all around individual champion

With only four days until the FIG World Cup kicks off in Melbourne here is a preview of the top 8 WAG gymnasts:

Georgia Godwin: (Floor)

  • 2 x Senior (2014 & 2015) and Junior (2011 & 2012) Australian All Around Champion 
  • 2013 Australian Floor Champion and 2015 Beam Champion
  • World Team Member (2015
  • Nadia Comaneci Invitational AA Champion (2015)

Luo Huan: (Bars, Beam and Floor)

  • 1st Team Australian Youth Olympic Festival
  • Junior Pacific Rim Uneven Bars Champion (2014)
  • 2014 Individual Nationals All Around and Uneven Bars Champion

Emma Nedov: (Beam)

  • 2014 World Team Member
  • 2013 Australian Beam Champion
  • 2016 Pacific Rim Team Bronze Medalist
  • First Reserve World Beam Event Final (2014)

Wang Yan: (Vault and Floor)

  • 2016 Olympic Team Bronze Medalist
  • 2015 World Team Silver Medalist
  • 2014 Youth Olympic Champion (Vault and Beam)
  • 2015 Asian Champion (Vault and Floor)

Sanne Wevers: (Beam)

  • 2016 Olympic Balance Beam Champion
  • 2015 World Balance Beam Silver Medalist
  • 2015 European Uneven Bars Bronze Medalist.

Emily Little: (Vault, Beam and Floor)

  • 2010 Commonwealth Games Team Champion
  • 2010 Commonwealth Games Silver All Around
  • 2012 Olympian

Georgia Rose Brown (Bars):

  • 2011 World Team Member
  • 2012 Olympic Alternate
  • 2014 Glasgow Team Silver Medalist

Liu Tingting (Bars and Beam)

  • 2015 Junior All Around Champion
  • 2016 All Around Bronze Medalist
  • 5 x Junior National Champion
  • Member of the 2016 Olympic Team

Former Olympic Gymnasts congratulate Aly Raisman and Simone Biles

“They did it. Congratulations ladies!”

-Shawn Johnson ( 2008 Olympic balance beam gold medalist and team, all-around and floor exercise silver medalist.)

“They did it. No words… “

-Nastia Liukin (2008 Olympic individual all-around champion)

“These two. Just incredible! So excited for you both Aly & Simone! Well deserved!!!!! Simone welcome to the club girl”

-Carly Patterson ( 2004 Olympic all-around champion)

“Congratulations Simone and Aly. Your hard work & exceptional character makes us so proud of you both!”

-Kerri Strug ( Two-time Olympian and gold medalist)

“I love these girls! Such an inspiration. Congratulations!!!”

-Shannon Miller ( 7 time Olympic medalist)

“So proud of you two! You’ve made your mark on the sport! Fabulous work ladies!”

-Dominique Moceanu (1996 Olympic medalist)

“I’m tearing up!!! SO happy for you both. Nothing but beauty, grace, power, and class”

-Jordyn Wieber (2012 Olympic medalist and former teammate)

“Congratulations Simone Biles and Aly Raisman What a beautiful success…”

-Nadia Comaneci (1976 Olympic gold medalist)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was just 26 years old when he lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott,
Malcom X was only 28 years old when he became leader of Temple #11,
Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize this year at age 17,
Gabby Douglas was 16 years old when she won 2 gold Olympic medals and became the first black woman in Olympic history to become the individual all-around champion.
Anne Frank died at 15 and became the face of the victims of the Holoaust, and her diary has became one of the most translated books ever.
—  Young people, remember you are powerful and can change this world. Every revolution starts with the voice of the young people. So never give up and keep working hard for what you believe in!

Gabby Douglas paved the way for other young gymnasts of color.

Despite not making the all-around gymnastics final for this year’s Olympics, Gabby Douglas remains a vital part of U.S women’s gymnastic history. As the first black gymnast in Olympic history to win the title of Individual All-Around Champion, at the  2012 London Summer Olympics, Douglas has inspired many girls of color to participate in what is still a predominantly white sport, including the world’s best gymnast and current Olympic individual leader Simone Biles.  

Following her Sunday performance, viewers were quick to point out both Douglas’ reputation as a role model for young women, especially young women of color, as well as her “incredible” talent. Several twitter users had some sharp comebacks for people criticizing Douglas’ hair.

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 Aliya Mustafina - to return to the platform, injuries and new coach
Great sport №6 (93)
Text: Andrew Supranovich Photo: Plato Shilikov Makeup: Natalia Oginskaya
Photos of Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina in the “big sports” appeared not by chance - it is timed to coincide with the return of the famed gymnast to training after a long period of inactivity. I am pleased to pose in front of cameras, Alia said in passing about recovering from injuries, as well as teammates.
- Born on September 30, 1994 in Egorievsk, Moscow region
- Olympic champion in 2012 in the uneven bars
- Silver medalist in the 2012 championship team
- Bronze medalist at the 2012 all-around and floor exercise
- World Champion - 2010 in the team and individual championships
- Three-time European champion

About European Championships
She looked worried for girls. I am very glad that they managed to win three of the four rounds. Before the championship was hoping that the team will be able to show such a result, it’s great that this happened. We proved that we can win, that we are strong. Sorry, I won the all-around Swiss Julia Shtayngruber. They Masha Hramenkovoy roughly the same in complexity base, but Julia is the strongest jump, and Masha, on the contrary, the weakest. Apparently, this affected the final result.

Last year, I insisted on his participation in the European championship, even with an injury. This year, such feats were not needed. Firstly, there was team competitions. Secondly, the national team played those who won the right to travel to France for the championship of Russia.

About injuries
Already I train at full strength, not take care of yourself, do not fear. Back to receive medical treatment, but it still hurts, though not so much. It will hurt, nothing can be done. German doctors seem to have found the problem, and special exercises prescribed medication, but it was rid of the pain can not. In any case, everything was much easier, I can carry the items that want to try something new, to prepare the program.

About European Games in Baku
I’ll be back on the podium in Baku in June. New tournament, it is interesting to participate and win something. Azerbaijan will be simpler, yet there does not come any American or Chinese women. You can try new elements to take risks. However, the program did not seriously be different from the one I presented at the World Championships in China in gymnastics is not so easy to come up with something radically new. But somewhere efforts somewhere cleaner will do. For example, changes in the rules have reduced the complexity of my program on the uneven bars. We’ll have to seriously alter it.

About American women
They do not like us, the powerful, not as artistic. But in modern gymnastics for the lack of femininity estimates are not reduced. Yes, there is talk that our sport must again make beautiful, but it’s only words. We will try to meet the modern realities, but our beauty and nowhere to stay. For example, the choreography - my big trump.

About junior
I’m with them easily, I try to support them and help. And I restrain myself, trying to be calm. One can not show that you are nervous, the negative can be passed to them.

About teammate
All the girls who spoke at the European championship, very funny. Masha Apiary - big umnichka. She should not have to go to the European championship, came in the last minute. And without trying the platform and shells, still managed to win. It’s awesome. Dasha Spiridonov - man-ulybashka. Masha Harenkova, became the second in the all-around, never despairs. It likes to blurt out something funny in training. I’m sure she has a great future. And Ksenia Afanasyeva - Queen freestyle. There are Komov Vick, who is also a long time does not act, and plans to be back on the podium in time for Baku. We often communicate, discuss our return.

A new coach
I like to work with Sergey Starkin. He never does anything or says nothing. Always plead error, thoroughly explain what was happening and why it is necessary to do so, and not otherwise. Sergey V. watching me and is the platform, he made me promise that I would go to bed on time, do not drink cola. What my coach also works with Denis Ablyazin, does not bother me. From the beginning I knew that if Sergey V. agreed to be my trainer, he will do everything possible to effectively distribute the forces and no one is left unattended.

The end of career
Biography Korbut Comaneci and is not interested, I still have time. I do not know how the rest of my life after a career, and to think about it is not going to. I concentrate on what’s happening now.

About Julia Lipnitskaya
Julia did not personally familiar with, so I do not know that in the minds of those who compare us and our careers. I hope it will overcome all the difficulties.

About machine
I’m a very ordinary car. Behind the wheel feel pretty confident, though I’m still inexperienced driver. But I drive carefully, and when you know the way, it’s not scary. It used to traffic jams.

About cats
In my many Instagram photos with cats, but personally I do not have any. Unfortunately I can not find yourself, because at the base of the round there is nobody to look after the cat, but at home dad is not really want to see pets.