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BTS Reaction to their S/O having weird sleeping habits and/or hogging the blankets

Anon asks: om bTS REACTION TO THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER HOGGING THE BLANKETS/ kicking in their sleep/ other weird sleeping habits ?? tyty xxx

Literally me. - Admin Cat


If someone had told him you would wake up in the middle of the night, only to get up and start cooking he would have laughed. However, it was his first night staying at your apartment, you spent several hours curled up next to him, blanket shoved up around your chin. Seokjin woke up at three in the morning, the first thing he noticed was that he could smell pancakes, which was peculiar. Who would be making pancakes at 3 am? That’s when he emerged from your bedroom to find you cooking, your eyes were open and he thought you were awake. However, once you finished cooking you left everything out and shuffled back into your bedroom. Jin asked you the next morning and you laughed at him incredulously. 

“What do you mean I was cooking last night?” You looked up from the stove when you had gotten up this morning everything was clean in the kitchen, no sign of a mess. 

“You heard me, I came out here at like 3 am and you were making pancakes.”

“Pancakes?” Jin opened your refrigerator and pulled our a plate of pancakes wrapped in cellophane. 

“Babe, you made pancakes.”

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Yoongi loved the way you slept. You slept with one leg hanging the edge of the bed, the other strewn across the pillows. You would try to find every position imaginable to get comfortable when you slept. 99% of the time you ended up curled into him, gripping him in a bear like grip until he shook you off in the morning.  This morning was no different, only this time you had managed to lock your legs around his caging him to you. 

“Y/N… I have to get up and go to work.” He gumbled, you groaned and locked your legs tighter around him. 

“No. Stay with me, all day.” You replied. He laughed and kissed your forehead. 

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“Y/N, I have a question for you.” Hoseok tapped your stomach lightly. You turned from the television to look at your boyfriend. He was smiling at you, per usual. “Did you know you hit me in your sleep?” You raised a brow and coughed. 

“I do what?” You asked, crawling over to sit in his lap. 

“Yeah, you flail your arms and slap me, it really hurts Jagi.” he whined at you, he knew you probably couldn’t help it. He kind of found it funny. You, on the other hand, were mortified. You didn;t even realized you did this. How could you hit your boyfriend? 

“Hobi, I am so so sorry!” You cupped his cheeks and he shook his head a lslighy liaugh bubling from him. 

“Jagi, it’s okay.”

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Namjoon didn’t expect to see you walking around the house at midnight when he arrived home from practice late one night. You were pacing around the living room. He set his keys down and cocked his head to the side. 

“Y/N?” You didnt answer him, instead continuing your pacing. He strode over to you and gently shook you. You jolted awake and he smiled. 

“Joon? What are you doing?” You were confused. How did you end up in the living room? 

“I just got home, why were you pacing in the living room?” He asked and you sighed.  You were doing it again. You used to sleepwalk. It happened mainly during times of stress and you had some stress from work that had been building up.

“I’m sorry, I uh… I sleep walk when I get stressed.”

“Then, we need to find a way to relieve that stress.”

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Jimin woke up cold. He swore he went to bed warm and curled up with the love of his life. He turned turned to you and found the entire comforter wrapped around you. You were tucked in like a burrito. It was the sixth time this week that you had stolen the blankets from him. “Jagi, wake up.” He gently nudged you until awoke. You flared st him, wondering why he disturbed your sleep. 

“What?” You sat up, your cocoon of warmth leaving you as you tried to rub the sleep out of your eyes. Jimin gestured to your blankets.

“Babe, we have to talk about your problem.”


“Y/N, you steal all the covers and I am cold.” Jimin whined with a pout. You rolled your eyes.

“Chim You’re being dramatic.” He laughed at you suddenly, you groaned looking at the alarm clock. “Jimin it’s 4 am, I am going back to sleep.”

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Tae thought it was hilarious, hearing the things you said in your sleep. The first night he stayed over in your apartment you had been asleep, talking fervently about how the lemon meringue pies were out to get you. The next morning he teased you relentlessly and you slapped his arm. You were embarrassed by it. 

“Look, you do it too Kim Taehyung.” You accused and he looked over at you incredulously. 

“I do not!” He exclaimed and hugged you to him. Tae was such a hypocrite, he talked non-stop at night, especially when he came home from tour. 

Jagi, the purple penguins are wearing sequined tuxedos!” You mocked and he laughed loudly. 

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Jungkook tried to think of all the ways he could get you to stop snoring at night. He loved you, more than anything but, My God he thought you were dying everytime you stayed over at the dorms. Jungkook loved you to death, he had tried to lift your pillows up, tried those breath right strips. Everything. He hadn’t properly slept in days. 

“Jungkook, what’s wrong?” You asked him one morning over breakfast. He looked up at you tiredly.

“You snore honey.” Jungkook took a large swig of coffee and you chuckled.

“I know.”

“Can it be fixed?” He would never want to change anything about you, but God He Just wanted some sleep.

“I’ll go to the doctor and get it checked out.”

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more sentence starters !!

here’s another compilation of my fav sentence starters bc i love making these !!  feel free to add your own (◕‿◕✿)


1. “Your hair is so soft..”
2. “It’s too cold! Come back!”
3. “No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.”
4. “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”
5. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”
6. Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.
7. What? does that feel good?
8. Just pretend to be my date.
9. He/She did it. No he/she did.
10. I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.
11. It’s not a double dat. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.
12. No no–it’s alright, come here.
13. I’m not going to leave you. You’re never going to have to suffer by yourself again, I promise.
14. Look, I know we don’t know each other that well, but I’m still worried about you. No one deserves to be alone.
15. If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.
16. I think I might be falling in love with you.
17. Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.
18. It’s not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger.
19. Mmm.. you’re warm.
20. You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this..
21. I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..
22. No, you can’t get up! You’re my prisoner for today.
23. Shh, it was just a bad dream. Just a dream, okay? None of it was really.
24. You know I’m/we’re always here for you, right?
25. Please talk to me about it.
26. You have something in you hair.. um–do you want me to get it out?
27.  I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..
28. I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm and I didn’t want to wake you.
29. I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.
30. I can’t believe I got the first date, let alone a year.
31. Wanna, like–I mean, if you’re not busy.. We could get lunch? Or even just coffee if you don’t have a lot of time?
32. So I was driving past a pet store and couldn’t help but wonder how cute an animal would be like in our home..
33. Let’s just stay in bed.
34. We live together. You can’t blame this on anyone else.
35. I think I might be pregnant..
36. I want to try for a baby.
37. You would make the perfect father/mother.
38. Think about it. The little patter of children in our home.
39. I want to marry you.
40. I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water.


41. You’re just not the same anymore..
42. It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?
43. What the hell is your problem?!
44. Why do you run away from your problems all the time?
45. You can’t keep it all inside, you know? Bottling it up won’t do any good.
46. Hey, I know you’re hurting.. but, you’re not alone, okay?
47. I hate you! I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.
48. You lost your chance.
49. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.
50. You can’t just lose your temper like this every time you get a bit upset!
51. Calm down! You’re scaring me!
52. Don’t look at me like that.
53. Were you ever going to tell me?
54. I’m done trying to help you!
55. Sorry doesn’t fix everything.
56. You didn’t call. You didn’t text. Nothing.
57. It isn’t up for debate.
58. I don’t know what’s wrong, okay? I’m just… really tired.
59. I’m fine. Stop asking.
60. I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong, and don’t try lying to me.
61. I hope someday you get a taste of your own medicine.
62. Pack you shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!
63. Is this how little you think of me?
64. I can’t do this anymore.. not with you.
65.Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!
66. You said you’d always be there for me… so how did this happened? Why weren’t you there?
67. Did it ever occur to you that you’re hurting me too?
68. I don’t need help! I just want the pain to stop!
69. We can be friends instead.
70. I tried to move on, but nobody is you.
71. Do I look like I’ve moved on?
72. I don’t remember a fight or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?
73. Can I at least buy you a coffee? For old times sake.
74. I can’t take the loneliness anymore.
75. What are you talking about? You’re married!
76. I feels like everyone just forgot I exist.
77. Maybe I’m meant to be alone.
78. I gave you your chance, and you just used it to stab me in the back.
79. I’ve been alone for so long..
80. But you promised..


81. I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.
82. I want you. Right here. Right now.
83. I’d be more than happy to show you a good time, if you’re looking for one.
84. It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.
85. It’s been a long day. Why don’t we help each other unwind?
86. Oh don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.
87.They always make shower sex sounds so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.
88. Did you just… finish?
89. Tell me what you want.
90.Get on your knees. Now.
91.Your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like..
92. I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.
93. Move your hands to the side. I want to hear you.
94. You’re so sexy when you’re all hot and bothered.
95. How bad do you want me?
96. Do you know how bad I want you?
97. I’ve been thinking about this all night.98. Don’t cover your face. I want to see you.
99. Come sit in my lap.
100. You’re so beautiful all spread out like this, just for me.

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Actually have been hesitating about posting this in Tumblr for weeks now, but…guess why not. Not translating his Q&A though…=_=

And no need for other members, I presume? =_=“

look I love when girls cover ‘take me to church’ and don’t change the pronouns, but can we PLEASE stop saying that it somehow 'makes’ the song gay???? The song is about institutionalized homophobia. 'Take me to church’ has ALWAYS been gay, regardless of the gender of the singer. Saying that a female singer makes it gay completely erases the fact that it was never straight in the first place.


Galactic Mermaid

I dipped into my Colour Pop shadows and whoa boy! You just need to test out one of them and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I also used my NYX colored mascara for my brow, it takes about 3 coats to cover all of my brow. If you have blonde or thinner brows it won’t take as many coats.

As a side note, I did apply the shadows with a primer. I never wear eyeshadow without a primer so these don’t get any different treatment.

Products used:
NYX colored mascara in Pink Perfect
Colour Pop Shocking Shadows in Play (transition), Bandit (crease), Bae (lower lash line, crease, and putter corner), Pop Rocks (lid)
Ardell Demi Wispies
L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush
Elf Lock&Seal
Pacifica liner in Gun Metal

Clothes for Larger Trans Women

Hey, guys. So I’m a trans man and I’ve always been on the bigger size. I’m cleaning out my closet of my more feminine clothing (skirts, blouses, dress pants, a couple of shoes) and I would like to give them to fellow members of the trans community. My pant/skirt size is about 28 (women)/4x/54 (men). My shirt size is about 3x. Shoe size is women’s 11, men’s 9. 

I do have at least 2 gently used bras, and those are 44B, so if anyone wants those, I’d be happy to get rid of them.

I know it can be rough to get new clothing when you’re transitioning, especially for bigger folks. So if you need some clothes, please email me at (tumblr has been weird about messages for me). All I’d ask is that you cover shipping cost. And if you can’t use the clothes, please pass the word along.

BTS - hearing you sing for the first time.

Request:  Boyfriend BTS hearing you sing for the first time? If you do this then thank you.


You was singing loudly with your headphones. And your boyfriend was filming you. “BABE!” You yell at him. “What?” “Stop filming.” “No. You sound great.” “Oh sure.” You laughed.


So in love! He would just watch while you sing, thinking how amazing you are.


He’d be so excited! He asked you to sing a song for him and when you do, it was like WOW! “OH MY GOD JAGI !!!!” “What?” “Why you never sang to me before?” “I don’t know. You never asked me.”


As soon as you started singing, he was all excited about the covers you could do together. “Baby, your voice is wonderful.” “Oh really?” “Yeah, just like you.”


Like Yoongi, he would just look. Completely in love and lost in his thoughts.


You were singing distractedly, in your bedroom. You noticed your boyfriend at the door, looking at you with a smile. “What?” “Your voice is very beautiful, baby.”



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Pairing: Vernon/Reader

Genre: Fluffy fluff fluff

Summary: Either Vernon serves you and risks screwing up, or he sits in the kitchen until you leave. He chose the latter. 

Author’s note: Seriously, I was about to call this “Vernon with the good hair” just for shits and giggles.I’m really just digging using my weird stories and turning them into imagines I guess. Plus I love dorky Seventeen being bad at flirting. I’m defs going to do more. I even have “Quirky Tales of a Flirting Neophyte” Feat. everyone’s favorite bad flirter. hint hint; he 19 and I don’t think he’s ever properly spoken to a girl in his life. Anyways Enjoy!!

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Warm Me Up Ch. 34

OH SNAP-WHAT’S THAT- A NEW CHAPTER FUCK YEAH, (To the tune of Usnavi’s excitement after getting a date with Vanessa. Can you tell I’m obsessed? Also, listen to Lady Gaga’s A Million Reasons as well as Secondhand Serenade’s Fall for You and Tori Kelly’s/ Ed Sheeran’s I Was Made For Loving You for this chapter <3)

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click Here for Ch. 33


It wasn’t until a little past noon that Will got worried. He hadn’t gotten a text from Nico, and when he called, Nico didn’t answer. He pulled Kayla along past the HEB and hefted a few bags in his other hand. “Come on, Princess time to go home. You sure you don’t want help with the bag?”

“I got it. I wanna give it to him.” Will smiled and nodded, walking along the sidewalk. The sun was beating down, but the wind that blew around them offered enough relief. Kayla bounded along in a pink sundress with her red hair pulled up into a ponytail, skipping over cracks in the sidewalk. Suddenly, Kayla stopped, causing Will to falter. “Look, it’s Nico!”

He frowned and looked up to see Nico pacing back and forth with a cigarette in one hand as his other ran through his hair. Immediately, Will felt the instinct to go to him and find out what was wrong. “Come on,” he told his sister, gripping her hand as they crossed at a light.

“Why is he smoking?” she asked as he pulled her along. “Isn’t that bad?” Will didn’t answer, his eyes on Nico as he paced. “Will, I’m scared,” Kayla whimpered.

“No, no, no, it’s okay,” he assured. “Just hold on a second, okay?” He reached the bus stop and reached out, stopping Nico mid-pace. He jumped, and looked up with frightened, tear-filled eyes. “What happened, Nico, what’s wrong?” he asked anxiously.

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Kinda freaking out about the fact that Anthony Hamilton not only watched Valmani's contemporary piece but also took the time to look up Normani since he tweeted her complimenting her voice. Dwts brought so many blessings man. And Jaquel Knight commented on her ig video. I know you're a Bey stan so I don't have to tell you who this is lol

What I love most about her getting noticed nowadays is that she hasn’t had to compromise herself or her morals for it. N’s literally just being herself, and that’s what makes me the most excited and proud. She’s matured and evolved thanks to this journey but she’s the same ole N. I grew up listening to Anthony Hamilton so for him to even acknowledge her and commend her on her talent is wild to me 😱 And yes, of course I know who Jaquel is lol Actually fun fact, I learned about J.K. a few years back through Sean (5h’s choreographer). He and Bankhead are the best of friends and he’d always be in S.B’s dance videos and I went searching for him one day. So obviously I was excited for him when he officially became about of Bey’s team (I’m generally excited for anyone who gets to work with my Queen). Also, a lot Bankhead’s established dancer friends have been commending Normani on her performances, which I’m sure is a huge compliment to her because I am always happy when professional/fulltime dancers say great things about her.


Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Summary: There’s a case to be solved but is it really ghosts or just some crazy human??

Warnings: Smut (I’m sorry), blood, violence, someone dies.

Word Count: 1,136

A/N: This is for @roxy-davenport’s SPN Birthday Celebration. I hope you enjoy hun and happy belated birthday.

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“Dean! Dean! Are you even listening to me?“

Dean turned to you looking annoyed. “I was listening.”

“Ok then tell me what I said.” Silence fell in the room. “Exactly you didn’t hear a word I just said.” You snapped in anger. “Look Dean, I don’t have to be here. I have a case to take care of, and spending time with you puts everything I have at risk. If people knew I was spending time with a demon, well they’d hunt me down.”

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Just wanted to say your kingdom hearts AU makes me so unbelievably happy. Kingdom hearts and voltron are such big parts of my life so seeing them combined is just amazing!! So thank you!

Ahhhh I am so glad you liking it !! C: 

And it makes me unbelievably happy that one of my oldest fandoms and one of my all time favorite things get this much approve for an AU for my current fandom and OTP. 

<3 so thank you

Home - Arkham!Jason x Reader

A/N: AAAAAHHHH Beauty and the Beast comes out this week so I’m celebrating it the only way I know how: by making an angsty songfic. So this one is based off the Broadway version’s ‘Home’. It’s one of my absolute favorite songs from all the iterations of Beauty and the Beast!

Word count: 1,737

You’re an idiot of the absolute worst kind.

The city had been evacuated and you were just about to get on the very last bus out of the city when you realized you had left all of your father’s research back at your apartment. Your father urged you to forget about it, that it wasn’t important but you ran off anyway before he could stop you. That research was important, he had been working on it your entire childhood and you just knew that it would change the world one day. You couldn’t just sit by and chance it being destroyed along with the city.

So you ran back into the city, knowing fully well that there would be no more evacuation buses headed out of the city and there was a possibility that you might die. You dad tried to stop you as did the officers guarding the buses but you easily slipped past them. You father tried going after you but the officers were successful in stopping him.

‘Don’t worry dad. We’ve lived in Gotham for over twenty years, I’m sure I can find a way to survive this new level of hell.’

You quickly travel back to your apartment and shuffle through the papers at your father’s desk before stuffing them, along with his numerous notebooks into your backpack. When you thought you had everything that you could possibly ever miss you left your apartment and locked the door behind you. Tightly clutching the straps of your backpack you cautiously made your way to the GCPD building. You figured that would be the safest place for you given the circumstances.

The city is in a worse state than you thought. Criminals run rampant, raiding unsecured stores and breaking into any abandoned cars left of the street. The city is empty so the city’s worms came out to feast on Gotham’s corpse.You kept your head down and tried to avoid drawing any attention to yourself. But of course you couldn’t be that lucky. A group of thugs spotted you and started following you, calling catcalls at you as they stalked behind you. Your heart started racing as you began to quicken your pace. You need to get to the police station now.

You were less than a block from the GCPD building when the thugs roughly grabbed you by the arm and shoved you against the brick wall of a building.

“Pretty and dumb. Just my type.” One of them purred in your ear. You felt like vomiting at the way they were leering at you. One of the thugs reached up and attempted to grab hold of your face but you responded by biting down on his hand. He howled in pain and whipped his gun out, pressing it against your temple.

“Fucking bitch! Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t pump your head full of lead. Gotham’s lawless now sweetheart, no one’s going to care if one bitch drops dead.” He growled, cocking the gun, fully prepared to pull the trigger. You clenched your eyes closed so that you wouldn’t see the shot coming. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard a nearby gunshot ring out but you slowly opened your eyes when you realized the shot didn’t come from the gun pressed to your head. You relief was short lived however when you saw that your attacker now had a fresh bullet hole through his temple, his expression now blank and lifeless.

You screamed in fright and shoved the corpse away from you. The body hit the pavement with a hard thud. The other attackers ran off as soon as the shot had rang out but now you were trying to run away as well. Your body ran smack into the assassin, his hands reaching out to take hold of your arms. You let out another scream which he instantly covered with his large hand.

“Do you want to get shot?” He growled through the modified voice his helmet was omitting. With tears streaming down your cheeks you shook your head fearfully. Suddenly, a car speed down the road and squealed to a stop in front of you.

“Get in.” Your new captor demanded. You were hesitant to follow his orders but at the same time you very much wanted to survive tonight. When you were seated in the car he tied a blindfold over your eyes and instructed the driver to go.

“Where are you taking me?” You asked, your voice quivering with fear. The car was silent except for the occasional chatter of the radio in the front seat. Your captor sighed and shifted forward in the seat.

“I’m taking you somewhere safe. Gotham is about to turn into a giant shit show.”

“Please. I just want to go home.” You pleaded.

“Believe me, this is the safest place in Gotham. Nothing bad will happen to you.” He swore. The car drove on in heavy silence until you eventually felt it come to a stop.

“I’m going to pick you up now. I’m not going to hurt you.” He warned before taking you into his arms and lifting you off the seat. He walked with you in his arms for a ways before he set you back on your feet, keeping a firm hand on your shoulder as if to say ‘don’t fucking run’. You hear the click of a lock and he guides you through the doorway before closing the door behind him. He steps behind you and removes the blindfold from your eyes.

You blinked a few times as your eyes adjusted to taking in light again. You were surprised to find that the place he took you to looked like a cozy apartment other than the fact that there were no windows. All the light in the apartment-like bunker came from artificial light sources.

You turned to him, finally getting a good look at him for the first time. He was tall and muscular but that’s about all that you could tell about him because covering his face was a smooth that glowed blue. His whole appearance seemed soldier like and his whole appearance screamed power and control.

“Please let me go. I won’t tell anybody about any of this I swear.” You pleaded once more. Everything about this man frightened you to the bone. How the hell did you get yourself into this mess?

“This is for your own safety. You’ll be safe here for now.” He repeated. “If you need anything there are guards just outside the door.”

“Please I-” You started to argue

“You’re staying here. It won’t be safe out there for you tonight. This is your home for now.” He leaves slamming the door behind him. You rush to the door and turned the handle to find it locked from the outside.

“Let me go! Please!” You cried pounding at the door only to be met with silence. When you realized that you would be getting no help from anyone, you hung your head in your hands and slid down the door. You brought your knees up to your chin and began sobbing. You felt so hopeless and terrified. You just wanted to go home.

When you had no more tears to shed you pushed yourself onto your feet and aimlessly explored what would be your new home. You couldn’t help but to bitterly scoff at the thought. Home? How could you ever consider a place like this home?

Sighing, you walked into what would best be described as a living room and found the remote to the TV, your only line to the outside world. You changed it to the news channel only to see coverage of the carnage that was plaguing the city right now. You supposed your captor was right. There was no way you’d be able to survive up there now. If only for your survival for your father’s sake, this was the best place for you to stay.

Not that you really had a choice in the matter anyway.

Your blood boiled when the news coverage turned to who was behind all this. A photo taken from a blurry security camera was blown up on the screen. On figure was clearly the Scarecrow, the other unknown accomplice at his side was currently being debated by the commentators but you knew that striking figure from anywhere. This man who was plotting to take over the city was the same man who seemed to care enough about your safety to hide you away wherever this place was.

You felt sick to your stomach. Sick that a monster like him showed you some level of consideration, sick that this man had so much power over you and the city, sick that you were powerless to stop any of this. All you could do was sit here, locked away, and watch the horror unfold.

Savior or not, you could never forgive him for what he was doing to your city. If he thinks that sparing you from what he had planned made everything right he needs to think again.

You got to your feet and threw the remote down on the couch behind you. You had to find a way out of here and soon. You started searching the bunker for any way out. The apartment was flawless and had no clear way out other than the front door. The door was clearly not an option seeing as how the Arkham Knight’s men would be standing guard. There is no escape.

You felt a chill strike though your heart. You don’t deserve to lose your freedom in this way but you could see no way out. What you’d give to return to the life that you’ve known lately to escape this entire nightmare and just be back home at your family’s side.

But you can’t. You are at the complete mercy of this monster shut away from the world until who knows when. If you’re here for a day or forever you will never stop trying to escape. He’ll have to build higher walls around you, post an army at your door, change every lock and key before you’d ever stop trying to escape the Arkham Knight.


All About You cover (ft. Calum Hood)

This is my first proper cover that I’ve filmed, and since I hate my own voice I tried to hide behind the beauty that is Calum Hood :) 

Sorry for the shitty video quality, I hope you like it anyways.

Undercover (2/?)

Summary: You haven’t been on a mission in months, you stay behind your desk at SHIELD headquarters a lot recently.  When Fury calls you for an important undercover  mission, well, you cant really tell him no , can you? You just wish you knew what you were getting yourself into beforehand.

Pairing: Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader (kinda)

Warnings: Swearing, awkwardness 

Marvel MasterList

Undercover MasterList

                                                     Chapter Two

     It takes you a minute to snap out of your shock, but then you quickly follow behind Steve.  As you step In the house, you scan your new surroundings. You slowly walk around the TV room,  your eyes going to the line of pictures on the mantel of the fireplace.  Each one sent a wave of warmth in you , every picture is of you and Steve. The wedding photo of you two dancing is what your eyes are stuck on.  Damn, who ever made these is seriously talented! Part of you is jealous, wishing that what the pictures portray could be real. The other part of you , the more sensibly side, is reminding you that you are in fact on a mission .

You hear footsteps from behind you , and you can feel Steves body heat radiating off him .

  The house isn’t bugged, Captain.” you say as you turn to face your new husband.

He nods,  a blush creeps over his cheeks as he begins speaking, “ Ill never understand how they could make these pictures so real.” he says, his eyes going to the wedding picture .

“ Who ever did it is very gifted,that kind of technology is still a mystery to me too. I’m Y/n , by the way.” There is a small hint of awkwardness between the two of you , but you don’t expect anything less. He shakes your hand, your heart feels like its going to beat out of your chest at the contact. I need to control myself, this is for business, not pleasure.

You clear your throat, “ Want to fill me in on exactly what I’m walking into?”

  He nods, sitting on the couch , gesturing for you to join . You take the seat next to him.

Steve spends the next hour explaining details. You two are newlyweds, that just moved here to start your life together. There is a retirement party being thrown for a Sergeant at the station in a week, and families are expected to be there.  It would be suspicious if you didn’t attend, risking blowing this mission is not an option; that’s why you are here.  You aren’t here just to play arm candy for him though , you are to get close with the others families to see if theres any hint as to who is HYDRA .  Steve also informs you that  A lot of these men have government ties, the chance that their ties are also Hydra is high . The last thing this country needs is anymore Hydra agents in government positions.

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. “Okay , so the house is the only safe zone as of right now. Everywhere else, our cover is up . You know what that entails, right ?“ you shyly ask .

 "uhm I - yes ma'am .  We have to act like a real married couple. Hand holding, kissing- ”

“ You sure you can keep up with the PDA ?” you tease . Steves cheeks turn pink, his eyes crinkling as he shoots you a goofy smile.

“ Don’t worry , I wont get too handsy. Maybe ” you wink as the last word leaves your lips. You didn’t think it was possible, but hes blushing even harder. This is going to be interesting.

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    You spend the rest of that day learning more about your covers, memorizing all the details you could about Chris Smith .  When its time for bed, Steve tries to take the couch .   What a gentleman .

” You know, if we want to sell the part we should start getting comfortable around each other Steve. You’re sleeping in the bed, no arguments.“

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He didn’t try to argue , he agreed with your point.  You follow behind him as he guides you to the master bedroom, which is a lot bigger than you thought itd be. It was very spacious, with a giant bed placed against the back  wall. The walls are grey , yellow accents placed around the room. You feel oddly at home already .  You both agree to sleep in what you’re most comfortable in ; leaving Steve in nothing but flannel pants , & you in a baggy tee& underwear. 

   When you finally collapse into bed, Steve stays more than an arms length away . Has he ever shared a bed before?

” i don’t bite Steve, you don’t have to lay all the way over there.“  you joke .

 He shuffles closer, but still not close enough .  He is not making this easy .  You bite the bullet, scooting yourself back until your ass is against him. You hear him gasp at the contact, making you slyly smile.  

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” you okay with this?“ you softly ask, not wanting to push him too far .

” yeah “ he releases a loud sigh , he lightly drapes his arm over your waist, testing the waters to see how you’ ll react. When you don’t flinch, he properly rests his arm over you , his hand grazing your bare thigh .

” Good night Steve.“ you mumble, letting your eyes slip closed .

” Good night, wife.“ you feel him smile against your hair, your lips twitch up as you finally drift asleep.

   The doorbell jolts you both out of your sleep, you send Steve a ‘wtf’ look before he rolls out of bed , throwing on a t shirt and sliding a gun into the back waistline of his pants. He’s out of the room before your feet hit the ground . Your scitter into the bathroom, shedding your tee and sliding into the silk robe that is hanging on the back of the door. You tie it around you , then  grab your pockey knife from the bathroom drawer and slip  it into your pocket in case. You bolt from the room, but as you approach the front room you hear an additional voice that you cant recognize.

” I was in the neighborhood, thought id drop by so i could finally meet your wife Smith! You cant hide her forever!“ the voice teases. Who ever this man is sounds harmless, but you know not to judge a book by its cover.

Steve goes to speak , but you interrupt . Putting forth your best innocent voice,

” Sweetheart, what- Oh , hello .“ you say shyly, pulling your robe tighter against your body .

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” You didn’t tell us she was this beautiful man!“ the man says, slapping Steve on the shoulder. You watch the blush rise on Steves face when he sees you ,The robe was short and black, hitting you  about mid thigh so it showcases your legs perfectly.

You giggle as you shake the mans hand,

” I’m , Peter . You must be the famous Anne,its nice to finally meet you.“ he says with a smile.

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” Its nice to meet you too Peter! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone else at the party next week .“ you say as you move to Steve side , interlocking your hands as soon as your close enough .

"  You don’t have to wait that long sweetheart, me & my wife are having a bonfire tonight . Some of our neighbors, along with co workers will be there! Give you two a chance to meet new people other than our co workers pal. ” He says , elbowing Steve in the ribs.  Oh crap, we need an excuse. I’m not ready! I was banking on having a week to prepare more before having to be in this situation! Your smile doesn’t leave your face as your internal panic increase . Little did you know Steve was worrying as well .   Before Steve can politely decline the offer, Peter adds,

“ I’m not taking no as an answer. We’ve all been dying to meet Anne,  we’ll see you 7 !” he says as he walks out . 

Well shit .

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dragonofthegalaxy  asked:

Drabble game 15. “On your knees” and 19. “Don’t be bad” with yoongi please ^_^

15: “on your knees”
19: “dont be bad”

You could always tell when Yoongi had a bad day at work when he walked into your apartment and slammed his stuff on the table. You knew you were the only thing that could soothe him whenever he had a rough day and you were always ready to help him calm down.

Today, he walked in just like normal, slamming his bag on the table and immediately searching for you. 

“Where are you, love?” he asked and you could hear the gruff tiredness laced in his voice. 

“I’m in here,” you called from your shared bedroom, quickly trying to make yourself presentable for your boyfriend. 

“Hi,” he smiled softly when he saw you, running a hand through the strands of his hair. 

You walked up behind him and began to slowly massage his shoulders as you kissed along his neck in greeting. 

“How was work?” you asked, even though you already knew the answer. 

“It was actually okay today,” he replied, making you raise your eyebrows in surprise, “but I couldn’t get you out of my head all day.”

You subtly blushed at his words laced with pure sin as he turned his head to kiss your lips. The kiss quickly turned deeper as you stopped massaging his neck in order to get closer to him and wrap your arms around his neck. 

“So you’re in a good mood today?” you questioned as Yoongi began to back you up towards the bed. 

“I never said that,” he answered, “I’ve been thinking about every inch of you all day, having to cover up my boner from my coworkers. So I’ve been struggling today babygirl.”

His words gave you a burst of confidence, making you reconnect your lips as your tongue swept across his lips, silently asking for entrance that he immediately granted. 

You tongue slipped past his lips and brushed against his own, making you softly whimper into his mouth. You were starting to feel playful as you pulled back and nipped on Yoongi’s bottom lip, making him groan softly. 

“On your knees baby,” he said as he reached down and started palming the bulge that had formed in his slacks. 

You smirked and moved his hand to the side, replacing it with your own as you ignored his demand. Yoongi let out a low growl that was barely audible as he tossed his head back, letting his mind relax for a moment and thrusting into your touch. 

He soon realized what you were doing, however, and regained self control as he grabbed your wrist and pulled it away from him. 

“Don’t be bad, princess,” he ordered, “you know how I get when you disobey me.”