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Cherliam Baby Thoughts of the Day

To try and hit all the questions I have about the Cherliam baby in my inbox in one fell swoop, I’m just going to say a few things:

I think Cheryl had planned to have a baby for awhile via IVF, and Liam was made aware of this fact when Cherliam began. 

No, I still don’t think that Liam and Cheryl were ever actually in a romantic relationship together. I didn’t think that for the last year, and I don’t think that now.  For me to do that, I would have to suspend all logic automatically forget that the following things happened:

- Cheryl and Loammy’s relationship is announced in February. They immediately get called out for it being fake.

-Roughly one month after being “Together”, in March, pregnancy seeding started, with bump watch photos being run beginning in May, followed by Dan Wootton’s “Exclusive reveal” that Cheryl and Liam were trying for a baby, which brings me to

-What celebrity couple, ½ of which is STILL LEGALLY MARRIED, the other half being 23 and about to embark on a solo career which will have him pretty much away for extended periods of time, decide after 3 months of dating that they want to have a baby together, and what’s more, decide they want to announce that to the general public via DAN WOOTTON?

- Cheryl was baiting the press before she was even pregnant by wearing sack dresses one day and a hand pressed to her belly, and the next wearing well tailored outfits. While all this was happening, she was also selling stories to the tabloids almost daily while simultaneously calling for her privacy. I very much cannot with that. 

- Loammy basically stays in LA for pretty much Cheryl’s entire pregnancy. To try and mitigate that, they seed reasons for Loammy’s absence during her pregnancy and for why Loammy won’t be present for raising that baby shortly after its born. 

And that’s pretty much my Melly thoughts on this matter. 

fangirlartist  asked:

Would you be willing to do Shunk from your fic "All about that Space" for the 3 sentence thing? :)

(I would be DELIGHTED)

“I have no idea how you do this,” Hunk murmured, surveying the damage to his precious kitchen.  “You’re a JPL engineer with two degrees, and you were selected to fly to Mars, but you can’t use a stove.”

“I might be cursed,” Shiro offers, as he presses a candy kiss into Hunk’s hands, and and a regular one to his cheek.

(”I can go to the store and get the usual cookies,” Shiro offers, and Hunk throws up his hands and gives up)

taramaclaay  asked:

so you ever remember how Neville's parents were tortured into insanity and still the thing that scared him the most was Snape and then get really bitter all over again about what a creep Snape was

yup. my baby deserved better than that shithead for a teacher. Remus was such a good professor for him!


So many tomatoes in this strip

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@klanced my middle name is ‘taking it too far’

  • zarkon: a very old leader. no one knows how he’s still alive and at this point they’re afraid to ask
  • haggar: shady medicine cat. secretly descended from lionclan
  • sendak: deputy
  • thace: should we….make him keith’s dad….the way it was always meant to be…………….oh my god..
    • secretly trying 2 betray his clan so that he can get back 2 his son
  • haxus: first 2 die >:3c 
    • (+ pidge’s first kill :’3)
Things that Make My Heart Melt in Achievement Hunter Videos

-Gavin asking Geoff or Michael if he did good
-Someone coming to the rescue
-Ryan helping Gavin understand something
-Geoff talking about the boys like they’re his kids
-Anyone sticking up for Gavin when he’s right
-Geoff being emotional about little girls because of Millie
-Someone congratulating someone else on a good shot/move
-Jeremy being patient with Gavin and helping him instead of getting angry
-Michael and Gavin calling each other “boi”
-Anyone sacrificing themselves for someone else

When after a long time searching you finally find a long, well written and interesting fanfic


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    '' Tea Party ''
Other thoughts on Yuri on Ice ep 7

I think I’ve screamed enough about the kiss for several lifetimes, but I’m just going to point out other parts of the episode that I appreciated:

- first of all Victor did you *honestly* think Yuri was going to get any sleep with you laying on top of him. He’s only human, dude
- Guang-Hong Ji is??? So very cute??? I’m love
- also, it did not escape my notice that Ji imagined himself taking a fucking bullet for Leo during his performance.
- (#ishipit)
- Giacometti Christofucked the ice rink again
- Phichit just kinda lying down on the ice after his routine… like, same…
- Also I am very very proud of him! U got the gold kid!!! Awesome!!!!
- Georgi is still salty and beautiful
- the saltiest
- srsly dude let it go
- Also, the skaters all holding plushies when they receive their results? Is that a thing? Its so cute
- Yuri being so relaxed + at peace after crying abt his feelings with Victor
- he touched the hair!!! He finally touchrd the hair
- he was a sneaky lil bitch about it too
- Victor’s r e a c t i o n s to yuri’s skating omg
- Yuri accepting that Victor is not a perfect coach but he’s still gonna try his damnedest to win for both of them
- h e. U s e D. V I c t o r s. S I g n a t u r e. M o v e
- the two of them are so in love that they tackle-kissed on national television and I love it