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Big Bang Reaction/Prompt

Big Bang, Prompt: Today was miserably cold and he couldn’t understand why everyone was so happy until he saw them

~Seunghyun (T.O.P)~

Seunghyun was wrapped up in a long coat and thick scarf, walked along the snowy street scowling at every person who smiled. Why? Today was cold and bitter; like him. Why were people smiling? Why were they happy? It didn’t make sense to him. Seunghyun had just finished a full schedule and was only allowed a 30-minute break before going to his next schedule. 30 minutes was all he needed to go to his favorite cafe, grab a coffee and relax, in spite of what he wanted.

He stepped inside the cafe relishing in the warmth, loosening the scarf he was wearing. As he stepped up to the counter, he noticed it wasn’t the usual barista smiling up at him, instead, it was a new (boy/girl). As he locked eyes with her his scowl softened, the ice of his bitter mood melting away. Those shockingly beautiful (E/C) eyes were so full of warmth and love that he could feel himself slowly starting to smile.

“Hello! What can I get for you today?”

Suddenly the day wasn’t so cold.

~Jiyong (G-Dragon)~

Slumped over in his computer chair, Jiyong sighed as he crumpled another failed attempt at a song, throwing the piece of paper into an already overfilled wastebasket. He thought that he had felt inspiration, but all of the songs he thought he could make work were too cold-hearted and lonesome. He was tired of writing sad songs. For once he wanted to write something that made people feel warm, that made them feel love through words and beat alike. However, the cold day that he could see through his window was ruining his mood. Jiyong stretched and stood from his chair, the only bliss he had felt that day coming from his muscles returning to a normal state. As he cleaned up the paper tornado in his studio with frustration, his doorbell rang.

What now?!

He stormed through his house to the front door and angrily threw it open, planning to tell the intruder off and slam it back in their face.

“I don’t want anything-” Jiyong started, immediately cut off by laying eyes on the most beautiful person he had ever seen. He felt his chest ache with warmth and his fingers twitch at the thought of a new song, just by looking at their smile and curious eyes.

“I seem to have gotten your mail. I’m the new neighbor. It’s nice to meet you.”mail. I’m the new neighbor. It’s nice to meet you.”

~Youngbae (Taeyang)~

Cold air billowed around Youngbae as he walked through the local park, the icy cold nipping at his face and hands. He sat down on a park bench after wiping the snow away, contemplating his decisions he had made. He was an extremely successful singer, yet he couldn’t seem to get past the part of being just that: a singer. He wanted to be known as Youngbae. Not just Taeyang or another member of Big Bang. He wanted to be human and not just an idol.

He sighed, his breath forming a mist in the air. He stood again, shivering slightly before pulling his hood over his head. He had only managed to walk a couple steps before something (well, someone) bumped into him with enough force to knock his hood off.

“Can’t anyone watch where they’re going?!” He snapped angrily running his fingers through his hair.

“I would but considering I can’t see that makes it a tiny bit hard, eh?” The chuckling voice followed.

Youngbae looked down before him and was met with a beautiful crooked smile and misty colored eyes. He blushed and mumbled apologies, embarrassment in his voice. The (boy/girl) smiled and reached forward to where his voice was, patting his cheek lightly.

“How about you apologize with a nice cup of hot chocolate? We could both use it on this cold day. Lead the way.”

~Daesung (D-Lite)~

Screaming and shouting could be heard from all around Daesung. The members had wanted to go to an amusement park on their day off. He couldn’t disagree with a 4 to 1 vote, especially if this was the first full day they had gotten off of work in weeks. It was freezing cold and looked like a huge storm was coming with light snowfall already dusting the ground, but Jiyong insisted that it would be fine and they should at least try to have fun. Daesung had plastered a smile on his face and trudged behind the rest of the members. Occasionally he would nod or make a noise of agreement but he was mostly silent.

He was tired of being the cause of torment. The car accident had happened years ago and yet people on SNS still brought it up. He was human, he should be allowed to make mistakes. He couldn’t shake that feeling of guilt from his head. No matter how much he tried to play it off as a thing of the past, his cheery personality had mostly disappeared; the only thing left was his fake smiles.

Shaking his head at the bothersome thought he continued to amble behind the group until a mass of people separated them.

Groaning at the being so unlucky, he decided to explore by himself and just meet the members later. The amusement park was mainly full of energetic children and their tired parents. Little ones were running left and right, a couple almost running into him. He smiled softly, happy at least that children could find a way to be happy on such a cold and cloudy day. He was stuck being an adult with the weight of what seemed like everything on his shoulders and yet, they were free.

He kept walking until he saw a peculiar stand. It was full of balloons and parchment for writing. Presumably, one would write a wish on a piece of parchment and put it inside of a balloon taped to a dart board. If one could pop the balloon with a dart, their wish would come true. He walked closer to inspect it, not taking notice to anyone around him; promptly bumping into someone and knocking them to the ground.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!” Daesung exclaimed as he bent down to help the person up.

“It’s quite alright. I made a wish to make a new friend and it looks like it came true.” A soft voice emitted from the (boy/girl) on the ground, them taking Daesung’s hand and standing back up, brushing themselves off. “I’m thankful that I have good aim.”

Daesung stared at the most ethereal person he had ever laid eyes on. He felt a newfound warmth at their positive comment, despite how curious it was. He managed to notice himself finally smiling genuinely.

“Well, I’m glad to have made your wish come true. Would you like to walk with me?”

~Seunghyun (Seungri)~

Seungri walked down the corridor of YG Entertainment, growling to himself. All the other members had been allowed to do solo activities but as soon as he asked YG, he was the only one who got rejected. He had his solos in the past but recently he wanted to do more. He couldn’t fathom a reason as to why he wouldn’t be allowed. Daesung had his solos, as well as Jiyong and Youngbae. The older Seunghyun also had his acting and dramas. Why wasn’t he allowed to do something instead of being pushed aside? He felt like he was being treated coldly whilst his hyungs got the limelight. It wasn’t fair.hyungs got the limelight. It wasn’t fair.

Seungri huffed in annoyance. Well, if YG wouldn’t let him have his solo activities, then he would show him that he had what it took to go solo.

He stomped down the hall to his favorite practice room and threw open the door with a new sense of determination. Instead of being greeted with an empty room, ready for practice, he was greeted with a barefoot (boy/girl) dancing to an old 2NE1 song.

“Hey, you can’t be in here!” Seungri yelled, still a little stunned that he wasn’t alone. After no response from the individual, he stormed over to where they were still dancing and grabbed their shoulder. The (boy/girl) jumped and spun around.

“I said you can’t be in here! God don’t you have ears! Who are you anyway?” Seungri scowled before noticing the persons delicate and clearly stunned features and soft frown.

They shook Seungri’s grip away before padding to a small bench on the other side of the room, picking up what looked like a notepad and pen from the bag sitting on the wood.

I can’t hear you, I’m deaf…

Seungri’s scowl turned into an embarrassed frown.

‘I’m sorry. You’re a new trainee here?’ Seungri signed sloppily.

The (boy/girl)’s face lit up in a breathtaking smile as (he/she) signed back slowly.

‘Yeah, I am.’

Seungri felt like the wind was knocked out of him. One thought ran through his head:

‘I need to see that smile every day.’

SO I found this prompt on Google Images and decided to just roll with it. Daesung’s may or may not be a bit longer than the others due to him being my bias ;-; I hope you like this and please be sure to request some more! <3

ALSO big thanks to @wulferious-fics (my best friend in the whole world) for encouraging me to start writing again and to post this. She also helped with beta reading/editing! Without her this wouldn’t be here! <3

MINOR EDIT: I decided to change the gifs because the song I was listening to when I wrote this was ‘Let’s Not Fall In Love’ by Big Bang (ironically) so I wanted to use gifs from the MV.

Rhi  @korean-baes

actually relating to that last ask the PD instructor today told us we are 100% welcome to doodle in class so of course i took my book out right away and his one warning was “be sure you’re paying attention and i’m totally gonna come look because i love art so make sure it’s appropriate” and like that’s all cool i was just doodling mogar

this dude kept hovering around me all class just telling me how good the drawing was i’m not used to that much constant face-to-face positivity lksjdg

he also kept singling me out for questions later on bc we were doing a personality assessment today and i was the only gold-type in the room (well i’m tied for blue too but still) so there was like five minutes of just him asking me questions n me answering to prove his points (also shoutout to the one dude saying ‘’golds aren’t here bc it’s art school’’ bOI)

Checking the news right now, things are a little, how do you say…fucked. But there is some hope. As one of our guests puts it, “Rome wasn’t burnt down in a day.” Despite your Richard Spencers, your animated frog avatars and the whole extended cast of characters hell-bent on returning America to its pre-civil rights glory (“a hot dog cost a nickel and you could physically assault any person of color you saw! ”) there are still people fighting for good in this country.

THIS WEEK: We’re chatting with comedians/podcasters/activists and all-around cool dudes W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu. Their podcast “Politically Reactive” is the modern guide to surviving in the age of Trump– from how to be an active part of the resistance to just how to stay happy and not let the whole dumpster fire weigh you down on a day-to-day basis. First, Jack O'Brien and Daniel O'Brien chat with W. Kamau Bell about his show “United Shades of America,” what it was like interviewing Richard Spencer and a KKK leader and how he would go about fixing the violence in Chicago. Later, Alex Schmidt and Katie Goldin speak with Hari Kondabolu about #covfefe, how being a touring comedian gives you a different view of America and an absolutely crazy video of Malcom X on a Canadian Game show.

The Nerdy Stuff You Learn At A KKK Cross-Burning

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i love how domestic he is. i also love how gentle and caring he is, while also being dominant. i love how much he cares for his son and MC, and how passionate he is for his interests. he's all around a really cool dude and i love him to bits.

A really cool dude, indeed! 💛

Nuclear Strike: Character Introduction

I had the pleasure of running Strike! online last night for a bunch of cool peeps I recruited through Tumblr. A lot of weird gonzo post-apocalyptic fun was had. I’ll be writing up highlights of last night’s session later but for now here is the cast of characters (subject to changes as some players were unable to make it to the first session):

Chad, a totally rad skateboarding mutant rat. Slacker, stoner, and all around cool dude. A Rogue/Leader who does totally sweet tricks and heals his friends by throwing them chili dogs and giving them encouragement. Has contacts with the criminal underworld and if he doesn’t know a guy who’s holding he knows a guy who knows a guy. Main complication is No Ambition.

Coriander, a 12-year-old obsessed with Pokémon (he found copies of the games in the ruins of civilization) with reality manipulation powers, which manifests as Pokémon being 100% real for him. A Summoner/Striker who calls up Pokémon to fight for him. Has a rival whom everyone calls Alistair because that’s what he named him in spite of his protestations (his real name is Geoffrey and he’s the only one who’s immune to his reality manipulation).

Fryer Tom, a former fast food worker whose restaurant was ground zero for the zombie apocalypse which happened literally five minutes before the world got destroyed in another apocalypse. Wandered the wastes in a zombified state until was discovered by a friendly scientist who brought him back with cybernetic implants. A Bombardier/Blaster who uses a modified mayonnaise dispenser to shoot various types of sauces at his enemies. His main social skill is Service with a Smile which he supplements with his trick Would You Like Fries With That?

Viinn, an alien explorer on our planet to study the various anomalies caused by the apocalypse. A Magician/Controller whose powers represent the various technological gadgets he carries around (his Freeze! power is literally a freeze ray). Wears a fake mustache and a sunhat on top of his space suit which totally fools everybody because of his impeccable Fashion Sense skill.

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Don't know if you've already answered this, but PITTCON: yea or nay

as of right now it’s about a 95% YEA!!

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Heyyyy im about to watch the musical episode in season 10 and I’m like,,,, nervous,,,, to watch it. Like i read the wiki thing on the episode and I just feel like they’re making fun of the fans who cosplay?? That might be me like Overthinking it but it’s making me really nervous to even watch it and I just want to know if it’s actually worth it to watch?? (The way they’ve treated the fans albeit kinda true in earlier ~meta~ episodes is just making me nervous idk)

don’t be! i don’t see how it made fun of cosplayers at all. i don’t remember them making any poor comments on the costumes (it’s an all-girls’ school dressing as an almost exclusively-male cast, which is pretty accurate to life lol)

the only time i think they even comment on the costumes one of them is wearing is actually just a physical thing, where dean turns a cas’s tie around. it’s all sortsa cute lemme tell ya

it’s written by Ultra Cool Dude and Man I Miss The Most Robbie Thompson and i’d say it’s absolutely worth the watch. he understood the demographic. not to mention the soundtrack is lovely, AND THE ENDING!!!!

the ending is my favorite. i screamed at that last 20 seconds.

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How can i get a copy of my photo op?? When i went to get a copy the person told me i needed a copyright form

follow this form! i can’t remember if it’s schmelke or CE that owns the rights to the photo, but you can purchase the jpeg and the rights for $10.

Daily jjba blog alignment chart:

@daily-jojo-plushie-adventures: Lawful Good, posts nice and cool adventures of a nice and cool jojo

@dailyjosukeplush: Netural Good: all around cool dude. will help you out if there isn’t a snake in his boot

@dailyokuyasu: Chaotic Good: what a wacky guy. nice though.

@dailyfunnyvalentines​: Lawful Neutral: can he really be anything but lawful if he is the law?

@dailyabba​: True Neutral: fed up with this shit, all of the shit. if there’s shit he’s fed up with it

@daily-narancias​: Chaotic Neutral: don’t tsrust orang boi some of the time. will probably stab you in the back for nmcdonalds

@dailykiraplush​: Lawful Evil: wants a quiet life. that’s it, though if you cross him he’ll fuck u up 

@dailyrohanplush​: Netural Evil: I can’t explain why but there’s something off about him. maybe it’s his obsession over paul atishon

@dailykoichiplush: Chaotic Evil: has underground ties with (most of) the daily jjbas. leader of the fuckstreet boys and our universe. craves mcnuggets. 

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Hey uhhh i love you and your art and im really upset i can't lend you any money, and i hope everything will be ok. Your just an all around talented and cool dude don't forget there's people that care about ya

I’m hoping for the best yknow

There’s this really cool dude, ok? He’s sitting around being all chill, like cool dudes are known to do sometimes. A cool dude like this probably likes doing real cool stuff. But he probably wouldn’t just tell you what it was if you asked. He’d be way too busy for that. Busy being totally sweet.

But you could always try to guess what he likes doing. And if you were right, he might nod ever so slightly. That’s a cool dude’s way of letting you know there might just be hope for you yet.

Just to let you guys know...

If any of you have ever seen that show “Henry Danger” then you probably know who Jace Norman is. Well, he goes to school with me or is in my school system (he is in 8th I’m in 10th) but I saw. That he has been getting some hate for no reason and I wanted to say that Jace is a super awesome dude! He doesn’t care much about his fame and keeps a level head. Plus he always comes back to town to come to sports games and he is actually pretty smart. We don’t know each other well but if I ever see him in town we say hi to each other so he is nice, funny, smart, and a just all around cool dude so no hate on my 6th grade buddy people.

Hahaha ~ we do this thing when you are in 6th grade you get a 4th grade buddy to mentor and he was my buddy for like 3 weeks
NOUR - experimental food art game / interactive food sim
Nour is an experimental food art game with no goals or objectives, just have fun and play with food in curious and unconventional ways✨

Originally posted by terrifyingjellyfish

I just upped my pledge so I could get the Digital Cookbook, which is more than a cookbook for food, it’s also a behind the scenes look at how this game was made and promises to be a great introduction to 3D modeling for people interested in games or graphics. 

I really want this game, I REALLY want this sound track, and I REALLY REALLY want TJ to live his dream. We need more unique and experimental developers in the world, and we need more pastel delicious Terrifying Jellyfish style as well. So support a St. Louis developer, a vision-driven artist, and an all around cool dude. Campaign ends in 3 days. He needs $3,500 more dollars. Send him some love!

There’s this really cool dude, ok? He’s standing around being all chill, like cool dudes are known to do sometimes. A cool dude like this probably has a real cool name. But he probably wouldn’t just tell you what it was if you asked. He’d be way too busy for that. Busy being totally sweet.

But you could always try to guess his name. And if you were right, he might nod ever so slightly. That’s a cool dude’s way of letting you know there might just be hope for you yet.

Above all else, Dave wants to be cool. And a DJ. A Cool DJ.

Holiday chapter 11

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Rating: E for language, mature themes and smut

A/N: Aloha! So we’re nearing the end of this Holiday, and this chapter ended up being ridiculously long. It was not remotely appropriate for a drabble situation (I know I’ve already blown the drabble illusion, but I’ve been trying to keep the chapters a reasonable length). So I had to cut this one in a tough spot. Bottom line: buckle up for some angst. If that’s not to your liking, I’ll post the next chapter in the next week or so in case you want to wait. And since a couple of people have asked, I anticipate there being 2-3 chapters after this one.

Eternal gratitude to @xerxia31, beta-extraordinaire and the queen of the drabbles!

Watching Katniss’ lithe body swaying sensually above me, I felt like I had gone into some kind of trance. Reaching behind her to grip my thighs, she arched, dropping her head back, and I felt the wet tips of her hair brush against my knees. It was impossibly erotic and I was simultaneously engulfed in a thick, viscous pleasure that made my blood sing as I neared my orgasm and a wild, impossible wish to prolong this blissful torture.

“I’m close,” I groaned.

“It feels so good, Peeta. You feel so good,” she gasped out, her voice as light and breathy as spun sugar. Then her eyes widened in what I could only describe as horror, before she pushed off of me and slid down my body.

Alarmed, I tried to sit up and follow her, “What is it?” I gasped.

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Rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter Twenty-Eight - Snape’s Worst Memory


- is it just me or is ernie macmilian a douche

- the inquisitorial squad has literally THE DUMBEST NAME why? who chose this? lets be real, theyre just mad they werent invited to dumbeldores army

- draco literally just took 10 points from gryffindor because hermione is muggleborn. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK 

“He never managed to get all the words out,” said Fred, “due to the fact that we forced him headfirst into that Vanishing Cabinet on the first floor.”

HMMMM I WONDER IF THIS WILL EVER COME UP AGAIN?? probs not right??? jkrowling is cleverclevercleverclever.

“Well, now -” said George.
“ - what with Dumbledore gone -” said Fred.
“ - we reckon a bit of mayhem -” said George.
“ - is exactly what our dear new Head deserves,” said Fred.
“You mustn’t!” whispered Hermione. “You really mustn’t! She’d love a reason to expel you!”
“You don’t get it, Hermione, do you?” said Fred, smiling at her. “We don’t care about staying anymore. We’d walk out right now if we weren’t determined to do our bit for Dumbledore first.”

forever and always deeply in love with fred and george. 

- filch is legit getting hot and bothered over the fact that umbridge is gonna let him start torturing kids and harry has no reaction lol just classic filch!

- she also wants to expel peeves and like LOL PLZ TRY I’D LOVE TO SEE HOW THAT WORKS OUT FOR U

He raised the cup to his lips and then, just as suddenly, lowered it. One of the horrible painted kittens behind Umbridge had great round blue eyes just like Mad-Eye Moody’s magical one, and it had just occurred to Harry what Mad-Eye would say if he ever heard that Harry had drunk anything offered by a known enemy.

CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!!!!!!!! bitch. 

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Nursey being totally unchill in his pining for Dex, doing/saying something stupid and ending up in a kiss, maybe?

Nursey’s got this whole ‘unrequited love’ thing down to a science. He acts cool when Dex is around – all ‘bro’ and ‘dude’ and totally platonic shoulder bumps – and then just breaks the fuck down in private – often with poems, songs, and/or romantic comedies. He even has rules about what he’s allowed to do and say around Dex, so Dex doesn’t figure it out. It’s a pretty successful system. The only time it fails, really, is when he doesn’t schedule enough time for what he has dubbed his ‘pining sessions.’ And right now, in the midst of finals, trying to write papers and study for tests and get ready to move out of the dorms, he doesn’t have time to sleep, let alone time to cry over Dex. He figures he’s strong enough to go one week without it, though. Be strong, Nurse, he chants in his mind.

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There’s this really cool dude, ok? He’s standing around being all chill, like cool dudes are known to do sometimes. A cool dude like this probably has a real cool name. But he probably wouldn’t just tell you what it was if you asked. He’d be way too busy for that. Busy being totally sweet.

Dave Strider