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i only noticed this after watching the episodes a couple of times but this backup dancer in ‘zombies in the snow’ is the best thing ever


I dunno, I thought it was pretty funny to see only Erron Black sitting in this scene, like a naughty kid brought to the principal’s office because he was caught out doing something wrong like flirting with the sassy-mouthed enemy.

Poor Ermac just looks disappointed …


Am losing weight and can smoosh my boobs into cleavage with this shirt. Also I got a new lnecklace at the reptile convention and I HAD SO MUCH FUN this weekend meeting one of my WoW frands who lives in this area that I’ve been too chickenshit to meet and IDK IT IS JUST A GREAT WEEKEND MAN.

Less boobs, more necklace -

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Askbox open for request?! Bless this day! So allow me to beg you for scenario (even short one would be awesome) where Oikawa seeing embarrassed Iwaizumi starts to tease him about it, but in the end he learn that Iwa-chan spend whole evening rambling to his girlfriend about reptiles making her fall asleep and now this pure soul is too embarrassed to meet her and Shittykwa after laughing at him gives him weird advises how to deal with this?

I don’t think I can ever make Iwaizumi requests short @neko-chandreams

Iwaizumi was weird throughout the morning. Ever since Oikawa met him in the morning to walk to school, to breaks in between class, to now at the beginning of lunch. Iwaizumi had been pouting more than usual, flustered in a way Oikawa had never seen in the eighteen years they had known each other. At first, Oikawa thought he was seeing things. He definitely didn’t want to get continuously hit for asking over and over again.

But as Oikawa stood next to Iwaizumi, watching him fiddle with his thumbs while deep in some frustrating thoughts, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Alright, what’s wrong Iwa-chan? You’ve been weird all morning,” Oikawa cautioned, an eyebrow raised.

“I swear to God, Shittykawa, you ask-”

“Did ____-chan find your doodles of Godzilla in your notebook?” Oikawa chuckled. He patted Iwaizumi’s back over and over again, obviously joking. But when Iwaizumi flinched and stared at Oikawa with red cheeks, Oikawa immediately stopped. “Wait, seriously?!”

“S-Shut up! It’s not like that!” Iwaizumi growled, his face red now.

“Ow, ow, ow! Iwa-chan, I’m too precious, please no more hurting me!” Oikawa begged.

It took Iwaizumi five more seconds to growl and hold Oikawa before letting go. He averted his eyes and pouted. There was a first time for everything, but there were rare times when Oikawa actually found Iwaizumi embarrassed. The first time was when Iwaizumi had wet Oikawa’s bed one time he slept over. Oikawa was forced to never tell anyone about it, but of course Oikawa uses it as bribery whenever Iwaizumi was being too mean to him. After that, there were only a couple times Iwaizumi felt inferior to Oikawa and Oikawa took advantage of the opportunity to laugh at his tough best friend.

“So, what did she say?” Oikawa asked in his overly joyous voice. Iwaizumi sighed into his hands, annoyed that Oikawa even used that voice. Iwaizumi was too embarrassed to even argue with Oikawa about his teasing.

“She fell asleep while I was talking about…” Iwaizumi’s voice trailed off. Oikawa leaned over, trying to get Iwaizumi’s attention. But Iwaizumi looked away, his pout becoming more evident. Suddenly, Iwaizumi yelled out as he ruffled his own hair. “Ah, forget it! It’s stupid!”

“Oh, c’mon Iwa-chan, if someone as pretty as ____-chan can go out with you, she probably doesn’t care about how silly your Godzilla obsession is! I mean, I still wonder if she really likes you or-” Immediately, Iwaizumi’s forehead slammed against Oikawa’s with a grunt. “Ouch! Dammit, just how embarrassed are you, Iwa-chan?! You’re being more mean to me than usual!”

“Just shut up! You’re pissing me off!”

“Stop being so mean to me?! Don’t you want your amazing best friend, who is also amazing in relationships, to give you advice?!”

“Hell no,”

“So, ____-chan fell asleep to you talking about?” Oikawa asked, still hurt from Iwaizumi’s headbutt. He held his nose with a frown, impatiently waiting for Iwaizumi to stop being so flustered and tell Oikawa.

“I was talking about lizards,” Iwaizumi mumbled so quietly, looking to the side.

“Huh? What did you say?” Oikawa exclaimed with his hand cupping around his ear.

“She fell asleep while I was talking about… snakes,” Iwaizumi growled as he snapped his head.

“Dammit, what did you-?!”

“She fell asleep while I was rambling about reptiles, dammit Shittykawa, open your ears or something!” Iwaizumi roared. His teeth looked like fangs as Oikawa flinched back.

Quickly, the duo looked around to find every student stared, eyes wide, at the them. As soon as everyone went back to returning to their own business, Oikawa couldn’t hold back his laughing. Iwaizumi stood there frozen and growling, his whole body red. He just wanted his day to end.

“Goddamit, shut up, Oikawa!”

“Sorry, sorry, it’s not that funny,” Of course, Oikawa actually thought it was hilarious. But Iwaizumi seemed to have endured enough self inflicted torture, Oikawa thought he had enough. As his laughs became more tamed, Oikawa smiled. “Iwa-chan, aren’t you glad you came to me? I have great advice for you!”

“Says the guy who can’t sleep without that weird ass fetus stuffed animal,” Iwaizumi mumbled.

“Take that back about E.T.! He is not weird, nor a fetus!” Oikawa shouted. The best apology Oikawa was going to get was an eye roll from Iwaizumi, following his full attention. It wasn’t exactly what Oikawa wanted, but it was good enough from Iwaizumi. “Anyway, here’s my advice: Dress up as Godzilla when you see her next!”

“I can throw you out the window, I wouldn’t mind,” Iwaizumi stated, clearly fed up with Oikawa. It was moments like this when Iwaizumi questioned if his life would have been simpler to be friends with someone this long.

“No, no! Iwa-chan, listen! It’s perfect!” Oikawa beamed, his fists dancing up and down. Iwaizumi rolled his eyes again, leaning against the wall as he crossed his arms. Everyone else knew this was Iwaizumi’s signature pose for tolerating Oikawa’s ridiculous antics. “When ____-chan sees you in the costume, she’s going to ask why! Then you just tell her everything! See, if I was in an alien costume, I’m pretty sure the girl I like would want to know why. And then she’ll see the pure love for it and will find me dedicated and will just love me so much! See, it’s perfect, Iwa-chan!”

“Oikawa, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” you chuckled.

“Ah!” Oikawa and Iwaizumi yelled, both their cheeks red.

“What?! What?!” you hollered startled. You took a step back from how startled you were. “Did I walk into a conversation I wasn’t supposed to hear?”

“Uh, ah! Sorry, ____-chan! I forgot Makki needed me, so I’ll leave Iwa-chan with you!” Oikawa chuckled awkwardly. Without another word, Oikawa left you and Iwaizumi alone.

“Did I embarrass Oikawa or something, Hajime?” you asked confused. When Iwaizumi covered his face as he shook his head a small laugh left your mouth. “Well, I was worried over nothing.”

“Huh? Why would you say that?” Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow.

“You weren’t really saying much while we were texting. I was starting to think you were upset with me because I fell asleep,” you admitted nervously, a small laugh trailing off.

When you popped into the conversation without their attention, it was quite the distraction from the whole reason Iwaizumi was even flustered the whole morning. Now, at the sudden mention of it, Iwaizumi became pink in the cheeks. He could barely look you in the eyes.

“I wasn’t upset,” Iwaizumi muttered, rubbing at his warm neck.

“Hm? Then what’s wrong?”

You didn’t notice it until now, how much Iwaizumi was acting different. He couldn’t stand still. Your eyes would only meet for a few seconds before Iwaizumi would try his damnedest to look at something else. He was oddly pink.

Suddenly, Iwaizumi slapped his hand over his eyes with a groan. “I’m sorry I bored you with my reptile talk.”

“Huh?” you tilted your head confused. Iwaizumi dropped his hand and his pink cheeks turned red now. He was so flustered, it was cute. If you weren’t so confused, Iwaizumi would be hurting your cheeks from how cute he was.

“I bored you to sleep with my stupid rambling,” Iwaizumi muttered.

It would be hard for Iwaizumi to concentrate on the rest of his classes, let alone practice. All he could think about was how embarrassed he was. You were going to awkwardly deny that Iwaizumi didn’t bore you with his obsession. From now on he was going to have to be conscious of everything reptile around you. Iwaizumi didn’t want to ramble continuously about them around you if it was going to bore you to sleep.

“That’s what you were worried about?” you scoffed with a laugh.

As your laugh rang in Iwaizumi’s ears, he couldn’t hold back his astonishment. Or embarrassment. Or the small amount of offense he was feeling. Iwaizumi was turning too many shades of red today, he was considering taking the next class in the nurse’s office. You laughing at him also felt like earlier, when Oikawa had the right to laugh or tease Iwaizumi. It only happens close to never and when it did, Iwaizumi dreaded every millisecond of it.

“W-Why are you laughing?!” Iwaizumi babbled, his arms around you. Everyone in the hallway was staring at him again, and he definitely didn’t appreciate it. “Okay, sh! I get it! Geez, ____, why are you laughing?!”

“Hajime, I wasn’t bored of your reptile talk!” you began to explain. Iwaizumi pouted deeper as you wiped away a small tear at the end of your eye. Once you calmed down a bit, you held Iwaizumi’s hand with a smile. “I was just tired. It was getting late, but I didn’t want to hang up when you were so excited to talk about all the reptile stuff.”

Immediately, Iwaizumi slapped a hand over his face. “Of course. Why didn’t I just think of that instead of listening to dumb ass Shittykawa’s nonsense?”

“Is that what he was saying? He wanted you to dress up like some lizard?”


“Oh,” you answered. From the looks of Iwaizumi’s eyes widening, you chuckled quickly. “It’s not bad. Just funny picturing my big, strong Hajime in a Godzilla costume. That’s all.”

“Har, har, funny. It’s not happening anyway,” Iwaizumi chuckled, shaking his head.

“But that would be interesting! Learning how black mambas as fast as twenty kilometers per hour while you were dressed as Godzilla,” you praised, holding a finger up proudly.

“Wow, you actually remember that?”

“Yeah. I also remember that Komodo dragons are the heaviest lizards in the world! Almost weighing, at most, 136 kilograms!”

“I know I’m the reptile nerd that bored you to sleep,” Iwaizumi teased. He actually enjoyed that it was a change of pace in conversation now. “But how did you remember that?”

“It helps that the reptile nerd is my boyfriend,” you answered with a smile. Iwaizumi couldn’t find a single word in his mind to actually say when he saw that smile. You were too damn cute. “And it’s cute when you ramble on about snakes, lizards, and all of them. I enjoy it, Hajime. It’s cute.”

“Oh, thanks,” Iwaizumi mumbled, looking away as he covered his face.

How could he talk about reptiles now when all he could think about was you calling him cute?

Hello all!
Today is Ruben’s Hatch Day. 
I started this tumblr because I love reptiles so much and Ruben my boa and I started this when he was just 2 years old! So much time has gone on since then!
Ruben is 6 today! This past year he’s lived on both coasts and we never ran into problems traveling thanks to USARK keepin the law fair for all of us! 
He’s a great boy and has taught so many kids, adults, and celebrities that snakes are pretty rad! from out reach programs at the Natural History Museum in LA - to the stage with Brooke Candy - to the kids on my block back here in Michigan Ru - is a great example of good reptile keeping and happy reptiles! 

Keep forgetting to post this, but this little dude smiled at me when I was buying my turtle a new lightbulb at Petco. Just thought that this cutie patootie’s face needs to be shared. Spreading the love.(*ˊᵕˋ*)

On my schedule today was a  pancake tortoise that was coming in because it wasn’t eating. I got all of my examination equipment ready and went into the exam room to get started. A young man was sitting in a chair with a shoebox on his lap. We chatted for a bit and then I started asking him questions about his tortoise.

I found out he had purchased the tortoise from a reptile show 8 years ago and that it lived in a ten gallon aquarium with gravel for substrate. It’s diet consisted of lettuce and carrots. Only. The only water provided was from a spray bottle that was used to mist the cage every other day. There was no heat, UV light, cage decor, hide, nothing. I wrote everything down and asked him for the box.

I opened the box and looked inside and nearly lost my composure. Inside was a stunted, gnarled creature about 4 inches long with a grossly abnormal shell. I took him out and put him on the table and pulled himself across the table bits and pieces of his carapace fell off. I don’t mean the scutes, I mean the actual pieces of bone that make up the shell. You could see his organs through gaps in his ribs.

“I will be right back” I said and grabbed the tortoise and went into the treatment room. I was so angry that my hands were shaking. Calculating some dosages I handed them to my tech and asked her to draw up pain medication and a sedative. “Did he approve this?” she asked.

“No. I don’t care. Please draw it up and give this IM.”

Slowly I walked back into the room. I asked the owner how long the tortoise had been like that. He wasn’t sure. He had just stopped eating a day ago. Up until then it was perfectly healthy.

“Your tortoise has been very poorly taken care of. If he were a dog this would be considered animal abuse. Because he is a reptile I am not very likely to get far with the authorities so I’m gonna make you a deal. You sign him over to me and pay for the examination and you can go.”

He thought about it and told me no, it was his tortoise. I asked why he didn’t take care of it. “I thought I was” was his response.

“Why doesn’t he have any source of heat?”

“I didn’t know they needed it.”

“Why didn’t you give him UV light?”

“I didn’t know they needed it.”

“You are telling me that you never opened a book, magazine, internet care sheet, nothing to find out how to care for a tortoise?”

“Yeah. I just thought I knew.”

We talked some more and I finally convinced him to sign the tortoise over. I went back to check on him and he looked even worse. More of his shell had fallen off. I could see his lungs now. I decided it would be for the best to humanely euthanize him so he wouldn’t suffer anymore.

In this day and age “I didn’t know” is not a valid excuse. You can look up anything on your phone from who invented pizza to where the closest movie theater is. There are literally hundreds of books, websites, and internet forums all about reptile care. You can call any veterinarian before purchasing an animal and ask them about their care and I promise you they will talk to you.

I am no longer going to gently nudge people in the right direction husbandry wise. I will no longer tell them “well, lots of people make that mistake, it’s ok”. I am going to call it like it is and if an animal is suffering they will know it is abuse. There is zero excuse for this.

It is sad that reptiles and other exotics don’t have the “cute” factor other animals do. No one would allow an owner to get away with feeding their dog nothing but potato peelings  because they just “didn’t know” and yet it is perfectly fine to own a reptile and watch it slowly starve to death because someone “didn’t know” it needed to eat insects.

Iguanas that live in cages so small they can’t turn around. Tortoises kept without the proper heat gradient. Monitor lizards over fed until they are morbidly obese and can’t even walk. This is all abuse and it is wrong. Unfortunately reptiles are survivors and they can be dying for YEARS before anything is noticed. Owners confuse being alive with being healthy far too often.

I simply cannot stand by and watch this happen anymore. I allowed myself to be drawn into the “well, exotics are different, people just don’t know” mind set and did lots of hand holding while owners declined or refused my recommendations. From now on I promise I will flat out tell people it is animal cruelty and will have to make a phone call if things don’t change. It will not make me a popular vet nor a rich one but at least I will be able to sleep at night.

My challenge to everyone is that if they notice an animal being abused politely but firmly call the owner out. There is no need to internet shame, threaten violence or bully someone. Simply tell them what they are doing is wrong, their animal is suffering and they need to fix it. There are numerous reliable resources to find the proper information. If they won’t fix it the proper authorities need to be contacted.

Project: Reptile Breeders

hello all you reptile lovers!!!!

so here at all about reptiles we talk a lot about reptiles, and are aware many of you own them as pets yourself.

we do a lot [or reblog a lot] of information on these amazing animals in the wild, but its been a wile since we’ve written an article on having these amazing animals as companions.

so far all we have covered is the First Time Reptile Owner, and Snake Morphs

so, we were thinking of doing an article about how to buy a reptile, so what better place to start than asking you all where you bought your reptile[s] from?
did you get the at the pet store?
buy them at a reptile show or expo?
get them off the internet?

send us your story on how you came to obtain your pride and joys!

eager to hear from you all!


Reptile curiosity is underrated

We spend a lot of time obsessing over whether reptiles experience emotions like affection or love, but I’ve realized that one of the most relatable things I’ve seen in my reptiles is curiosity.

I don’t know if curiosity is an emotion exactly, it’s probably more like a drive. But while we can debate back and forth all day about whether reptiles feel affection I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they experience curiosity. Curiosity is probably shared by most, if not all, vertebrates simply because of its survival value. But beyond that you can see a reptile’s curiosity when they explore a new cage or flick their tongue at an unfamiliar object to determine what it is.

Just like us they have a desire to learn about their environment, to experience new things, to understand, in whatever limited capacity they can, what is going on around them. I find it incredible that the same drive which pushes human scientists to study rare butterflies or send probes to Mars can be shared with a simple, primordial creature whose ancestors watched the dinosaurs come and go. 

I love the moment when I pick up a wild snake and, after giving up on trying to escape, it just looks at me. We stare at each other and it flicks its tongue in my direction to try and determine whether I’m a threat. Two species separated by millions of years of evolution and we are experiencing the same curiosity as we look at each other, both just seeking to know more about the other.

I love seeing animals be curious and I love giving them new things to be curious about. Sometimes I think enrichment is just as much fun for me as it is for the animals.


Kaneki you were supposed to say “After a while, crocodile”! You’re a bad alligator snake. D:<

… I’m so, so sorry for this. My sister gave me the idea while talking about this scene and I HAD to do it. xD