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home is where the heart is [ch 13]

home is where the heart is ♣♦ read @ ao3

“…I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Naomi’s look seems enough to flatten steel. “Are you fucking shitting me.”

“Naomi, language!”

“Are you fucking kidding me, Chuuya-san?!”


“Hush, niisan, I need to set this straight.” Naomi marches back to where Chuuya’s rooted in place. “Are you not Dazai-san’s boyfriend?”

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๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ teenage edgelord Shiro too good for prom

Look, man, those people can all pretend their lives aren’t vapid and stupid by listening to whatever the radio tells them is good that day.  But Shiro knows better, you know?  Like, he just sees through the bullshit.  It’s all a bunch of expensive, useless glitz and glamour for a bunch of teenagers to fumble around awkwardly in and you know?  Just whatever.

Translation: Shiro was such a fucking smug hipster


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“Erwin told you to take the day off and relax.”

“This is me relaxing,” Levi said, eyes never leaving the spot of floor he was scrubbing.

How did Mike expect him to do anything else but clean? The room was filthy. As glad as he was to finally have his own, he wasn’t about to live in it when it was covered in dust and grime from its last occupant.

“You’re a captain now, just get someone to do it for you.”

Levi snorted. “Are you offering to do it?”

“Are you ordering me to?”

Levi stopped scrubbing and looked up. Mike’s cleaning skills were half-assed at best, but he couldn’t very well pass up the opportunity to boss him around. They technically were the same rank, but if Mike wanted to do grunt work under his supervision, then so be it.

“Fine,” he said, dropping the brush back in the bucket and standing. He walked over to one of the plump chairs in the room and plopped himself into it, gestured around him.

“Have at it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Levi raised an eyebrow at that, but didn’t say anything more. Mike went over to the bucket and knelt on the floor, started scrubbing at the spot where Levi left off.

“Smaller strokes, you’re not cleaning anything like that,” Levi said as he watched Mike make broad stripes over the floor, missing half of the dirt he was supposed to be getting rid of.

To his surprise Mike actually listened.

“And make sure you scrub all the way to the corner,” Levi added, and Mike obeyed.

Levi wondered what he could get away with before Mike got pissed off at him and gave up.

“Not even a pig would eat off that floor. Do it again.”

“The windows are next.”

“You missed a spot, are you fucking blind?”

“No, not like that. You have to move the stuff on the shelves, not just wipe around them.”


It took about an hour until the room was done. It was nowhere near as perfect as it would have been if Levi had done it himself, but it was fun watching Mike try.

Mike finished wiping down the last shelf and turned. His face was pink and it looked like he was out of breath.

“Don’t tell me that made you tired,” Levi scoffed.

Mike shifted from foot to foot, and Levi followed the movement, eyes flitting down and stopping at the erection tenting Mike’s pants. That was unexpected. But then again maybe not. It explained why he seemed so eager, and why there was no complaining.

“Did…you like me telling you what to do?” Levi asked slowly.

Mike gave a small nod.

Well fuck.

“Come here,” Levi commanded.

Mike breathed a sigh of relief and obeyed immediately, walking over quickly and stopping right in front of him. Levi reached up to trace the outline of Mike’s cock through his pants. Mike shuddered at the touch and Levi smirked.

“Disgusting,” he said as he continued to tease Mike.

Mike grumbled impatiently and leaned down to kiss him.

“Ah.” Levi stopped him with two fingers to his lips and sneered. “Don’t even think about it. You’re sweaty and gross.”

“Not where it counts,” Mike said against his fingers.

Levi furrowed his eyebrows. Mike took Levi’s hand and bent down to his ear.

“Your room isn’t the only thing I cleaned today,” he whispered as he moved Levi’s hand around to his ass.

Levi’s eyes widened in understanding.

“But,” he began, leaning back, “since you said–”

“Get on the bed,” Levi ordered.

Mike grinned. “Yes, sir.


So here’s a pic of my mom’s maternal grandparents. (which I love, btw, they look so cute and happy. <3)

But I love how much I look like my great-grandma, whom I’m named after. I feel such a connection to this woman I’ve never met, who died when my mom was young, but who also left such a great impression in her mind that she had to name her firstborn after her.

There’s so little that’s been pieced together about either side of my family, and most of it’s depressing, so I’m incredibly grateful to have at least this little thing.

Okay but the six philosophers is such a good chapter? ?? Everyone is describing their impression of Sunday, and his likeness to the grand universe and no one is able to grasp his multifaceted and complex nature and he remains a mystery just like God and our inability to grasp His omnipotence and omniscience and omnipresence, and His vastness and mystery especially in regards to the Trinity and I just? ?? Chesterton was a smart man and I am feeling A Thing


Alright, due to rl being a bitch and not letting me write, sudden mini-hiatus. Will last till Feb 28th, presumably, though it might last longer depending on, well, stuff. See ya hopefully soon. I really wanna write with y’all.

I was tagged before so I will just paste previous one and upadate several answers.

Name: Dorota

Nickname: Old one was - S. But now I don’t have one :/ I want one!

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 165 cm (I think it is 5′4 ?)

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Ethnicity: Slavic

Favorite fruit: I don’t know how is it called in english.

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite book: Everything by Dorota Terakowaska and Maja Lidia Kossakowska

Favorite flower: Lilac <3

Favorite scent: Um… I don’t have one.

Favorite Colour: BLUE!

Favorite Animal: Doggies?

Coffee, tea, or cocoa: HOT BLACK TEA!

Avg Hours Of Sleep: 4-5 

Cat Or Dog Person: DOG PERSON HERE!  

Fav Fictional character: The Doctor

Number Of Blankets I Sleep With: normally just one, but now I have cold so answer is 3.

Dream Trip: museum around the world to see artworks by all my favourite artists in person!

Blog Creation Date: June 24th 2016

Number of followers: one or two

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A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)

The way I see it, Prince Lotor could either be a great opportunity for serious drama or just an absolute Team Rocket-style shitty villain, and either way I am 110% ready to see Voltron dropkick him into space.


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition