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That lemon is so cute. Let TFW summon one.


“…. a lemon.”

Dean had never seen Cas squint so suspiciously.

Dean looked helplessly over at where the lemon was standing on one of the library tables, cheerfully pulling pages out of an old spell book for fun. “I guess?”

“Why would you even have a spell that summons lemons?” Cas asked.

Sam cleared his throat. He had a black eye from trying to catch the lemon earlier after it had slipped out of the dungeon a by leaping directly into his face (who knew demon traps didn’t hold citrus fruit?) and bowling him over to clear a path to the door. “We think it was a failed attempt at a spell from the days of ships crossing oceans on long journeys… If they could summon fresh fruit straight onto the ship, more cargo space is free.” He squinted at the scroll they’d found and turned it slightly sideways to off-set the slant of the writing. “We thought a demon-summoning spell that only needed a few candles might be a good way to save on all the ingredients.”

“That lemon does not look like it wants to be eaten.” Cas watched it hop down from the table and run to the war room, where it began kicking folders off the table, smiling its happy little smile all the while. 

“You’re telling me,” Dean said, rolling one shoulder and wincing. It was incredible how much it hurt to have a twenty pound piece of fruit cannonball into you from the balcony by the front door. Thankfully it seemed to have been put off by some of the warding and hadn’t tried venturing outside.

“Perhaps there’s a counter spell to send it back?” Cas asked, stepping carefully out of the way as the lemon rushed past squealing and dragging a roll of rapidly unwinding toilet paper. They watched it go, despair on their faces. It had been a long day. The Bunker had never been more of a mess.

“We tried to find one, but this scroll is practically illegible,” Sam said.

Cas took the scroll and his eyes darted over each line at a regular reading pace. “It’s just in cursive. It even says, ‘How to Summon A Lemon”

Sam and Dean exchanged a glance.

Sam cleared his throat again. “Who even learns how to write in cursive any more these days.”

“We had monsters to hunt when we were kids.”

Cas rolled his eyes at them. 

“It says the lemon comes from a fairy realm. I think we should be able to find some banishing spells in some of the books in here.”

“If it doesn’t destroy them all first.”

There were a series of prolonged metallic crashes from down the hall.

“It’s in the kitchen,” Sam said despairingly.

Dean pulled his gun out. “That’s it. We’re ending this and having tequila shots with lemon to celebrate.”

Reasons why you should watch 3% on Netflix

-Extremely diverse cast
-hunger games but better and not white
-joana is what katniss should have been….jlaw could NEVER…you wanted a black katniss? Watch 3%
-one of the main characters is a moc who is in a wheelchair and it’s AMAZING REP…I hope I’m not speaking over the disabled community but really from what I know he’s amazing rep…he’s also literally the love interest and it’s like…I never see that in movies/tv unless it’s some tragic love story…..he’s such a great character and I can’t wait to see what he does in season 2 (which is confirmed btw)
-the writing is incredible?????
-all the characters are so fucking realistic and nobody is just good or bad everyone has their demons and their good traits so by the end it really leaves you wondering what side you’re supposed to be on?? Like you kinda get who’s good and bad but also nobody is 100% good and perfect which is realistic imo
-again…it’s hunger games but 1000x better
-please support this show so they can get more funding and better sets and stuff!!!
-acting is incredible
-Netflix never disappoints
-it’s in Portuguese and for whatever reason it defaults to the dub so make sure you go in and change it to subs because the dub is god awful
-my only critique is lack of LGBT but it’s so good in other areas I can’t go too hard on them for that I’m sure they’ll fix it at some point I trust Netflix
-please watch this amazing show!!!! Please!!! Everyone is sleeping on it!!!

I wonder what’s up with this trio 

As they kinda reoccur together throughout the series and on the poster, although MIGHT be coincidence BUT you know, VLD is not just Chekhov’s gun rather Chekhov’s armory 

obviously Thace and Commander Throk work together at the bridge, I’m sure we’ll meet him and the unnamed guy as main villains in S3 but, it seems if the three were not friends at least they might have had quite a lot of interaction. 

Also I really hope Commander Throk will somehow have a bit different personality from the previous commanders, because for now ummm Sendak was fuckin’ scary but all Galra dudes fall under the same pattern, with little exception for Morvok. 

UPD: Btw just thought Throk is the second Galra to have quite long hair after Kolivan, not counting Galra!Allura though 

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or books about girls in love

im assuming you mean wlw girls in love so here u go (these are all main characters btw i don’t have time for side characters)

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6 and/or 28 Starco

6) things you said under the stars and in the grass 28) things you said but not out loud

“What’s your favorite star?”

He twists his neck to look at her, her hair tickling his cheek as a fans out around her. Her eyes are caught between the the constellations that shine above them, fascinated.

“Mine’s Sirius, just ‘cus it’s so bright and it’s the first one you see when everything goes dark,” she answers, before he can conjugate a response. “Plus, I like that it helps form a dog in the sky. I love dogs.”

He hums looking back up at the winter constellations and finding the one she points to, twinkling now and then but shining ever brighter. It truly outshines all the rest.

“I guess -” he hesitates, thinking, because what other star is there to love above the one that lies next to him? “I guess Polaris is my favorite.”

“The North Star?” She snorts. “C'mon Marco, you’re more original than that.”

“I guess I’m not,” he chuckles. “It’s like…that one star is the center of the sky, and no matter the season or the day, while the other stars come and go, Polaris is always there. It’s constant. And all the other stars move around it, like it’s some sort of beacon.”

He hears her rustle against the grass beside him, turning on her side and folding her elbows, watching him from above with curious blue eyes.

“It helps you find your way home, too,” she says quietly.

He meets her gaze, soft and simple yet holding back, looking as if there’s more to say but no way for her to say it. He wants her to, and he wants the words to spill from his own lips too because she is all of the stars - bright and unyielding and constant and home.

Instead, he smiles gently her way. “Yeah. Yeah, it does.”

Real-Time Thoughts For South Park S21E03 - Holiday Special


• Stan and Kyle together, ahhh they’re such best friends. I love it.

• Randy’s shirt??

• Kenny speaking for the first time in forever! Thank You, God!

• “We don’t believe in the internet or social media. It’s fake news.”

• !!! the phone calls are too good !!!


• “Randy. I cannot quit you.”

• Anal swab??


• The boys in masks. Jfc. (btw they were a reference from Hotline Miami)


• 2.8% Neanderthal.

• “Happy Indigenous People Day. Suck my asshole.”

• Quick Overall. I thought it was alright. Not a favorite but I laughed, so it’s all good!

How the Season 3 reveal played out @ Discord today (nicknames omitted lol)
  • SEASON 3 2018!!!!
  • 2018 2018 20118
  • one hour one hour
  • omg
  • 2018!?
  • WAIT
  • SEASON 3 IS 2018!!!!!!!!!!
  • UH
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  • i gotta ditch y'all and run to skype
  • are you guys fucking serious???? 2018?????
  • whatWHAT
  • YES1
  • s3 is 2018 defintiely!?
  • Hellooooo
  • YES
  • ummm did we get erwin collapsing on the wall?
  • YES!
  • okay guys so I opened Tumblr and saw only one spoiler
  • I'm dying and collapsing
  • IM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you wanna see my horrible screenshot *beep*
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  • MY MOMs next to me io hope she doesn't think i lost it
  • I broke my fucking caps lock button lmfao
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  • i literally broke it
  • *beep*NNNNNNN
  • the light won't turn off lmao
  • omg *beep*it's worth it
  • alright folks, that was a lovely episode, bedtime orz
  • don't die from excitement and crying
  • akakskjsjsjdjndjdndjdnddkI PROBABLY WILLMy heart can't handle bearwin and beast daddy in same ep
  • i can't believe i broke my caps lock button lmfao
  • this computer is not even half a year old
  • ending card btw
  • jsdfhbaksjhfg
  • You snk'd too hard *beep*
  • sajsfgjaskhfgasgfLOL *beep*
  • i feel so blessedseason 3
  • 1 year

Okay, I heard about all this negativity towards the female writers of RaM and I am PISSED!!! Like, I can understand if you don’t like the episode that’s totally fine but to down right say that it’s the FEMALES fault for the show going down hill then that’s just fucked up.

The episodes I’ve seen from them, and their writing team (There is a whole TEAM btw) was freakin AMAZING!! Like every episode from this season so far is so MEANINGFUL! GENIUS! And just out right beautiful writing.

The second episode showed Morty and Summer dealing with the divorce. It felt so REAL!! I felt their pain…And it was so sad. It made me care about them so much. The fear that your family is falling apart and you can’t mentally take it.

And the THIRD EPISODE!!! They went to family therapy!!! Sure it was cause of their principle, but to think that they ACTUALLY went and therapist was so professional in my opinion! I love how the writing just shows you that therapy (depending on the person) can be a good and bad thing. You can think therapy is just not for you just like Rick and Beth. You can think like Morty and say that you like the therapist and would like to go back like Summer.

I love it and I can’t WAIT for episode 4 this Sunday. Dan said that Rick was gonna be especially drunk in that episode so…AH!

Anyways, I hope the writers know that they’re doing a great job. Negativity can go fuck itself with a battery laser - A - )9

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yooo but what about drunk Keith with caretaker Lance and Hunk. Keith starts saying Angsty™ things/revealing secrets from his past. Meanwhile, Lance and Hunk are SHOOK and keep exchanging worried glances all while making sure Keith doesn't choke on his vomit.

“Hunk,” Lance whined, flinging his arms in aggravation. “I give up. I open my mouth, he calls me a dipshit. I tell him to go to bed, he takes a swing at my face! And the last one barely missed!”

“How much has he had?” Hunk asked dubiously.

“I lost track after he started humming the Knight Rider theme,” Lance deadpanned, obviously of the opinion that the song was the most offensive melody in the galaxy.

“Oh, boy,” Hunk cringed, swiping a hand over his face.

“Um, yeah,” Lance snipped, hands perched on his hips as he followed Hunk’s gaze. “I don’t even think he recognizes me. Keeps calling me Kashi, whatever the hell that means.”

Hunk froze, eyes narrowing as he fixed Lance with a trepidatious glare. “Wait. You mean like…Takashi?”

Lance’s eyes widened with the realization.

“Oh, shit,” both boys mimicked in despairing unison.

“I — crap, I forgot,” Lance stammered, rubbing awkwardly at the back of his neck. “I got so used to ‘Shiro’ and I guess I just…didn’t remember. Shit.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t either,” Hunk offered Lance a sad smile, nudging his shoulder. “Not until you mentioned it.”

“At first I thought he was making fun of me,” Lance muttered. “But he just looked freaked out when I called him Mullet. I should’ve known. It’s just — it’s Keith, you know? He’s like the last person I was expecting to have to babysit. Usually it’s the other way around.”

“Well, it’s too late now,” Hunk sighed as they watched Keith topple off the stool and crash ass-first onto the floor, taking a tray of neon-purple shots down with him.

The other bar patrons were neither surprised nor fazed by the disruption, seeing as how most of them were just as intoxicated. No one even seemed to notice as Keith sprawled on the floor, laughing at nothing in particular.

“This was a bad idea,” Lance sighed, rushing over to help Keith up. Hunk shot him an unamused scowl at the unnecessary comment.

“All right, here we go,” Hunk looped his arms underneath Keith’s armpits and hoisted him into a sitting position. The boy giggled, nose mushing against Lance’s shoulder as he slumped forward.

Lance couldn’t help but smirk at the whole ridiculous situation as he patted between Keith’s shoulder blades. “How you feelin’, buddy?”

Keith’s back jolted with muffled hiccup as he did his best to lift his head. “Hey,” he slurred, lips quirking as he poked a finger at Lance’s chest. “You’re that guy.”

“Yep,” Lance smiled. “Still here.”

“The guy that was tryin’ to get me into bed!” Keith glared, chest jumping with another indignant sounding hiccup.

“Whoa, yeah, definitely not like that.” Lance pulled away, holding the other boy at arms length as Hunk disguised a snort behind his hand. “I was just trying to make sure you got to bed without breaking your neck. Excuse me for caring, jackass.”

“Hey, be nice,” Hunk chastised, reaching out to rub Keith’s back. “I’d be upset if some random dude was harassing me, too.”

Lance promptly landed a solid punch against Hunk’s bicep. “You’re not helping!”

Keith’s head swiveled to the larger boy and his flushed face lit up with an uncharacteristically excited smile as he exclaimed, “Hunk! Hey, man, where’ve you — hic! — been?” Keith awkwardly scooted over to wrap his arms around a startled Hunk’s shoulders in a sloppy embrace.

“Okay,” Lance interjected, voice pitched with annoyance. “That’s not even fair! How come he recognizes you, but I’m a pervert?”

“I’m huggable?” Hunk gave an innocent shrug, immediately wrapping his arms around Keith to steady him. “Sorry, dude. I don’t make the rules.”

“My pants are wet,” Keith pouted, glowering at the sticky puddle of alien booze soaking into his trousers.

“Yeah, time for bed,” Hunk nodded to Lance, encouraging Keith to sit up as he looped the smaller boy’s arm around his neck and hauled him to his feet.

Keith swayed, sagging against Hunk’s side as he cupped a hand over his mouth, barely suppressing a wet sounding burp. He blinked up owlishly at the other two, seemingly surprised by his own outburst.

“You good?” Lance quirked a tentative eyebrow.

Keith swallowed, frowning down at his boots. He gave a slow nod, features pale and eyes dazed, then abruptly shook his head as his shoulders jerked with a silent heave and he doubled over.

“Quiznak, Hunk, hold him up!” Lance screeched, quickly bouncing out of the line of fire.

Hunk gripped the other boy’s shoulders as Keith drooped over his knees and retched, a waterfall of disturbingly bright-colored liquid spilling past his lips. Keith shuddered, coughing harshly before belching up a second flood of the stuff. He sagged in Hunk’s hold, panting and drooling over the substantial mess pooling at their feet.

“At least the floor was already wet?” Lance shrugged sheepishly.

“Jeez, that’s a lot of…” Hunk trailed off, looking green as he turned his head away and made a valiant effort to breathe through his mouth. “Okay, definitely time to go.”

Hunk hauled Keith back to his feet, dragging him away from the bar while Lance followed behind them, apologizing to the other patrons as they made their escape.

“I’ll say one thing for you, Mullet,” Lance laughed once they’d made it back to their temporary quarters. “You don’t do anything half-assed.”

Keith groaned miserably as he collapsed on one of the cots, cradling his head in his hands. He jolted with a residual hiccup, swaying precariously over his lap. Hunk knelt down to steady him, resting a large hand against the other boy’s back. Lance retrieved a trashcan and placed it within easy reach.

“Maybe you should lie down,” Hunk suggested gently, rubbing a few circles. “Sleep it off, huh?”

“You don’ have to stay with me,” Keith slurred, eyes closed and words verging on unintelligible. But Hunk certainly caught the last bit. “‘M fine, Kashi.”

Hunk peered up uncomfortably at Lance, awkward tension palpable in the small room. Lance’s face immediately fell and he shook his head, reaching up to scrub the back of his neck.

Keith’s smile disintegrated as he opened his eyes, staring at Hunk as if he didn’t want to believe who was crouching in front of him. Hunk felt a surge of panic as he realized that Keith’s eyes were wet, breaths hitching softly and chin dimpling as it wobbled under the threat of tears.

“Hey, don’t do that,” Hunk whispered, desperate to fix whatever he’d done. “Keith, it’s all right. I’m sorry he’s not here, but we are. We’re here for you, man.”

Keith swallowed thickly, eyes once again slipping shut as he murmured,”Yeah. He’s gone…again. I — I forgot.” His lips twitched into a poor imitation of a smile. “Can’t ever just stay in one goddamn place.” His words bled with bitter despair and Hunk felt a painful ache clenching inside his own chest, reminded of their irreplaceable loss.

“Shit,” Lance swore behind them, voice shaky as he struggled to rein back his own tears. He sniffed, swiping a hand over his face before sitting down beside Keith. He wrapped an arm around the other boy’s shoulders, resting a few inches above Hunk’s hand. “I know you hate touching,” he sighed, rolling his eyes. “But sometimes people need a little human contact, Keith. It keeps them sane. Well, me, anyway.”

Hunk nodded in agreement. “Actually, that’s more like a crucial necessity for me,” he offered, lips twitching with a self-deprecating smile. “But, um, you guys already knew that.”

Keith reached up to wipe his running nose with the sleeve of his jacket. He turned to Lance, expression softening as his head dropped unceremoniously against the other boy’s shoulder. “I don’ hate you. I’m not very good at — ulp — being nice. I know I say stupid shit. But I don’t hate you, Lance.”

“Thanks, buddy,” Lance chuckled, rubbing his hand soothingly down the other boy’s arm. “That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” he teased. Keith shivered and Lance frowned back at Hunk, concern spiking. “Keith, you want some water?”

Keith shook his head, cheeks inflating with a breathy burp as he leaned over his knees. “Think — ‘m gonna be sick,” he slurred thickly, dark hair falling in a wild mess over his face.

Lance hurriedly gathered the unruly locks back into an impromptu ponytail as Keith began gagging over the trashcan. Hunk positioned the container underneath the boy’s chin, wincing as a splash of liquid splattered against the metal sides. Keith moaned, nearly choking as he spit up another mouthful.

Lance patted his back, resigned to the fact that no one would be getting much sleep that evening. “That’s it, get it up,” he encouraged wearily. “We are never letting him drink again,” he hissed at Hunk.

Keith finally pulled his head out of the trashcan and promptly slumped into Lance’s lap. “Thanks, guys,” he mumbled into Lance’s thigh. “Wouldn’t be here without you.”

Lance stubbornly chose to ignore the implications of what that meant, and gently nudged Keith over to the cot, turning him onto his side - just in case. The other boy was already snoring as he nuzzled into the pillow.

“On the bright side, he probably won’t remember any of this in the morning,” Hunk whispered, carefully brushing Keith’s damp bangs out of his eyes.

Lance wasn’t so sure. But one thing was for certain, Keith was going to be pissed when he woke up.

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Theres something I need to get out of my chest. I just don't get why people use the "Lance is gay for Keith" as an argument because?? At the beggining of season 3 Lance was practically insulting Keith?? They're JUST starting to form a friendship or something like that (which is wonderful btw, about freaking time!). Is okay to think it could develop into romance, but until now?? It hasn't being romantic at all??? Even a romance with Hunk (be Hance or Heith) is more credible in my opinion??

Literally I would have no issue with kl@nce becoming canon but for it to actually become canon a LOT would need to happen bc there’s no way rn it would be a healthy functioning relationship. Anything that goes from people being at each others throats to suddenly romantic isn’t healthy and wouldn’t fit the narrative at all. At least give them chance to become friends first.

Here’s another pic from the Outlander Season 3 Q and A, NYC. BTW, no sign of Tony or Mackenzie…but given the nature of the event I’m not surprised. It was pretty much red carpet frenzy, straight to screening, to Q & A. I’m sure they’ll all go out together afterward. New York–the city that never sleeps. I could SO live here. One of my fave cities in the world.

Daddy Issues - Tig Fanfic

Yaaaaayyyy, i’m finally posting my Tig fic!!! I’m so excited for you all to read it and to hear what you guys think! :D i’m open to constructive critism btw so if you want to give me to advice then feel free.

Also, this is just the prologue, giving you a little insight to the things that have happened before the first chapter so it’s extra detailed. (Not all the chappys will have this much detail eh sorry)

Another thing, I have changed a couple things in SOA for my fic. Tara doesn’t exist lol sorrynotsorry and it’s set in around season 2 but i’ll probably steal a couple ideas from the seasons ahead of season 2 as well.

(( Jamie’s faceclaim is Candice Accola cus she’s my babe <3 ))

Okay, I think that’s everything I need you guys to know.. So, here is the prologue.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think of it, I really appreciate feedback. And let me know if you want me to post the first chapter :D

Xoxo ~ babydoll

0 - Prologue.

Despite living in a town called Charming, it didn’t exactly live up to it’s name. There were outlaw bikers, drug addicts, alcoholics, convicts and reprobates. Sure there were some people who were actually decent but they were outnumbered.
Most people would think that being raised by a bunch of outlaw bikers for a family was the worst thing that could happen to a child. However, for Jamie, it was the best of both worlds. Sure there were times when she wished she could have a “normal” family but at the end of the day, you have what you’ve been given. You have to be grateful for what you’ve got or you’ll spend your life being miserable and envious of everyone.
Jamie’s father Grant Knoxville was a member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club since it was first formed back in 1967. He along with John Teller and Piney Winston co-found the club together when returning home after serving in the Vietnam War.

The SOA was a brotherhood. But it wasn’t just about motorbikes. It was so much more. It protects and controls Charming through close community relationships as well bribery and violent intimidation.
John Teller was the President which meant he was the man in charge. He called all the shots despite having polls that all members participated in. He represented his club. Regardless of enjoying being the leader, it put strains on his friendships and relationships and even himself.
Piney was the Vice President, the second in charge and someone who would fill in for John if he was away or unable to attend club business.
And Grant was the Sergeant At Arms which meant he would basically be the “security” or “policeman” of the club. He was in charge of keeping things under control as well as looking after the club’s firearms and other weapons and being the President’s right hand man.
The three of them were loyal and protective over each other like brother’s are. They may not be bound by blood but they were bound by trust and that was all they needed.

Through the years, the SOA welcomed new members like Clay Morrow and Tig Trager, as well as saying goodbye to old members. Being part of the SOA meant you were in it for life and sometimes even death. There were injuries and fatalities along the way but none shook the club as much as it did until John Teller died.
The beloved President was killed by crashing his bike into a semi-truck. He didn’t die on impact though, he died a few days later in hospital from his injuries. There are some conspiracies about what actually happened to John, some think that it was suicide and others think it was murder. But either way, John’s death shook SAMCRO and changed it for the worse.
Before John died, the club had been running guns which meant there were more conflicts and drama involved. John tried as hard as he could to put an end to it so they could hopefully go back to being the strong brotherhood they were who also dabbled of black market work on the side but his plan fell through. They were in too deep.
Piney, Clay, Tig and Grant knew of John’s thoughts that the club was turning into something way more complicated and violent than they could’ve ever imagined. They knew he had doubts and fears but assumed they’d pass.
John knew that guns were the downfall of the club and he couldn’t do anything about it. So he wrote a manuscript. It was called ‘The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way’. He started writing it after his first son Thomas died. And only a couple months after, John died too but not before finishing the manuscript. He gave both Piney and Grant a copy so they could pass it down and hope that the future SAMCRO would think twice about running guns. But didn’t give a copy to Clay and Tig as he had had suspiscions of their loyalty to him.
5 years after John’s death, Grant was found dead in his home after being discovered by his wife Angie and 15 year old daughter Jamie. He had been shot twice, once in his chest and the other in his head. It is still unknown to this day of who was to blame, whether it was himself or someone else.
With both Grant and John dead, Piney, Tig and Clay were the only original members of SAMCRO left in the club.
Clay became the President and Piney was his Vice President. Tig became the Sergeant At Arms. Piney took on the VP role until John’s second son Jax Teller came of age and climbed up the SOA hierachy to become the Vice President.

To this day, SAMCRO have become a very well known MC not just by the residents of Charming but to other MC’s and law enforcement. People feared and admired them which made them powerful.
They offered protection as well as supplies. They were loyal to each other. They were brothers.
Sure they may cause trouble, but only to those who’ve done them wrong.

You know the saying, “an eye for an eye.”


(so i actually just took these instead of using old ones) hi i’m hannah (she/her pronouns) i’m just getting bi *wink wink* in life and i’m not really that prominent in the dghda fandom, but i’ve made a few playlists (and gifsets here and there) and there’ll be more coming in the future so if that’s your thing you can look forward to that lmao i have like 3 more i’ve been working on for quite a while now.

btw i can’t wait for season 2 it feels so close yet so far away ;u;

nice to meet you all, everyone’s so nice and passionate from what i’ve witnessed and it’s really heartwarming to see and be a part of✨

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hi friend, im new here just started season 3 and im loving!, im already in the mcdanno vortex btw that's the best part, and i'd like to ask (w/ all good intention of course!)someone who's deeper in this fandom bf i go too deep, Whats the cast/alex-scott opinion on mcdanno?also, the cast are rly those nice folks that i heard here?(i mean,i heard they're all good people, they love doing charity and that scott likes mcdanno too but i'd love to hear from someone of the fandom, sry if it's too much)

Aww!!! Hi friend, and welcome to the McDanno fandom!! I hope you enjoy it :)

You know, I’m probably not the best person to ask about this because even though I love the show with all my heart I haven’t really been keeping up with interviews and stuff like that. From what I have seen though you are right, the cast are all very good people!!! But I think this gif right here, from the season 6 gag reel, is very accurate about how the guys feel about McDanno:

Originally posted by shimymi-blog

You see how Alex is the one to start it and then pulls away before anything can happen? He wipes his mouth and everything, even though they didn’t touch?? Scott was so ready do make it actually happen he didn’t even flinch, and then he just laughs about it :)  Also, this interview right here!!!!!

I mean, not to be dramatic or anything but OH MY GOD, I literally screamed when I saw this video for the first time!!! After the interviewer asks Scott about what’s going on with Steve/Danny he literally says this:

Scott: “I don’t know, maybe we have uh… a relationship, you know. That’s what I would vote for.”

Interviewer: “Really??”

Scott “Yeah!”

So you see, I think Alex wouldn’t really mind it if McDanno actually was canon but he might feel a little bit weird about it. Scott would actually want it to heppen, you feel? Anyways, don’t be afraid to go deep! There are a lot of very nice people here in the fandom that would catch you, and you should totally join us ;)

Ginhijigin week Day 7- Future

//casually rises from the dead at the end of ginhijiweek
sorry ya’ll QQ went dormant for a couple months cause of cosplay season and summer job…art muse flew out the window and went to pasture (¦3[▓▓]

(btw moved url’s from fotoshoothere to arakta so i can do an art sig)

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hii I loved the Disney world and waterparks headcanon for EMA. So how about Eren, Mikasa, and Armin at a haunted house? Btw take your time doing these we understand if you guys are busy c:

Thanks so much for the kind words, anon! I hope these suffice. <3 


  • The idea is probably Eren’s. He seems an advertisement for a haunted house that was refurbished from an old funeral home and knows that they have to try it for the Halloween season. 
  • Mikasa readily agrees but only because she’s super stoked to go to a supposedly haunted house. She’s the type who does all the research on the occult occurrences before heading there and even brings a portable box session with her to try out. 
  • Armin is not keen on going to this, but he can see the sheer excitement from Mikasa and the curiosity from Eren so it reluctantly agrees. 
  • The actual people dressed up in outfits don’t really affect Mikasa, but Eren gets a little jumpy a few times and Armin yells a couple of times. He’s not really scared, but he doesn’t appreciate being jumped scared all the time. 
  • The trio pull away from the tour section and, under Mikasa’s supervision, they find one of the most haunted places in the house according to other paranormal investigators. Eren is stationed on look-out duty, much to Armin’s dismay, because that means that he has to participate in whatever madness Mikasa has planned. 
  • They dabble in asking the room a few open-ended questions before Mikasa suggests that they break out the ouja board she brought along. Before they have a chance to try it out, Eren alerts them to security passing through and they all hide in the shadows until they are free to mingle back in a tour. 
  • Honestly, the hiding bit is the stuff that scares Armin the most. He’s tense and mentally counting backwards and only breathes properly when they leave undetected. 
  • Armin and Mikasa spend the night at Eren’s house because Armin is too jittery to go home and sleep alone and Mikasa is too anxious to explore their evidence. They don’t really find anything of substance, but Mikasa wants to go back and explore during the day if they are granted permission. 

Angels and Mistletoe

Title: Angels and Mistletoe

Characters: Castiel, Gabriel, Y/N (no pairing)

Word Count: 985

Warnings: Fluff!!

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this one! ;) It was requested by @hair-dye-or-nawh (btw I broke your request up into two different fics. It was easier to do it that way <3) This is from my Christmas Drabble list, which you can find HERE! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

As you shut the bunker door behind Sam and Dean, you exhaled heavily.  Not having them around during the holiday season was a bummer.  Even if Dean was a bit of a Grinch, he was still a pleasure to have around.  Then again you knew you had angels watching over you; you were never truly alone.

You turned on your heels to walk back down the stairs.  Once you turned around you saw two angels staring at you.  “Cas, Gabriel, what are you guys doing here?  You just missed Sam and Dean,” you pointed behind you, confused by their presence.  It wasn’t uncommon for angels to come around when they were gone, but it wasn’t common for them to visit you either.

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make me choose: Gleggie season 2, 3, 4, or 5 (from anonymous)
You don’t need a picture of me. You never will again.

Prince Calum Pt. 3

Requested: Yes

Summary: The last ball of the year in Calum’s kingdom. Everything fell apart in between you two over the past month, but one dance can bring back all of those beautiful memories. A red rose can symbolize love, but for you two it was such a deeper meaning.

Word Count:


[i think this is the last part btw]

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anonymous asked:

Could you do the Evan's reactions to finding out reader practices witchcraft? If you don't feel like doing all of them, seasons 1-3 and 5 are fine too. Thank you! 💕

Forewarning I don’t know anything about witchcraft so I am going to be off on maybe all of these. Sorry to all my witches out there. Rory and Edward are not included in this btw.


-He would think it would be cool.

-Would be your own puppet for witchcraft

- “Can you turn water into wine?”

-He would be interested in rituals.

-they convince Tate to take part in a ritual that frees him from the house.

-He’s ecstatic that he could be with you everywhere now. 

-more impromptu beach days.


- “Sweetheart, I was taken by aliens. You doing witchcraft isn’t that a shock, actually explains a lot.”

-He would be interested in potion making

- He would be hesitant with the kids showing an interest.

-He let’s them learn about crystals.

- “Here Kit, this can help with the nightmares.”


-He works at a coven, he’s more happy that he can be with you than care that you practice witchcraft. 

- He’d like how you could levitate and make him think he was flying.

-He likes using charms

-He would try to impress you with the charms he learned how to make.


- “I figured since you’re amazing at fortune telling.”

-he would be into divination, seeing that his future was good always made him happy.

-He would always have them read his palm or tea leaves.

- He would be too stubborn to listen to their warnings.

- After being locked up and losing his hands he apologizes that he didn’t listen.

- “Don’t worry Jimmy, I’ll take care of you. It’s okay.”


-He wouldn’t be so shocked

-He likes casting spells and sigils

-He would convince them to teach him some basic spells and sigils.

-His would mostly use a ghost sigil that would be placed on a dead body and expel the ghost from coming to the hotel. Was really handy on Will Drake.

- “Dearest, have you ever used magic to kill a person?” “Not that I can recall.” “Would you like to try?”


-He would find it a turn on.

- “I’m glad I can find someone as dark as me.”

-He would love your ability to control people’s mind. Extremely useful in recruiting.

-He would make you the mastermind behind the scenes in his campaign so he always looks appealing to voters.

- “Together we can bring the world to it’s knees.”