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170817 Namjoon’s Tweet

막내한테 톡을 보내 보았다 #RM

I tried sending a message to our maknae #RM

[Message Translations]
RM: Both of these are your style.
RM: Good
RM: Sond (T/N: he made a typo)
RM: Sound
JK: I’ve listened to both too many times haha kekeke
RM: ㅜㅜ (T/N: equivalent of a sad face)
JK: Kekekekeke
JK: It’s because I listen to songs like these all the time.
RM: Somehow I had the feeling you would know these.

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
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So @hushowl did such a great job on illustrating the “love potion all over BH’s face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” scene ( ) from one of the cutest freaking shit on the internet ( ) named “Irresistible”, wirtten by amazing @gayblackhat . I just couldn’t resist and draw the rest of this precious gay moment.
Oh my, oh my. The returning of my fuckboi-looking BH, am I right?

ps. If you’re curious, in the first frame Demencia sorta tries to turn Flug towards her and punch the shit out of him ( probably because they were fighting all over this potion and Demencia is practically a lot stronger than Flug, so he would pass after one good shot ) but freezes after what they both saw.

ps2 It’s 2am here!! KILL ME!!!

ps3 I just saw that little typo I made in the last pannel. Fuck this. Just read the original fic. Maybe I’ll change that later…

au where lance is a famous youtuber and blogger and keith is a minor one but a big fan of lance (and also has a even bigger crush on him) and decides to send him this message – minus the i love you – but not anonymously ofc and then keith regrets his whole life bc of a simple misspell

lance mentions that on his next video and keith decides to answer by saying “he can be silly sometimes, no offense, but i’d never send him a hate message” (really keith stop trying to pretend you’re not a fan of his goofiness)

lance takes full offense on that and they start going back and forth on their bantering both on youtuber and tumblr with silly little interactions like lance reblogging a picture of an alien holding a knife angrily and tagging it as #keith (he may or may not have done his research on what are keith’s interest. for no reason at all, not interested, nope.) and and keith doing a live outside and “oops, sorry lance” when almost stepping on poop and etc

but people would begin to catch on how keith’s voice softens whenever lance is mentioned and how lance’s eyes softens whenever keith is mentioned

keith, being a fan and all, knows for a fact that he and lance live in the same city, so he gathers courage and asks lance out. not entirely, what he does is tell lance they should do a video together someday, so he says they should meet up to talk about it and maybe eat something, which of course lance answers is “talking? eating? are you asking me out on a date?”

keith doesn’t answer right away because well shit he is asking him out on a date, subtly, but surely and he doesn’t know what to answer. lance, seeing his message visualized but not answered thinks he went too far and immediately says that jk but yeah let’s meet up

and so they do, and on that day lance takes a picture of them – keith looking slightly amused and looking at lance with quirked eyebrows, lance looking to the camera, bright smile and leaning into keith – and posts on Instagram with a single hashtag, #klance

and their video together? gayer than ever; lance is telling one of his crazy childhood stories and keith is just staring at him with a lazy smile and soft eyes, not even realising it but, of course, everyone else realized it, so the fans made lots of edits and shitposts like “i want someone to look at me the way keith looks at lance” and while keith is mortified for being called out like that, lance is sitting at home, slight blush on his face, “oh”

and it’d be so soft, everyone who have eyes would notice the growing affection between them just from their videos and pictures together, how closer they’d get each video and how more comfortable keith would be with lance so close to him in every picture, and the fans would make metas and analysis of that. they’d read everything, of course, but never together. they’d read it in their homes and never mention it to the other, too embarassed (but that wouldn’t stop them from reading a klance fanfic together, one that keith had to close because nope, no, absolutely not, i can’t do this anymore lance, blushing furiously and angrily

lance doesn’t have a moment when he realizes he likes keith, like it came out of nowhere, he knows they’ve passed the friend line long ago, it just happens naturally; they’re sitting on keith’s couch after a session of recording two videos, (one for lance’s channel, other for keith’s) and lance looks at him, his eyes are closed, he’s blissing out. lance sighs with a smile, “i really like you, y'know”, keith opens one of his eyes to look at lance, a knowing smile on his face, “yeah, me too” as they entrelace their fingers and keith cuddles up to lance, sighing happily. “now i know what that girl from starstruck: my boyfriend is a superstar feels” keith says, making lance almost die laughing

after some time together, they’d decide to move in together and make a channel together and being absolutely most diabetic and amazing couple ever, making videos singing love songs while drunk such as always by bon jovi or all about us by he is we – dancing too – and keith everyday thanks for misspelling that ask on tumblr

Welcome to Fandom

I was looking for Irates of the Caribbean gifs to answer an anon (typo stays because fitting AF) and made a little something.

When you first see a ship:

When you’re a newbie and haven’t seen all the fuckery below deck:

When you see the fuckery and start to second guess why the hell you’re here:

When you decide to embrace it anyway and just go with it:

When the other side drops shit in your inbox:

When you get sick of the shit:

When you’ve convinced yourself you’re off the ship but peek in anyway and see something that gives you the old tingles:

When your ass is still on board while it all goes to hell:

When your fandom is a trash heap but you’re proud of it anyway:

When a newbie asks for a rundown on what’s happened in the fandom since the beginning:

When you’re zen about the drama and someone asks you for advice on how to cope:

When someone tells you that you’re delusional but you don’t care:

When you swear you’ll never join another fandom:


Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Prompt: you’re trying to toilet train your 20 pound cat and you sent me this photo and now I can’t stop crying out of laughter in public.

A/N: Happy birthday to my favourite human @fetchalgernon - I love you. Thank you for making it impossible for me to write modern!jily and not include algernon. So here you go, 100% of fluff and shenanigans, with next to 0 plot. I hope you enjoy <3

Thank you @yourbcky for the stellar beta job x

Read on FFN or AO3.

It’s three in the afternoon on a Saturday when Lily drops a bag of frozen peas all over the floor of her local supermarket.

It really isn’t her fault, to be perfectly honest. Yes, she’s making a fool of herself, crying with laughter as she struggles to gather the peas that have spilled all over the floor. and the others down the aisle - from the old woman looking at the yorkshire puddings, all the way to the middle aged man studying a ratty shopping list - probably think she’s mental now, but it really isn’t her fault.

Picture this: you’re running errands, casually making your way through every different sodding aisle of the nearest Tesco Express because Sirius and co. are coming over for dinner, and the only things you have in your fridge are mustard and cheese crackers – and even though you know full well they wouldn’t mind, you actually feel like trying for a change.

Your phone buzzes with a message notification, and when you slide your finger over the screen, you’re met with a picture of Algernon, your boyfriend’s insane and alarmingly orange cat, sitting next to an empty litter box. Yes, empty, because all of the litter is strewn across the midnight blue carpet, and you can practically feel James’ despair simply by looking at his face.

If this was the case, you’d probably be cracking up like an idiot as well.

[15:02] james: toilet training algernon is not… going as expected

[15:03] lily: I dropped my peas.

[15:03] james: ???

[15:04] james: tht was a typo right

[15:05] lily: I was getting food for tonight and the picture you sent me made me drop my bag of peas.

[15:06] lily: They rolled everywhere, James. I hope you’re peased with yourself.

[15:06] james: :(

[15:06] james: btw i cant believe YOU made a pun

[15:06] lily: I know, you’re a terrible influence

[15:06] lily: Also, you’re cleaning that up.

[15:07]: james: just like u cleaned up the peas right

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The Cockpit

AKA the short story included at the end of special Waterstones copies of Broken Homes, which most of the RoL fandom don’t have access to. I happen to have a copy of that edition, and (seeing as how it’s impossible for the majority of the fandom to access it in any other way) have typed it all up below. Please enjoy, let me know if there are any typos, and note that I do not own copyright etc to the following:

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“The thought of Blue being someone other than Martin gives me this breathless, hopeful feeling. 

“Actually hopeful, despite the mess I’ve made. Despite the drama. Despite everything. Because even with all the shit that’s gone down this week, I still care about Blue.

“The way I feel about him is like a heartbeat - soft and persistent, underlying everything.”

From Here On Out // Chapter Five


I like this chapter. It was fun, it’s more the Meredith and Harry from a time before and it was nice for me to write, and I *actually* had time to write for once which also made this quite a pleasant one to do.

Big thanks again to The Drama Ducks @harrysmeadow and @islareeveswriting for being with me every step of the way and pointing out my LOL mistakes, like when Meredith shits her light off…or does she? You’d all have some really terrible typos if it wasn’t for these two.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it and please let me know what you think! I’m posting a little earlier than I usually do because I’m going out but it just means you get it earlier. Byeeeeee x

Word Count // 4.7K

Listen To // Dirty Laundry by All Time Low

Story Page

“Meri? You up?” Harry called out into the empty space of Meredith’s flat as he shut the front door behind him and saw that the door to her bedroom, which had been firmly slammed shut in his face last night and remained shut this morning, was now open wide and the sunlight emitting from the room meant she was definitely up and about. She’d still been asleep when Harry had woken up on the sofa which had felt awful on his back after his long flight back from LA, but to say he’d even slept properly would have been reaching; he’d slept for about an hour before spending the rest of the time in the dark thinking about how he was going to fix things with her after their fight.

Before going out for some fresh air and to get a couple of things, he’d peeked his head around the door to find her lying spark out on her bed with her arms wrapped around one of the four pillows, holding it as though she was cuddling somebody, and one of her legs lying outside the duvet, before he’d closed it again and rested his head against the wood with a quiet sigh. It had been early and he hadn’t heard her shut off her light until gone two in the morning so he let her sleep it away; she’d clearly been stressed out the night before, and he suspected it was more than just to do with a silly article in a newspaper, and any time spent arguing wasn’t good for them.

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fic rec: FANBOY

by arkhamcycle

“Love!!! on Ice” is sure to be the greatest Wattpad-hosted love story of Viktor’s day. At its center are Viktor’s idol, world-renowned figure skating champion Yuuri Katsuki, and the silver-haired boy whose heart he steals–Vitaly Nikulichev.

Yeah. Vitaly Nikulichev. Sure.

In which Viktor is 15 and writes Wattpad self-insert RPF about himself and Yuuri, and all hell breaks loose.

(read on ao3)

listen. you have to read this. it’s already a classic. you don’t know what you’re missing. this fic has cleared up my skin and mended my broken heart that was torn to pieces by umfbamha chapter 13. this fic has made me laugh until i couldn’t breathe? vitya&co are just such relatable fanboys, i absolutely love them but also want to bury my face in my hands because i’ve done most the same shit during my fandom life. “fanboy” is simply a masterpiece. i especially love all the intentional typos they give me life and i just really love this fic and wanted to share it with you all ♥

BTS Universe Timeline Summary

So, my inner sherlock-Army can’t resist to make this summary after read translations of HYYH The Notes that circulated on twitter since yesterday. So I make this timeline and lil bit description. I also compare it with the dates in Love Yourself Highlight Reel Video and added to the complete list with description.

I hope this summary help other Army to get a grip about the stories. I know this summary still far from perfect but please enjoy this and share it with your friends/fellow Army

Thank you all


1. The dates with color indicates similar time from 2 or more member at the time

2. I assume Love Yourself Highlight Reel take place at year 22

3. Also I indicate some person in the description with ‘Her’ or ‘The Girl’ because the similarity or connected event with Love Yourself Highlight Reel Video.

4. I also made some assumption based on what they told in the notes

5. Sorry for the typos and grammar error.

I love Enneagram 3s


  • you never have to look for them
  • and if they are nowhere to be seen, pull out a selfie stick and they´ll come running 
  • they like attention in a good way?? they just deserve it
  • because they are kind (3w2)
  • or very gifted (3w4)
  • I don´t think they are annoying. They bring the action and it doesn´t get boring
  • New impulses! All! The! Time!
  • I really want to steal their hugs 
  • Sunshine babies
  • So much mischief!! I like that
  • I always liked Loki (3w4) more than Thor (8w7). Thor rhymes with bore
  • “Life is super dull and sad, why not make it exciting, I´ll dance for you, look!!” - This is a cool attitude. They dance effortlessly btw
  • sass!
  • Extraverted 3s smile and laugh so much >3< The introverted ones beam cutely as well. What goes around, comes around - I could smile back until the end of time
  • everyone likes them?? They have an army of fans. You know that there is a lot of sacrifice behind their reputation
  • care about self-image to the point that it hurts them and conceils their real feelings. The fact that they try hard shows that they care :/ But they lose themselves, they forget what they truly want. All these voices in their heads make them forget their own. They deserve a second chance every time - please show us what you truly want to express. Only then are you the happy 3 we want to see. Scratch that, the happy 3 /you/ want to see. 
  • They have a lot to give; they take expectations and duty almost too seriously
  • Their lifestyle is really one of a kind. They´re everywhere
  • I think that they have been told to achieve things from early on. Hence, they have tons of will power and energy 
  • Tough Cookies
  • I could watch them all day
  • Their mannerisms (so charming)
  • The way they talk 
  • and gesture
  • 4w3s are basically incarnations of Shakespeare´s plays
  • Enneagram 3s are the cutest, I find it impossible to hate them - that´s a miracle because I´m an enneagram 5 and us fives declaredly hate everyone
  • These people just don´t give up even if they are dead inside
  • Show must go on! They want to be perfect. 
  • I´d come to their worst performance and still clap because they always amazle me (I invented this verb just for them) 
  • Very admirable ambition and stamina. 
  • Behind the facade is a small, anxious person with an umbrella to protect themselves from all the bad in the world that keeps pouring down on them. They are afraid because every raindrop seems to murmur “You´re not good enough”
  • But threes are amazing without trying. They don´t have to prove anything. 
  • Really.
  • They need to know that

Ok  since I see more of this shit happening right now it’s time for some good old Mercy Myth busting.

‚Mercy is 60 years old’


She is 37. She wasn’t one of the founding members of OW, we know she joined the organisation when she was around 17 and then served until she was around 32. She was even supposed to be 34 years old, but a typo was made in the Recall short and Blizzard didn’t bother to fix it, so they rolled with it. All myths that she has to be above 60 because she used tob e Anas Co-Workers are bullshit since Co-Workers are not the same as classmates and they can have different ages.

She also ages normally, this has been confirmed by the head writer Michael Chu a few times.

 ‚Mercy experimented on Reaper/Genji!‘

Let’s take a look at this, shall we?

Genji was left for dead by Hanzo, and got the offer from  Overwatch’s leadership (aka Jack, Gabriel, and Ana)  that they were going to save his life if he’s going to join their ranks. He accepted and Mercy, who was the head-doctor that time, built the body and treated him. The decision to pressure him into anything was, as far as we know, not done by Mercy in any way. She simply followed orders and from her lore personality and the fact that she spent the time after OW was shut down in crisis regions aiding civilians we can say that she would’ve saved his life without offering anything in return. Genji also recognizes that what happend to him wasn’t her doing but Overwatch’s.


Everything that is about ‚Mercy turned Gabriel into Reaper!!!‘ is based on one exchange – and that is her asking ‚What happend to you?‘ and him answering ‚You tell me, Doc‘. People say this is proof that she turned him into this…but…it says the opposite tbh. If she knew what happend to him why would she ask? Besides, Reaper sounds more like he wanted an answer as well, and he knows that Mercy is the most capable doctor in the world, meaning that if someone could answer this question, it’s her. It could also be that during the explosion at the old HQ, some of Mercys experimental tech got caught in the blast and spilled over Gabriel and caused a mutation, but that doesn’t really make her guilty since it was an accident. Then there is also the chance that Talon stole her tech and created Reaper with ist help. As long as we don’t know what exactly happened during the incident there is no canon ground to blame her for anything here.

There were also rumors of another exchange,but the head writer said the lines never existed and were never in the game at all (the comment that the OP claimed Mercy was making was ‘This is not what I intended for you’ when a Reaper is on her team)

‚Mercy is evil‘

There is nothing indicating that she is. Her entire lore-character has never done anything to cause that suspicion at all, and people jump on this theory becase ‚no one can be that good‘ but lmao what if she just is??? The trope that the most compassionate one turns out to be the big bad all along is so overdone and I think the OW writers are more capable than this cheap theory. If you want to headcanon her as such then sure, go ahead, but don’T run around with SHE IS ACTUALLY EVIL OMG SHE IS THE DEVIL! When there is no base so far and everything is held together by your headcanons.

tl, dr: check your lore and don’t run around screaming SHE IS AN EVIL AGELESS IMMORTAL VAMPIRE when there is nothing in canon to support it and everything is based on people’s desire to see her as the big bad

Amazed (Gladiolus x Reader - Fluff)

Thank you, fieryfantasy (what do you want to be known as????), for giving me this idea! Admittedly I said it would be for truly madly deeply, but amazed by lonestar got it instead.

Also Tagging: @fieryfantasy (it never lets me tag you DX) @honeybeelily and @bloody-geisha

Please enjoy guys! Because shortie reader and big man is cute. Added bonus, if there are any typos I did this at school on my phone.


Gladio looked down at you gently. You were short, but that didn’t matter to him. He may have towered over you, and you may have been a right fire cracker, but he loved how it made him feel like he coukd protect you even more. You were grinning widely, mirroring his own dorky smile, and the moonlight of Insomnia, pouring in through the window of your shared apartment, made it all the more appealing..

Your gazes had locked, brown eyes meeting your own. Warmth spread through his body, heart beating frantically as his love for you grew. He was thankful that your head wasn’t over his heart, otherwise his cool exterior would be…uncool.

When you moved your head onto his shoulder to reach his cheeks, he looked at you in amusement, eyes gleaming humorously. He could feel how deep your love was for him, your thumbs tracing his jaw. It blew him away, as cheesy as it sounded.

Although he had been with people before, he had never been as close to them as he was to you. He knew your thoughts just from expression, see your dreams through the look in your eyes.

I don’t know how you do what you do
I’m so in love with you

He leaned forward slightly, pecking your lips without warning. Your surprised laugh urge him to do it again.

It just keeps getting better

You hit his chest as he started tickling you, though it did nothing to inhibit his efforts.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side
Forever and ever

Gladio wasn’t going to stop so easily, but your cough deemed it wish for him to do so. He wrapped his arms around your waist and brought you into his warm embrace.

Every little thing that you do
Baby, I’m amazed by you

Now that you were closer to him, Gladio buried his face into the crook of your neck. He enhaled deeply, taking in your scent, and ghosted his nose along your jaw and to your nose. He kissed you deeply, tenderly, taking in the taste of your kiss, remembering the way your whispered his name against his neck the night before.

Your hair became entangled in his fingers, your body surrounding him as you tangled your legs with his thighs, you hands on his chest, touching every place in his heart.

It felt like the first time, everytime. The way you clung to him, deepened the kiss. He wanted to spend the night in your eyes.

It didn’t matter how much shortie you were than him. He loved you all the same. He had no idea how you had managed to have him fall head over heals for you and it only got better every day.
Even though you had only been dating for ten months, he just knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you by beside him. He was amazed by you. And he made sure that you knew it.

Every little thing that you do
I’m so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do, oh
Every little thing that you do…

Baby, I’m amazed by you.


only fools fall for you

Breaking Younow

just a short lil one shot for you :3 

Prompt: Hey I have a prompt for you :) Ok, so Dan’s in the middle of a younow. He’s talking about something then gets a call from his mom. She starts talking really fast giving Dan no time to tell her that he’s in the middle of a younow. She asks him how his boyfriend’s doing (phil) Dan says something like I don’t know what you’re talking about. Dan’s mom starts to freak out because she thinks Dan and Phil broke up (they didn’t) ending is up to you :)

word count: 1.2k

warnings: none 

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