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BITCH blair said that he and jamie are the ones that improvise the most together and the bit in ep 3 when blink says, ‘are you having a stroke?’ and ‘oh this is your thing’ miss jamie chung improvised that! 

I’ve been away for ages and the only thing i can say is:
Boy do i miss you guys.

The last month as been super rough. I had a really bad breakdown and i can’t handle stress at right now.
But on the other hand I need to earn a few bucks soon to help my parents out and that means i may open an etsy shop were i sell charms and/or open up for comission! (YeAH…)

The last months ive been busy with my portfolio and personal social media and all that mumbo jumbo. I am still debating if there ‘d be interest from any of you to see my personal stuff.

Hit: *Looks at Cabba* ….hey.

Cabba: Huh? *Looks at him*

Hit: *Smirks and ruffles his hair* ….You did good. 

Cabba: *Surprised* Oh….t-thank you… *Smiles*

Hit: Hm.

Frosts ghost: *Sitting behind Hit* …oh yeah, praise the cabbage! *Pouts* …You haven’t even mentioned me at all…

Hit: *Sighs and turns* ….You know, I bet even Frost would be happy about your effort. *Crosses arms and closes eyes*

Cabba: I don’t think so. *Pauses* …..he only cares about himself.

Hit: Oh?

Cabba: *Sits straight* I mean… he probably just wanted to survive and nothing else, I doubt he cares about us.

Hit: ……

Frosts ghost: Oh come on, I actually fought by your side! *Fazes through Cabba and stands in front of him* Honestly, If you have to blame anyone, blame that bleached jerk over there!! *Points at Frieza*

Cabba: *Sighs* Maybe it’s better that he isn’t here…

Frost: *Gasps* 

Cabba: *Leans back*…. it’s probably for the best, eh? *Looks at Hit*

Hit: …….

Cabba: Hit?

Hit: …….

Hit: Don’t make assumptions just because he betrayed your friendship. 

Cabba: Huh? 

Hit: *Looks up* …. At least he thought for a change, unlike me.

Frosts ghost: …..Hit….

Hit: I know I won’t forget him so easily. No matter if he was in the wrong, a leader is suppose to protect his team. *Takes a deep breath* …. that includes smart space pirates. 

Frosts ghost: …….

Hit: And i’ll tell you one thing *Watches the arena* …. he had potential. 

Cabba: …..I guess you’re right. *Frowns* Man….. now I’m starting to wish he was here. Sure would liven up the spectators. *Smiles awkwardly*

Hit: Yeah…

Ahhhh! There’s only one post left in my queue and I’ve not been able to play for aaaaages because I’ve been working mostly on these hair recolours. 

So things may go a bit quiet while I’m sorting everything out. I’m also rebuilding my download folder from the ground up, so that is taking a minute. 

i passed by my old dresser in our guest room yesterday, and had flashbacks to junior high bc i have a print out of yes man’s face taped to the top of it. BUT the thing is that was not … the original placement of that face… in eighth grade, we had to carry around these “babies” with flour sacks inside them. we were allowed to tape on faces, so i put yes man’s on mine and ?? i’m still a lil dead inside about it


yes i switched blogs hello

some reasons for that:

  • serifufu is basically my main blog but its a side blog on my original account which is very annoying (why did i do that)
  • literally 98% of my followers were Fucking Dead 
  • yeah that’ll do it 

what does this mean?

  • no more posting will happen on serifufu
  • however i will not delete the blog or hide it or whatever, its gonna stay public just inactive!!
  • any requests sent to the old blog are still on my to-do list and ill get to them if ever (im sorry) 
  • ill be able to interact with yall directly now that i can reply, send asks, and like as my main blog
  • my name now has an extra “fu” 

yeah thats it, welcome back!!!


she’s trying her best