all are from season 3 btw

I wonder what’s up with this trio 

As they kinda reoccur together throughout the series and on the poster, although MIGHT be coincidence BUT you know, VLD is not just Chekhov’s gun rather Chekhov’s armory 

obviously Thace and Commander Throk work together at the bridge, I’m sure we’ll meet him and the unnamed guy as main villains in S3 but, it seems if the three were not friends at least they might have had quite a lot of interaction. 

Also I really hope Commander Throk will somehow have a bit different personality from the previous commanders, because for now ummm Sendak was fuckin’ scary but all Galra dudes fall under the same pattern, with little exception for Morvok. 

UPD: Btw just thought Throk is the second Galra to have quite long hair (fur?) after Kolivan, not counting Galra!Allura though 

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6 and/or 28 Starco

6) things you said under the stars and in the grass 28) things you said but not out loud

“What’s your favorite star?”

He twists his neck to look at her, her hair tickling his cheek as a fans out around her. Her eyes are caught between the the constellations that shine above them, fascinated.

“Mine’s Sirius, just ‘cus it’s so bright and it’s the first one you see when everything goes dark,” she answers, before he can conjugate a response. “Plus, I like that it helps form a dog in the sky. I love dogs.”

He hums looking back up at the winter constellations and finding the one she points to, twinkling now and then but shining ever brighter. It truly outshines all the rest.

“I guess -” he hesitates, thinking, because what other star is there to love above the one that lies next to him? “I guess Polaris is my favorite.”

“The North Star?” She snorts. “C'mon Marco, you’re more original than that.”

“I guess I’m not,” he chuckles. “It’s like…that one star is the center of the sky, and no matter the season or the day, while the other stars come and go, Polaris is always there. It’s constant. And all the other stars move around it, like it’s some sort of beacon.”

He hears her rustle against the grass beside him, turning on her side and folding her elbows, watching him from above with curious blue eyes.

“It helps you find your way home, too,” she says quietly.

He meets her gaze, soft and simple yet holding back, looking as if there’s more to say but no way for her to say it. He wants her to, and he wants the words to spill from his own lips too because she is all of the stars - bright and unyielding and constant and home.

Instead, he smiles gently her way. “Yeah. Yeah, it does.”

Reasons why you should watch 3% on Netflix

-Extremely diverse cast
-hunger games but better and not white
-joana is what katniss should have been….jlaw could NEVER…you wanted a black katniss? Watch 3%
-one of the main characters is a moc who is in a wheelchair and it’s AMAZING REP…I hope I’m not speaking over the disabled community but really from what I know he’s amazing rep…he’s also literally the love interest and it’s like…I never see that in movies/tv unless it’s some tragic love story…..he’s such a great character and I can’t wait to see what he does in season 2 (which is confirmed btw)
-the writing is incredible?????
-all the characters are so fucking realistic and nobody is just good or bad everyone has their demons and their good traits so by the end it really leaves you wondering what side you’re supposed to be on?? Like you kinda get who’s good and bad but also nobody is 100% good and perfect which is realistic imo
-again…it’s hunger games but 1000x better
-please support this show so they can get more funding and better sets and stuff!!!
-acting is incredible
-Netflix never disappoints
-it’s in Portuguese and for whatever reason it defaults to the dub so make sure you go in and change it to subs because the dub is god awful
-my only critique is lack of LGBT but it’s so good in other areas I can’t go too hard on them for that I’m sure they’ll fix it at some point I trust Netflix
-please watch this amazing show!!!! Please!!! Everyone is sleeping on it!!!


(so i actually just took these instead of using old ones) hi i’m hannah (she/her pronouns) i’m just getting bi *wink wink* in life and i’m not really that prominent in the dghda fandom, but i’ve made a few playlists (and gifsets here and there) and there’ll be more coming in the future so if that’s your thing you can look forward to that lmao i have like 3 more i’ve been working on for quite a while now.

btw i can’t wait for season 2 it feels so close yet so far away ;u;

nice to meet you all, everyone’s so nice and passionate from what i’ve witnessed and it’s really heartwarming to see and be a part of✨

Angels and Mistletoe

Title: Angels and Mistletoe

Characters: Castiel, Gabriel, Y/N (no pairing)

Word Count: 985

Warnings: Fluff!!

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this one! ;) It was requested by @hair-dye-or-nawh (btw I broke your request up into two different fics. It was easier to do it that way <3) This is from my Christmas Drabble list, which you can find HERE! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

As you shut the bunker door behind Sam and Dean, you exhaled heavily.  Not having them around during the holiday season was a bummer.  Even if Dean was a bit of a Grinch, he was still a pleasure to have around.  Then again you knew you had angels watching over you; you were never truly alone.

You turned on your heels to walk back down the stairs.  Once you turned around you saw two angels staring at you.  “Cas, Gabriel, what are you guys doing here?  You just missed Sam and Dean,” you pointed behind you, confused by their presence.  It wasn’t uncommon for angels to come around when they were gone, but it wasn’t common for them to visit you either.

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make me choose: Gleggie season 2, 3, 4, or 5 (from anonymous)
You don’t need a picture of me. You never will again.

Prince Calum Pt. 3

Requested: Yes

Summary: The last ball of the year in Calum’s kingdom. Everything fell apart in between you two over the past month, but one dance can bring back all of those beautiful memories. A red rose can symbolize love, but for you two it was such a deeper meaning.

Word Count:


[i think this is the last part btw]

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I was tagged by @anthemofthezones (Soooo long ago!!! I’m sorry. YO BTW, go check out their blog, they’re super awesome and creative!) 

Name: Nathalie
Nickname: Nath, Thalie
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Height: 1m63 (5″3)
Orientation: Lesbian witch of the West. 
Favourite fruit: Pears
Favourite season: Autumn
Favourite book: Ugh… Maybe “Howl’s Moving Castle”, or “Déloger l’animal” by Véronique Ovaldé. 
Favourite colour: Teal 
Favourite animal: Cats I think? And black birds.
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Super strong smoked tea
Average amount of sleep: 7 hours.
Favourite fictional character: Riley, from The Lumberjanes. 
Number of blankets you sleep with: One two person duvet all to myself. 
Dream trip: A boat trip to Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. 
When was your blog created: Uh… A little over a year ago I think?
Number of followers: 445 on this one, and 679 on @have-a-better-day. (Which I still don’t understand?!) 

I tag @the-name-is-goldilocks, and @disco-danger

OK I gotta say something about the L*caya fandom because they’re still over in the Rucas tag talking about how Lucas is gonna eventually leave Riley for Maya. And I just really needed to get this off my chest because it’s been annoying me for a while. (and yes I’m going to be mean because I’m really annoyed rn)

And this is going to be a hella long rant so get freaking ready

May I point out that LM shippers are the same people who actually believed that Riley liked Lucas as a brother in Yearbook-Semi Formal (I don’t say Texas because Riley was blatantly lying in Texas about the brother thing in part 1-2 and if you didn’t catch that then you’re probably a lil slow)

Like if you truly believed that Riley ever liked Lucas as a brother, then why the hell would she KISS him and then be all dreamy about it while talking to Maya? Like, shouldn’t that be the time when she pulls back from Lucas’s lips and realizes that she only likes him platonically when talking to Maya about the kiss? Like even Maya was “disturbed” by her “kiss” with Farkle because she doesn’t like him like that. Like I’m sorry but LM shippers and Maya are so dumb (whoops) for actually believing that Riley likes Lucas as a brother. I can’t believe MJ tried to “pull” that story line in Semi Formal either.

Like Riley would’ve realized immediately after she kissed him that she doesn’t actually want to be kissing him and only likes him as a friend, it just doesn’t make sense to kiss someone and not realize that you’re totally grossed out by the romantic aspect of your relationship. You wouldn’t be smiling all day in a daze after kissing someone who you supposedly like as a brother, and then continually like that person through the next year…

Also just the fact that Maya was “being” Riley when she said Riley liked Lucas as a brother, even though Katy legit said in the same exact episode: “You can’t pretend to be someone your close to.” I was just appalled that the LM fandom missed this part because they seem to love digging in deep into the show with all their incorrect theories. Like, the rucas fandom has been the ONLY fandom to correctly predict Maya’s identity crisis, and the LM fandom Didn’t even believe it, even when the creator himself CONFIRMED THAT IT HAPPENED AND HAD SEVERAL EPISODES ON IT.

Like I think I was one of the only people who still understood that Riley didn’t actually like Lucas as a brother when Yearbook aired, but I can distinctly remember all the LM shippers rejoicing because Maya, the queen has spoken.

Like you people claim to be so intelligent with the owldetective by your side, yet none of the Lm shippers actually paid attention to the entire brother ark story…

And again, LM shippers are the same people who think Maya still likes Lucas, and that they actually work as a couple, and that Maya didn’t have an identity crisis.




This is why rucas prevailed in Ski lodge and all LM shippers were shocked: LM shippers don’t pay attention to the story.

MJ LITERALLY laid it all out for Ski lodge, explaining why Maya and Lucas won’t happen, yet still LM shippers are coming into the rucas tag and bashing us on our canon ship.

ALSO LM shippers literally forgot Josh was even a character all throughout season 2 when MJ LITERALLY PLANNED FOR THE TRIANGLE TO END ONCE JOSH CAME: he tweeted the triangle would end in Legacy, which was the episode Josh was supposed to be in, but the actor was injured at time.

How did all of you miss that in Girl Meets First date, Maya asked Lucas out(and he ignored her to ask out Riley) and she literally TELLS Riley that she would never do that to her; LM would never happen as long as Riley likes Lucas (and if it did I would stop watching GMW because that is an awful lesson to teach children)

MJ Legit tweeted before Ski Lodge aired and the spoilers came out: “Those who know the story will be at a 1 on the surprise scale.”

And I distinctly remember all LM shippers being so confident that L*caya and R*arkle were gonna happen in Ski Lodge (and then the fake spoilers came out with LM and RF happening and lucas was wearing a cat sweatshirt)….. yet now they’re saying it was a bad thing for rucas to happen in Ski Lodge which literally makes no sense because Rucas don’t have ANY parallels with Cory and Lauren because Cauren didn’t even get together at the end of Ski lodge they just kissed and of course Lucas wasn’t going to say “I love you” to Riley in ski lodge; they’re freaking freshmen and you all would just say that Lucas only said that cuz Maya told him to if he did say ily to Riley

All the LM shippers literally ignored the entirety of the LM scene in ski lodge, save for the hug and the part where Maya sends Lucas off to go to Riley and where Lucas laughs at the whole ily thing, when they literally established in that same scene that Lucas likes Riley MORE than Maya, and did NOT choose Maya.

And I can’t speak for season 4 because who knows what’s gonna happen, but I only started shipping Rucas in late season 2 (during the whole triangle thing) because I was watching the show objectively and paying attention to arks, and not just jumping to every conclusion from the smallest details.

And for those LM shippers who still think Rucas will die at the end of season 3, NEW FLASH Rucas are still together at the end and did NOT break up (and Joshaya are still thriving btw). I am not saying that rucas will be endgame, but they do date for at least a year and I’ll guess we’ll see what happens in season 4. All of you LM shippers were so confident that your ship was going to happen so many times I’ve lost count. And you were wrong.each. time. And now you’re lashing out at rucas shippers who are actually RIGHT for a change.

Like I literally only started shipping Rucas because I knew it was going to happen. Because I paid attention to the story. (I actually shipped l*caya at one point because they DO have chemistry, but dropped it as soon as I realized that Riley and Lucas have more evidence of becoming canon-and they’re just better for each other)

Maybe if LM shippers paid attention to the story more, they would’ve realized that.

I am by no means saying that LMers should stop shipping l*caya, I’m saying that they should stop coming into the rucas tag, constantly bashing us and acting like we’re the stupid ones when actually, LM shippers are the ones that have been wrong this ENTIRE time.

My good friend @drifloonlady and I used to were huge Tenimyu fans back in the days, and we never got past season 1 Shitenhouji. So yesterday, we both had a day off and thought that what could be best than a whole TENIMYU DAY.

We skipped season 2 alltogether and just went straight for season 3. (Seigaku VS Fudomine and Dream Live 2016, there are only so many hours in a day)

Here are some thoughts frome people who havent watched Tenimyu in like 6 years or so!

 - They are all AMAZING singers!!! I mean we were used to cast 2 Zukki for example so it was quite different haha
 - They all look the part it’s really great. Some of them also look a bit like previous cast members from season 1 (Thinking of new Kaidoh/Naoyan)
 - New Kamio = T.M.Revolution you can’t convince me otherwise
 - Btw this kid needs to stop doing drugs he was incredibly hyper and his eyes scared me haha
 - Tachibana (Soramu is that right?) and Ishida: These kids are going places we love them
 - Tezuka had the BEST Tezuka “I don’t even know how to play that game” look
 - Oishi best smile 2016
 - That Momoshiro is adorable and needs to be protected
 - are ryoma’s legs alright
 - Fuji was incredible like a fairy on the stage
 - MI ZU KI ???!!!???!!!?? He was so great I had no words during the SeiRu songs
 - We are not entirely convinced by Shinji and Yuuta? I mean they’re great singers but they don’t look that much like the character, but hey they were still great
 - AKUTSU WOW. He was amazing and he is so bad that the 100% in his back were skulls omg
 - SeiRu roasting eachother gave us life
 - I am huge fan of Yanagisawa and I approve of this guy
 - and I mean I get that it’s really sad but I thought that Dan would just dry off from crying


Fic: Twenties

Pairing/Characters: SaruMi + Yata siblings adorableness
Word-count: 5.628
Genre: this thing is so sugary i am disgusted at myself, so i added some occasional angst here and there. still pretty sugary though like whoa what the
Summary: It might or might not be Yata’s birthday, and Fushimi might or might have not stumbled upon all the tiny people he never wanted to stumble upon at once.

(available on ao3 as well)

Notes: I AM BACK FROM THE VOID I WROTE A THING and it’s!!!!! sarumi!!!!! <3 I honestly love these two to death. Three years later and here I am, back with more tooth-rotting fluff. Btw, I wrote this for Yata’s birthday after someone sent me a prompt for it but oOPS WE’RE ALREADY 12 MINUTES INTO JULY 21TH HERE WHERE I LIVE let’s not talk about it just hold my hand and whisper these two shits will hug and make up on season 2 pls i only ask for that 

Not my problem, Saruhiko reflected absent-mindedly in between his thoughts of wanting to take a long nap.

And yet, it was right in front of him.

The girl was alone. She was small and young, or, at least, too small and young to be on her own. A lot of passers-by crowded the large streets, but none of them seemed to acknowledge the presence of the child, not even the mothers that strolled by him with infants clutched against their chests. Wow. Wasn’t motherly instinct supposed to be a thing? Saruhiko’s mom never really had one, sure, but, well, she wasn’t really a reference for moms around the world.

He wanted to go back to his quarters and take a nap, he really did. But of course Enomoto would get sick. Of course no one else would be available to take over his patrols. Of bloody course Awashima would ask him – not ask him, order him – to patrol the area designated to Enomoto. Yes, just send the third-in-command, he’s not doing anything anyway, except for a lot of important paperwork (“You can multi-task! It’s good for your brain”, Reishi suggested happily, as if it wasn’t really his problem, and it really wasn’t, was it).

Of course there was a child with no parents or guardians around, right under his nose.

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aside from mikayuu and yuunoa have you ever thought of mikanoa? its not very popular but im curious as to what you think about it. ( I ship all 3 of them btw haha :'D )

OMG A MIKANOA SHIPPER LIKE ME!! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO SHIPS THEM!! MikaNoa is absolutely cute. I drew this LONG time ago during Season 1 where Mika protected Shinoa. Tbh, I drew it for myself cause that’s how sad I was LOL. Now to spread the MikaNoa love!! *^*

Can we just talk for a second about how Ruby manipulated Sam? She didn’t go straight at him in the beginning. She took her time and really observed him. Didn’t take her long to figure out the best way to get to Sam was by pretending she could save Dean, but that’s not all she did. She was a tough, beautiful, wise-cracking, junk food-eating badass in season 3. Do you suppose it was just a coincidence that description also fits Dean perfectly? I think she was working Sam from two angles- “I can help save Dean and hey, btw do I remind you of anybody? Maybe someone you love more than anything?”

That becomes even more obvious in season 4 when she was Ruby 2. With Dean gone, she really stepped up her game. In the flashback sequence of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, she sat back and watched Sam hit rock bottom and then stepped in. Then she openly manipulated him by continuing to act a lot like Dean did, even calling him Sammy. She was TRAINING him ffs. Training him to use his powers, just like Dean would have once trained him to use his weapons. It was masterful how she wormed her way in.

You have to give Ruby credit for being extremely clever. She always knew what button to push and that button was always marked “DEAN”.

I literally can not wait to see Mona Lisa in the 4th season of Nick’s TMNT series! I’ve also really enjoyed the recent eps they’ve released. ‘Tales of the Yokai’ got me right in the feels! ; n ;

I also can’t wait to see more of Newtralizer and how he and Mona interact (if they ever meet). I do hope they aren’t like blood related or anything…. ALSO. I want to see Salamandrians besides them too!! But most of all I hope they give Mona some sassy comebacks <3 (btw the quote above is from a photoset I found on my dash and thought of her > w > :

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Why do you think Stephen said, in so many words, on the Comic Con carpet that he and Emily are strictly platonic, but in every interview there he was checking her out?

1. I want to say “Good luck with denying the obvious, man”, I mean, let’s play “Spot the difference” game. Oliver looking at Felicity on the left VS Stephen looking at Emily on the right:

let’s not forget that olicity happened bc of their natural chemistry, and it’s like 50% (okay 60%) Stephen’s fault.

2. like I said in this post, it was really funny, I was like “okay, you tried”:

3. obviously, bc he’s married. what do u want him to say? “I can’t stop staring at her”?

4. Stephen says a lot of things, he trolls us all the time, try to rewatch his old panels with spoilers about season 3 when you’ve already watched the whole season, this is really hilarious, he’s a natural troll. 5 mins after his “platonic circumstances” speech he says this:

5. I didn’t understand that speech at all btw. when he spends countless hours with someone for three years and has innumerable conversations with that person it wipes all the sexuality from the relationships… I was like “dude, pray, your wife hasn’t seen it” lol

6. if this is a platonic look then I’m a banana.

and that’s him platonically checking the open back of her dress at the panel:


i was re-watching 3x05 very recently and this parallel makes my ventricles fill with pain to be honest. it’s probably one of the best call-backs to season 2.

1. i think we can all agree that bob really manages to bring out the chaos in bellamy’s head through his acting. it’s such a strong moment, one that sticks so hard, because you can’t do anything but revel in the wild side of him. i honestly love how he draws you into his orbit and shares his feelings with you. sure, in many ways you just wanna gulp the entire sequence down as fast as possible because it hurts, but since the emotions are so real and unavoidable they get stuck in your throat instead, and make you see the truth.

2. look at what MW did to bellamy. i wasnt fucking ready to get acquainted with this vortex of terror, even though i knew how much he struggled with it ever since 3x01 (feelings that kept building up until this moment btw, as its not about just one thing), because it is so different from every other emotional breakdown we’ve seen so far. this one harkens back to his experiences in season 2 so intensely that you end up getting slapped with the grafted meaning of it all, with the most terrific focus on his personal trauma, since he is pouring out everything - feelings he’s been keeping locked up for 3 months.

like i dont know yall, but this scene is so bewildering, i love it.

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That lemon is so cute. Let TFW summon one.


“…. a lemon.”

Dean had never seen Cas squint so suspiciously.

Dean looked helplessly over at where the lemon was standing on one of the library tables, cheerfully pulling pages out of an old spell book for fun. “I guess?”

“Why would you even have a spell that summons lemons?” Cas asked.

Sam cleared his throat. He had a black eye from trying to catch the lemon earlier after it had slipped out of the dungeon a by leaping directly into his face (who knew demon traps didn’t hold citrus fruit?) and bowling him over to clear a path to the door. “We think it was a failed attempt at a spell from the days of ships crossing oceans on long journeys… If they could summon fresh fruit straight onto the ship, more cargo space is free.” He squinted at the scroll they’d found and turned it slightly sideways to off-set the slant of the writing. “We thought a demon-summoning spell that only needed a few candles might be a good way to save on all the ingredients.”

“That lemon does not look like it wants to be eaten.” Cas watched it hop down from the table and run to the war room, where it began kicking folders off the table, smiling its happy little smile all the while. 

“You’re telling me,” Dean said, rolling one shoulder and wincing. It was incredible how much it hurt to have a twenty pound piece of fruit cannonball into you from the balcony by the front door. Thankfully it seemed to have been put off by some of the warding and hadn’t tried venturing outside.

“Perhaps there’s a counter spell to send it back?” Cas asked, stepping carefully out of the way as the lemon rushed past squealing and dragging a roll of rapidly unwinding toilet paper. They watched it go, despair on their faces. It had been a long day. The Bunker had never been more of a mess.

“We tried to find one, but this scroll is practically illegible,” Sam said.

Cas took the scroll and his eyes darted over each line at a regular reading pace. “It’s just in cursive. It even says, ‘How to Summon A Lemon”

Sam and Dean exchanged a glance.

Sam cleared his throat again. “Who even learns how to write in cursive any more these days.”

“We had monsters to hunt when we were kids.”

Cas rolled his eyes at them. 

“It says the lemon comes from a fairy realm. I think we should be able to find some banishing spells in some of the books in here.”

“If it doesn’t destroy them all first.”

There were a series of prolonged metallic crashes from down the hall.

“It’s in the kitchen,” Sam said despairingly.

Dean pulled his gun out. “That’s it. We’re ending this and having tequila shots with lemon to celebrate.”

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Hola! I was wondering what, in your opinion, are the best Stydia episodes in the series so far? I'm thinking about getting back into watching the show (I stopped like mid s2), but just watching Stydia or plot heavy episodes to catch up xD I'm generally aware of what has happened major plot-point wise bc I stalk the tag on tumblr and ao3, but I'd love to feast my eyes on the very best Stydia moments before I tune back in. Thoughts? (Totally <3 your blog btw ^.^)

Oh man, that’s so cute! Fuck, I already answered this back in September or October but there’s literally no chance I’m ever going to find that ask. RIP me. I’m just gonna go with best Stydia episodes from s3– on. (Although I would advocate for you watching all of season 3 because it’s literally a spectacular season and truly the best of Teen Wolf.) 


  • There’s cute shit in 3x01 and 3x02, but 3x03 has the best of it, I think. 
  • 3x04 has great Stydia
  • There’s cute stuff in 3x05 but 3x06 is a crazy Stydia episode. 
  • 3x08 literally opens with them bickering like a goddamn old married couple, I’m fucking done. 
  • 3x11 is smooshy face time.
  • 3x12 is ice bath episode, which is inherently very shippy.


  • 3x13 opens with snuggling Stydia and the episode has so much gr9 banter
  • 3x14 is “Stiles. You’re the one who always figures it out.” 
  • 3x18 is Stydia af af af af af af af af. Especially from Lydia’s side. Hot damn.
  • 3x22, 3x23, and 3x24 are just worth watching, and they also have much Stydia, although part of it is Void!Stiles with Lydia, not Stiles Stiles. 
  • 3x24 they just spend the whole episode on top of each other, what a gift. 


  • 4x01 is a gift to Stydia shippers. 
  • 4x02 IS SO STYDIA. 
  • 4x03 brings us some jealous Lydia.
  • They spend all of 4x06 together. And there’s a hug. And his thumb catches her bottom lip. Fuck, that episode’s a gift.
  • 4x09 has some great Stydia scenes. It’s the classic “The baby’s crying” “well you go get it” and then Stiles goes. I mean that’s not what happened, the GIFs lie, but it’s real in my heart. Also, they get kidnapped together and Stiles is calm when the needle goes at him (Stiles, who is scared of needles) but when it changes directions and goes at Lydia he starts screaming and freaking out. 

5a and 5b: 

  • 5x04
  • 5x05. Also 5x05. And then 5x05. More 5x05. SING IT AGAIN. 
  • There’s some Stydia in 5x06 and 5x09, but not much.
  • And then 5x14 is where’s my love
  • And 5x15 is Eichen rescue p1
  • and 5x16 is basically the most Stydia episode of the entire series, like it’s actually offensive and I want my money back.