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  • YouTube Makeup Tutorials: Now, this look is very easy. All you will need is twenty-four kinds of real horsehair brushes, all of which you can buy at Chanel for about five-hundred dollars, which is such a bargain for something so useful. Anyways, let's take out our palette of pure 24 karat gold flake eyeshadow and get started!
  • feminism 30 years ago: men hitting women is bad, we are against this! women are not naturally submissive to men, society creates a system of power called 'gender' in which women are socialized since birth to accept the role of femininity which is forced upon us against our will. we want to be liberated from the system of gender and male violence called patriarchy!!
  • feminism now: women want to be hit!! being submissive is empowering!! get spanked, crawl on your hands and knees and beg for dick like a good little girl!! womanhood is all about wearing makeup and conforming to patriarchal gender roles!! women choose to be housewives!! women choose to be treated like sex objects!! women choose to be oppressed and in fact being oppressed is liberating and empowering if you just choose to enjoy it!! any woman who thinks of herself as a victim is only oppressing herself, all she has to do is choose to enjoy patriarchy and she won't be oppressed anymore!!

My mom gave me a shitload of old makeup and I don’t wear makeup,I don’t know how to contour beyond what I’ve seen in like video clips on Facebook, I honestly didn’t know what half the shit was, I don’t know fuck all about makeup

That said I think I did an acceptable job

I have a crush on a female trumpet player. Few people assume guard girls are gay or bisexual. A lot of stereotypes about lesbians are centered around being “boyish” (for lack of a better word) and guard is all about glitter and makeup and looking traditionally feminine; so people rarely suspect it. Shoutout to all the wlw guard girls out there! You’re loved and valid!
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i've been thinking a lot abt the scene where Mike puts makeup on El. and wouldn't it have been cute if the boys were all curious about makeup one day? but instead of using the makeup properly, they end up drawing stars on their faces and all write D&D on their foreheads bc they have no clue what they're doing but they think it's fun to have matching face tattoos that show that they're in the club and there's nothing weird about it at all bc makeup is just another crayon to them :D

Hello anon! This is a really sweet idea 💜  Thank you for sending it my way—you’re awesome!

Because I am a sucker for heartbreak, I want to say that Mike is missing El particularly bad one day and wanders into Nancy’s room while she’s not home. He rifles through her makeup brushes and thinks about how concerned El was when he tried to put blush on her cheeks, but how she let him do it anyways. He finds Nancy’s eyeliner as well and, after a moment’s hesitation, draws a little 011 on his wrist, right where El’s used to be.

All caught up in his thoughts, Mike doesn’t hear the doorbell ring nor the front door open and he doesn’t hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. In fact, he doesn’t hear anything until Will (who has his own key now, because Karen says he can come over whenever and let himself in) asks him if he’s alright from the doorway of Nancy’s room. Mike sort of just sputters and Will notices the mark on his arm, frowning. In an attempt to make Mike feel better, Will offers to “give him a happier tattoo” and Mike agrees, just happy that Will’s back and acting normal. The boys take Nancy’s makeup bag into Mike’s room and sit on his bottom bunk. Will starts to draw designs on Mike’s other arm, outlining them with the black eye pencil and shading with some of Nancy’s sparkly eyeshadows (the ones she never wears).  Eventually, Will runs out of room on Mike’s arm and tentatively moves his hand up to the taller boy’s face. Mike hesitates for a moment before nodding at Will to continue. No matter what, he figures, it’ll be better than when Holly does his makeup for her tea parties. Smirking, Will writes “Dungeon Master” in block letters across Mike’s forehead, drawing little stars around the words. Just as he finishes, the doorbell rings again and, this time, they both hear it.

Both boys bound down the stairs to greet Dustin and Lucas, who take one look at Mike, wide-eyed. Dustin exclaims that he wants his D&D name in fancy letters on his forehead and Lucas, after a bit of prodding, also agrees to allowing Will to ‘tattoo’ him. Afterwards, they all participate in writing and drawing on Will—Mike scrawls out Will’s D&D name, Lucas works on a camo pattern on one of his cheeks, and Dustin draws a dragon (albeit a crooked stick figure one) on Will’s other cheek. 

They play an entire six hour campaign like this, only interrupted once when Nancy comes downstairs for a sweater from the laundry basket. If she notices the drawings on their faces (she does) and if she realizes they were done with her makeup (she definitely does—that shade of pink is from her favourite lipstick), she doesn’t say anything. But she does offer to order the boys another pizza, which they gladly accept. 

yall I hate makeup so much. i always have and I always will. i hate wearing it, i hate having to take it off, i hate how it makes me feel, and i sure as hell hate how people expect you to wear it when you go to formal events

i just recently started casually wearing a full face and i wish i could go back to my old self but shit is so hard when every time i open instagram i see girls absolutely slay with their highlight


I wanted to try a “galaxy” makeup look and this was the result. Unfortunately I currently don’t have any glitter, because this would look SO much better with glitter.

ok i support trans people ofc but this bullshit rhetoric of “being a woman is all about being smol and soft UwU smol ~soft~ precious cinnamon rolls UwU being a woman is all about sparkly things and makeup :D And dresses and long hair! if you’re a woman and you’re not Exactly Like This, then you’re probably actually a trans man!” is setting us back. bc a lot of women (and no, not just lesbians. even straight women aren’t all ~girly froofroo~ like that) don’t like dresses, they don’t have long hair or care about being “smol and gentle” or whatever the fuck, and no we are not a monolith. defining womanhood as a misogynistic set of behaviors and “”“girly”“” hobbies (such as painting your nails or playing with Barbie dolls as a kid) is not progressive, for cis women and trans people alike. get your head out of your asses. you are setting us BACK by DECADES with your bullshit sexed brain theory THAT HAS BEEN DEBUNKED TIME AND TIME AGAIN. read a book for the love of god. women are not all soft and ~*precious*~, some of us are rough and abrasive and if you fuck with is we will NOT be silent or passive about it. not all of us moisturize ourselves with shea butter and sing mary poppins songs all day long like some sort of Stepford Wives nightmare lmfao, what the fuck is wrong with y'all. get your “soft, smol n sapphic UwU” crap outta here. also, “lesbian” is not a dirty word.

And no, being gender-nonconforming is NOT the same thing as being trans. If a woman is GNC but says she doesn’t identify as a trans man, RESPECT THAT. she is happy with herself, WHY do some of you have a bone to pick with that?? my GOD