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In honor of it being a year since The Wedding Squanchers first aired, here’s the grandpa busting out of space prison.


September 2015 - a summary.

“You woke me up for this?”

I don’t know why Rose got me to shake off a LOT of art dust, but here we are–a very weary mechanic being roused out of bed to go deal with…something. It’s probably a Code Dameron. That happens a lot.

Pros and Cons of being Little


No more adult time 

Stuffies forever


Looks cute all the time

Baby talk is awesome

Daddy/Mommy takes care of Big stuff

Coloring books!!! Crayons!!!

Daddy/Mommy plans out your days for you=less stressies



??? I dunno, sometimes you gotsta be big and that’s the worsts.

Missing Daddy/Mommy when they are busy :(


The Futuro House, in all its space age retro splendor, is like a physical manifestation of 1960s optimism. Shaped like the Hollywood idea of a flying saucer, the Futuro is a plastic, prefabricated, portable vacation home built to easily adapt to any climate or terrain, from mountain slopes to the seaside. After enjoying a heyday in the late ‘60s and early '70s, the remaining Futuros are now scattered across all parts of the globe, from the Australian beaches to the mountains of Russia, like secluded relics of midcentury technoutopianism.

The Futuro was a product of its times: when Finnish architect Matti Suuronen designed the little alien-looking abodes in 1968, the postwar economic boom was in full swing, time-saving home gadgets promised a leisure-filled vision of the future, and society was transfixed by the Space Race. Spaceship architecture was in vogue, but nothing hit the nail on the head quite like these UFO houses. Ironically, that may be what ultimately led to the Futuro’s failure.

Underage block list

I find it funny when I get put me on a underage supporter block list with a ton of other blogs like, you’re just giving me more blogs to go follow that you’ve blocked. Like really I find it funny and I mean if I’m getting noticed by blogs that troll looking for blogs to block I must be doing something right with my blog👌👌👌