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George Harrison aboard an Alster ferry, Hamburg, April 1961

Photo: Jürgen Vollmer

“[P]rinted later, the black and white contact sheet with twelve photographs of George seated and standing in a ferry, taken by Jurgen [sic] Vollmer, Pauline Sutcliffe’s personal copy.” - Auctioned by Bonhams on 29 July 2003

Rare photos by Jürgen Vollmer picspam

“He was such a sweet and charming little boy. But he also had this melancholy feeling that I identified with. I didn’t have much contact with Paul, and I was always a little afraid of John because he could be arrogant and overly ironic. But George didn’t have a mean streak in him.” - Jürgen Vollmer, Harrison

George Harrison - “All Those Years Ago” - Somewhere in England

The “All Those Years Ago” single (its B-side was “Writing’s On The Wall”) was released in the UK on 15 May 1981.

Q: “Did you start writing ‘All Those Years Ago’ before John was killed?”

George Harrison: “Yeah, I did.”

Q: “The lyric - where you jump from Lennon being ‘weird’ to God and the reason we exist - always puzzled me.”

GH: “It is a strange choice of words. The way I saw it was, I’m talking all about God and he’s the only reason we exist - now that’s something I believe to be true.”

Q: “Were you saying you were weirder than John?”

GH: “No, no, no. What I was saying is there’s all these weird people who don’t actually believe in God and who go around murdering everybody, and yet, in the broad sweep, it’s like they were the ones pointing fingers at Lennon, saying he’s a weirdo. Sometimes my lyrics get a bit abstract in place - I get so many thoughts coming from different angles, I’m not sure if they come across right. But I think that’s what I was trying to say.”

- Creem, December 1987/January 1988

a little more action, please - act I

John Lennon and Ringo Starkey were two of the country’s best-known cons, until a botched heist four years ago led to their arrest. Once released from prison, to pay off a debt and earn their reputation back, the two embark on a mission to rob a collection of Las Vegas casinos in the course of one night. With the help of Brian, their financial backer and middleman, George, a bright and talented rookie thief, and McCartney, a con man as infamous as he is pretty, they just might save their skins and their legacy–if they can make it through three weeks in Sin City.

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On this day in music history: November 7, 1969 - Paul McCartney along with his wife Linda, step-daughter Heather and new baby daughter Mary appear on the cover of Life Magazine. The magazine’s London correspondent tracks McCartney and his family down at his farm in High Park, Campbeltown, Scotland, hoping to get an interview and address the rumors about his supposed death. At first, McCartney is angered by the intrusion on his privacy, swearing at the correspondents and throwing a bucket of water at them. Cooler heads prevail, and Paul grants an interview (and exclusive photos) in exchange for the film shot of him during the incident. The article, titled “The Magical McCartney Mystery” (written by John Neary), highlights all the supposed “clues” about McCartney’s rumored death hidden on various Beatles records (such as “Sgt. Pepper”, “Magical Mystery Tour”, “The White Album” and “Abbey Road”) and in photographs. When asked about the rumors, McCartney comment, “perhaps the rumor started because I haven’t been much in the press lately. I have done enough press for a life time, and I don’t have anything to say these days. I’m happy to be with my family and I will work when I work. I was switched on for 10 years and never switched off. Now I am switching off whenever I can. I would rather be a little less famous these days.” The article also includes the first indication that The Beatles had already split when Paul comments in passing that “The Beatle thing is over.” Somehow his comment goes largely unnoticed by the media and the public in the months prior to the official announcement of the bands break up in April 1970.

Barry Gibb and Dhani Harrison at the GRAMMYs Special Merit Awards Ceremony, 7 February 2015 (Photo: Frazer Harrison | Getty Images)

“He was one of the most extraordinarily complicated and intense people you could ever meet, and yet, he was one of the most perfectly simple and, ah, innocent people you could ever meet.
On behalf of him and my family, I’d love to thank the Academy for this deep, deep honor. What a year as well for him to be honored, amongst so many of his friends.” - Dhani Harrison during his acceptance speech on behalf of George, The GRAMMYs YouTube channel

* * *

“He did everything with a big, open heart, and lots of love… He taught me that anything can be accomplished as long as you set out to do it with love.” - Dhani Harrison on his late father George during his acceptance speech on behalf of George for his’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Yahoo Music, 8 February 2015 [x]

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what is it about george and all these sandwich memes? did one of the beatles or even yoko eat his sandwich one day? what is this all about

george loved food and loved eating. That’s why on Tumblr people do sandwich memes of him. The Yoko account is a different story: he was very fond of chocolate biscuit and during a Let it be session, while he was playing, she ate all his biscuits, and when he found out  he lost his temper and started yelling at her. 


Some of Cathy Sarver’s photographs of George Harrison, and parts of the note George wrote to Cathy, Carol and Lucy after All Things Must Pass was completed, screen capped from the documentary Beatles Stories: A Fab Four Fan’s Ultimate Road Trip.

“An Apple Scruff was a Beatle fan that came to Apple every day Monday through Friday. Everybody knows the name of their business was Apple, and we hung out on the front steps of their building, waiting for them to arrive. And then once they’d arrived, we were waiting for them to leave.When George finished the song ‘Apple Scruffs’, he asked us to all come in. And of course, we were dumbfounded because we were never asked to come in. We’re all sitting in there and they turn on the song ‘Apple Scruffs’. ‘Apple Scruffs, how I love you.’ It was amazing. We were all in a little huddle around him. He handed us this letter.

[reading in full] ‘Dear Carol, Cathy and Lucy. Now as it’s finished - and off to the factory. I thought I’d tell you that I haven’t a clue whether it’s good or bad as I’ve heard it too much now! During the making of this epic album (most expensive album EMI ever had to pay for) I have felt positive and negative - pleased and displeased, and all the other opposites expected to be found in this material world. However, the one thing that didn’t waver, seems to me, to be ‘you three’ and Mal, always there as my sole supporters, and even during my worst moments I always felt the encouragement from you was sufficient to make me finish the thing. Thanks a lot, I am really overwhelmed by your apparent undying love, and I don’t understand it at all! Love from George (P.S. Don’t hold this evidence against me.) P.P.S. Phil Spector loves you too!

He was a sweet man.” - Cathy Sarver, Beatles Stories: A Fab Four Fan’s Ultimate Road Trip [x]

Q: Did John talk much about the Beatles?
Jack Douglas: All the time. And when a Beatles song came on the radio, he would tell you everything about that session. Everything that happened. He never had a problem talking about how much he loved that band. And how much he loved those guys. He was a little annoyed at George, because George had written a book and he didn’t mention John much in the book, at that time. But he felt that that would come around.
But his love for that band. Phenomenal. It was great. It was what you hoped he would be like.
- Producer Jack Douglas talks about working with John Lennon in the 70′s - 80′s .