all ball tour

You know you’re in the right fandom when you recognize the bands members by only their hairy ass legs😂😂

I should be excited for the Chigga show next weekend but I’m honestly terrified, I keep having a variety of nightmares about the situation it’s awesome.

anonymous asked:

so if louis doesn't get announced for the JBB what are all these people yelling that everything is okay going to say...? (i guess that things are planned that we don't know... sigh. i wish people would want better for louis.)

Hi anon,


Look, we don’t know if Louis will do JBB, but he hasn’t been announced so far and that in itself sucks, since he doesn’t have anything else going on. 

I think that timing wise, it’s probably gonna be a very difficult time for him so perhaps that’s something to consider and makes him being there less likely. It’s why I hoped/initially assumed he was doing more gigs in November, so he could have time with his family in December. 

All Jingle Bell Ball tours in the US are already announced, booked, and probably sold-out. He isn’t on the line-up anywhere there. If he would suddenly get added at one location, that’s nice, but it’s scraps. It’s not good and people shouldn’t feel placated by it. Niall did the whole Jingle Bell Ball circuit last year with just one song. 

In the UK, Jingle Bell Ball is the big music event. So yeah, ideally he’d be a part of it. But again - the more people get announced, the smaller chances are he’ll be there, because it’s one slot less.