all are from season 3 btw

Reasons why you should watch 3% on Netflix

-Extremely diverse cast
-hunger games but better and not white
-joana is what katniss should have been….jlaw could NEVER…you wanted a black katniss? Watch 3%
-one of the main characters is a moc who is in a wheelchair and it’s AMAZING REP…I hope I’m not speaking over the disabled community but really from what I know he’s amazing rep…he’s also literally the love interest and it’s like…I never see that in movies/tv unless it’s some tragic love story…..he’s such a great character and I can’t wait to see what he does in season 2 (which is confirmed btw)
-the writing is incredible?????
-all the characters are so fucking realistic and nobody is just good or bad everyone has their demons and their good traits so by the end it really leaves you wondering what side you’re supposed to be on?? Like you kinda get who’s good and bad but also nobody is 100% good and perfect which is realistic imo
-again…it’s hunger games but 1000x better
-please support this show so they can get more funding and better sets and stuff!!!
-acting is incredible
-Netflix never disappoints
-it’s in Portuguese and for whatever reason it defaults to the dub so make sure you go in and change it to subs because the dub is god awful
-my only critique is lack of LGBT but it’s so good in other areas I can’t go too hard on them for that I’m sure they’ll fix it at some point I trust Netflix
-please watch this amazing show!!!! Please!!! Everyone is sleeping on it!!!

Angels and Mistletoe

Title: Angels and Mistletoe

Characters: Castiel, Gabriel, Y/N (no pairing)

Word Count: 985

Warnings: Fluff!!

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this one! ;) It was requested by @hair-dye-or-nawh (btw I broke your request up into two different fics. It was easier to do it that way <3) This is from my Christmas Drabble list, which you can find HERE! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

As you shut the bunker door behind Sam and Dean, you exhaled heavily.  Not having them around during the holiday season was a bummer.  Even if Dean was a bit of a Grinch, he was still a pleasure to have around.  Then again you knew you had angels watching over you; you were never truly alone.

You turned on your heels to walk back down the stairs.  Once you turned around you saw two angels staring at you.  “Cas, Gabriel, what are you guys doing here?  You just missed Sam and Dean,” you pointed behind you, confused by their presence.  It wasn’t uncommon for angels to come around when they were gone, but it wasn’t common for them to visit you either.

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WHAT IF in season 3 Shiro falls into an alternate reality where he and Allura were together but the Shiro from that reality died just recently and Allura is really upset and grieving and it’s super angsty because she loves him and he’s BACK but he’s not HIM and it’s just all sad and dramatic and Allura has to say goodbye to him all over again when he goes back home but in the back of his mind he’s lowkey like ‘but me and Allura were tOgEtHeR whaaaaaaat’

anonymous asked:

Hey, how was Noora/ William exactly (emotionally?) abusive? I interpreted as as a difference of morals and of course, William is not completely mature (they're both teenagers) so he distanced himself from Noora emotionally bc of this one situation (I thought this was a misunderstanding?) But he does care about her, he is reasonable and he is able to learn? (btw I don't send this to you b/c I want to discuss, I just like to understand different perspectives; you don't have to answer) Thanks <3

Hi anon. I have a lot of opinions on noorhelm, and I’m gonna use @ernestine-scatterbrain‘s classification of s2 to give an opinion of it in all of its parts (since it’s the weakest season from a narrative pov, and it lacks continuity).

Episodes from 1 to 3: William le trouduc - William the asshole

Okay so literally, he’s messaging her while she’s ignoring him. Repeatedly. And not in a “oh that’s a game”. Games are fun, games are not you look freaking hot in that shirt and suddenly you cover yourself. If it were a game, a message like that would have mean a teasing smile to yourself, and adjusting the shirt probably. Not putting on your overcoat. So it’s not a game. It’s just William literally harassing her and her not knowing what the block function is (of course, or there wouldn’t have been a s2 but I’m digressing). He acts like she owes him a date (biNCH WHERE) and literally uses Vilde to get Noora to go to that date, calling her and getting her hopes up.

And she goes on a date with him! Because he blackmailed her into that! Amazing. And the date itself oooo boi, it resembles so much the kind of discussions I’ve had with my ex for fucking two years, and my ex was emotionally abusive.
So, like. He acts like he doesn’t understand that blackmailing someone into a date is not something that good people do. How could little ole William understand that? And they have a discussion over that, of course, because she’s RIGHTFULLY pissed off and she calls him off on the fact that he thought that he could change her mind with a date (after three+ months of texting in which she did not reply to his avances bc she wasn’t interested). He treats her rage as something to laugh about–like the you’re cute when you’re angry kind of bullshit, and he acts like he didn’t blackmail her into going on a date with him. Of course she could refuse, like, Noora, were you the same girl I texted? Your perception of reality is all fucked up, of course I didn’t force you to do anything, here, let me fuck a bit with yout perception of reality and explain why it’s you who are guilty, and not me, the fucking blackmailer.

That amazing gaslight is what my ex did to me every single time we argued (and we argued a lot, and I wasn’t allowed to get angry at him but anyway). I know what it is, I know how to recognise it. I am fucking trained and with my hackles raised because I don’t fucking want another abusive relationship to happen to me, of course I would recognise his behaviour for what it is.

Then in ep 3 pls someone show me what’s the trigger that makes Noora want to stay at William’s, what happens. Nothing happens, it’s just bad storytelling. Anyway.

Episodes from 5 to 8: William and Noora ♥ ♥:

The harassment becomes truly a game this time. This is what a chasing game looks like, more or less. Not the shit of the first three episodes. Here she smiles at him, and she does want to be chased; she replies to his messages, she acts hard to get but she almost wants him (or, at least, she likes the attention he gives her). Why did things change? God only knows, but even if she can forget what he did to her for three+ months, I can’t. So I can’t enjoy the game knowing about what he did to her in the first three episodes. Anyway.

(She does tell him that he’s a manipulating egotistic asshole, and this is amazing, but they kiss afterwards. The het fics I used to write were more or less like this tbh lmao. But I was 14.)

He doesn’t talk to her about his brother and acts truly awful towards her in front of him, which sets things up for the date rape arc–he only got himself to blame. And when she tries to tell him he goes like “nothing to do w/ you” and that’s it. Not abusive per se, but it fits in a context of “you don’t have the right to know things” which, yikes. Toxic.

(And they don’t talk. At all. Like Isak and Even talk so much, and even Eva and Jonas talked more than Noora and William. It’s just him manipulating her, or them arguing, or them hooking up. Nothing else. Just an ensemble of images disconnected from one another, with the purpose of making us feel something. Like pornography for teen girls, I suppose.)

Here we also have William literally smashing a bottle on the head of someone else, and then talking her in circles and spouting off fake philosophy to justify himself. Things that could make sense in a vacuum, but since they’re used to literally justify a street brawl and not, like, class struggle, they’re trash. Just like him.

My real true problem with this segment is the conversation Noora has with Sana. It’s a realistic conversation, and I know if from rl experiences, but in the context of it meaning a growth moment for Noora/the show’s views behind the characters, I think it’s the worst part.
Noora literally tells Sana–a person she greatly admires and treats a bit as if she were superior–that he fucks with her head, he talks her in circles, he manipulates her and she can’t think properly anymore. And Sana basically replies “it’s all on u bc u don’t accept ppl thinking differently than u do”, like lmao. L M A O. What the fuck. So the shows takes all the instance of manipulation and gaslighting, and tells us “it’s not what you see, it’s just that you don’t have the nurse complex enough, try to understand him and put yourself aside <3″ fuck this, honestly. Fuck the whole conversation.

Episodes from 9 to 12 - the date rape arc

This is my favourite part of s2 tbh. They treated Noora’s reaction and her aftermath with such tact that you wonder if it’s the same people who wrote her relationship with William. Because William is once again the one who ruins everything.

[A bit digressing but I’m fucking angry about the fact that they made the best objective advice for Noora in the whole season to fall from Niko’s lips. “Run for the fucking hills” is what she should have done, but it’s the worst character of the series to say it, because we’re not supposed to think that it makes sense :)))]

He only got himself to blame if he refused to tell nothing about Niko, and instead he blames her for how she acts after she thinks she was raped. From a storytelling pov, it doesn’t make sense that they have their resolution off-screen, via text, but anyway. Of course by now she’s learnt what does she have to do, so she sucks it up and says she’s sorry. About reacting badly to thinking he was raped. Of course, it’s her fault lmao. And he doesn’t even contradict her, it’s just all. Fucking. Horrible. Thinking about it makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

Annnd I’m finished with my long rant. No readmore, we die like men.


make me choose: Gleggie season 2, 3, 4, or 5 (from anonymous)
You don’t need a picture of me. You never will again.

Can we just talk for a second about how Ruby manipulated Sam? She didn’t go straight at him in the beginning. She took her time and really observed him. Didn’t take her long to figure out the best way to get to Sam was by pretending she could save Dean, but that’s not all she did. She was a tough, beautiful, wise-cracking, junk food-eating badass in season 3. Do you suppose it was just a coincidence that description also fits Dean perfectly? I think she was working Sam from two angles- “I can help save Dean and hey, btw do I remind you of anybody? Maybe someone you love more than anything?”

That becomes even more obvious in season 4 when she was Ruby 2. With Dean gone, she really stepped up her game. In the flashback sequence of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, she sat back and watched Sam hit rock bottom and then stepped in. Then she openly manipulated him by continuing to act a lot like Dean did, even calling him Sammy. She was TRAINING him ffs. Training him to use his powers, just like Dean would have once trained him to use his weapons. It was masterful how she wormed her way in.

You have to give Ruby credit for being extremely clever. She always knew what button to push and that button was always marked “DEAN”.


countdown to Hemlock Grove Romancek season 3 ⇢ 103: The Order of the Dragon

Are you sure it wasn’t you? I never go out on an empty stomach. Also, fuck you.

Fic: Twenties

Pairing/Characters: SaruMi + Yata siblings adorableness
Word-count: 5.628
Genre: this thing is so sugary i am disgusted at myself, so i added some occasional angst here and there. still pretty sugary though like whoa what the
Summary: It might or might not be Yata’s birthday, and Fushimi might or might have not stumbled upon all the tiny people he never wanted to stumble upon at once.

(available on ao3 as well)

Notes: I AM BACK FROM THE VOID I WROTE A THING and it’s!!!!! sarumi!!!!! <3 I honestly love these two to death. Three years later and here I am, back with more tooth-rotting fluff. Btw, I wrote this for Yata’s birthday after someone sent me a prompt for it but oOPS WE’RE ALREADY 12 MINUTES INTO JULY 21TH HERE WHERE I LIVE let’s not talk about it just hold my hand and whisper these two shits will hug and make up on season 2 pls i only ask for that 

Not my problem, Saruhiko reflected absent-mindedly in between his thoughts of wanting to take a long nap.

And yet, it was right in front of him.

The girl was alone. She was small and young, or, at least, too small and young to be on her own. A lot of passers-by crowded the large streets, but none of them seemed to acknowledge the presence of the child, not even the mothers that strolled by him with infants clutched against their chests. Wow. Wasn’t motherly instinct supposed to be a thing? Saruhiko’s mom never really had one, sure, but, well, she wasn’t really a reference for moms around the world.

He wanted to go back to his quarters and take a nap, he really did. But of course Enomoto would get sick. Of course no one else would be available to take over his patrols. Of bloody course Awashima would ask him – not ask him, order him – to patrol the area designated to Enomoto. Yes, just send the third-in-command, he’s not doing anything anyway, except for a lot of important paperwork (“You can multi-task! It’s good for your brain”, Reishi suggested happily, as if it wasn’t really his problem, and it really wasn’t, was it).

Of course there was a child with no parents or guardians around, right under his nose.

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I literally can not wait to see Mona Lisa in the 4th season of Nick’s TMNT series! I’ve also really enjoyed the recent eps they’ve released. ‘Tales of the Yokai’ got me right in the feels! ; n ;

I also can’t wait to see more of Newtralizer and how he and Mona interact (if they ever meet). I do hope they aren’t like blood related or anything…. ALSO. I want to see Salamandrians besides them too!! But most of all I hope they give Mona some sassy comebacks <3 (btw the quote above is from a photoset I found on my dash and thought of her > w > :

Clexa shippers

Can we all like post anything positive for Clexa today or this whole week?

Like a simple text post about why you love Clexa or what about them you love the most or fluffy headcanons, anything positive you’re looking forward about them in season 3? Or just talk about basically anything positive about our OTP; how gorgeous were both Eliza and Alycia in SDCC, how enthusiastic Eliza seemed about Clexa, Alycia being her usual flawless cinnamon roll self. Just positivity posts. Make more gifsets and graphics. Make more pick up lines memes, they never get old tbh. Make fanarts even in the simplest form you could do.

Let’s just make something to celebrate our ship more now that we’ve gotten this good news from Jason. I love how they all waited for the comic con panel to reveal this btw, I’m convinced even Alycia knew it all along. But they took effort to surprise us. It’s so nice, don’t you think?

Anyway, I just hope this post motivates anyone of you to post any positive thing about Clexa and let’s spam our tag with wonderful Clexa goodies which we all deserve after months of struggles and worries, I mean there will definitely more worries to come but as of now, let’s celebrate this good news!

I’m so sick of seeing all the nasty shit in the tag so I thought I’d try to convince everyone that there is something we can do to change that: block the asshats, make something positive about Clexa, post them and tag it! Make as many as you want. I’ll probably try to make graphics tomorrow while at work but for now, I need sleep. But for those who have free time, feel free to start cleaning our tag ;)

Let’s take it back. It’s ours not theirs.

P.S. We also could talk about the fact that Alycia’s birthday is coming very soon omg