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What if Samon , Kiji and Kenshirou were fathers


- The awkward dad

- Tries his hardest to give them a good childhood

- Makes sure his younger children and middle child get as much attention as the oldest.

- Teaches them to defend themselves, but also when to not fight.

- Gets in yelling matches with his teenage daughter then feels horrible for it.

- He goes to her room and apologizes

- Both start crying and saying sorry

- Both go out for ice cream and frozen treats


- Their children can have any toys they want, no matter their gender.

- Has to educates them on why some people might make comments about him.

- Cries so hard when his child stands up for him to a stranger.

- Children get designer clothes. only the best.

- Teaches his teens all about makeup. Does their makeup for prom and their weddings.


- When he first holds his child, he is in awe of them.

- Hates it when they cry, he just wants them to be happy.

- Has no problem getting up at night to take care of them.

- Once someone thought he was a creeper at the park when he was there with his child and it really hurt him.

- Attends every event, concert, etc.

- Has to be told by S/O to stop giving their children so much money. 

  • YouTube Makeup Tutorials: Now, this look is very easy. All you will need is twenty-four kinds of real horsehair brushes, all of which you can buy at Chanel for about five-hundred dollars, which is such a bargain for something so useful. Anyways, let's take out our palette of pure 24 karat gold flake eyeshadow and get started!

u ever get in the mood to drop some selfies but u can’t cause u haven’t taken a good selfie since before the beginning of time so u gotta recycle some old ones????


you guys are wonderful and inspired me to post more bare-faced selfies!!

here’s to my big nose, fuzzy unkempt eyebrows and uneven jaw.

i’d love to see some bare-faced selfies from you guys if you feel like posting them. tag me!

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Can you do how would rfa+v+saeran react to a MC that is a YouTuber, like Marzia or iisuperwomanii or iHasCupcake

I… have no Idea who are these people, I’m sorry :( So these came out a little generic, it’s hard to write for requests I’ve seen in other blogs. Anyway, hope you still like this:

RFA + V and Saeran with a youtuber MC


  • He found out when you two were on a date in public
  • Some girls kept looking at you two, and he smiled sweetly. Probably just a couple of shy fans of his.
  • But they come closer and approach… you? Telling how much they love you, how good you are and how your make up tips are helpful.
  • Then he finds out you’re a pretty popular Youtuber between teenage girls. They like your style and how you manage to sound very smart and cool.
  • He likes that in you too, so he definitely relates.
  • He starts watching your videos and yeah, it’s pretty good. You’re as natural in front of a camera as him.
  • Expect Zen dropping subtle hints on you doing a boyfriend tag. “MC, why don’t you do a boyfriend tag? I want to do a cameo on your videos.” Subtle.


  • Gameplay channel. Featuring you.
  • Did he die and went to heaven? Are you a gameplay youtuber angel?
  • When he called you, he knew your voice was kinda familiar, then he sees you in person and… can someone fall in love even more?
  • He’s a fan, he’s been following you ever since you had, like, more than 100 views and considered this a victory.
  • He’s so honored he gets to see your videos before you upload it, makes him feel so special and important.
  • He celebrates as much as you do with each one of you accomplishments, even when they’re tiny.
  • But when you got a VIP package on LOLOL, neither you or him considered this tiny.


  • She was looking for some music channels to let it play while she works
  • Then she sees you in this thumbnail, and HOLY SHIT! Look at all those views!
  • So you have a famous cover channel . And you’re hella good!
  • She’s binge watching them all the time, and she leaves comments too, it’s so cute.
  • Seriously, why do covers? Start writing songs and posting them, isn’t that how Justin Bieber got famous?
  • That’s how you found out she actually likes Justin Bieber’s songs.
  • So you do a cover of “I’ll show you” just for her. And for your 500k followers, but she knows you’re singing to her.


  • This man doesn’t understand the concept of a youtuber.
  • Or a vlog.
  • But he’s pretty curious on why these much people watch you listing the TV series and books you like.
  • Then he sees cosmetic brands send you products for you to do reviews and he realizes this is a great business opportunity.
  • So here he is sending C & R’s products merch for you. He could have just give you, but he really sent via mail.
  • And some of them had some significant increase in sales.
  • You’re coaxing him to join you on a boyfriend tag, but no, not happening. But be sure he’ll build a little studio to you in his penthouse. It’s amazing, but wouldn’t the boyfriend tag be even more amazing?


  • He didn’t need the background check this time
  • He knows your channel
  • All that he knows about makeup? He learned from you
  • So when he sees you in the CCTV, it’s hard not to squeal and fanboy
  • When you two get together, he becomes your cameraman, also helps you edit the videos .
  • Shrieks and goes crazy when you get merch from famous brands, he’ll test them on you and on himself.
  • Won’t appear on the videos due to safety issues, but most of your subscribers know your boyfriend’s laugh that shows off in the making of and blooper videos.


  • Another one who doesn’t get it.
  • Why are so many people interested in watching you play a video game? Why don’t they just play by themselves?
  • He watches your videos , you’re good, you make funny comments, your voice is sweet and you’re cute.
  • He’s almost buying the game you recommended on your last update
  • Who is he kidding? He is buying the game you recommended, he wants to play with you and hear more funny comments, now just for him.
  • The idea of you being so open in the internet and still manage to keep a few things just for him really pleases him.
  • He’ll make any hater comment disappear, you had to beg him not to dig on the hater’s life, tho.


  • He’s proud of your accomplishments
  • You’re a talented singer, you deserve these many views
  • Loves to know everything about your updates. What will be the next song, why did you choose this one, thinks like that.
  • He’s one of your biggest fans, always showing your videos to his acquaintances
  • Who knows? Maybe he knows someone who knows someone that own a record label?
  • But If you just want to keep it as a hobby, he’s fine with that too, as long as you’re happy.
  • Also has money to get you the best equipment, maybe you’re not a pro, but he’ll definitely make you feel like you are one.
If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 1

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

A/N: Trying to work out the complicated feelings my poor noona heart has about Jungkook. Story begins in March 2014. Title comes from Big Bang’s “If You”.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 1 - Trouble

It’s your first day of work at BigHit.

Word Count: 1649 (out of 72622)

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D&D question about gross tropes as a DM

Bikini chainmail, “savage/primitive” societies, always-white elves–there’s a lot of shit wrong with Dungeons and Dragons that has been carried on as “tradition” for a lot of years that I don’t like, and I’m trying to get rid of on my world, and I wanted to open this to everyone following me.

What are some tired tropes you see in fantasy settings that you think need changing? what are a few things that are… shall we say, “old fashioned” in that they can be sexist/homophobic/racist etc. that I could have the power of breaking away from in my game?

I have a crush on a female trumpet player. Few people assume guard girls are gay or bisexual. A lot of stereotypes about lesbians are centered around being “boyish” (for lack of a better word) and guard is all about glitter and makeup and looking traditionally feminine; so people rarely suspect it. Shoutout to all the wlw guard girls out there! You’re loved and valid!
—  anonymous
I Fucking Knew It

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,392

Summary: It’s Thanksgiving at the Winchester household and a certain guest catches Dean’s attention. 

“Hey Mom!”

“Hi honey! Happy Thanksgiving.” Mary says giving Dean a big hug.

“I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Me too.” Deans says with a smile.

Dean hasn’t been around for the holidays in awhile. He always went to some fancy dinner or on a trip with his ex-girlfriend’s family. Whether he wanted to or not.

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Its funny like, i used to think i hated dressing up. Other girls would get all excited about putting on makeup and strappy shoes and dresses and clips in their hair but I never really understood? i just went along with it and decided dressing up just wasn’t for me and I just continued to feel awkward at every wedding, grad, or job interview that I ever went to. I thought shorts and a t-shirt was the only thing I would really feel comfortable in and that was just because I liked being lazy or something?? 

But then I realized I could wear a button up shirt and pants?? And that I could look sharp without having to do all those girly things?? And it makes me like dressing up and I feel like I actually look right. It makes me want to dress up and be at my best because I actually feel comfortable. Its just so weird to spend 20 years of your life not understanding a part of yourself like that and then finally get it, but people still hold you back from it because they think you’ll look like a lesbian (lol guess what mom…) I feel like this might be a common experience among butch or gnc women???  

I went to an art store today and all the guys section was just different styled metal signs that said “DONT TOUCH MY TOOLS” and that’s literally all man culture is in tx as far as I can tell

I think it’s so annoying when people who are all about the “natural ethereal” makeup look are always coming for “the ig baddie” look, especially considering that the so-called baddie trend came from 90′s woc beauty and drag queens. Like mind your business, shouldn’t you be exfoliating your face with some berries??? Let people do their makeup however they want lmao