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I’ve been thinking about Mermaid stuff in the last week (late into MerMay lol) on twitter for a possibly thing in the future. You might see some things next month about it who knows! Twitter’s getting the most of it.

Don’t worry, Fidds just got a bit bored with Ford’s questions and dragged him under. When they come up, Ford just has more questions which confuses Fidds.

I keep seeing posts about people being upset that the lip sync wasn’t a Kesha song, please remember tonight that for the past couple years Kesha went through some traumatic shit & a court battle & is still fighting for the right to produce new music & might not have been comfortable with having the lip sync be one of her old songs produced by her old shitty asshole producer

🌙 Ramadhan Kareem to all my Muslim followers ✨Happy fasting!

Mr. Worldwide Handsome


💜💚 Dedicated to my friend KT @rogueleader1987 who has an extra special love for this scene. Enjoy!

Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

((OOC: I am so sorry for not stating when my lunch break was over. Thank you all for the questions, please feel free to always ask me stuff, because I love that.

I’d make an “I love you” gif, but I am currently buck-ass nude, so here is an old gif of me with one of the cats. Know that it means that I love you. ))

.。.:*☆  out.  things i’m really tired of: mobile tumblr making it damn near impossible to open on anything you’ve been mentioned in without having to scroll through the person’s blog to find it.

I’m just sitting here thinking about the song I Found and how each line can be a member of VM singing to Percy

it started as a crack pairing but even the game gives hints, i mean Faval was just following Ishtar stupidly to play the famed “kill a rebel” game, not thinking this through.

Patty’s all “pretty please miss, could you stand aside i need to talk to my bro behind you” but Ishtar won’t move :’(

someone plz tell Briggid/Eyvel’s kids not to follow strange people of the Empire around 

A few adaptation highlights I liked

In manga we just get a view of his back

now turns to bakugou staring at a wall

this still scene

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being animated in full = a+

and of course

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All Might’s wicked nonsense flip we needed XD