all because i was really excited about meat


ATTENTION: there’s no tea left, because Changmin spilt ALL OF IT, ALL OVER THE PLACE😂😂😂

This broadcast is so amazing because:
0. It’s my first time using VLIVE and it’s pretty cool that most of the content are already translated.
1. Yunho’s being adorable as heck💕
2. Savage!Changmin’s curcol-esque nagging as he spills the beans ALL OVER THE PLACE😂
3. Changmin’s silently being attentive towards Yunho, like giving all those meats he can totally eat by himself :3
4. Yunho’s being very excited to share his views about stuff while Changmin’s just like “but capitalism…” HAHAHAHA. but seriously I just love how unfiltered he is nowadays😂😂😂.
5. Their vidcall memes, which really shows their respective personalities. :3

All in all, fun broadcast! Definitely looking forward for their appearance in KnowingBrother this week~

For Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

App: Fitbit

☀ 62F


6-8 hours of sleep 👍🏻  
128+ oz Water 👍🏻
Meal Plan 👍🏻
Sunscreen 👍🏻
10,000-15,000 Steps 👍🏻
Lay Out Clothes 👍🏻
Make Bed 👍🏻

Tuesday was the kind of day, where you sit down and say, “Why the Hell am I writing about this?” So. It was a pretty eventless day overall and I don’t want to bore everyone to death. Here goes. I had my driving lesson and we did more parking exercises. The instructor says once I can park without instruction that we’re going to do freeway. That both excites and scares me. Excites, because I need to learn it. Scares, because–freeway.

Well, that was truly all I really did yesterday. Not unless you want to hear about taking 18 of Nick’s wrinkly shirts to the dry cleaner. I did drive there myself, as I’m trying to make up some lost ground.


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So. I’m still experimenting with homemade meat substitutes before I start writing posts about my findings. This one is made out of sprouted tofu and some seitan. The flavor actually wasn’t too bland and while I don’t hate the texture, it does give off that puffy kind of feeling you might expect from bread and I’d like to find a way to give some variety to the texture (perhaps some diced veggies). Warmer, but still needs some tweaking. 

I’m still struggling to go 100% vegetarian, but I’m doing what I can at the moment and not mad at it. It’s hard when we eat out because it’s hard to find something that has balanced macros and will keep me full for longer than thirty minutes. Sometimes there will be a vegetarian menu item, but it’s not dairy free and food intolerance sort of supersedes to be completely honest… Also, my fiance has been cooking more to give me a break. I’m so busy that I’d probably turn full bitch-face if I had to come home and then cook and clean, but when he cooks there will definitely be meat (grateful for the help but that is the situation). I think once I’m working and have to take all my food with me to work I’ll be able to do it, but right now the only thing on my mind is finishing this externship. 

Biceps and Triceps

App: Fitbit

Treadmill Warmup (10 minutes)
Pushups: 35
Triceps Dips: 3 x 12
Triceps Press: 75 lbs, 3 x 8
Dumbbell Bicep Curls: w/ 20 lb dumbbells, 3 x 8
Hammer Curls: w/ 17.5 lb dumbbells, 3 x 8
Supine Bicep Curls: w/ 15 lb dumbbells, 3 x 8
Triceps Bench Press: w/ 15 lb dumbbells, 3 x 8
Triceps Extension: w/ 25 lb dumbbell (single), 3 x 8

My Monthy Workout Challenge, Week 2

Monday: 30 minutes walking
Tuesday: 30 minutes treadmill cardio, 96 minutes walking
Wednesday: 73 minutes walking
Thursday: 31 minutes treadmill cardio, 50 minutes walking
Friday: 33 minutes treadmill cardio, 81 minutes walking
Saturday: 72 minutes walking
Sunday: 138 minutes hiking

7 days complete, 634 active minutes

pillow-gang-deactivated20181004  asked:

Hi! You said you wanted to write for Fatgum, so can I have some headcanons of his s/o being amazing in all aspects of cooking/baking? We seriously need more Taishiro in all of our lives. Thanks!! ♥️♥️

you’re saying you wanna hear about how I, myself, am his s/o and a fantastic cook/baker??? Ok then !!!! Some of these are kind of off topic I guess but hey. 

  • Taishiro can probably cook fine but baking?? SCIENCE???? Nah man, that’s not up his ally (just follow the recipe you fucking dweeb)
  • “Babe, you’re gonna get salmonella from eating all that dough” “Worth it” “OK fair”
  • The two of them like to put together big elaborate meals together! 
    • like if they make a lasagna they’ll each prepare a part of it and then one person will layer the noodles and one the cheese and the sauce, etc
  • Their kitchen has to be fucking huge. Not only to accommodate Taishiro’s big giant marshmallow bod, but to store all the ingredients they use on a daily basis
  • They like to go to foreign markets together and try new things! 
  • All the sample people at the local stores, the butchers, cheese mongers, etc. know them by name because they’re always in need of new ingredients (and can never pass up free food)
  • His s/o has to at least double most recipes or else Taishiro won’t get enough to eat 
  • For his birthday one year, his s/o makes little marshmallow Fatgums with little chocolate masks and a frosting hoodie and he almost can’t bring himself to eat them 
  • When they know they have a big mission coming up, he and his s/o will cook for Tamaki and his s/o really likes thinking of new dishes that will help Tamaki fight in different situations
    • “Do you think any of the markets here sell kangaraoo meat because I think that would make him really good at boxing” 
  • They probably watch food network together(or the Japanese equivalent) all the time 
  • They run a food blog maybe ???????????? 

Yo I’m getting real excited thinking of these two being all gross and lovey in the kitchen omg 

also I swear Im working on those Bakugou HCs

Other Chaotic things that happened in Bon Voyage Episode 2:

  • Kookie in his Pyjama’s….
  • “Sun Tae” watching over BTS on the boat
  • Just everything about Jimin and Jin playing Titanic
  • Namjoon being all excited about the Audio Explanation in the Cathedral, but deciding to not listen to it because Hoseok’s with him *sob*
  • Jungkook fist bumping the waiter
  • Jimin asking Jungkook if he likes the meat.. this really isn’t nothing special but they looked so domestic I like that shit
  • Hobi and Namjoon playing “BTS Attack” in the War Museum like YEAH AS IF IT ISN’T ENOUGH THAT YALL ALWAYS ATTACK OUR HEARTS
  • Jungkook in another episode of “Why don’t animals listen to me?”
  • Namjoon panicking asking about Jungkook and Jimin’s activities
  • yoongi and jin buying friendship necklaces
  • Yoongi and Jin buying friendship necklaces OMG
  • Hobi losing the House Key And Namjoon responding with his Trauma: “it’s better than losing a passport” and “we started losing things, like always”
  • Jungkook paying with Jimin’s Money because he’s THAT sulky that Jimin dragged him to a place he didn’t want to go
  • Jin and Yoongi as literal Shopping Kings, looking through “hip” stores, buying friendship items, comparing prices and then ending up wanting to just buy 5 pairs of “I love Malta” T-shirts

Also these are all not even really chaotic but they did chaotic things to my heart, okay? Okay Thank you. Bye. I purple you ✊🏻💜


Merry Christmas baby! I can’t believe yet another year has flown by so quickly, this is your second Christmas which means your second birthday is right around the corner! 

Today has been quiet; and after 19 years of hectic, drama-filled and family packed Christmases, it was perfect! It may not have been a white Christmas (is it ever in England?!) but it was definitely a cold one so we stayed in pyjamas all day but still pigged out on a huge dinner - I may or may not have eaten a pigs in blanket or two off of your plate because meat cravings plus pregnancy plus Christmas dinner does not a good vegetarian make. I’m really trying with this but it’s proving to be much harder than I thought.

It was amazing watching you open up all of your gifts now that you have a better idea about what Christmas is, although it’s safe to say you found the wrapping paper more exciting than the actual presents!

You’re asleep now, since it’s quite late and you were absolutely knackered. Kenji and I (and Noa and Baby D) are watching Love Actually and no, I’m not crying!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my followers, I hope you’ve all had amazing days, surrounded by love and happiness and that 2017 will be wonderfully memorable for you ♥

I have so many questions about this scene...

Why is there so little discussion about this scene?

This is RIGHT after Nick Fury was shot and we see Sharon talking to Alexander Pierce – Hydra’s head honcho.

Why is she talking to him?  I find this scene fascinating because Sharon asserts that Nick Fury was the one to assign her to protect Steve.  So why is she here with Pierce? 

I just find her placement so darn interesting.  Fury assigned her to protect Steve but…he also bugged Steve’s apartment, so we know he can monitor him, that’s not an issue.

I also find the idea of her protecting him to be a bit odd considering Steve is, you know, Captain America (and I believe the Russo brothers said Sharon was a rookie at that).

But, more to the point, why would Fury assign the relative of the former flame of a depressed, lonely man to protect him?  And make her cover story the same job as that man’s mother (recall: Kate is a nurse in an infectious disease ward while Steve’s ma was a nurse in a TB ward)?

I’m really hoping there’s some meat to this story.  Sharon might be a double agent but I’ve also speculated before that she might just flat out be a Hydra agent or a mole.  I’ll admit that I prefer the latter version a bit because:

1. I want a female villain DAMMIT

2. I think, narratively, there’s something incredibly compelling about it being Sharon of all people to turn her back on SHIELD and be corrupted by Hydra considering that she’s related to Peggy.  I think she’s also the LAST person any of the characters would expect.

Anyway, I hope they’ll do something exciting with this in Civil War, but I feel like not enough attention has been paid to this scene.

A General Dead Meat Update

A lot of people are following this Tumblr who didn’t get a chance to back the Kickstarter.  Or just didn’t want to.  Or are waiting to see me fail.  Or just ran across this Tumblr and don’t really know what the status of the project is.  So I’m reposting today’s Kickstarter update here to give you all an idea of where Dead Meat stands.

I’ve gotten some guff lately (exclusively on YouTube) for how long the project is taking.  Hopefully those goons will look here before slandering me any further.  One thing everyone should realize is that independent projects take time.  In the triad of money, time, and quality, one has to suffer.  I have chosen “time”.  

Try to be kind to the makers of your indie films, indie games, indie comics, mom and pop restaurants, and anything people are putting their hearts and souls into.  Better yet, pursue your own dream in your free time and you’ll start to realize that it’s not as easy as it looks from the outside.

Dead Meat is very much alive and kicking!  

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