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what is the cutest thing you've ever done in public 1 2 3 go

shit uh okay well this one time me and two of my friends were walking to town and I defaulted to walking behind them because that was what I was Trained To Do in school so as to not block hallways but they were like nope no we’re in a park c’mere so they both held hands with me either side so basically we walked around this whole park in a three-man chain occasionally skipping and no further mention of this was made by any one of us

Why the long face?

Hay everyone. I can’t help but notice people have been leaving sugar cubes and carrots in my office, and while I don’t mean to be a neigh-sayer, I can’t help but think this might be related to my centaur-ist views so to speak? That is just discrimi-neigh-tion folks. While I know we all love to horse around up here on the moon, this is becoming a bit of a night-mare. I really think we need to stable the centaur jokes for now, before we gallop too far to the edge of the moon.We don’t want to pasture the point of no return here. I already threw a shoe at someone today, don’t make me through the book as well!  I am willing to saddle up and ride out to deal with this partner. I have tried to colt shoulder, and I am foal up to my withers at this point. I don’t mean to be whinny but these jokes are herd-ful you know? 

Your mane woman

June from Advertising  

P.S I have enough horsepower to keep these coming for a long time. If you are picking sides bet on this horse folks. 

Horse back riding


Klaus x reader

Summary: Reader and Klaus go horse back ridding

       You smiled looking at the horses in the barn. “ Hello love, ready? “ Klaus asked. “ Ready? Ready for what? “ You asked turning from the horses to face him. “ For horse back riding of course, “ he says smirking. “ Wait? We really are going horse back riding?! “ You gasp jumping around a little. He laughs at you. “ Yes, now what one shall we use? “ Klaus asks looking around at all the horses. “ This one! “ You say pointing to a black and white one. Ironically its name was Oreo. How clever… “ Sure thing love, “ Klaus says jumping on the horse, it already had a saddle on its back. “ So I just…Just hop on er, I’ve never been horse back riding before. “ You say shyly. “ Oh come on love! It’s not so hard! “ Klaus says lifting you up and you landed behind him. “ Ready? Hold on, “ He says. Suddenly the horse starts racing down the field making you grip onto Klaus tightly. “ Whoa this ones fast! “ You yell over the wind, “ You can tell Klaus was smiling widely. You could only imagine how many times Klaus has ridden a horse in his life time. 

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At Your Service [Part 1]

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Jungkook x reader

(Summary: a series about being Jungkook’s family maid. Requested by anon and I want to c R y)

Genre: smut/angst

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I step forth on the concrete platform of these large steps that show a path way to my future, pushing the doorbell to await what was inside. My nerves had the best of me; I was anxious of the family who I would be living with for the next couple of years to support myself. I pull up my skirt, smoothing the texture of the pleated black curves and tug my gray cardigan downwards, fixing the wrinkly creases.

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Intro Post, I s’pose?

*waves* How’s it going, y’all? As it says in my sidebar text, my name is Mand, but let me start off with a little about me. I’m married, have a son and love horses! lol Well, so as you can see, this is my blog all about my horses and my life with horses, everything I love about them, etc… so that’s pretty obvious I guess. Kinda lame, I know. But yeah, been around horses all my life, since I was little. Had them growing up as a child, and when I lost my first horse, I got outta horses for a good 7-8 years, give or take. When my husband and I moved back to our home state, I told him I was ready to get back into horses, but I also wanted something that my son could learn to ride, on, etc… You know how it works (btw, I won’t be posting photos of my son so please don’t ask me to… personal reasons I’m sure those that are parents will understand). This was the guy we took in. He was an older fella, but perfect for me to get my saddle legs worked again, give me the tune-up I needed, etc… he was an older Arab gelding, retired contesting horse named Lightning and our family loved him so. (We lost him almost two years ago, this coming summer. God I miss him…) But he helped me regain my confidence back in the saddle and gave me the tune-up I needed for a good 6 years or so…  

And so onto the next bit of my story and journey with horses, after getting back into them as an adult. Where I was boarding Lightning at, I ended up meeting the mare I have now. Her name is Velvet and she is a cross between a Quarter Horse and a Rocky Mountain Horse. She gaits, she trots, she lopes and she gallops. She does it all. When I first got this horse, she was a wreck not so much mentally but when under saddle? Phew… but I’ll get to that point. Anyway, something in me told me I had to have her. It was just that overwhelming feeling. She was the first to approach me in the field. She nuzzled me, loved on me, followed me wherever I went. You just KNOW. Anyway, back to Velvet’s story. Velvet was abandoned as a 3 yr old for two years in a field. Just left there. This GORGEOUS horse who was just the sweetest thing, and I asked the barn owner if I could work with her. She told me yes, if I wanted to try her out!

Well long story short, it took me about 2 years to get her to where I wanted to her to be. She was VERY green. Reared up, bucked, head tossed, just a huge mess. 3 years ago, she reared with a friend who was trying to ride and make her behave, and had gotten too rough with her. Another long story short, Velvet reared up, full on walking on two legs reared up, my friend ended up pulling Velvet back on top of her and Velvet landed on my friend. My friend was extremely lucky. She got off with a brain contusion (bruise) and no broken bones, just scrapes and bruises but was a bit mentally scarred, and I blamed myself so hard for it for so long. So, I put many many long hours of sweat, blood and tears into this horse because I had so many people telling me “send that mare packing, you can’t fix her, you can’t do it” and that just gave me more incentive to try harder and prove them wrong. And guess what. I did.

She is the sweetest, calmest horse you will ever see. She does not have one mean bone in her body. I barrel race with her, I trail ride her, I let my husband (who is not horse-savvy) ride her. I can take her just about anywhere and she trusts me. She carries me safely, we take care of each other. She’s my heart horse, she’s priceless and I would never give her up. She’s the one in my profile and header photos. She’s my heart and soul. ♥ So yeah, you will be seeing a lot of her posted here, and tomorrow I am going to look at another new barrel horse, a grey OTTB mare. Very excited to try her out, so if she works out, you’ll be seeing her posted as well! I hope you people who like horses enjoy my blog! It’s just a personal horse blog for all my horsey loves is all. *waves again* See ya around!

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I saw the percheron post you reblogged but I'm shamefully ignorant about most things horse even though I love them. I'm curious about what you meant about American-bred percherons, though? Why are they freaky?

Well first here are some French percherons :

  • “Trait Percheron”, aka the traditional breed standard : short, thick legs and neck, a straight and strong back, a massive shoulder and croup. A working horse all-around, bred for tracting heavy weights and working the fields.

  • The “Diligencier Percheron” : a slightly lighter type, his flanks are shorter, he has slightly longer legs proportionally. Bred for tracting medium weights, more for parade driving and riding.

Basically it seems the American are really into the Diligencier type, but the breeding tends to get into some freaky trends.

As a results, some animals over there in the States end up with weird conformations, which diverge a lot from the breed standard :

Honestly they look more like Friesians than original Percherons. They’re not made for a practical use at all. You don’t need legs like that on a draft horse…

Also the Americans only seem to breed for black Percherons? And the hooves are kept super long because??

So yeah, there’s some bullshit halter industry aesthetic going on.

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What kind of gymnastics exercises can I do on the ground to help my horses all around? I'm new to that kinda thing, usually just lunge and stuff, so anything helps thanks!

You could set up little lines of jumps for free jumping, hill work, carrot stretches, long lining or ground driving, hand walking for little hacks

Comic Things I Really Need (but won't get because canon)

Clark offering Chris an honorary title as Lor-El, so he doesn’t have to carry the birth name of his abusive biological father.

Clark and Lois having a child and giving him the Kryptonian name Jon-El after Jonathan Kent.

Harley and Ivy finding a neutral existence together with the occasional aid of Selina’s friendship.

Cassandra Cain.

Cassandra Cain and Brenda Miller finding each other again and the first thing Cass does is give her a giant kiss.

Diana and Io becoming official when Io surprises her princess with a declaration of love.

Diana and Io raising Lyta Milton as their daughter.

Tana Moon and Kon reuniting and Tana grilling him about what an idiot he’s been for the past decade for fixating on Lex Luthor’s being his donor genes.

Jason Todd and Cassandra Cain bonding over their resurrection by the Lazarus Pit and being siblings.

Cass being at a Wayne event and bonding with Damian like all the promise we got from Gates of Gotham.

Zatanna succeeding at being the most powerful magic user in the world and setting the Spectre straight.

Mine and Effar’s Science Bros (Jaime Reyes, Tim Drake, Virgil Hawkins) being utter dorks together.

Lian and Sin growing up together.

Cass mentoring Sin as well as Dinah.

An entire series dedicated to Lian and Roy and their adorableness just all around.

My horse for more Big Barda and Mister Miracle.

Anita Fite being a badass and breakout star.

Insert five million other Cass things I want right now.

*whines petulantly*