all around cool dude

There’s this really cool dude, ok? He’s sitting around being all chill, like cool dudes are known to do sometimes. A cool dude like this probably likes doing real cool stuff. But he probably wouldn’t just tell you what it was if you asked. He’d be way too busy for that. Busy being totally sweet.

But you could always try to guess what he likes doing. And if you were right, he might nod ever so slightly. That’s a cool dude’s way of letting you know there might just be hope for you yet.

ginter-net  asked:

hey brielle! i've got a bunch of questions for you: do you have a favourite field/branch of philosophy? and is there one that you don't like? is there one that is hard for you to understand? is there a philosopher/an author that you admire? and what for/what makes them special? greetings from germany !

hello! :)

  • ethics
  • epistemology
  • also epistemology haha
  • russell
  • he was just an all around cool dude with a sharp, witty personality and a good heart. and an excellent philosopher and writer :) truly one of the best minds philosophy has ever seen

anonymous asked:

Jason Newsted or Dave Mustaine?

Hmm what are we comparing them by? I’ve never heard Dave play bass and Jason isn’t really a guitarist per se

If we’re judging them vocally; honestly I’m one of the few that LOVES Dave’s snarky snarling voice, but nothing compares to Jason’s growls and shouts (see: last chorus of Creeping Death Seattle ‘89), so I have to go with him

If we’re judging them as people, Jason wins on account of NOT being Dave Mustaine (which isn’t a difficult feat unless you’re like, Varg or Axl or GG Allin) and being an all-around pretty cool dude

If we’re judging them by who has the better hair, Dave wins, not only because he has orangey waterfalls from heaven resting upon his scalp, but also because he never did the Skrillex cut (wtf Jason)

shoutout to taylors dancers for being as accessible as taylor. they never say no to a picture, will willingly converse with you on twitter and in person, and are all around cool dudes. they work so hard and it does not go under-appreciated. they rock.