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Evil Comes In Different Packages

Part 1/?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader faces an unexpected change.

Warning: Brief torture mention?

Strapped to the chair, I look over to Dean, who tried desperately to cut the leather bounds. Even Sam gave up shortly after I did.

“Dean, you’re gonna hurt yourself. Stop.” I say but he gives me a look and continues at the bounds.

Thumping sounded outside the door and when the door opened, it wasn’t someone we expected.

“Crowley?” I ask and he boys try to look behind them, since they we facing me.

“Hello, darling.” He smiles and walks straight towards me. I get lifted up by two demons who cut the leather bounds swiftly.

“Crowley, if you lay a hand on her I swear to God-” “Don’t worry squirrel, I’m not touching your chipmunk.” He says.

“I don’t do the torturing myself.” He smiles wickedly.

“I just came to see my next demon. I feel, we’ll get along.” He smiles staring straight at me.

“If you hurt her, I will kill you.” Dean says, staring at the old demon.

“I bet you want to, squirrel.” He teases and Dean yanks on his bounds towards Crowley. I’m lifted and pushed out of the room by the demons as I try to struggle.

“Scary.” He says sarcastically before walking out.


(I don’t like torture scenes :P)


I went to Hell and back. Literally. With a new set of black eyes I felt powerful and unstoppable. I didn’t even care about the boys I once would have died for.

“I love this sword, it’s beautiful.” I whisper to the boys as I glide my hand down the blade. The two badly cut up boys stared, as that was all they could do.

“Y/n..” Dean pleads. “Please.”

I look over at his torn down form and give a wicked smile.

“Y/n this isn’t you.” He coughs. “Of course it isn’t the me you know. This is the me that I want to be. I want revenge, I want power and I want respect. I’m done with trying to save the world when the world loves to screw us over.” I smile. “And from prior experience, You two aren’t going to stop until, well, I stop. That’s not happening. Well, now that I have these.” I flash my newly black eyes. “Nothing can stop me unless I want it to.”

I turn and leave, leaving them to Crowley who enters right after me. But I stayed back near the door, not trusting him at all.

“Go ahead, kill us.” I hear Sam say and raise my eyebrow. I don’t want them dead. I think.

“No, You aren’t going to die moose and squirrel. I just needed to see if she was the one.” I hear Crowley.

“What? What are you talking about?” Dean asks.

“Well, I had a problem. The sword can only work if the chosen is using it. So I went to a psychic, and she read a prophecy.

‘The righteous one will free the seals

While the vessel takes control

The chosen one will wield the sword

That makes the darkness glow

But however would this team go down

Into darkness feeling all around

The world has lost their souls’”

Crowley repeats and I hear it, all of it.

“You can have her. I want the darkness dead.” I hear Crowley finish and I smile.

“Oh, so you believe I’m going with Mary-Kate and Ashley here and everything’s all good?” I ask, opening the closed door.

The boys look towards me and Crowley turns slowly.

“Darling, you didn’t-” He didn’t have time to finish as I flung him against the wall.

“Nice try, but you boys always underestimate me. If I were you, I’d never want to see my face again.” I spit, leaving the group inside the makeshift torture chamber.


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