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Hi! I was just wondering what your vocal range is? (Roughly, of course). I've been trying to peg your vocal type for about a week now, and I've been struggling with it. Thank you! ^.^

((OOC: My vocal range (last time I checked) was C#3-E6. Vocal type? I have “Mezzo” on my resume, but I also sing some legit soprano stuff as well as Alto 2 in my all girls a cappella group…. so really who knows. If you figure it out, lemme know!))


Next week’s episode of Bones is all about a cappella.

I arranged and produced all the musical numbers.

It’s got Pentatonix, Sam Tsui, and a generally high level of awesomeness.

You should watch.

[CP! Fic] The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Author: sparklyslug

Summary: Adam Birkholtz is an amazing beatboxer. Much to the despair of all the Samwell a cappella groups, who can’t seem to persuade him to quit hockey and join them, no matter how many flyers they stick up around the Haus.

Notes: So this one MAYBE needs a little context. Ngozi tweeted about these guys , who make for a scary flawless Holster and Ransom fancasting. And one of them also happens to be an amazing beatboxer . So then this happened.

Read it here

this is a very strange thing I have done. But I had to do it. I had to.

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Sing It On Episode 3: “Northeast Quarterfinals”
Full Episode

At the ICCA Northeast Quarterfinals, Pitch, Please! battles sickness and wardrobe malfunctions, while the Nor‘easters feel the pressure of maintaining their team legacy. A budding aca-romance between two All-Night Yahtzee members threatens the dynamics of the team, and No Comment’s soloist works on getting her confidence back.


Here it is! The first promo for “Sing It On” a BRAND NEW reality series coming to POP TV (Formerly TV Guide Channel) in May!

Watch as the following 5 collegiate A Cappella groups prepare to compete in the ICCA’s in the show that’s being marketed as “The Real Life Pitch Perfect”

The groups featured are

Florida State University All-Night Yahtzee

Florida State University AcaBelles

University of Chicago No Comment

The Northeastern University Nor’easters

Northeastern University Pitch, Please

If you ever wanted an excuse or an appropriate moment to start listening to me on the Radio (WERS)

This weekend would be the time. As far as I know, starting tomorrow I’m on Every Saturday AND every Sunday from 2-5, and I’ll be tag teaming with my partner Griffin and our favorite Bostonian Maria for Live Music week, which is going to be epic and awesome and a plethora of other cool synonyms. 

But it all starts tomorrow. The Cutler Majestic Theatre. 

It’s happening. Eleven hundred people and us. Bring it on, right? 

Anyhow, if you can, show up. Listen in. 88.9 WERS in Boston and the surrounding areas in New England or It’ll be fun. ^_^

And I’ll be wearing a dress and strappy heels you know no big deal