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Divination 101- Types of Divination, (I)

Ichnomancy is the practice of using the (usually bare) footsteps of a person to ascertain some of their qualities and personality. It has been said that in some cultures anyone who wished to be a leader must walk a particular path bare of foot and their footsteps would denote whether or not they were capable of the position.

Ichthyomancy is divination of the colors, types, numbers, direction, and patterns of living fish. While this is best used with fish in their natural environment…I’d have to say good luck seeing them. Those who practice this in the modern day often use the patterns of their privately owned fishes. So cute.

Iconomancy is divination using icons.I don’t mean the icons on your dash (though hey I’m sure some technopagan totally does this and rocks for it) but it is the interpretation of pictures in the world around you, often in art or media. I feel that this one needs a for instance scenario: If you are walking along and pondering how best to pay back your student loans (good luck) and a picture of Benjamin Franklin (sings: all about the benjamins, baby) followed by a series of elegant cakes you may think about getting into baking.

Idolomancy is divination using idols/statues. In this form of divination a person seeks the wisdom of carved figures. I know this may sound a little strange but at one point many folk believed that all things were were fashioned to look humanoid were also given a soul. They could protect your home or the buildings or the cities that they were fashioned for. A diviner would attach themselves to one of these and ask them questions and wait to hear them speak.