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A Change In Pressure || Matty Healy Oneshot
Word Count: 4,407
Warnings: Drama, alcohol.
Summary: “Love your stories. Could you do one where Matty and his girlfriend break up because of long distance and they haven’t talked in like a month but she decided to go to one of their concerts to surprise him (where she stood in line all day just to be front row).”
Authors Note: I turned this prompt into a lot of angst, but beautiful angst with emotion and all that jazz. I really loved writing this piece. I hope the anon who requested this and all who read it enjoy how it turned out. Be sure to throw in a like or comment if you liked it! I love seeing feedback from you all. Please feel free to read my other work here! Enjoy!  

“Hey, aren’t you {Y/N}, Matty’s ex?”

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About our Queen Lenalee

Ok this Chef is going to be as blunt as a hammer of Tettsui’s caliber here.

To all those people out there who are saying that Lenalee is weak, that’s she’s too dependent, that’s she’s a fucking Mary Sue of all things…

I’m fucking laughing my ass off at all of you.

Wanna know why?

Let’s review the facts, shall we?

Let’s start out with that dependency issue. TAKE A DAMN GOOD LOOK AT THIS FIRST PICTURE

Do you guys see that face? Do you see the sheer anguish, the bone deep fear in that expression? Do you see what that Shithead Lveille and those bastards at Central did to a little girl barely into her prebusent years? They snatched her away from the remains of her Akuma destroyed home, FROM KOMUI HER ONLY REMAINING FAMILY, AND THEY FUCKING LOCKED HER UP AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY TORTURED HER WHILE TRYING TO MOLD HER INTO A CHILD SOLDIER!

And you can bet your bottom dollar that they probably conducted at least a handful of experiments on her. After all, before Komui came into the picture, Experiments were considered necessary, THEY WERE CONSIDERED THE FUCKING NORM.

When Komui finally managed to get there and stop all this madness, do you really think Lenalee wouldn’t have latched onto her big brother as a life line?

Her reinforced attachment to her brother is what saved her sanity back then. And with that attachment, and the ones she made later on, she was able to march on, she was able to become an exorcist, she became strong enough to call her former prison her home.

It takes a lot of strength to be able to let go of that much trauma, and yet our Queen did just that - quite spectacularly I might add.

Now let see here. Hmmmm. Nope.

I don’t see a weak woman. And before you guys start ragging on me, I will remind you that, yes, I remember how this fight ended. I remember how it started too. Anita’s Ship was demolished by this tricky bastard, and if it wasn’t for Miranda’s Time Record, the whole expedition for Cross would have fallen through. All the exorcists banded together on deck to fight off this menace and it ended up with Lenalee willingly going off to fight this guy on her own.

Yes the fight ended with Lenalee frozen inside a crystal, when shattered apart to set her free had left her legs near paralyzed, but rembember she ended up like that because she fucking forced her own Innocence to exceed Critical Rate despite knowing the dire consequences, SHE FUCKING GAVE IT HER ALL AND THEN SOME.

Yes she ended up needing help to walk afterwards, but try to remember that Lenalee is. a. Human. Despite what those bastards at Central may think every Exorcist is human at their core. They are allowed to make mistakes, to trip and fall. What truely matters is that they are able to pick themselves up again.

And she DID.

Here we have Lenalee heading headfirst into battle with a fucking concussion and yet still ready to kick some Akuma ass.

You guys remember how this went about right? Remember how the Noah invaded the HQ to retrieve their Egg. Remember the very first Level Four in existence and how it ripped through everything and everyone. Remember Shithead Lville and how he pushed her into reconnecting with the Innocence that chained her down for so long despite allowing her to soar. Remember how she smiled so painfully at Lavi and the Head Nurse telling them that she wouldn’t run from her cruel fate anymore. Remember how she fearlessly allowed Hevlaska to reattach the Innocence.

Remember how she got that damn concussion. Remember how she reached out to the Innocence she hated so much. Remember the resolve that the Innocence accepted before allowing itself to recreate its image in her blood.

All she wanted was to be able to have her home again with everyone she loved.

So. You guys wanna know why I find your opinions so hilarious?

It’s because at the end of the day Lenalee could still kick your ass six ways into the next century. And when that happens I’ll be off to the side, preparing a feast for the others in my BD family to eat while enjoying the free show.

Cheers to that dearies~

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Band Moms

You know the ones who

  • Fit us for uniforms
  • Mend our uniforms
  • Buy our uniforms
  • Drive us everywhere
  • Run fundraisers
  • Sell concessions and tickets
  • Take us to our lessons
  • Feed us
  • Comfort us when we come home frustrated
  • Cheer us up when we feel like we’re bad
  • Listen to us when we’re beginners
  • Come to our concerts
  • Listen to us play the same thing over and over again
  • Cheer us on
  • And make what we do possible

We couldn’t do it without you guys!

princeps-de-pxris-deactivated20  asked:

"A-arthur, is it alright if I stay at your house for a while?". [Please let it be Punk Arthur, omg XD]

A black haired make wearing a sex pistols black shirt and torn up jeans and spiked bracelets answered the door, a risen eyebrow.
“ crendessa? Uh, sure, but why?”, he asked, opening the door for her. His house was decked out in band posters and all black furniture, faint metal music playing in the living room as the house was filled with smoke .