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Any chance of a few good modern au fic recs for this piece of enjoltaire trash?

oh I’m sure I could think of a few… *winks with both eyes at the same time*
(also, here’s a list I made from a while back of some good e/R fics!)

Still the One by kjack89

Enjolras and Grantaire’s 50th wedding anniversary.

I don’t want to give it away, so I’m just going to say you should read it. Seriously

Word Count: 3,438

Oblivious by kjack89

The trouble with approaching your relationship the same way you approached your at-times contentious friendship is that apparently, no one realizes you’re actually dating. Or else Enjolras and Grantaire just have the absolute most oblivious of friends.

Or both.

I’m so used to the “everyone except Enjolras and Grantaire knows they like each other” trope, so this one was really fun to read!

Word Count: 4,567

flightless bird by sarahyyy

Combeferre grins. “How long did you wait before you called me?”

There is a short pause. “Two minutes?” Grantaire says, and Combeferre can’t help but to huff out a laugh. “He said three hours!” Grantaire says defensively.

“He’s fine,” Combeferre says, shaking his head in amusement. “He’ll call. He always calls.”

Damn….it’s the slight ambiguity at the end that gets me… (not to be read if you’re in the mood for fluff!! You might cry!!)

Word Count: 1,883

Years Since It’s Been Clear by lady_ragnell

Grantaire really doesn’t expect Enjolras to force him to move in with him when he hears how shitty Grantaire’s apartment is. And he definitely doesn’t expect Enjolras to want him to stay, or how easy it turns out to be, or the way Enjolras has a habit of doing his studying in the sunshine on the living room floor …

Yeah, he may be in some trouble.

Everything. Everything about this. SO GOOD (ps there’s some smut at the very end, just in case you’re not into that)

Word Count: 10,726

Of Roommates And Hallways by madlyie 

Prompt: “we both got kicked out of our rooms because our roommates are having sex so now we’re standing in the hallway avoiding each other” au

Enjolras learns that the guy from apartment No. 27 is much more talkative than a closed door.

Ok this is super frickin cute and the ending is just perfect. 11/10

Word Count: 1,376

I’ll be your Shelter, I’ll be your Storm by missandrogyny

Just pay me back with one thousand kisses.

Fluff! So much fluff! Good things and happy thoughts!

Word Count: 5,532

One Hundred Ways to Say “I Love You” by the_sky_is_forever

In which Grantaire and Enjolras take a very long time to actually say those three special words, but if you pay attention, the words are there.

Love love love love love. I felt super content (in an “I’m wrapped up in a warm blanket sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter’s day” way) after reading this and honestly that’s one of the best feelings to have after reading a fic (for me personally)

Word Count: 16,484

nothing alike by nightswatch

Enjolras comes across a guy who’s trying to steal his car. Except that he’s not actually stealing his car.

The second hand embarrassment is real (I may or may not have buried my face in a blanket while reading this)

Word Count: 2,023

We’re All Stories, In The End by theglitterati

Les Amis discover fanfiction. About themselves.

I had to put this one on here just for fun because I was cackling when I read it

Word Count: 2,210

Ice Ice Baby by sigh_no_more

In the almost four years that Enjolras had known his friends, he always managed to avoid ice skating with them. This was very purposeful. It had to be. After all, they lived in the Northeast, so plenty of opportunities arose for him to go ice skating. He just never took advantage of them. Because Enjolras had a secret. A dark, terrible secret.

Given how nosy and internet savvy his friends were, it was kind of a miracle that only Combeferre and Courfeyrac knew about his past.

But it was time.

(Or the Amis go ice-skating and find out a surprising truth about Enjolras.)

Ok I had to include this one on here too because when I was rereading it just now, it kinda reminded me of Yuri on Ice and that made me happy sooo :)

Word Count: 2,945

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I misread 'mod' as 'mood' so I thought it said 'mood: galra keith' and I was like. same.


Same though, anon. I mean, how could it not be the biggest mood? Go to the BoM episode and look at Keith, he looks flawless in every single frame. No matter the angle




you can pause almost anywhere and he looks absolutely stunning. 

It’s ridiculous. I would die for him.

- mod: happykeith


Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Ask Before Dubbing - Please don’t remove caption - Reblogs appreciated! <3 ✮

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Dear, since you're in Noctis and Gladio hell, that just means you're automatically transferred to their dads' hells as well during different times of the day. That's how it is, I don't make the rules *Shrug*.



*looks back and forth between the two*

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So does this mean no more of Yagi on YouTube and the such?

not necessarily, it just means im cooling way the fuck down on how much i read and interact with the comments i get and eventually when im strong enough to just mentally block out literally everything except the content im making for me, i might b able to use him again.

but maybe no more jokes. those confuse ppl the most and id rather just avoid the weird fuckin debates about a cartoon goat in underwear with a big dick bulge.

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Hi! I hope you're doing ok^^ I just wanted to ask, because I'm also completely in love with makoto, what was the moment where you like, fell for him? Was it from the first second he appeared in season 1 or at a different moment? :D You don't have to share of course, but as he's your fav I thought I might ask you ^^ hope you have a good day ~

Hello :D ahhhhhh it was actually in few “steps”!!! <33

When I watched ep01 for the first time, I had no idea what kind of character he would be. But after few mns, this happened:

THIS made me melt for the guy immediately, that was one of the sweetest smile I saw for an anime charac///////// and I remember my cheeks got warmer at this sight ahahah >////<  but I wasn’t seeing him yet like my crush charac, it was only the beginning :)
After some episodes, I could see how kind he was, he became quickly my fav in the anime <333 but it’s definitely the episodes 5 & 6 that made me realize how much I loved him///// With ep5, we could discover his insecurities, so it made me get even more attached to him. But the episode ended like this :

We learnt just before that Makoto was scared of water but at in this scene, he doesn’t even think twice, he reacts right away and just run to save his friend. 
It was so intense!!!  I didn’t expect him AT ALL to react this way, I thought he would freeze tbh. It’s the scene I remember clearly how I was feeling. When the credits appear, I was really shocked, but when I saw the trailer for the next episode…..”shocking no breathing”………it’s so unfair for Rei, but I was terrified for Makoto. Really, TERRIFIED. And the worst, when this episode came, we had to wait TWO WEEKS for the next one :’((  I kept playing this scene again and again to reassure me, that he would be fine//////
I think it’s really at this point I realized how Makoto was important for me. To be that concerned about a anime character……the last time I felt this way was for Fai from TRC, one of my biggest fav charac.

Then, episode 6 finally came.

Do I really need to explain why I was moved at this moment :’) 
I guess it’s because I am someone very unconfident and I struggle to surpass my fears. So seeing Makoto who is trying his best all the time, and moves forward because he knows he isn’t alone and will take the strength and the love of the persons he cares about for this………….*leave to cry for a moment*
This was the moment for me, the moment I knew Makoto was the character I will love all my life and that I would cherish every smiles of him <333

And I fell more and more in love with his character during the rest of the season, and next season, and cd drama and novels ect…

I think it’s really when a character makes you smile or cry, touches you deeply, when your emotions are guided by them, that you begin to say 
“yes, that’s the one”

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do you have a theory on how Sans, as a skeleton, can be chubby?

He eats a lot of greasy food and doesn’t exercise.

Can I just say that I have never been more happy in my life? Hamilton brought me and my wife closer – it got us through one of the worst traumas of our lives, and it brought me here. Where I get love and support for just being my dorky ass self and drawing my little doodles of these amazing and wonderful characters.

Thank you guys, all of you, so much for being so sweet and supportive of my fun little hobby and continuing to encourage me. You guys are all beautiful and amazing and just

thank you. For showing me personally that being myself is okay. That me and my wife are #goals, you guys are goals, all of you beautiful wonderful people akdhlgs;

I just get so emotional thinking about it I love you all so much ;___; Thank you for being here and existing and being you. <3

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Hi Emily, I'm planning to move to England! :D any advice?


hmmmm well the advice would probably vary PRETTY WIDELY depending on where you’re from, but here is some VERY SERIOUS basic stuff:

  • your relationship with tea begins the moment your flight touches down. you will be repeatedly offered tea, the procurement of tea will frequently be prioritised by those around you, and discussions surrounding tea will occur ad nauseam. if you wish to blend in, I suggest you develop a taste for PG Tips. the less milk you have in it, the more respect you earn, but if you have no milk at all, that’s weird and will be a conversation topic. two sugars in it will get a raised eyebrow; any more and you will be discussing diabetes for the next half an hour. asking for a herbal tea will likely put your host into a state of either smugness or panic, depending on whether or not they still have that fancy berry blend they got six months ago on a health kick. if you don’t drink tea at all, you will confuse people. this may be your preference.
  • talk about the weather. in any scenario. at any moment. to fill a silence, remark on the weather.
  • try a cream tea, absolutely try a cream tea. scone, yes. jam, yes. cream, yes. in that order. do not believe anyone who tells you the cream should go under the jam. this is crucial.
  • the order of supermarkets from cheap to posh is Lidl, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer; unless your name is Moneybags McGee, don’t do your weekly shop at M&S. be seduced occasionally by their delicious cakes, but do not succumb to the temptation of their full range.
  • Halloween is not such a big deal here, especially outside of big cities, because people are too shy to put on costumes and prat about. if you love Halloween, you need to find a Halloweeny clique and fight for your right to party.
  • you will frequently be greeted by a question that sounds like “higheryawright?” this is, in fact, “hiya, are you alright?” you should under no circumstances reply to this question with how you are actually feeling. saying you are “good” may seem like you’re bragging. it’s best to go with “not too bad, not too bad”, along with a knowing look at your interrogator. they will give you this look in return, a wry smile, like you’re sharing a joke. this joke is that life is shit, but you say it’s not too bad, and you keep going at it.
  • if you put up two fingers with your palm facing inwards, towards yourself, like an American peace sign, that is swearing in the UK - like a slightly softer fuck-you than just flipping up your middle finger. I used to think all the American people I knew who threw up peace signs in photos with their palm inwards were trying to be really edgy and flip off the camera. if you want a UK peace sign, you need your palm facing out.
  • the weather. I’m serious. check the five-day forecast and you have conversation topics sorted for the week.

this was all a little tongue-in-cheek friend, THE UK IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE TBH we have big diverse open-minded cities and beautiful countryside. and it’s full of people, which makes it the usual human blend of terrible and stunningly beautiful and boring and awe-inspiring. it rains a lot, too. 

if you want some more specific tips/answers, feel free to ask!! I’m here for being a resident Brit ;D <3

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I was on AO3 looking for new stuff to read so sorted fics by kudos and guess what? 5 of your fics are on first page, 3 of which are in the top 6. You go, girl! I feel so proud of you <3


I admit I do not like lingering on stats at all - because I fear it’s gonna start affecting my writing and I’d hate that (my bubble is immensely precious to me) but this is amazing!

And it’s all because of you guys. You wonderful, beautiful human beings who’ve shown me such love and acceptance. You humble me. 

So, thank YOU for all your love! My writing wouldn’t be anything without any of you. 

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I really loved your well thought reply to the previous anons. I really hate when random ppl tell others that theyre "overreacting". I think this attitude is self-centered and insensitive. When ppl discuss something that actually didnt shock me, i either try to understand or i move on and mind my own business but i dont guilt trip them by saying theyre overreacting. I love BTS but theyve said some ugly stuff and ppl have the right to react and discuss about it.

thank you! and i agree with you, it’s important to think about these things critically

@that anon that was wondering about bts being problematic, bebitojoonie made a post about namjoon (since he’s the one who tends to get the most backlash it probably contains what they were looking for) it’s worth a read and she doesn’t play down the issues with his or the other members mistakes only gives examples of them growing from them /post /161878380803/ problematic-namjoon

here, i find the article still a tiny bit biased, but for the most part it’s good. tbh i’m always mad when people use namjoon as the example of a “problematic” idol, when in my eyes he is the best example of someone who does their best to learn from their mistakes, he always learns and grows from it and then actively tries to do well and be a positive influence, that is the least problematic thing in the world in my eyes :/


“Further than a mistake, it was a wrong.”

“I was really wrong then“

“I want to be an artist that has good influence. I hope my music would help others. So, I decided to go in a better way. My goal for 2017 is to be mature in many ways, including my way of thinking. “

“My words or behaviors, regardless of my intentions, could cause troubles or hurt others feelings. In the process, I thought I need to hold responsibility for that and I need to think about such things. What I said or did would not be undone. “

“Anyways, to become a better person, I need to hold responsibility for what I do.“

“Everything is my fault.“

“I apologize to the people who pointed this out and to individuals who were hurt. I am sorry and thankful for the fans who are always supportive, despite my shortcomings. I would like to apologize once again to everyone I have caused trouble for. “

and one of my fav quotes:

“I don’t think I’m always right, or that I’m the one who can explain everything. I’m just a man who wants to be better and make better things. That’s it.“

like he listens to people’s criticism and he wants to do better, that’s why it’s not a good thing to go around screaming that people are overreacting when something happens and trying to coddle and hide the controversy, if a wrong has been done, well then it has to be known to them so they can correct it, and the fact that namjoon is the way he is when it comes to his fuck ups is actually what makes me like him even more, he’s the kind of guy that will go and read a book on feminism after being accused of misogyny, like.. what else do you want

How the Doctors would react to you asking them on a date.

Nine: He’d be surprised, he’d thought you were amazing but he never thought you’d have romantic feelings for him. He’d try to play it cool as he took you to the most amazing place, subtly holding your hand and thinking about how lucky his is.

Ten: He’d be incredibly happy but also slightly panicked. He’d end up going incredibly overboard in an endearing show of affection. In the end, he’d just take you out for dinner and a movie on some foreign planet.

Eleven: He’d be overjoyed and try to make it everything you ever dreamed of. He’d always had feelings for you but never thought to act on them. After a long night of adventures and date-stuff, you’d sit at home watching cheesy movies and eating fish fingers. (With custard)

Twelve: He wouldn’t believe you. He’d get slightly upset about you messing with him. He’d tell you you deserve someone better, but after finally drilling it into his head that yes, you do love him, he’d be overjoyed and try to go all out to be the greatest boyfriend in the universe. His callous facade would fade away as he grew more comfortable in the fact that he loves you, and you love him too.

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if youre still accepting prompts could you do #14 “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.” luckybang please?

oooh anon, you’re instantly my friend for requesting luckybang, i hope you know that  💗

this is en extension of my Country Roads verse, so I’d suggest reading that first if you haven’t yet, but it can probably stand alone!

14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

His left arm is hot underneath the thick knit of his uniform, baking where cut up shapes of sunlight fall across it through the bones of the transpo buggy. There is nothing between the frames and beams of the windows, open to the sand and the sky as they rumble along. The wind buffets hot and gritty into his face, and he has to turn away before getting it in his eyes.

They jostle over a bump in the road and Clyde looks into the faces of his squad, and finds he doesn’t recognize any of them. They’re sitting huddled with him in the jeep, crouched around their weapons and looking blank, bored, but he can’t remember any of their names, or get any of their features to settle. Which is strange, because he went through the ringer with these guys, he knows them like he knows the fingers on his hand. But the man next to him is like a blank spot in his memory, a smudged spot on paper where something’s been erased. Their thighs are touching but he doesn’t feel warm through the fabric; when Clyde looks up he doesn’t really have a face, just a vague approximation of a neutral expression almost more his own intuition than visually apparent.

He shakes his head, willing the strange feeling to pass. Looking back out the window he sees no landmarks, no mountains or dunes or cities huddled low and hazy in the heat. He can’t remember where they’re leaving from or where they’re headed, only the thrum of the sand pelting the undercarriage of the transpo beneath him and the wind still whipping unforgiving between the helmet at his brow and the strap across his chin. He doesn’t know where they’re going, or how long it will take to get there. He shifts his weapon, leans against the bars, and waits.

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If s/o of any of the sans or papyrus's had left for a business trip and they couldn't go with them how would they act when their s/o came home? Also *anon offers hugs*

Just gonna do the main ones and tag Sil for hers

Bomberboy would be so excited. He’d hear as you walked up the steps to the door. You’d be going to unlock it and it just swings open with a skelecat jumping you. Many small kisses on your face and small “I missed you”, and “please don’t leave again”. He’s going to be like a little kid, attached to your leg as you attempt to walk through the house.

Cherryboy would be happy you’re back. He missed your softness. He knew what time you’d be home around and prepared a dinner. He even let Papyrus make you cupcakes. The only thing he can actually make. He’d give you the biggest tightest hug you’ve ever received. Honestly one of the more normal ones.

Canine, this boy I swear to the stars. He’s been laying on the couch since you left. Ripper calls you every day to complain, he blames you for the large skeleton currently on his couch space. He figured he would just sit on top of his brother since it was clear the large idiot wasn’t going to move until you came back. Until you decided to come home a day early. Canine can hear your car down the road and jumps up so fast that he sends Ripper flying off the couch, and through the nearby wall. Canine gets too excited and jumps out the window, he would probably tackle the car too. Welcome home.

Lovebun would call you every day, text you, generally just see how you’re doing and how things are going. He worries. When you say you’ll be home in a while, he starts cooking. He’s much better since he’s gotten to the surface. He does get help from Frisk though, they insure that you’re not ingesting that much glitter. He’s very touchy, and would ask all sorts of questions about your trip. 

Spike acts like he doesn’t care the whole time you’re gone. Even though he was texting you the second you left the yard. He’d probably cry when you came back. Holding on to you and just sobbing so fucking hard. HE MISSED HIS HUMAN, WHY DID YOU LEAVE FOR SO LONNNGGGGG. dude, it was two days. He’d be too excited about your return to do anything, so you’re basically acquiring a burr in the shape of a large skeleton when you get back.

Ripperboy in true yandere form would threaten all your coworkers before the trip. He also came with, you just don’t know that. He of course is back to the house before you get home. If you talked to someone he didn’t like, then you’re coming home to a weirdo possibly covered in blood. If he deemed you good on your trip, then he’ll shower you in love and kisses.


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headcanon: because it's always illya who worries about napoleon wanting him only for one night stand. what if it was the other way around? they sleep together, and in the morning napoleon is scared that now illya will leave, he's kinda sad and deteached and illya has no idea what's wrong

Oh no :(( poor baby!

Maybe he just so used to people leaving, he expects it from Illya as well. Because he isn’t someone who deserves love or, as one particular nasty ex put it: “Your only good quality is your skill in the bedroom.” 

At first it hadn’t hurt as much, because Napoleon just shrugged it off as them being mean. The more he thought about it, the more he started believing their words. 

Then came his time with the CIA, them using him for honeypot missions etc. So maybe the doubt grew over the years? Not in his skills, because he knows he’s amazing in bed, but in his “true self”. Maybe he’s thinking that he’s just a shallow hull, not worthy of being loved. 

He hides it under mask after mask, but in this morning, Illya sees right through him. And that’s what scares Napoleon the most, because he likes him so much and he can’t keep on pretending he’s merely his partner. 

For the first time in years he doesn’t know what to do. There’s no plan B, no escape route. It’s simply them. It’s just him. And he believes he’ll never be good enough for Illya. 

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Hi! You can just call me niles cause I keep giving you prompts and you write them so well haha. Could you do kevineil fic or hc with Neil wearing a skirt with like a band-tee that he got on sale? And he looks ridiculous (it doesn't match @ all) and he's just doing homework and Kevin comes in and gets super distracted? Fill in the blanks with Kevin calling Neil sweetheart and baby and having neil ride him on the couch clothes on?? Neil is humiliated and blushing mess feel free to add Andrew! Thx

( hello hello I was born ready for this prompt. changed it slightly, hope you still like it! )

( warning for nsfw material. )

The skirt was not Neil’s idea. It was a drunk Allison’s, delivered after a knock on his door and a solemn request made with the skirt in hand for him to pose with it on. Neil knew better than to think the request was entirely random, especially as Allison required a picture before she left, but she entered and departed so quickly he hardly kept up with the exchange. If asked why he’d gone along with it, he would admit the homework he had was not one he enjoyed in the least, and Allison had promised him a report of the results of whatever it was she wanted the picture for.

The skirt was not supposed to stay on, but he had a deadline on his paper and Allison had distracted him enough that he didn’t bother changing again before getting back to work. 

Thus, Kevin returned to the dorm to the sight of Neil in a pleated, mid-thigh-length skirt so engrossed in his writing that he barely spared Kevin’s arrival a glance.

Kevin, clearing his throat twice to no avail (either in gaining Neil’s attention or clearing his throat), decided to make himself dinner. If he kept stealing glances toward Neil, it was no one’s business but his own. 

Except then Neil finished his paper, submitted it before the deadline with a quick breath out, got up, stretched (the guns-and-roses shirt that definitely belonged to Andrew riding up to show a sliver of stomach), seemed to realize he was still wearing the skirt, and went to the bathroom to change.

That made Kevin’s business Neil’s business, a change decided by Kevin.

“Where did you get that?” 

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