she says them. “cyndi lauper...huggy bear... bikini kill” I download each of those artists entire discography

Gardener AU!! 

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Me seeing Beth Smith finally get positive development, interesting interactions with her father, and a thought provoking ending to her character growth after practically begging the RaM writers on my knees for it all season:

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I feel like one day Jonathan and Sherwin are gonna explain how they met to their adopted children but the entire time their kids are gonna try and figure out how the hell Sherwin survived that long without a vital organ.