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anyways im still not over the fact that dan and phil went north for new years eve and dan make iron beaded horses with their friends kid

When they think you’re rejecting them but you’re actually just a terrified asexual child™

To anyone who says “[Character] is [insert]sexual and everything else is wrong because I said so! uwuwu”

To anyone who says “[Character] is obviously [insert gender identity here], so if you’re viewing them differently, you’re the worst uwuwuwu”

To anyone who harrasses others and/or talks shit about them because they headcanon something differently and thus, want to invalidate these people’s opinions in any way.

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Wait, Mr. Graves - were you a Pukwudgie? You mention the House an awful lot. Which isn't a bad thing - I myself am I Pukwudgie.


Listen. Listen. Fellow Pukwudgie or not I will take you down if you decide to pigeonhole us into - into - froofy headed bleeding hearts or whatever the fuck the stereotype is these days.

In fact, in fact, might I remind you that Pukwudgies handle the magical security at Ilvermorny? As in, the actual Pukwudgies like William not the students, and on the subject of William he’s a foul mouthed bastard with zero chill in life and I think he’s my actual hero. And Pukwudgies can set things on fire, are notoriously bad tempered and liable to turn into either a porcupine or a cougar if provoked? With poison arrows? House of the Healers fine, sure, but have you ever tried to escape the hospital before you’ve been officially released. Have you. Because it will not end well.

Isn’t a bad thing. Stand up for yourself. Set something on fire. Revel in the true cantankerous bastard nature of your house. Keh.


in case you need a reminder that Woozi is not just a ball of fluff

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did the overland creche use other punishments aside from dark rooms? you mentioned that at least the north creche HAD them but they were barely seen by most kids. did overland use punishments that weren't like, technically sanctioned by the tsar? also, i'm guessing that the creches have very different views on what needs punishing and not

The Overland creche did use other punishments, but they weren’t officially sanctioned. Jack has actually obliquely referred to them before in the story. I tried searching for it, but it wasn’t written in a way that was easily searchable, lol, thanks me.

They got by on a lot of verbal punishment, it’s pretty easy to pull kids in line with a quietly whispered: ‘why would you betray the Tsar like this?’ etc. Beyond that, some of the team-leaders almost certainly resorted to physical violence, especially if the byproducts couldn’t be seen, or could be hidden easily beneath clothing. And Jack lived in a region that was wintry cold all year around - clothing that hid bruises was the norm.

Things like formalised punishments/beatings etc. not so much - Jack only encountered official ‘whippings’ when he reached the Barracks. But he knew of them, because again, verbal threats and verbal punishment.

Outside of that, I’d say there were other things here and there used in ways that weren’t explicit punishments, but designed to keep the children demoralised - like regular delousings and forced hair-shaving to facilitate this, even when they weren’t infested/didn’t have lice etc. Jack’s referred to this too, in the story.

I do think there’s a strong link between Jack’s complete lack of self-worth, and what he was raised hearing about himself, long before he ever reached the Barracks. By the time Crossholt found him and hated him, Jack was already conditioned to believe awful things about himself, and accepted the treatment as his due. I mean he got angry about it because he hated it, but never because he thought he didn’t deserve it.

Most of the time though, a creche just wants its kids to believe in the Tsar whole-heartedly, to be able regurgitate a whole bunch of stuff about the Darkness and Light and Lune, and so on. Playing isn’t discouraged. Jack was able to eat whenever he wanted even though the food was pretty tasteless, etc. It wasn’t like he was generally barred from fundamental requirements like food / water / clothing / shelter etc. But that was part of the conditioning too, the ‘Lune will always provide for you’ rhetoric.


KC AU Week: Day 4 || All Human.

↳Assassin/Scientist AU

Caroline Forbes, professional assassin and con-artist is hired by one of the government secret agencies to seduce Klaus Mikaelson, aspiring and successful scientist who has uncovered a series of discoveries that will change the whole world, and steal his progress.

Now, if only he wasn’t so sweet and adorable, then maybe she would have been able to get it over with and finish this task.

But of course, he had to have dimples and an accent. In short, her own custom made recipe for disaster.

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okay wow like don't take this as rude or anything pls but i figured you drew yourself as more attractive than you actually are (something I'm guilty of personally, oops) but you don't? you're actually really handsome? and i just. wow.

Aaahhhh thank you!

(Don’t worry, I’m guilty of doing that as well)

I’m actually pretty sure I only have two settings:

“Ugh, I’m so ugly and disgusting and nobody’s ever going to love me oh my god I’m a troll.”


“Hello, you sexy motherfucker.”

My favorite thing about Sebastian Stan is that he /knows/ he looks terrible with this moustache and instead of like trying to hide it or shy away he’s like out there making fun of himself and being really funny and cool about all the people who are like :/ . And honestly that’s so important bc if you can’t laugh and make fun of yourself from time to time then what’s the point?


Some crap 80s style posters for you.

Um, yes PLEASE. This is so beautiful and fuffy and and delicious. I can picture the whole scene perfectly. Sherlock being all cool and chill about it but Molly understandably being a bit flustered seeing as she almost tripped AND is now on the arm of Mr. Can’t Put His Phone Down Holmes. Maybe she comments on it…

“I wouldn’t have imagined you’d have your hands free,” Molly says teasingly with a little smile.

“Well…I do put my mobile away occasionally.” Sherlock returns her smile. “When there’s something much nicer to hold onto.”


So I’m going to be real quick here

Got an exam coming up and papers and a presentation as well so I’ll make this quick. 

This episode was gold from start to finish. Lucifer not wanting Chloe to get too involved in this case because he doesn’t want her getting hurt and possibly killed by a maniac wielding Azrael’s blade. 

Also for those humans who were slain by the blade, does that mean their souls cease to exist too? Just saying. 

Ella making a deal with Lucifer in exchange for him asking her help. Ella was just funny and cute here. And even oblivious to how Lucifer was enjoying being used to enact what happened in the yoga studio. 

Chloe acting all jealous and trying to be all cool about it and that Lucifer and Ella being together a lot doesn’t affect her. 


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She ain’t fooling anyone. 

That little scene between Mazikeen and Amenadiel okay I swear that was pretty cute when Amenadiel refused to say bad words at Mazikeen. Such an adorable, good angel boy. 

But then it gets to the serious stuff. 

The woman killing the suspect earlier (who literally went overboard on the desserts) because he did the unthinkable to her. That piece of shit deserved to be put through the worst punishment ever. Even Lucifer  was disgusted by the dead man’s actions towards her and knew he deserved punishment for what he did, even defending the murderer outright. 

Lucifer questioning himself as to why he cared about the dead humans. He’s changing that’s for sure. 


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I freaked when Dan was holding the blade and attacked Lucifer with it but THANKFULLY Dan, good ole Dan, fought the blade’s calling. And him getting real angry about his stolen pudding. 

Look let’s be honest, we would have been super mad as well if someone stole our food (not to the point of murdering that person but most likely give them an ass whooping). 

Then the deal comes to light.

Ella taking Lucifer to church with her. And I thought it was the damn hug in the loft. 

Friend: The Devil.

Attending: Church.

Him: Horrified


But onto the serious stuff.

Charlotte and even Amenadiel (how could you turn your back on your little bro Amenadiel?) insisting that Lucifer come home with them. Which he then told them them that neither Heaven and Hell was ever his home and only Earth is because here HE COULD BE RESPECTED AND TREATED EQUALLY.


And damn was he mad to the point the blade reacted and if Charlotte hadn’t stopped herself, things could have gotten real ugly. 

But that begs the theory. Does Azrael’s blade affect angels and demons just as it affects the humans but only if their emotions get the better of them? Or are they just more resistant to the blade’s calling for blood? Question question questions.

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By the way, I’m also glad that Linda finally came to terms with Lucifer being the Devil and having mended their friendship and trust. 

(I also howled when Lucifer tried to distract Linda by asking her if she wished to know more about the evil souls on his list and mentioned Trump. I really did not expect that at all).



THOSE TWO JUST DANCING AWAY SMILING AND LAUGHING. I cannot believe what I am seeing. Lucifer and Chloe just dancing the night away gives me life. 


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Mom or no mom, Lucifer is going to fry her ass. Literally. 


i havent been drawing much lately so i figured id use my blog like an actual blog to get something new on here, i dont think i’ll say anything profound but im all about being candid so if youre interested in that, cool.

around a year ago i made a big effort to make a multi chapter webcomic that i was hoping would get me noticed to snag some art job in some cartoon studio, but my intentions were so awful that i just sorta fell apart and was feeling burnt out every day. i bought lots of storyboarding books and studied tips on writing and looked for some kind of education to tell me how to do a good job, but then it wasnt about making a comic anymore. i had basically rewritten my story about 3 times and lost all of the fun i had when i thought it up, and i just fizzled out on it and i dont think i’ll be working on it again any time soon (i then went for a shorter idea that was only about being fun for me, and thats where The Red Muscle came from, one of the few projects ive ever finished).

during this time i would see the artists i look up to and how their circle of connections and friends gets tighter and tighter and i would get bothered so much with how badly i wanted to be in that circle yet never felt like i was a part of it, and that thought process poisoned everything i tried to make for months. ive been spending my time these days just having fun thinking up ideas and not worrying about making everything a finished piece i can shove in some art director’s face. i dont spend nearly as much time drawing as i did in the past, but i’m in a much better emotional space currently. i still think working at a cartoon studio would be a dream come true, but i dont let the idea of me not working there in the next 5-10 years cripple me anymore.

i think i felt like posting these unfinished pages and thumbnails just to help myself accept that not every idea has to be finished, or even be good. sometimes you can work on something and if you feel like what you have isnt doing anything for you, its ok to stop and do something else that feels better for you. i also thought some of these thumbs were really good! i tried really hard to make nice pages with cool camera angles and and page layouts, i practiced my perspective a lot and thought these had some of my biggest artistic growth in a long time.

if you bothered to read my ramblings all the way down to here, i should say thank you and im sorry! haha

i went out yesterday emptyhanded and i came home with more prompt:

  • your mom keeps asking me out on a playdate with you (we’re so old but she doesn’t care because she thinks you don’t have friends) but my mom keeps cockblocking us
  • it was raining and i accidentally sent you a text about being stranded without an umbrella so you drove to where i am and said “uh i… was… nearby?” but like. your friends texted me about you racing off, dude, calm the shit down (it’s really cute tho)
  • i’m a waiter at this cafe and i have never seen anyone eat bread as angrily as you do
  • we accidentally rode the same taxi but it’s raining so hard that we both don’t want to get out so we just share and we realize we live in the same neighborhood
  • we’re at the same diner and you’re watching the hockey game i couldn’t watch last week so i walk over and ask if i can have a copy of the video (or watch with you, tbh. anything’s fine. my fave player got a hat trick and i need to see the game.)
People who post hate in other people’s ship tags for the simple purpose of upsetting them have such ugly personalities

and so do their followers who like/reblog their posts.

Having a different opinion is fine, but being rude to others is not. It’s not that hard to be a decent person and stay in your lane.

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In light of all the anti semite let's players, let's just go all watch game grumps. dan and barry are both cute jews and even though the middle slot is down so there's not a lot of barry on the channel lately, dan talks and jokes about being jewish and cool and great all the damn time and i think that's something we can all get behind

That’s true, I don’t watch them but they seem really cool from what I’ve seen. (They totally dodged a bullet with jontron too holy shit)