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Episode 4x07: "Gimme Shelter" - Part 2, Arkadia
A lighthearted romp through the Arkadia half of this week's storyline, where absolutely nothing soul-crushing or emotionally devastating happened at all!

Welcome back to Part 2 of our recap of “Gimme Shelter,” already one of our faves of the season!

Part 1, all about the lady BAMFs of Science Island and their snartastic “ramsi” Murphy, can be found here.  (Also don’t miss the outtake from that section where we learned some hard truths about our very different priorities on postapocalyptic house tours.)

And now, please join us as we plummet into the depths of emotional despair as Harper, Kane and the Blakes get trapped by the black rain in a crucible of dark and terrible pain from which most of them do not emerge by the end of the episode, DOES ANYONE ELSE SOMETIMES JUST WANT TO THROW IN THE TOWEL AND SWITCH TO PARKS AND REC OR SOMETHING BECAUSE JESUS H. CHRIST THIS ONE GOT GRIM

0:00 – Story Craft 101: Raise the Stakes By Making Them Smaller
0:08 – This Is Not a Drill: Black Rain Moves the Apocalypse from Abstraction to Reality
0:15 – From the Ashes They Will Rise: Octavia, Bellamy and Kane Hit Rock Bottom
0:21 – If Bellamy Can’t Protect Everyone All the Time, Does He Even Know Who He Is?
0:34 – Fire and Water Imagery in That Octilian Scene
0:46 – Gradually Moving From “IF THIS EPISODE HAS OCTILIAN HATE SEX I QUIT ” to “… Okay I Can See It”
0:51 – We’re at Record-High Levels of Optimism About the Show Finally Reckoning With Octavia’s Treatment of Bellamy
1:00 – LOL If You Didn’t Think We’d Spend a Full Hour on Kellamy You Must Be New Here
1:16 – Kane’s Season Arc Finally Starts to Emerge
1:22 – “My Sister My Responsibility” and Love Are Not the Same Thing
1:39 – Today On “Erin and Claire Get Super Real About Their Personal Lives”: Purging the False Narratives About Who You Are, Even When It’s Excruciating, Is Progress
1:54 – Next Week, We Have Special Guests! @hawthornewhisperer and @knowlesian Will Be Joining Us For 408 Before We Go Back On Hiatus!

New russian holmes

my silly thoughts that don’t make any sense

Honestly, I’m shocked I never heard of the Russian Sherlock from 2013 because I’m obsessed with all things Sherlock. You would think I would hear about this. I only saw a tumblr post about it and finally looked it up. There is also no fandom at all. There is about 1 or 2 people. It’s so strange because tumblr is usually the go to place for obscure fandoms. Also, there is no fanfiction. Maybe 1 or 2 stories. It’s like a ghost town. I feel weird having all these opinions and no one to verify with. At first, I did see pictures of Russians Sherlock but I dismissed them as a really old show. I didn’t know it’s was from 2013. At first, I thought the Sherlock with glasses looked strange. When I started watching, I never thought I would like such a strange and normal looking holmes. Sometimes he acts too strangely and idiosyncratic for me. I think it’s endearing that he is shy and nervous a lot. It gives him an interesting side. At first, I was surprised no one talks about how he is always getting hurt and beat up. After a while, you get over the shock of him being so jumpy. His clumsiness becomes the norm. He’s also confusing. He solves crimes but gets queasy when John tries to do an autopsy? Everyone gushes about panin’s Watson. I think the Watson is good but it’s weird no one talks about sherlock. It’s a very unique take on him. With the glasses and funny laugh and awkwardness. But sometimes it gets annoying and he comes off as that nervous Jewish tailor from fiddler on the roof who so happens to solve crimes. There is something off about a inadequate holmes who can’t fight and might as well be normal. It’s weird to have Watson as the superior. Watson is amazing as the hero though. I love how he’s very protective of holmes and fighting. I love how he is sort of like a parental figure in a weird way for holmes. “Don’t come in without knocking” “do you need a boxing lesson?” very cute how he treats holmes after a boxing match while holmes sits on the bench and swings his legs like a child. I find the funny moment are when holmes gets knocked out and mrs. Hudson and Watson swarm him and start wiping his face and trying to help him sit up. For a while, holmes looks like he doesn’t mind it but then he gets really irate and pushes them off like he’s embarrassed of being helped. “Get off me” “I’m fine” It’s funny how he looks and acts like an angry toddler but his voice is so deep. I think that’s what makes him more holmes-like. Then he stomps off to his room and hides in his bed. Then Watson just comes in and has none of it. I guess those moments where holmes is vulnerable are what I like about this show. It really reveals their unique relationship. Sometimes I’m surprised by how anxious holmes is. Like when he is at a ball. Watson says “why are you trembling so badly” and holmes says “it became cold”. I’m thinking holmes is scared of social situations??“


Woke up even before my alarm today and just went with it and got ready for practice and was out the door much earlier than normal.  So I got to the pool about a half hour early and made it my plan to hit 1000 yards before practice started.

After the past 6 weeks of intense training - this is the first of two weeks that are meant to taper for those competing in the State meet.  This week we all get to taper which the Coach said is about 1/3 less than we would usually do.  Next week those who are ompeting will down an added 1/3 less while the rest of us will maintain.

So I knew going in that with this being a taper week - those 1000 yards would not impact the rest of my performance in practice. 

Was a great swim!

Then after I stopped off at the grocery store to get myself setup for a successful week in the kitchen and now its time to get to work.  Have an assignment for that class I am taking which is due later today.  And then continuing on the Princess and the Frog scene I am about mid-way through.  Its looking really nice. 

Yesterday along with basking in the internet glow of replies and comments on my fantastic weekend showing.  I also spent some time turning on the “SHOP” page of my website.  Right now I only have an art print of my piece from the show up there, and I am still working on getting shipping setup for US and International among a few other things.  But I am hoping it will be the start of something I can grow for myself based on my own work.  Certainly does not hurt right?

1000 swim/pull

4 rounds: 

  • 200 swim, long and stretched out, rest :30
  • 3x50 on 1:10
    • 1. drill 
    • 2. build up 
    • 3. quick turn

3x100 kick, rest :20

  • 25 easy/50 faster/ 25 easy

8x25 on :45 

  • odd - burst then cruise 
  • even - “quick” with 1 breath

100 EZ (and then I added some more to hit 3000)


(Oh an dont pay any attention to the time the garmin screen says it took me to swim that 3000 - at the end I was talking about the gallery show with my friend Mary and I forgot to stop my watch.  So that time is not at all accurate.  Because I kind of was excited and talked and talked and talked LOL)

Tbh after my counselling session today I realized some things:

1. All my insecurities and shame about my body and the hair growth grew because of men. Not surprised. My dad was the first bully and attacker. Then came the bullying from brown boys in school, from Quran class, from male teachers, etc.

2. Even if women in my family contributed to it along the way, their behaviour was the result of the males complaining and questioning (aka mum wanting to prove my dad wrong, feeling shame as well). A woman has never given me a nasty remark or comment on her own about the hair on my body. It was always incited by men or by men themselves.

3. I have a new deep hatred for men because I can now say that there is not one aspect of my life that men have not ruined or made harder for me.

HELLO LOVELY PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I have decided that it is time to do my FIRST EVER FAVES in honor of me reaching 31,000 followers! I hope to see really cool blogs appear on my tumblr and please talk to me, I love talking to y’all! 


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Body in Place(s)/Body in Space(s)

I started with a road atlas page of the lower half of Minnesota and used blue and yellow acrylic (mostly) spray ink and stencils on it. Next I cut out the bodies from some old gel plate prints - the ones on the outside were printed on dry waxed paper, which I’d previously screenprinted. Then I did a multidirection write over (white Sharpie XF water-based paint pen, black Fude Ball 1.5, white UniBall Signo Broad) about all the various places I’ve lived during my life.

Whew! :)

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

I am So Done with these criticisms I keep seeing like “It was good and all but Diego Luna didn’t work for me casting-wise, he was too wiry and soft-spoken, not action-movie enough” and I’m like??? SPY???? That’s the point???? Honestly people need to stop forcing the Hypermasculine Jason Statham Aesthetic bullshit irrelevantly onto characters that bear literally no comparison.

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I miss seeing your doodles of our favorite Broadchurch detectives. S3 comes out in less than two months!

Much enthusiasm from Mr Detective Ray of Sunshine