all ages concert

Shout out to boys who like family guy

Shout out to boys who say “run Forrest run” every time they see someone running

Shout out to boys who can’t handle the mosh pit and threw up after one beer at the all ages pierce the veil concert.

Its okay! I see you! You are valid!

im anxious and upset and i just want to hold a cat and forget about the world

im so beyond my own thoughts.

 I’m writing this in the car with tears and a sore throat and the biggest goddamn smile i’ve ever shown on my face ( bc Jack wore the damn striped shirt I loved and Zack was a literal angel). I’m going home but just minutes ago, I was in a room screaming my ass off to the songs I’d only ever heard through speakers and headphones. I danced like I was the only one there, I sang, I cried, I celebrated. On my way here, I played Cinderblock Garden in the car and my mom looks over and says “You really love them, huh?” and I smiled so big because I love these pricks more than my self. When I got to the arena, there were people and I felt so at home. I got in line and for a while I stood thinking ‘holy shit this is real’ and so I cried in the line. Yeah, I was that fan. Sleeping With Sirens was amazing, literal babes. I took the picture I posted while I was trying to find my seat which was oN A DIFFERENT FUCKING FLOOR AND I HAD TO WALK AROUND LIKE AN IDIOT UNTIL I GOT TO WHERE I HAD TO BE. Neck Deep was adskajflfjodpq. Then, it happened. I stood there waiting like an idiot and I was alone (no one wanted to go with me) and I saw them come out and all I could do was stand and stare and let my emotions out. LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT NOW THAT DANCING WITH A WOLF LIVE IS THE ONLY SHIT I NEED IN MY LIFE. They sang Cinderblock Garden, which is my fave, I FELT SO FUCKING SAFE IN THAT MOMENT. When I heard Jack speak in person for the first time, I got so emotional, never in my life had a voice left such an impact on me like his. He was there and I was there and for a moment we were all happy and I was happy and I had chills but I didn’t care about anything anymore. Missing You is a really good song. But then again All Time Low writes really good songs and I’m All Time Low trash. But when Alex sang therapy and missing you, I’m telling you now that you will fucking cry. I, as you all know by my break from tumblr, am going through one of the hardest times in my life and I felt so understood and safe. I screeched the lyrics and yelled the ‘fuck the world’ part whilst flipping off Alex because I promised I would finally do that in real life. Do you want me dead and don’t you go were AMAZING. I GOT TO HEAR POPPIN CHAMPAGNE, LIKE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND HOW FUCKING HUGE THAT WAS FOR ME. 13 YEAR OLD ME WAS SUCH A SLUT FOR ALEX IN THAT SONG OK. The entire show was amazing and when it was over I had such a rush. I felt a sense of security the whole time, like everything would be okay. Now I’m in the car and my big hoodie that I always wear smells like a good memory and my hair is a mess and I can’t talk but everything will be okay. I have sticky cheeks and a wet shirt but everything will be okay. My vision is blurry and my glasses are dirty but everything will be okay. I keep shaking and smiling because everything is okay. After 7 years it finally feels like everything will be okay. All Time Low is making everything okay. And I will be okay.

What It’s Really Like Being An Adult 1D Fan

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Being an adult 1D fan is not the same for me as it is for you. So I want you to tell me - What is it like being an adult 1d fan?

Is it a certain feeling? A way of thinking? Do you have any specific stories that sum it up for you? Or do you have any experiences that make you stand out as an older fan?

I want to hear them all! Feel free to reply to this post, send me an ask or send me a submission.

I’ll go first to get the ball rolling. I went to see 1D at the O2 arena in London for their TMH tour. It was April 5 and the day before I’d bought a 3rd row ticket off of one of those sites that resells tickets. I noticed that it seemed to be one of a pair. It turns out I was seated next to a girl from France. She said she was a little nervous being there because she thought she stood out as an older fan. She was all of 23. “Don’t worry,” I said. “For one, I’m older than you. Secondly, your age really doesn’t matter. 1D puts on a great show and that’s all you’re going to care about once they hit the stage.” It’s true too. No one in the audience really cares about the ages of the people around them. After all, there’s always a few parents in the audience. Beyond that though I’ve definitely seen older people around me without kids. I think it’s awesome that 1D can attract people of all ages to their concert. Also I have never heard of the guys taking stock of the ages of their concert goers. So really, if the guys don’t care why should anyone else?