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Anon said: i love ur fusion art!!!! if u have time/want to you should do a bakushima fusion

You’re not the only one that asked, but actually I already did draw it! It’s the first one I’ve drawn haha I felt like drawing it again tho, so here’s a doodled comic of the first time they fused accidentally ✌️

We got so many m/ar/rens bullshit lately that at this point I almost immune to new picture, what I find interesting however is ch/ll, because in the last year there was barely anything. We got a few glimps of him from events and a occasional cat emoji comments but thats it. Chris hasn’t posted anything for his birthday in the last two times if I remember correctly, which he done before,it’s the second birthday of his without any BS. It’s like the more M we got we got less W

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Happy, happy Birthday, my cute darling friend!!
I hope today will be lots of fun for you! Only good things shall ever happen to you~ Ehee~ that’s my wish for you! ♥
It’s been a while since we last talked together, but I still enjoy your company a lot. You are always so patient and kind.. haha~ Almost like a saint! Please stay as lovely as you are, sweet pea.


There was someone in my inbox talking about hair-down Kuroo and the first thing I thought was “it’s been a while since I’ve last made Bokuto feel gay over Kuroo’s hair hasn’t it”


Anonymous said : “you should draw eto! If you feel like it. I LOVE your art and i would frame it on my wall if I could. I hope you have a nice day! :)

Eto with short hair for you ! ! (And wah thank you..♡!!!)


So the gryphons are big, and boy are they gaudy

Their builds come in thick, thicker and thickest, with immense strength behind their limbs and a real scary bite to back it up. Typical distinctions to look for are the feathered ‘manes’ which range from a top half to full neck, fluff stopping at the heel/elbow, paw-claw hybrid feet, and the dual layer tail.

They are proud beasts, easily offended and quick to snap you for it. Not to say they can’t be diplomatic mind you, but really who’d risk it.


- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel in a different way then family love

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel more then he cared about the antichrist 

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel that he was so broken he could not bother to care about anything else 

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel


- castiel is dead


Fake Happy // Paramore

     [ Just realized that I never posted this here~ but fun fact, this is the very first drawing of Professor Kukui I ever did lol way back before the games even came out! 

     Surprisingly… I still kinda like it haha! ]