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disappoint me daddy
  • dan and phil play dream daddy!! i messaged people abt this like a week and a half ago and immediately thought oh no what hell have i wished upon us but it is HERE
  • to be fair i am on my second watch so this isn’t. reacting
  • 0:47 and dan is already talking about barebacking i want to delete all of this

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A former writer of 1N2D took this picture during her last filming day with the show last week and she posted a long note explaining one of the things that made her proud of the 1N2D members.

She ended up her message saying that she was able to be happy all this time thanks to them and that from now she’ll keep on being a 1N2D fan forever.

In the final hashtag, she asks journalists to write more articles about this (rather than say… stupid rumors like dating scandals or whatnot I guess). She also wrote that Junho is not on the picture because he had to poop first and ended up at the back of the queue as a result hahahaha!

Thanks @JJYAustralia over on Twitter for translating this heartfelt post~

Yeoman, huh?

Intro: So this is a LONG LONG LONG overdue request from @annalisehartmann so I apologize a million times over and over for the lateness of this one.  But it’s super long so I hope that makes up for it!  And I kinda love it a lot so I hope it’s alright!

I guess I’ll start us off for the Trek Fest 2017!  Organized by the amazing @outside-the-government and the first week is all about Jim!  It just so happened that I finished this and scheduled it to post today, without even knowing it was June 1st lol.   

Pairing: Jim x reader

Word Count: 4,300ish (haha whoops)

Summary: The reader is an accomplished yeoman assigned to the Enterprise to work with Jim Kirk. They only know of Kirk what comes from his reputation, which isn’t very good. But once they start working together, they realize the Captain is not all of what his reputation sets before him.  When aliens attack the ship, the reader gets caught up in the battle.  Are they willing to risk everything to save the man they are falling for?

Warning: very fluffy.  much fluff.  

A/N: So my starting idea for this one is that the reader has the wrong idea about Jim, and goes into working with him with this idea.  I do not think Jim is any of the things the reader thinks, but that is just part of the story.  

Also, I had to throw Scotty in there, of course I did.  He’s my fave, of course! 

Let me know what you think about Jim’s characterization here, because I feel like it was more TOS than AOS (see notes at bottom for more).  


You knew you wanted to be a yeoman ever since you were little.  

Every other kid wanted to be a doctor, or lawyer, or a captain.  But not you. You loved listening to the stories your mom told, as she was a yeoman herself, and you knew the position inside and out, even before you could pursue the career itself.   You wanted to be the right hand of the captain, helping to organize things and filter information, and set the captain straight as needed.

You had been top of your class at the Academy, and had been assigned to 5 different ships, 5 different captains in the 5 years since you graduated, and you loved every single minute of it. 

After just finishing up a 6 month mission, you were excited to hear what your new assignment would be. 

But when the name showed up on your PADD, you groaned. 

“What?” Your best friend, Rowena, looked over your shoulder. 

“I’m assigned to the Enterprise.” You informed, skimming over your new assignment. 

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It’s okay

hey wow would you look at that i actually finished the fic i’ve been talking about writing for like a week. not my best work ever, probably, but i’m fairly happy with it. 

i made that long-ass post about my autistic!logan headcanon a while back and i wanted to do something more with it, so, uh, this is it, i guess? warnings: sensory overload, internalized ableism (aka me projecting all my issues onto logan sorry buddy), anxiety (the feeling not the character).

also, i want to emphasize this, autism is a very diverse spectrum. not everyone with autism experiences it in the same way. this fic is based off of my personal experience. do not assume that all autistic people are like this.

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It's Such a Mystery Why You're Here (but I can't live without you)

Trimberly Songfic based on Bittersweet by P!@TD

Excerpt: “She imagined the girl might have thrown the hard, metal bottle right at Zack’s face had he asked the same question.”

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I’m reaaaallly behind on posting pics of these guys. These are from last Tuesday, and I just took some new ones today that I’ll hopefully get posted before I leave for ~Thailand~ woo, BUT… y’all, I got some tiny-ass caterpillars this year. The luna cats all pupated at exactly 4 weeks even though they were still pretty small, and it looks like the promethea cats are doing the same, though about half are still eating and growing. Kind of weird, but as long as they’re healthy, I guess? Considering how much trouble I had getting caterpillars to survive or even hatch this year, I’ll take whatever I get.

Unfortunately this means most, if not all, of the luna moths will emerge while I’m gone (I should still be able to get pics though), but I’ll be back just in time for the promethea moths to start emerging. And they will be so tiny. Soooo tiny.  

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How do u feel with "The Smothering" being so close to completion? Excited? Nervous? All of the above?

Pretty pumped dude.

I’ve got two weeks solidly free. The episode’s been close to finished for a while and I want to get it done (everything handed off to an editor) by the end of these two weeks.

Not personally knowing much about editing I can’t make a decent guess at how long it’ll be, but be assured that while it’s being finished we’ll post lots of updates.

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hey i follow a writer that takes months in between chapters/stories, this year they've only posted twice! but omg when they do post i obsess over it for weeks afterwards because they're so good, sometimes they reference a detail from a previous chapter that i forgot so i get to read it all again! and it's super awesome again! i guess my point is i'm sure most of us get that it takes a really long time to create something, and we'll still like it no matter the wait, does that make sense?

I don’t know much about the standard of deadlines for webcomics ( since it so widely depends.) So I was worried it was too long, but judging by peeps’s replies: its not so it was a relief~

I thank ye for the reassurance! ♡

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What the heck was M, C/huck, Pricky, etc. doing today? I'm worried it's a video for CG and the beard is going to be in it.

Anon. Sadly that’s exactly what was happening. This better be a part of her finale package. I guess as he won’t let her show off her musical “talent” a video is the compromise? And I can only imagine her rage this week over Lea. That certainly could’ve helped.

Sadly. I will never watch this or support it. And the worst part about this hot mess? It’s there forever. Even after she is long gone.

And it’s not just her. It’s all of the leaches. The whole group that has supported and enabled her. Lulu appeared to style it. Joe and Traci. Jamie. Zoe posted from the set.

This does scream pay out. To the whole group. These people weren’t just randomly selected.

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You don't like Clexa but you like a rapist, abusive uglyface genocide ? You're homophobic, I can't with y' all blorkes, like you say I'm bi but I fucking know you're just lying, your ship is fucking abusive and toxic but I guess now you're happy because the lesbian is dead, guess what she's still more popular than your xenophobe, rapist genocide king :)

… I haven’t even posted about the 100 since last week. Y'all come from left field 😂😂

Anyways go for a walk and take some fresh air I think being in your room for so long is doing things to your judgement like thinking I care.

so if within the first week of the goblin’s presidency he’s already censoring government officials from posting scientific data, how long is it before he and his admin targets online info and activists?? i’m guessing not long. i’m already screwed so i’m probably just gonna focus on being as vocal as possible for as long as i can, BUT i think it’d be a good idea if people started downloading stuff at risk of being taken down asap. print it all out, ideally

socialist books and feminist and black power stuff, how-tos on resistance and rioting, INFORMATION ABOUT TRUMP’S ILLEGITIMATE ELECTION and comparisons to other fascist regimes….i mean it’s all fair game at this point. the stuff he’s doing now would’ve been nigh on unthinkable a month ago; what will they be doing a month from today?

hope for the best, prepare for the worst. digital mediums won’t be safe if/when we go into Full Dictatorship Mode. i wouldn’t be surprised if we lose the internet as well. we need to be prepared to spread info/resistance propaganda and organize without it. just a thought

My thoughts on Brave Frontier Global currently running

Brave Frontier for me has been a game I’ve played for an awfully long time. Even now, I like all the JP units and lore and of course the music. But this post I want to express my concern on Global’s actions and events which occurred, which will link to the financial aspect Gumi’s looking guilty about.

So as I’ve heard, Gumi’s been a bit greedy lately. I think it was more noticeable since the Regil/Cleria/Shion/Marietta resummon gate was released again after it was up the previous week a while back this year. Of course, with the most popular/OP units that (I guess) still are the meta present-day, back then when the resummon gates were first released with rates up on the four mentioned above (I know Marietta isn’t AS popular/meta but you know), it would be easier to bait people into buying in-app purchases since well… OP and cheese everything (and we know Shion especially with that UBB). So I presume that’s why a week after that gate was first available, it appeared again.

Also, that big summon ticket pack that costed… $50 or more? Yeah. Bit suspicious too.

And of course currently the events leading up to Vortex Arena, including Blaze summons (some said they were sh!t/fake but I saw one team somewhere with 5 Blazes…) the quick releases of LEs and Guild raid summonables, even ranking up was an issue myself in VA.

I mean Gumi, if you want us to keep buying, could we at least get some goodies like JP are if it’s possible? I’m certain fans would like a Global Edition Brave Frontier Soundtrack (only Guild Raid music would be new probably), or plushies, card arenas; something that’s not relied on RNGneus to get. (Like those summon tickets which give me dupes frequently). Not all the money you earn should be ONLY from the game itself.

But yeah, Gumi’s actions in-game and the community’s comments already give me the impression too that something has to really be done. Having merchandise would be really cool to be honest. Especially exclusive global ones 😁

I honestly don’t want to quit the game anytime soon since I know there’s so much more potential to make the game, even the community better. Less baiting would be the least I would ask for.


so a while ago, an anon asked for archie pretending to be a mermaid and i thought of this

i wonder a lot what maxie even talks about in the speeches he supposedly gives to all of team magma every morning. i bet bullshit like this


INSTAGRAM: @egfabray uploaded a new photo.

So, my twin sister, my lighter half, the always more beautiful @queeniefabray is getting married today. Had you told me 10 years ago that I’d have issues picking a favorite picture of us, I’d have laughed in your face. I’d have probably also threatened to light you on fire. And yet, that is the exact problem I came across. I guess we really started taking pictures together after Lottie was born. Most of these are our last two beach weeks, if memory serves. 

Q and I have always been day and night, and I think I like it that way, but looking at some of these, I can’t exactly tell you who is who. She has been a light in my darkness since I actually let her in. Best decision of my life, I think. As annoying as I’m sure I was, always wrapped up in my own head, not really sensitive enough to what she needed, I’m glad she’s stuck by me through it all. I don’t know where I’d be without her.

I have to say, as much as I used to never imagine we’d get here, to happy… Q, you were right. Not only did we make it, we made it here after everything life decided to put us through. I just hope I didn’t let you down along the way, because I’m not sure I’d forgive myself if I did. Thank you, for all the second chances, I never deserved, and for reminding me that, no matter what, you will always have my back. Much as I will always have yours.

You and @roryhudsons deserve the best but by god did it take you long enough. #shippeditsince2k17  So, here’s me wishing you the best, and promising to ONLY kill Rory as a character in my books, like I’m sure he’d enjoy. Love you, sis, and welcome to the family, Rory. #finally #quinngotroryed #tookyoulongenough

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Thank you so much for posting what you did about bullying! Everyone I know is talking about it now! I still don't know who the girl is who was being bullied, I hope she sees your posts and is okay today! But it seems like the person who was mainly behind it is someone from their own comm! That's so sad and so venomous. I guess some people are really just toxic. How do you handle something like that, finding out a friend isn't really a friend at all? I hope the bully is ok, they're a person too.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you I’ve had a busy week.

I think there are a lot of different ways to handle a situation like that and it can depend on a lot of things. I think the first thing to consider is that just because someone is in your comm doesn’t necessarily mean they’re your friend. Especially if it’s a bigger comm there are often cliques and people who are friends with some more than others. That’s okay though because you don’t have to be friends with everyone as long as you’re happy in your comm as a whole and enjoy attending meetups. If you’re in a situation like that where the bully is a part of your comm but not necessarily a friend the best thing you can do is just support anyone who is having any trouble with bullying.
If you are actually in a place where you’re close enough to the bully to consider them a friend maybe talk to them about it. Ask them about their point of view and why they’re acting the way they are and let them know that it makes you uncomfortable. If they’re a good friend they’ll take what you said into consideration. If not they might just not be a great person. If you find that your friend isn’t really a friend, the best thing to do may just be to cut that toxic person out of your life.

Two Months in Italy: Expat Lessons

1) Eat while walking; the calories don’t count.  That’s why you see so many Italians walking around while eating gelato, pizza, piadina, panzerotti… Trust me.

2) The “American" excuse. I’ve discovered that if I ever do anything that Italians think is odd, all I have to do is shrug my shoulders and say “Sono Americana”, I’m American, and all is forgiven.  A couple weeks ago I woke up with this unquenchable craving for a salty breakfast.  Cappuccino and cornetto had suited me just fine for the first six weeks, but something inside of me was craving eggs or sausage or just something a little more, I don’t know… hearty.  I searched on Google. I searched on Yelp.  I walked around.  I knew there were places in Milan that served an American-style brunch - and it was a Sunday - but it was only 8am and it didn’t seem like any of those places were open till at least 12noon!  Resigned, I gave up and went into a little bar down the street that serves an array of pastries in the morning.  I glanced over the offerings, trying to figure out if anything might possibly fit my craving, and then saw it: there in the corner, shoved aside while it waited for lunch hour, was a stack of pastries that obviously were layered with salame and cheese!  I asked for one from the guy behind the counter and he looked at me strangely and pointed to the tray.  

“Sei sicura?” Are you sure? 

“Si,” I said, then added, seeing the judgey look on his face, “Sono Americana; stamattina vorrei qualcosa di salato.”  

“Ahhhh,” he said, a look of enlightenment coming over his features.  Everything suddenly made sense.  

Sure it was odd, but I’m American.  I’m allowed to be odd.

3) Speaking Italish.  Pretty soon, switching so frequently between Italian and English, having conversations in English where you refer to agencies, foods, places in Italian, “but” and “ma” (but) combine to become “mat”.  “For” and “per” (for) combine to become “fer”.  

Not only that, but I’ve started to forget words in English.  I’ll be talking on the phone to my parents, telling them how the… the… stendino broke, unable to think of the words “drying rack”.  Making a shopping list (in English, because I haven’t changed that much) but unable to think of any word but “detersivo” when I try to write “detergent”.  It’s a slippery slope, people.

4) Sidecars actually do exist. I’ve never seen one, though.  I really thought perhaps they were an extinct fad, relegated to 1950′s movies and comic strips.  But then I was sitting in a bar drinking a cappucino one day, eavesdropping (I admit it) on a conversation between the barman and a middle-aged Italian gentleman who had quickly downed an espresso and now was just standing at the bar, chatting.  He was telling the barman about how he didn’t want to get rid of his motorcycle but needed a car that could fit three in it, now.  The barman - in all seriousness - asked if he had thought of getting a sidecar.  I found myself (with a sudden craving for Christmas M&Ms) thinking, “They DO exist!” 

5) Italians don’t drink a lot of water.  Comparatively speaking, at least.  And that’s, of course, compared to me, not to everyone.  When I go out to lunch or to a bar by myself, I’ll order a large bottle of water (1 liter).  I figure I’m going to sit there a while and really, I’m supposed to be drinking a lot more than one liter of water a day.  

But Italians think this strange (see #2 above).  I went to lunch with two Italians last week and they ordered two SMALL bottles of water - the personal size you’d get out of a vending machine - to share between the three of us.  And they didn’t finish their portions. I spent most of lunch trying NOT to drink too much.  I don’t know how they don’t get dehydrated.  I mean, I know there’s the story of water turning into wine, but drinking wine doesn’t really have the same effect. (I know, I know - it has a better one!)  

6) Italians take their bike lanes seriously. Super seriously.  Or should I say “stra” seriously? There are a lot of cyclists in Milan and I, quite honestly, don’t know how they do it, weaving in and out of traffic and pedestrians, onto cobblestones and across streets, with apparent ease.  Don’t get in their way, though. And make sure you pay attention to which way IS their way. I learned that… the hard way (haha).

There’s an area around Parco Sempione that has a large sidewalk and - between it and the street - a bike lane, separated from the sidewalk by only a line.  Now, the new bike lanes are painted a brick red color and have little white bicycles painted on them every so often, but this one is so worn that the color is pretty much gone.  I was walking along way day, wrapped up in my thoughts, and naturally strayed toward the right, which would usually be with the flow of traffic.  The problem was, I strayed so far to the right that I entered the bike lane, simply thinking it part of the large sidewalk.  

Suddenly a guy on a bike zooms past me, almost brushing my left shoulder, and yells in Italian, “Walk to the left!”  I immediately realized my error and started to move back onto the pedestrian sidewalk - only to almost run into his female companion who was cycling behind him.  She cursed at me - loudly - and swerved, yelling something as she rode on that I could only pick out pieces of about the right of way and stupid tourists and paying attention.


7) Food is life.  Don’t say it, even though I know you’re thinking it: “Duh, of course it is!  We have that saying in the US, too… You are what you eat.”  But do we really understand it? I know I didn’t.

In the States everyone talks about portion control and less fast-food, low-carb, no-carb and glutine-free, saturated fats, high fructose corn syrup, GMO’s and juicing and cleansing, calorie control, vegetarianism and veganism and all sorts of other singularly-focused nonsense that completely misses the point.  I mean, you have to start somewhere, I guess, but by breaking it down into all those marketable pieces, everything just becomes a fad. It would be nearly impossible to ever really wrap your head around food and eating in a healthy, life-mind-body sort of way.  

This may be the most important thing “living” in Italy, albeit for a short time, has taught me.  As tourists, we eat what we want and imagine Italians doing the same, days full of whole pizzas and big bowls of pasta and endless wine and gelato.  But I’ve discovered that there’s a natural balance here, when it comes to food.  It starts with quality ingredients and moves on to food preparation with “love” and attention, embodies itself in moderate portions and flavors that satisfy and delight. There’s a natural balance of the food groups, and I’ve discovered that when I eat “well” (and that doesn’t mean low-calorie, low-carb or low-fat), I rarely want desert. I don’t need it.  In fact, when I worry about flavor and creativity in cooking, I actually eat less because the food itself is more satisfying.  And I want a satisfying life.  So when I say “Food is Life”, I don’t mean that food is fuel or that we shouldn’t put harmful things in our bodies.  I mean that the way we eat reflects the way we live.  How do you live?

8) Walking for an hour or so a day isn’t only good for your health, it also works marvels on your complexion.  My mother was the first one to say it to me, over Facetime a couple weeks ago: “Have you gotten a tan? You look dark!”  I thought it was just her imagination or perhaps the lighting, but then a few other friends and family members made similar comments.  

It really hit me, though, when I had pictures taken for my Italian passport.  I barely even recognized the olive-skinned Italian staring back at me.  

But how?? I wondered.  It’s not like I’ve been laying out in the sun.  Until last week I was wearing a jacket, for goodness sake!  The one thing I have been doing - a lot - is walking.  I’ve been walking all around this city, sometimes for hours a day, exploring or just preferring my own to feet to shoving into a crowded bus or tram.  And quite naturally, though I hadn’t thought of it before, spending all of those hours outside in the sun has changed my complexion.

I guess it’s time to throw out my “Fairly Light” foundation powder.  

9) Speak incorrectly or you won’t speak at all.  When I first came to Italy I was hesitant to speak too much.  I didn’t want to make too many mistakes, didn’t want to make a bad impression.  I’ve gotten over that.  It’s not that I don’t care about mistakes - in the long run, of course I do! I’m still studying grammar every day, have three books of exercises in various states of completion and engage in a language exchange with an Italian post-doc each week.  But I don’t care - I can’t care - in the short term.  I’m resigned to the fact that every day I’m going to make a lot of mistakes.  A lot of mistakes.  But I’m trying, I’m communicating and I’m learning, and that’s what’s important.  What other choice do I have, really?  If I don’t want to make mistakes, I simply shouldn’t talk.  And if you know me at all you know - I have to talk :)

10) If your face is sore, you’re finally speaking Italian.  I had noticed that as I became more and more comfortable speaking Italian and was having more and more lengthy conversations with random people (not random people - I didn’t accost strangers on the street! I just mean that I was able to say more to people in shops or restaurants who I came in contact with, with whom before I would’ve said only the bare minimum), that these random people were looking at me more and more as if I were some strange puzzle they were trying to figure out.  Almost as if I weren’t speaking Italian at all, but some in strange code that they had to piece together.  I asked a friend about it and she told me that I have a tendency not to really pronounce words.  “What?!” I was shocked. “What do you mean I don’t pronounce words?!”  I certainly thought I did! Turns out, my American mouth wasn’t opening up enough.  My American tongue wasn’t active enough.  My American lips weren’t forming the sounds enough.  In the end, we determined that I need to feel like I am over-exaggerating, almost like I’m making fun of Italian, and that when I do that I’m a lot closer to being understandable.  After only a few minutes I knew that my poor face and jaw weren’t used to this.  I feel a bit ridiculous, besides, but hey, “When in Rome…” Or Milan.

Exo Scenario: Unwelcome Surprise with Sehun Pt 4 ~

So…after all this time I’m finally back! I’m going to try to start posting a few times a week, and I guess it will depend on my motivation and focus because I’ll only be updating my series from now on, but I hope that doesn’t discourage all of you from coming back, leaving comments or sending me asks. I really do enjoy writing for you all and your positivity about all of my series always makes me smile :) I hope that you like this long awaited chapter, and please be sure to let me know what you think of it!

You can find the other parts here: Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 ~

You had been waiting at the restaurant for twenty minutes now, and you were beginning to lose your patience. You had agreed on twelve thirty had you not?

And you weren’t the only one losing your patience either, your son was getting antsy too, despite the fact that you had placed his coloring book in front of him along with a few of his favorite color crayons. He didn’t appear happy at all, especially not as you had woken him prematurely from his nap to get him here. He would need another later, you were positive.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” you asked when your son started to whine, going to throw his crayons to the floor before you stopped him, taking it from him gently.

Sung-hoon tended not to use his words whenever he was upset and that reminded you far too much of his father that you began to scowl, distracted. You didn’t need this now, and you especially didn’t need the waiter coming over to ask if the third guest would be arriving anytime soon.

“He’ll be here soon, I promise.” but after saying that for the third time now to the waiter, you were beginning to doubt the reality of that statement. The waiter just nodded curtly and stormed off, a little agitated that you had only ordered bread and water so far. You were going to need to give him a big tip for being even moderately patient with you, whether Sehun showed up or not.

Although if he didn’t show up, you were seriously going to have it out with him.

It was about fifteen minutes afterwards that he came almost flying through the restaurant door, nearly out of breath and with a hand brushing through his hair as he always tended to. Your eyes grew wide at his sudden appearance, and though a smile shone across your lips for maybe a few seconds, you were scowling and berating him in the next.

“I told you twelve thirty. It’s past one, Sehun.” you said, trying to keep your son from throwing the crayons yet again to the floor. Every time you grew distracted he took the opportunity to fling them to the ground, much too strong for a two-year old. 

“I know, and I’m sorry.” he breathed. There was a but somewhere in there and you were waiting for it. It came with something wrapped neatly behind his back. Two somethings actually, and it only made your eyes widen. “But I had to get these.” he placed one of the boxes before you and asked kindly if he could give the other to your son. The sparkling wrapping paper seemed to attract Sung-hoon’s attention far more than throwing the crayons to the floor, which you were grateful for.

At least for now.

“What is this?” you asked, ignoring your own box and trying to get your son to be patient before he started tearing or throwing his around. There was a reason why it was called the terrible twos. Sometimes he was an angel and others he was a monster.

Especially when he didn’t get his naps in.

“Just open them, you’ll see.” and Sehun let a small smile display across his lips, winking at you and making you speechless for the second time today. The first had been on the phone earlier. You bit on your lip nervously before helping your son unwrap the box Sehun had given him.

When you saw the plush panda within the box, wrapped up carefully, you felt tears sting your eyes. 

“I do remember things about you, even if it’s been a while.” Sehun murmured. And it seemed more a present for you than for your son, but it was more Sehun trying to make a statement. He spoke up louder so that Sung-hoon could hear him and he spoke gentler, obviously to make your son understand and for him to view Sehun as less strange and more comforting. “Pandas are your mom’s favorite animal, did you know that?” he asked.

To your surprise, your son shook his head slowly, looking in wonder down at the stuffed animal. You had never gotten him a panda before because you hadn’t wanted your own likes and dislikes painted onto your son. You wanted him to express himself in his own way. And that was why his room back home was filled with giraffes and lions. He liked the color orange.

“Do you like it?” Sehun asked your son, and yet again surprising you, he nodded and even smiled up at Sehun, taking the stuffed animal and clinging to it.

Well that seemed to solve his temper tantrum.

With your son now easily distracted - and now no longer hell bent on throwing his crayons - you turned to Sehun and raised an eyebrow.

“Are you seriously trying to win him over with toys and gifts?” you asked.

But Sehun only shrugged, “I did tell you I would win him over.” but when he saw your expression he just shook his head and nodded toward the box that still remained unopened in front of you, “Open it.” and then in a low whisper, he added, “Please.”

If it weren’t for your own morbid curiosity, you would have left it untouched, but your fingers were itching to have the box unwrapped and to see what lay inside.

When the wrapping fell away and you had lifted the top of the box, the last thing you were expecting to see was a plain notebook staring back at you. It didn’t have any cute decoration or embellishment on the cover, its dark leather front not even new. In fact, it looked a little worn. 

Just as you were about to open the front cover, Sehun’s hand fell atop yours and he shook his head when your eyes met. 

“Not here. Read it when you’re alone. There are some things written in there that I want to share with you, but…” and he paused, eyes almost painful, “They’re best read on your own time, when neither of us feel like we owe the other an explanation.” and though you would have liked to say he did owe you plenty of explanations, you also had a feeling it was going to be written down very clearly in the pages of this journal.

You let out a sigh only for the waiter to come over and ask once more if you were ready to order now. At last, you nodded and glanced toward Sehun, who only let a brief glimmer of a smile stretch across his plump lips.

“Yes, we’re ready.” you answered.


I feel like I post things all the time explaining why I’m taking awhile to get to asks.

I’m super sorry it always takes me so long. I haven’t been feeling great most of this week, and I’ve been insanely stressed IRL anyway. Basically, I have no time to do everything, so I haven’t been doing anything, and guess what? That makes me stressed. (Shocker, huh?)

I love answering asks, and writing things, so that’s why I keep posting requests for prompts, but often, I end up crashing soon after.

Basically, just please be patient with me. Know that I have absolutely seen your asks, and your messages, and I’m getting to them as fast as I can.

Thank you guys so much! I don’t know what I’d do without you guys.