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the whole naruto plot
  • Naruto: Sasuke!
  • Sasuke: Itachi!
  • Itachi: Shisui!
  • Shisui: Danzo!
  • Danzo: Hokage!
  • Hokage: Jiraiya!
  • Jiraiya: Nagato!
  • Nagato: Konan!
  • Konan: Pain!
  • Pain: Tobi!
  • Tobi: Madara!
  • Madara: Hashirama!
  • Hashirama: dude, the fuck

An Anime Rainbow

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AnY Chapter 146 Spoilers ➸

Below the cut you will find my personal (and very sloppy) summary of chapter 146 with some pictures. There’s uhh… spoilers and stuff (duh) so be careful XD

Was this chapter worth the secretary at my school finding Hana Yume in my bag, going “Oh my, look it’s Hana to Yume!”, pulling it out in front of the staff and saying, “I used to read this so long ago!” while everyone burst out laughing at us? You bet!

As I will no doubt say until the end of time, please take this summary with a grain of salt. First off, it’s not a word for word translation, it’s a summary, so expect my own personal flair and interpretation to be throughout. Second, and more importantly, I am not fluent in Japanese. I will try to make it clear when I am struggling and unsure, but take everything lightly, as a single kana can throw me off a true meaning and I will not catch more difficult phrases and wordplay. I’m still learning, so keep that in mind.

This aside, enjoy the chapter! I know I sure did ^ ^

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