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Marvel’s Recent history of LGBT

Marvel has stated that they have never been more diverse than now. They also talked about how important the LGBT community is to them. I am going to talk about pretty much every bit of anti lgbt things and also talk about LGBT things they allowed since All New Marvel (2013- November 4th 2015).  These will not be in order by date but sort of connected relevance.

Young Avengers wins  a GLAAD ( Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation ) award. This was the highlight of progress for Marvel. They had managed to publish a book that was loved by the LGBT community and set ground into making many of them become fans of Marvel comics. For many they thought this would just be the beginning, well it was the beginning of something.   

Jean Grey outs young Bobby Drake in a way that offended many lgbt members as well as pissing off general fans of the character. This was recently further dealt with months later in X-men issue 600 to confirm both version of Ice Man were indeed gay. While opinions on the characters change were varied the consensus was the outing was wrong. However, that didn’t change that his issue got tons of press coverage, and sold tons of issues. It likely will also increase sales of booth books the Bobby’s are in as well as X-men 600 due to curiosity from fans.

Axel Alonso stated when referring to Angela that they didn’t want to label the characters sexuality. This is a major problem because currently Angela is the only visibly queer lead of a title. While bi, gay, and lesbian characters exist in team books generally speaking their sexuality is a background detail. Wiccian and Hulking will kiss once in all of New Avengers maybe twice if it goes on a long time (but with it’s buzz we’ll see). Ultimates seemed to have a heavy America Chavez focus for the teaser but she isn’t the actual leader nor do we know her status. Obviously recently we got that Bobby Drake is gay and both versions will be on teams.

Hurcules’s canon bisexuality was erased. While in the above statement Marvel claimed to not care about labels he for sure wanted to come out and make sure people understood Hurcule’s doesn’t touch man meat despite rocking a sexy dad bod. Now Hurcule’s bisexuality was most commonly shown in a elseworld story but Hurcule’s of myth was bisexual and in the comics many hints had been dropped about his sexuality. Judging by issue one Hercules is to busy stroking long hard guns to think about stocking long hard other things.

Gambit was intended to be bi in his solo but that was forced out by editors. The writer says it was only one of many possible things but it was something he had pushed for that was not allowed. Showing once again the label straight is fine and labels are for people who Marvel considers other.  It could have been Marvel has some friends in the Church of Humanity (X-men reference) they didn’t want to offend.

Loki’s gender fluidity was intended to be a bigger focus in the Agent of Asgard comic instead we simply get a reference until the last days arc where it goes more all out. It is hinted at several times in the series so it may have been as big as Ewing did intend. Still their was questioning from Bleeding Cool and among fans. Then we could speak on Loki’s apparent quick reversion to being a villain being a serial killer in Thors, a traitor in A-force, and now in the upcoming Thor book seems to once again be on the side of “evil”. Now this is covers and solicitations but we can all agree the design is ugly. Also comments by Marvel creators showed a misunderstanding of Loki where they said “They can’t reveal if it’s guy Loki or girl Loki” despite Loki never truly being either as a genderfluid person that is a limiting way to describe Loki.

An America Chavez X Kate Bishop story was intended to be printed in Secret Wars Secret Love and Marvel used a BS excuse to get the writer to pitch another story. I wrote more about this here as well as but the gist of the thing is only one America Chavez exists in the multiverse so she couldn’t be in Secret Love. So they made the writer of the amazing Danny and Misty story do that instead.  This excuse for America doesn’t work on many levels just with how Secret Love worked itself but they appear to have allowed two to exist with the recent House of M comic.

Speaking of House of M Secret Wars was intended to make several characters queer for the alternate reality because I mean what’s the odds of people being straight in every reality? The excuses for Marvel on this front were to avoid confusion as if comic book readers that could understand Secret Wars couldn’t understand that maybe one version of a character is gay.

Deadpool’s creator made offensive comments about how Deadpools brain works saying he can be any sexuality you want him to be. Tim Miller for the Deadpool movie confirmed Deadpool to be pansexual but Marvel proper is unwilling to make such statements.

Sexuality can be a private thing for many people more so working professionally and afraid to lose work. Marvel has been hiring more LGBT creators. That said the majority are B who are in a straight relationship so if Marvel even knew they were queer is a question. Their books for the most part don’t appear to reflect their queerness at all but they aren’t out yet. I would hope these creators and really all creators were working to push more and more representation but this is Marvel. Most these creators are freelance and easy to remove, they have no say in the larger universe, and really once Marvel owns you what can you do?

So while Marvel attempts to get us to shower them in praise let’s not forget that Marvel has likely done far more than what I listed here and will likely do more. Marvel people if you read this I hope it acts as a semi reality check or something that at least inspires further conversation with editors to ask more questions. Fans of Marvel I hope this inspires you to ask Marvel even if you aren’t part of the community for more. I love Marvel’s universe, I would love to work for them one day but the way Marvel is right now is not the Marvel I want to believe in. Let’s hope Marvel becomes a better place for the community and tell me what you think. For all I know Marvel will release 50 new LGBT lead titles before I even publish this but I think they have sort of run out of slots.

Stop Cheating, Its A Serious Game *Scott Lang x Reader*

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Summary: “Stop cheating, its a serious game” yourself and Scott have made up a game, its a game to see how many magnets you can put on Bucky’s before he wants to kill you, its a risky game and one he takes very seriously; he gets jealous because you flirt your way into putting the magnets on the arm.
Warnings: swearing and funny fluff
Admins Note: Angie has inspired me to write Scott Lang stuff, originally I was going to use this prompt my sister sent me for a Tony Stark idea but, I figured we need more Scott Lang on this blog.

When Scott joined the Avengers you didn’t know how much you’d have with him. You figured he’d be like Sam, funny but an undertone of seriousness, but nope he has no chill at all; he’s funny always and forever. He makes you laugh the hardest, he does the most stupid shit and he says some of the most stupid shit also. 

He’s also made a lot of games; How to make Steve Rogers uncomfortable, How long does it take before Hulk shows up and is Tony taller than this? All very funny and fun games, all of which you have completed lots of times, you once got Hulk to appear in under three minutes, but Steve separated you and Scott for an entire month because of it.

During your time apart Scott had spent some time with Bucky, Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier, they had bonded but he had created a new game ‘How Many Magnets on Bucky’s Arm’ is the title, he isn’t so good at game titles but the games are always a laugh. 

Scott was sat explaining the game to you, you were iffy mainly because you had no idea how Bucky would react to this, Scott said he had a few rough moments with the ex-assassin but eventually Bucky would see the funny side- well it would take five hours for him to smile at Scott. 

“I got up to twelve before he punched me” Scott ended with a grin “that’s my best yet, I’d like to see you do better” he poked your chest with a grin, you rubbed the spot and grinned back, a chuckle rising from yourself.

“He punched you, shouldn’t that be a sign to stop?” you asked still chuckling but ready to take up this game of his, 

“Naa, he does find it funny, later on when you tell how many you got up to,” he says with a shrug “he won’t hurt you, though, I’ll make sure” he winks playfully, you roll your (E/C) at him, but smile at him brightly. 

Bucky sat on the sofa flicking through the channels, yourself and Scott had pockets full of magnets, you even had some in your slippers and he had some down pants; you were full of them all and ready to get a higher score than Scott’s. 

He pushed you forwards, you sat conveniently on his left side, Bucky smiled at you before going back to flicking through; your heart rate was rising and you glanced at Scott who was pretending to look through a book shelf, he winked at you, giving a sly thumbs up for support. 

“So, what are you looking for?” you asked, your voice covering the small noise the first magnet made when coming into contact with his arm, he shrugged not looking at you as he slowed down.

Just something fun to watch” he muttered back, his hair was pulled back into a small bun, a black short-sleeved tee on and it exposed nearly all of his arm. You continued to slyly place the magnets on his arm, laughing at the show he settled on, every laugh you placed one or two on his arm. 

You had gotten up eight, you just needed five more on there, Scott was subtly watching from the arm-chair in the corner a book he was peaking over; he had held upside down, fortunately, Bucky hadn’t noticed him all that much.

You are so funny, didn’t know that Steve never mentioned it,” you tell him, a smile present, he looked at you; Bucky had a hard time talking to people, he nodded, slightly embarrassed and nervous about talking and joking. 

“Thanks, (Y/N)” he mutters slightly embarrasses, you smiled and silently placed another on his arm, nine down “I used to know tons of old jokes, or so Steve tells me, part of my charm was my humour” he shrugged, you chuckled, you could totally see Bucky back in the day making some damn laugh trying to woo her or something. 

“Well you haven’t lost it” you winked playfully, he chuckled and went back to watching the TV, you then placed a few others as he sat slightly closer to you. Bucky doesn’t see you any more than a friend, but he wasn’t opposed to flirting with you, especially since he can see how angry Scott was getting sat in the chair with his upside down a book of Moby Dick in his hands. 

You continued to use your flirting skills and in ten minutes Bucky had eighteen magnets on his arm, he hadn’t even noticed yet, he was too busy enjoying Scott seething in his seat; it was obvious to everyone but you that Scott had some affection stored for you. 

Scott suddenly stood up, placing the book down on the small coffee table, he gave you a look and left the room; you coughed awkwardly and stood up, saying you had to do something, he nodded with a grin. You found Scott sat at the kitchen breakfast bar, you sat down beside him.

“Eighteen” you mutter with a knowing grin, he seemed pretty upset but you guessed it was because you beat him on your first go, although he was upset over a totally different thing; the fact you flirted with Bucky.

“Stop cheating, it’s a serious game,” he tells you, you frown at him “flirting is breaking the rules, that’s cheating,” he tells you and you raise your eyebrows at him, was he being serious with your right now?

“I can use any method I please,” you tell him “you are just mad I won,” you tell him, crossing your arms over your chest, he rolled his blue eyes.

“No, I’m not mad because of that,” he tells you and you wait for the actual answer, it slowly begins to dawn on you, you slowly start to frown but small smile at Scott.

He didn’t like the fact you were flirting with Bucky, he didn’t care if you won or not, in fact, he was rooting for you to get a high number but he didn’t think you’d flirt with him in order to place the magnets.

“Um, sorry Scott for cheating” you mumbled, a smile on your face, he nodded with a smile; trying now to play off like you didn’t make him sad. Like he didn’t care, he does that a lot when he doesn’t want to face his emotions. 

“I don’t care, you won this time” he shrugged, you scoffed and he looked at you, he gave you a look as to say ‘what?’ “I don’t” he repeated.

“And your cool because you don’t give a shit?” you asked with a slight shrug, he nodded with a slight smirk.

“Yeah” he repeated, you nodded with a smile “but if I did care… what would that mean?” he asked, slightly nervous and crossing his arms, looking at from the corner of his eyes. You thought for a moment before grinning.

“That you secretly love me and then I’d probably have to kiss you” you tell him honestly, he perked up and you sighed dramatically “but like you said, you don’t care, which is a real shame” he sarcastically laughed as you both leaned in, an inch away from each other’s lips.

“(Y/N)” Bucky shouted, you sprang to your feet as Bucky came around the corner, holding a few of the magnets in his human hand a very angry look “did he put you up to this?” he asked you, you gulped and nodded, Scott stood up and grabbed your hand; ready to pull you away from what Bucky would do “you both are in so much trouble, I’m going to shrink you down” he pointed at Scott “and then I’m going to shove him up you-” 

Steve walked in and looked at Bucky and started to laugh at his arm “right all three of you better start running” Steve nodded and ran out where he came from, Scott pulled you out and you pushed passed Natasha as you ran to hide from Bucky, for either a few hours or forever. 

(Hope you enjoyed this. I did this mainly for Angie, she wanted more Scott Lang x reader stuff, I got inspired by this. Remember you can request; imagine and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

Racebending - Avengers Assemble

  • Director Fury - Faran Tahir
  • Thor - Jason Momoa
  • The Hulk - Sendhil Ramamurthy
  • Iron Man - Aldis Hodge
  • Hawkeye - James Kyson Lee
  • Black Widow - Zuleikha Robinson
  • Agent Hill - Salma Hayek
  • Captain America - B.J. Britt

Dreamer’s Pool, Blackthorn and Grim #1, by Juliet Marillier (November 4th, 2014)

In exchange for help escaping her long and wrongful imprisonment, embittered magical healer Blackthorn has vowed to set aside her bid for vengeance against the man who destroyed all that she once held dear. Followed by a former prison mate, a silent hulk of a man named Grim, she travels north to Dalriada. There she’ll live on the fringe of a mysterious forest, duty bound for seven years to assist anyone who asks for her help.

Oran, crown prince of Dalriada, has waited anxiously for the arrival of his future bride, Lady Flidais. He knows her only from a portrait and sweetly poetic correspondence that have convinced him Flidais is his destined true love. But Oran discovers letters can lie. For although his intended exactly resembles her portrait, her brutality upon arrival proves she is nothing like the sensitive woman of the letters.

With the strategic marriage imminent, Oran sees no way out of his dilemma. Word has spread that Blackthorn possesses a remarkable gift for solving knotty problems, so the prince asks her for help. To save Oran from his treacherous nuptials, Blackthorn and Grim will need all their resources: courage, ingenuity, leaps of deduction, and more than a little magic.




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honestly my headcanon for lexa being in the city of light is like, I have no idea why she was there either, but maybe like she and all of the past commanders just live in like this really swanky penthouse apartment together, like ALL of them. and they all kind of got the bat signal that clarke was there at once and all of the big hulking past commanders turned to lexa and were like "GO GET YOUR GIRL!" and lexa ran into her room and grabbed her gear and warpaint, and went off after clarke.

hahahah yas headcanon accepted

Up In The Air

I do not own any of the characters; they belong to Cassandra Clare.

This was a request from the wonderful and lovely mortalacademy:)  This was so fun to write because I’ve never written anything like it before.  I hope you enjoy it:)


“This really is rather pleasant.  What do you think, Alexander?” said Magnus, taking another lick of his strawberry icecream.  He had seen several young children biting into their own icecreams, and Magnus had cringed away from them as if they were a poisonous plant he’d found growing under the sink.  He didn’t trust anyone who could accomplish such an act and still have their teeth intact afterward.  “Alexander—?”

Magnus glanced up.  His boyfriend appeared to be having some difficulty identifying the various colours of icecream in the tubs.  Magnus caught the furious spark of rage in the stallkeeper’s eyes and moved to Alec’s side, almost protectively.  He didn’t doubt his own ability to shrink the keeper into a possum if need be.

“What is that stuff?” Alec was saying, indicating with a trembling finger the chocolate-chip mint icecream.  It was melting gradually in the heat, giving it an almost sloppy sheen.  “Is that—is that slime?”

The man behind the stall turned beat red. 

Magnus put a hand on Alec’s shoulder, gently.  “Alec, darling—“

But Alec turned to him, eyes wide and incredulous.  “No, Magnus, look!”  He jabbed a finger at the mint chocolate.  “It has rabbit feces in it!”  His blue eyes shot daggers at the stallkeeper.  “Are you trying to poison us?”

“I wasn’t,” said the man, hazel eyes blazing furiously.  “But I’m tempted.”  He inclined his head to Magnus.  “You the entertainer or something?  Clown Workshop’s over there.”  He pointed.

Magnus’s lips parted.  He glanced down.  He was wearing rainbow leather pants complete with pointed polished black shoes, a low turtle-neck navy top, and a white jacket that glistened with multi-coloured diamonds.  His hair stuck up in every which way, like a mace complete with glittering spikes.  Magnus couldn’t pick fault with his outfit or his hairstyle.  He often wondered if he was too awesome for the average mundane to take in.

Still, it hurt.

It was Alec who moved first.  Spinning with lightning-speed, he reached over and plucked the half-melted strawberry icecream from Magnus’s hand and shoved it into the man’s face, directly in the nose.  The man let out a yelp and then he staggered back as Alec, flipping over the stall, curled his hand into a fist and socked him in the face. 

The cornet cushioned the punch; it fell away to crumbs from the blow.  Nonetheless, the impact sent him staggering into the boxes of unopened icecream at the back of the gazebo.  The boxes tumbled down around him.  The man’s nose was streaming a steady trickle of blood, mixing with the strawberry icecream.

Magnus wrinkled his nose.  “I detest sauce on my icecream,” he muttered, to no one in particular.  Alec was staring down at his fist, which was smudged with icecream, in astonishment, as if he couldn’t quite believe what he had just done.  “Alec,” Magnus said, and then, when he didn’t reply, “Alec!”

Alec glanced up.

In the distance, beyond the rattle of the theme park and the screams of children, was the distorted croaking of voices coming through walkie-talkies.  Security.

Magnus seized Alec’s hand and quickly threw up a glamour around them.  They walked hand in hand out from under the cover of the gazebo, out into the blaring sun.

“Correct me if I’m wrong,” Magnus said, “but isn’t the mandate of Shadowhunters to protect mundanes, not physically harm them?”

Mundanes,” Alec said.  “No one said anything about assholes.”

Magnus snorted.


Being with Alec was pleasant.  It was lying back on a feather bed, said feather bed floating on water, and forgetting the issues of the universe.  It was a walk in the park, the sun beating down relentlessly, and that momentary rush of relief when a cool gust fractures the heat.  It was wild and fierce, consuming like wildfire, yet soft and hesitant. 

It was the kind of love that made Magnus, whenever he was in Alec’s presence, forget who he was.  He could do anything, be anything, with him, and Alec would remain by his side, never demanding—giving, never taking.

It made him feel alive.

Unfortunately, Magnus wasn’t feeling particularly thrilled now.  He craned his head and glanced up at the looming rollercoaster above him.  It was a massive, hulking thing, seeming elegant and bulky all at once.  It looked a bit like a child’s drawing of a rollercoaster; all squiggles and impossibly sharp twists.  The track itself was an ice blue, carrying rows of carriages of the same colour that looked a bit like oval-shaped cages.  Beneath the ride shimmered a crystal-blue lake, ice steam rising off its surface.  The entirety of the coaster was enclosed with ice-capped walls that jutted outward jaggedly, giving the impression of the side of a mountain. 

Magnus had never ridden a rollercoaster in his years. Hot air balloons, airplanes, and pickup trucks that floated on water he’d done.  Not rollercoasters.  There was something threateningly unpredictable about them.  He was ashamed to admit to himself that he was absolutely terrified, not to mention that he was exceptionally concerned for his hair. 

Alec, beside him, was bouncing excitedly on his feet.  “Can’t you just magic the mundies aside?”  He peered down the length of the snaking line.  His eyes glittered, impossibly bluer than usual.  “I can’t wait much longer—“

“Need to relieve yourself?” said Magnus, and laughed at Alec’s glare.  “Do it on the ride,” Magnus went on.  “I doubt anyone would notice.  The carriages are wet already and we’re glamoured besides.”

“Shut up,” Alec hissed.  He crossed his arms with a scowl.  “You already look as if you’ve relieved yourself.”  Magnus quirked an eyebrow.  Alec said, “You really shouldn’t have worn wet-look pants, Magnus.  They don’t do you any favours.”

“I don’t do favours for anyone.”  Magnus wiggled his fingers; his rings flashed.  “I’m expensive.”

“Yeah,” said Alec.  “I’ve heard that about you.”

“Alexander!”  Magnus was astounded.  “I thought we’d moved past that.”

Alec grinned suddenly.  The smile lit up his face, and Magnus’s throat went dry.  He was so beautiful, he was sometimes painful to look at.  Like staring directly at the sun.  “Got you,” he laughed.

Magnus seized the other boy by the waist and pulled him against his chest.  “You always have,” he whispered, and he bent his head as if to kiss him, but he never got the chance, because at that moment a carriage roared by over their heads, spraying them with water. 

Alec didn’t seem to care, but he did jerk back in surprise.  Magnus stared grimly after the carriage as it spun over a loop.  Seconds later Alec disentangled himself out of Magnus’s grasp and strode toward the mundane nearest him.  The boy was wearing a gray woollen hat; Alec plucked it off.  The boy made a noise of protest and started after the floating hat.

Alec threw the hat at Magnus as if it was a rugby ball and a stampede of rugby players was hard on his heels.  Magnus shoved on the hat, crushing his glittered spikes.  The boy came within touching distance of him, and he reached up, as if he were going to retrieve the hat from Magnus’s head—

And the boy jerked back with a choked “Ugh!”  He had touched one of Magnus’s spikes as he’d reached for his hat.  Magnus watched with dark amusement as the mundie boy staggered backward, tripping over his feet. 

Magnus shot a sideways smile at Alec, one that his boyfriend returned.


Several people tried to catch at the runaway hat as it bobbed by, appearing to float on the breeze.  Once secured in the front seat of Infusion—the damned rollercoaster—Magnus clicked his fingers.  The lesbian couple striding excitedly toward the front seat froze, blinked, and turned abruptly.  They disappeared back through the entrance.

“You’re looking a little green.”  It was Alec, beside him.  He turned to peer worriedly into his boyfriend’s face.

How was it that someone who was raring to go on a 14-loop rollercoaster ride was terrified of umbrellas?

“I told that to Ragnor once,” said Magnus, trying for humour, though his heart wasn’t in it.  “He didn’t believe me.”

Alec laughed.  He was laughing a lot these days, Magnus had noted.  It made his heart swell with adoration—and then plummet as the carriage lurched forward.  Magnus’s head snapped back painfully.  He gripped the side of the carriage with one hand and Alec’s sleeve with the other.

“Alec, I don’t like this.  I think this was a bad idea.”

“It’s too late now,” said Alec, somewhat absently.  He was gazing about him like an excited child on Christmas.  The reflection of the turquoise-coloured lake rippled in his eyes.  “Do you want me to hold your hand?”

“No,” said Magnus.  The carriage turned slowly.  The track before them stretched up and up like a crane, the chains jiggling as they moved.  “I need my hands to grasp at something if we fall out.”

Alec turned to him now.  “What’s wrong?”  He narrowed his eyes.  “Are you scared?”

“Of course not.”  Magnus’s heart did palpitations in his chest as the carriage moved sluggishly upward.  His legs dangled limply in the air.  The water seemed scarily close and scarily far away. 

“Liar,” said Alec.  Surprisingly he reached out and grasped Magnus’s hand, his skin a comforting pressure against his.  Magnus didn’t know why he was surprised.  He guessed he thought Alec would mock him.  “Are you—?”

“Alec!” Magnus gasped.  They had almost reached the top; beyond the far stretch the track sloped diagonally downward.  “I’m afraid you’re going to get a face full of my vomit.”

Alec raised his eyebrows.

“No, this isn’t good,” Magnus continued.  “Alexander, I’m afraid this is it.  This is the end of my journey.  This is the end of Magnificent Magnus Bane.”  He rested his head against the armrest and closed his eyes.  “I request Madonna to be played at my funeral—“

The carriage tipped forward.

It was like hanging out the window of an airplane—wind rushing in his ears and the skin of his face pulled back, as if someone were stretching it from behind.  His stomach somersaulted and his eyes snapped open.  He screamed as they went over the first loop; he caught a glimpse of white, water, and summer sky, dotted with white puffs of clouds.

Magnus glanced at Alec and saw that his face was squashed in, as if he had been thwacked with the flat side of a pan.  Alec’s mouth gaped open in a soundless scream, lips flapping like a fish.  Magnus would have laughed if he could breathe.

The carriage made a sharp divert; Magnus’s head slammed into Alec’s, rucking his gray woollen hat up over his ear.  Magnus tried to grab at it, succeeding in only punching himself in the face repeatedly and accidentally slapping Alec.  A moment later and the hat were off.  It whipped through the air, bouncing like a balloon caught in a fierce wind—and smacked into the face of the passenger in the carriage behind him. 

Magnus’s hands flew to his head.  “My hair!” he screamed.  “Run!  Save yourself!”

Alec’s laugh was distorted in the wind. 

The carriage jerked to a halt suddenly.  Magnus gasped and looked down—and instantly regretted it.  They were dangling at least one hundred feet in the air, hovering awkwardly above the crowd of mundies lining up for the ride.  It suddenly became too much for Magnus.

He curdled over and vomited.  The contents of his stomach poured out of him and fountained over the mundanes below.  Their screams echoed back to him.  Several had been looking up with excited interest and had gotten it full in the face; others had leaped out of the way, tripping over their feet.

Alec burst out laughing.  He seemed to have trashed the Shadowhunters mandate for the day, Magnus noted.  Alec dug something out of his jeans pocket and held it out in front of them.  His mobile phone.

“Let’s take a selfie,” he said. 

Magnus didn’t have the energy to protest—the phone flashed.  Alec produced the photo and held it up for Magnus to see.  Alec, his cheeks flushed with cold, was smiling.  His black hair was dishevelled and stuck up in every which way.  Magnus was momentarily proud—until he glanced at himself.  His hair, jelled to jagged glittering spikes, was parted down his hairline, like antlers sprouting from either side of his head.  Whereas Alec was flushed, Magnus was pale in comparison.  Magnus’s eyes were closed and stray droplets of vomit dotted his chin.

Magnus glared as Alec punched the buttons on it.  “What are you doing?” Magnus asked, suspicious.

“Sending it,” said Alec.

“To…?” prompted Magnus.

Alec hesitated.  “To Jace,” he said finally.

“No!”  Magnus twisted and attempted to snatch the phone.  Alec, anticipating his move, shifted and hung over the other side of the carriage.  It swung, unbalanced.  Magnus’s stomach lurched.  “Give it to me, Alexander.  Don’t you dare send it to Jace.”

Alec chuckled.

Magnus, bracing himself, bounced in his seat.  The carriage twisted.  Alec lost grip on the rectangular device and it slipped from his grasp, twirling through the air like a stone—and plonked a mundane girl on the scalp.  She collapsed. 

Alec whirled on him, face suffused with fury.  “You BROKE my PHONE!” he shouted.

You broke your phone,” said Magnus.

“But my PHONE!”  His blue eyes blazed.  “Why does everybody take it out on my phone?  What did they ever do to anybody?”

“Ring me every 10 minutes until it was eventually destroyed by heavenly fire,” Magnus reminded him.

Alec blanched.  “That—that was—“

Magnus never found out what that was, because at that moment the carriage hurtled forward again.  Magnus’s neck clicked painfully as the air was sucked out of him.

The remainder of the ride was very much as he’d expected: flailing legs and screams; Alec laughing with joy; Magnus vomiting a second time, only this time he had the decency to hang over the side—where it coated the girl’s face in the carriage behind him.  She really was getting a face full of it.

When the ride eventually drew to a standstill, Magnus found his cheeks numb and his mouth swollen.  He felt as if he’d had Botox.

Pushing back through the line, they found the paramedics tending to the girl on the floor.  It was one of the lesbian’s Magnus had seen before, striding toward the front seat.  She was sitting upright on the ground now, looking disoriented.  A massive lump was pulsing out of her forehead.

She held up Alec’s phone.  The screen was fissured with cracks.  “This,” she muttered.  “It fell on my head.”

The girl shot an awkward smile at Magnus, and he realized with a jolt of surprise that he had allowed the glamour to fall away.  Fear had overridden him.

Alec noticed it, too, because without a word of warning he reached forward and plucked the phone out of the girl’s fingers.  “Sorry,” he mumbled.  “Fell out of my pocket.”

The lesbian girl glared at him.


As they strode away, the sun setting over the horizon, Alec smiled and announced, rather abruptly, “Good job I already sent the photo, though.”

“I did wonder,” Magnus said, but he smiled and took his hand.    

Song and a Kiss M!A (mute until kissed) OPEN

While it wasn’t enough to make her panic, Bryce was still worried when she tried to speak but only found her lips moving silently. She had tried examined her chest, throat, and, mouth, but as far as she could tell there was nothing physically wrong. Some form of selective mutism maybe? Either way, this could be a problem, especially if it affected Hulk.

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Gail slammed her alarm clock to silence it’s cries. She had tossed and turned all night after crying herself to sleep. And the little sleep she did get was shit, absolute and utter shit. The bed felt too big, too cold and not cold enough. Holly wasn’t there to warm her icicle toes on her legs, wasn’t there to whisper goodnight, wasn’t there to remind her of all she had to do in the morning, wasn’t there to turn off the first alarm before it woke her. Holly wasn’t there and everything was off because of it. She hoped Shiloh wouldn’t really notice, Gail didn’t know if she could handle it if her son started asking questions, gave her sympathy.

She flipped off the half warmed blanket and rolled out of bed, slipping on a sweater before shuffling into the bathroom to start her morning routine. She looked miserable. Her face was paler than usual, which was saying something, and her eyes were bloodshot, her hair in it’s expected state of mess.

What had Gail been thinking? Telling Holly had obviously been the biggest mistake of her life. She’d probably lost her, lost Holly. She regretted it deeply. Had she not spilt the beans, had she just apologized and told Holly she was just being weird and didn’t have an excuse, Holly would have woken her with a smile and a perfectly made coffee.

Gail smiled at the clumsily sleeping boy. Shiloh was taking full advantage of his bed, sprawled out like a starfish with his blanket only covering half of his body. She approached quietly, not wanting to wake his by being loud. “Shiloh.” Gail hummed softly, running a finger over his warm cheek. “Baby man, it’s time to get up.”

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