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Horse back riding


Klaus x reader

Summary: Reader and Klaus go horse back ridding

       You smiled looking at the horses in the barn. “ Hello love, ready? “ Klaus asked. “ Ready? Ready for what? “ You asked turning from the horses to face him. “ For horse back riding of course, “ he says smirking. “ Wait? We really are going horse back riding?! “ You gasp jumping around a little. He laughs at you. “ Yes, now what one shall we use? “ Klaus asks looking around at all the horses. “ This one! “ You say pointing to a black and white one. Ironically its name was Oreo. How clever… “ Sure thing love, “ Klaus says jumping on the horse, it already had a saddle on its back. “ So I just…Just hop on er, I’ve never been horse back riding before. “ You say shyly. “ Oh come on love! It’s not so hard! “ Klaus says lifting you up and you landed behind him. “ Ready? Hold on, “ He says. Suddenly the horse starts racing down the field making you grip onto Klaus tightly. “ Whoa this ones fast! “ You yell over the wind, “ You can tell Klaus was smiling widely. You could only imagine how many times Klaus has ridden a horse in his life time. 

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I’d love to make an MMO someday. Video games are what got me into coding after all. Preferably centered around horses, yet built on gameplay and plot that would attract non horse people as well. Yet even if I get into a good programming school for college and graduate, a startup would be a huge risk. I mean maybe I could manage, I know the basic “what not to do” things from watching games rise and fall.

For now I can dream, lol. I could always wait until I’ve successfully made a good amount of money working at other places before trying it. Maybe I can at least work at sso or something someday.

I guess I’d just want to give people what sso gave me - a place to be happy in the darkest times and a world where you can make a difference while you can’t in your own. That’s the reason I say MMO in particular, the sense of community is just amazing and I know a couple people who have been helped greatly by other sso players.

Things that happened today at work
-very old Asian man bought 3 copies of brokeback mountain
-all star played back to back
-a lady with a huge flower hat tried to persuade us to let her buy a cookbook for $0.10
-a kid rode a giant stuffed horse all around then refused to get off when their mom said it was time to go
-the same kid also insisted we sold snowcones (we don’t)
-an old man answered his phone but either the volume was way up or it was on speaker because I could hear every word the other person said (they were talking about “Elizabeth’s turtle themed party”)

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Imagine the avengers taking Steve camping for the first time!

It’s Clint’s idea. Because of course it is.

“I’m just saying it could be fun! All of us, horsing around in the woods, roasting marshmallows and sleeping in the dirt.” When he’s met with nothing but blank stares his eyebrows raise in dawning realization. “Wait, have any of you clowns ever been camping before?”

“I’m a prince from an alien world. ‘Camping’ is outside my realm.”

“My parents talked about it all the time but they worked during the Summer.”

“Does a week in a frozen outpost in Kiev count?”

Steve just shrugs. “I could barely survive indoors. Allergies were a nightmare.”

Clint shoves them all into the car and they clean out the nearest box store of its’ camping equipment. They get Wanda and Bruce onboard as soon as they get home. They invite Tony on the trip. Tony laughs, spins a full rotation in his swivel chair, and wishes them good weather.

Clint is practically giddy as the tents go up. Steve does his duty and watches as he skips around, pulling out the cooler, arranging the firepit. “It’s going to be great! Look at this grill, I love this grill.”

“I feel like we didn’t bring enough food,” Bruce comments as he unloads the nineteenth package of hotdogs.

“We could hunt!” Thor suggests. “Granted the weaponry is archaic but it could be a spirited exercise!”

“Pretty sure we passed at least one grocery store on the way out here,” Sam says. “I think we’ll manage.”

Clint chose a spot with a lake nearby and once camp is setup they all trek out to the water. It’s only the beginning of June, they’re the only ones out there. Steve thinks that’s for the best. He doesn’t like the idea of taking commemorative photos while attempting to have a weekend with friends. The tabloids would have a field day.

Wanda isn’t particularly fond of the water but she finds ways to entertain herself from the shore. There are no rocks to scale for diving purposes but when you have a witch on your team, you make do. From her place in the sand, Wanda levitates people (Sam and Thor specifically) high enough to thrill them and then drops them into the water. The laughter is raucous.

When night comes, they all volunteer for fire duty. Steve, Sam and Clint all have the military knowhow, Thor and Wanda have actual magic. Bruce is the only one who holds his hands up in disinterest and says he’ll work on the s’mores assembly line.  

Exhausted and stuffed, they retire. Wanda bunks with Natasha and Clint, Bruce offers Thor a space in his tent but he insists he wants to sleep under the stars. Sam and Steve have their own tent, and in fact, share an oversized sleeping bag.

Steve has his arm wrapped around Sam, his chest pressed against the other man’s back. Sam smells like campfire smoke and their legs brush each other every time they move. “I like camping,” Steve tells him and Sam laughs.