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I am the type of person who...

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I am the type of person who… will instantly wake up to answer the phone at 6 am and keep up an entire conversation without sounding sleepy or tired in any way. Then will go back to sleep and completely forget about having said phone conversation at all. 

I am the type of person who… was genuinely happy to find out she needed to wear glasses. Always loved glasses. 

I am the type of person who… keeps buying new books despite knowing there’s 50+ more books at home waiting to be read. 

I am the type of person who… has a really hard time throwing away even the crappiest scrap of paper because “it could come in handy for an art project one day!”

I am the type of person who… will get into verbal fights with any random stranger (irl or online) who dares criticize her beloved city of Naples and its inhabitants. (Shitting on Naples is apparently some sort of national sport in Italy: insults can go from “all neapolitans are uncultured thieves” to “I hope mount Vesuvius wipes you and your shitty city off the face of earth, you cholera infected dogs!”, which, as you can guess, is not fun at all .___.’)
Speaking of that… 

Cappella Sansevero (1593-1766), Naples, home to many amazing sculptures, including but not limited to Giuseppe Sanmartino’s masterpiece “The Veiled Christ”. Several legends circulate around the sculptures of this chapel and the Prince who commissioned them, Raimondo di Sangro. A scientist and an alchemist, he was said to be capable of replicating the miracle of the liquefaction of blood of Saint Januarius, as well as being the author of the so-called “anatomical machines”, two human skeletons whose vessel system was “turned into stone” thanks to an alchemic process (warning: body horror). The vessels eventually turned out to be made of wire, wax and silk, but the accuracy of details is still pretty amazing, especially given the lack of knowledge about this kind of things at the time. 

I am the type of person who… will *not* shut up about the beauties of Naples and will always focus a good amount of her History of Art lessons on artists who lived or worked here, as opposed to traditional lessons only focusing on Florence and Rome :D 

I am the type of person who… has more than 13 GB of music on her iPod (45,5 GB on pc), but will listen to the same 20-30 songs over and over again. And complain about having nothing else to listen to. 

I am the type of person who… 

…At 13, thought all heavy metal music was “satanic” and she would never listen to it. Turned into a full blown metalhead at 16.
…At 17, still claimed she would never listen to Ronnie James Dio because his name was “blasphemous” (“Dio” in Italian means “God”). One year later, she was one of the biggest Dio fangirls ever. Two years later, she went to see him & Black Sabbath live in concert (…AND the concert was canceled -___- Tony Iommi broke his shoulder or something, so we could only see Ronnie on stage for a few minutes. He sang the chorus part from Heaven & Hell for us, tried to comfort us for a bit, then left the stage. It was the first and last time I could see him, as he passed away about six months later ;___;) 
…At 24, said she’d rather live under a bridge than become a teacher. 
Became a teacher two years later. 

I am the type of person who… should clearly stop claiming she will “never” do something XD

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TDB Rewatch: Acafellas (1x03)

Welcome to TDB’s Great Glee Rewatch! This week we’re doing Acafellas!

The episode sees the Glee Club director Will Schuester form an all-male a cappella group, the Acafellas, spending more time building his own confidence while neglecting the club. Will tells his parents that Terri is pregnant, and Rachel hires Dakota Stanley, due to Quinn and Santana’s advice and “concern” on their choreography, to help coach them to Nationals. Will is slowly being pulled away from Glee Club as he works with the Acafellas. Meanwhile, Mercedes is bitten by the love bug, but her feelings aren’t reciprocated.

This episode was directed by John Scott and written by Ryan Murphy.

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A few months ago I kind of accidentally found myself at a cheesy all-dude a cappella show at my school 

it was this traveling group and at one point they were introducing a song and had this cheesy little thing about how like “Most little girls’ favorite Disney movie is a princess movie, well this song is from every little boy’s favorite Disney movie”

and they launched into a song from The Jungle Book, which I’ve literally never seen 

and i thought about yelling “FUCK YOU MY FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE WAS MULAN” 


VoicePlay - Disney Broadway Medley

OPB: Various Artists

The gentlemen of VoicePlay teamed up with Disney on Broadway to put out this medley of Disney songs that have been featured in Broadway shows, but with a TWIST!!!! The arrangement pairs the lyrics of favorite classic Disney songs with the beats from Top pop hits

Kiss The Girl/All About That Bass (The Little Mermaid/Meghan Trainor

A Whole New World/Rude (Aladdin/MAGIC!)

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King/Trumpets (The Lion King/Jason Derulo)

Seize the Day (Newsies)

Arabian Nights/Fireball (Aladdin/Pitbull)

anonymous asked:

hi i'm a high school junior and would really like to know why you love yale so much and was wondering if you could tell me some pros/cons about the school! i haven't decided whether or not i want to apply there so i'd love to hear your reasons as to why you did

Hi there lovely!

Agh tbh this is such a dangerous question because I could quite honestly go on forever and ever about Yale and I really don’t even know where to begin… but I’ll try my best for you!


  • BLUEBOOKING!!!! — at Yale, you get to shop for your classes every semester. They have something called the Blue Book and it’s a book of all the courses that are offered and for the first two (??) weeks of the semester, you get to pick and choose the classes you think you’re interested in, sit in, and experience the class with no obligations or strings attached whatsoever which is EXTREMELY wonderful because it’s kind of like a test drive before you commit to a class for the entire semester.
  • Residential. Colleges. — Everyone at Yale belongs to one of their twelve residential colleges… and my favourite part about the res colleges is the fact that they’re not just dormitories. Each of the res colleges are different; some have music studios in the basement whereas others have practice rooms, gyms, movie theaters, etc., and the best thing about it is that no one is restricted to their own res college! If you belonged to ES but wanted to eat lunch with a friend in Calhoun? Bam. You can totally do that. And if Branford didn’t have a feature that Berkeley did (let’s say music practice rooms?), then you still have access to the Berkeley practice rooms. And not only that, but I also love the suite-style dorming at Yale because agh that whole concept of sharing a living room really resonates with me—and it must really feel like home away from home as it seems to promote a lot of bonding with suitemates and such!
  • BUTTERIES — Butteries kind of go hand in hand with the res colleges, but still! What other college comes with built-in late night snacks?! It probably is awful for the whole “freshman fifteen” thing, but agh butteries sound so, so wonderful (holla at my girl Libby).
  • Master’s Teas — I know that Yale students don’t really like Master’s Teas apparently (?) but I think that I’d love for the opportunity to attend them. Can you imagine having tea and being in a close setting with someone whom you really admire/look up to? Yale constantly has amazing, incredible people drop by to talk to their students and agh just a chance to get to meet those people seems like heaven to me. 
  • A Cappella — THE A CAPPELLA SCENE AT YALE IS PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT. They have an “a cappella rush” and it just sounds so wonderful agh and all of Yale’s a cappella groups are just so talented and make great sound and tbh I really just want to become a part of Yale Out of the Blue because I’ve been music-crushing on them forever. 
  • YSO Halloween Show — It’s Yale tradition, every Halloween, to end the night with the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s annual Halloween show!! They display a silent movie whilst the orchestra plays the soundtrack live which is ffff so amazing I cannot even imagine
  • THE BEINECKE/STIRLING/BASS — The libraries. I know it’s so petty to factor in libraries, but I love Yale’s libraries so much that words can’t even describe. The Beinecke has had my heart forever ever since I first stepped foot inside, and Stirling is just a thing of beauty (even though they had to throw acid on it to make it look a little older (; ) and although I haven’t been inside of Bass, I just know that it will be just as beautiful in the typical, Yale fashion. 
  • Freshman Screw — It’s a minor little detail, but Freshman Screw seems like a lot of fun! You get to pair up your friend with a blind date and you basically spend the night trying to find your other half and eep it just sounds like a great time :) 
  • Study Abroad — Study abroad seems relatively easy at Yale (although I don’t know if I could ever bear to leave campus for large durations of time?!) which is very important for me!
  • Yale Model United Nations — Yale’s International Relations Association (YIRA) holds the best high school conference in the high school MUN circuit; not to mention that their competitive team is highly ranked (top 3?) in the nation—which is very important to me, as a MUN junkie!
  • Liberal arts curriculum — this kind of says it all!
  • Freshman Olympics — ALSO VERY CUTE and a great way to display your res college pride!!
  • Adding on to living arrangements — I love how freshmen all live together on Old Campus (except for TD kids and Silliman kids) before moving into their res colleges so that they get an opportunity to meet a lot of the freshman before moving up :)
  • BOOLA BOOLA — I also think that boola boola is a fckin great chant haha bye Harvard you are so lame don’t even try
  • T.D. Woolsey — there’s a statue of Woolsey on Old Campus and people rub his toe for good luck! (No, not like the statue of John Harvard nope because Woolsey is 23904802398x superior) And I just really love the story behind Woolsey. In the Civil War, when lots of colleges were turning away their Southern students and sending them home because of the war, Woolsey refused and allowed his Southern students to stay on campus and to study. And I just really love and appreciate that mentality of acceptance and understanding. Which leads me to…
  • The community — I just love the sense of community at Yale. It feels like no other. No matter how many colleges I tour or research, I never get that sense of pride and unity; the feeling of family. And that’s what terrifies me so much about loving Yale, I think. I’m just afraid (irrationally, because I know that I will be happy no matter where I end up!) that I won’t find my fuzzy feeling that I get from Yale at anywhere else.
  • Yale Women’s Center — I love the Yale Women’s Center and how they have a place for women to gather and talk about empowerment and feminism and all of that agh and to top it off there is a CHIPOTLE NEXT DOOR I swear if I get in… I’m never leaving that area. 
  • Campus — Yale’s campus is by far the most gorgeous in the world (in my eyes). And that’s that. 
  • Women’s Table by Stirling — THEY HAVE A WOMEN’S TABLE OKAY I just sometimes think about what it’d be like to kind of reach an epiphany as I notice the way the light reflects off of the Women’s Table on my walk back to Old Campus from class idk

I could say more but ah was this enough for you? :) xx

[CP! Fic] The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Author: sparklyslug

Summary: Adam Birkholtz is an amazing beatboxer. Much to the despair of all the Samwell a cappella groups, who can’t seem to persuade him to quit hockey and join them, no matter how many flyers they stick up around the Haus.

Notes: So this one MAYBE needs a little context. Ngozi tweeted about these guys , who make for a scary flawless Holster and Ransom fancasting. And one of them also happens to be an amazing beatboxer . So then this happened.

Read it here

this is a very strange thing I have done. But I had to do it. I had to.


Here it is! The first promo for “Sing It On” a BRAND NEW reality series coming to POP TV (Formerly TV Guide Channel) in May!

Watch as the following 5 collegiate A Cappella groups prepare to compete in the ICCA’s in the show that’s being marketed as “The Real Life Pitch Perfect”

The groups featured are

Florida State University All-Night Yahtzee

Florida State University AcaBelles

University of Chicago No Comment

The Northeastern University Nor’easters

Northeastern University Pitch, Please

If you ever wanted an excuse or an appropriate moment to start listening to me on the Radio (WERS)

This weekend would be the time. As far as I know, starting tomorrow I’m on Every Saturday AND every Sunday from 2-5, and I’ll be tag teaming with my partner Griffin and our favorite Bostonian Maria for Live Music week, which is going to be epic and awesome and a plethora of other cool synonyms. 

But it all starts tomorrow. The Cutler Majestic Theatre. 

It’s happening. Eleven hundred people and us. Bring it on, right? 

Anyhow, if you can, show up. Listen in. 88.9 WERS in Boston and the surrounding areas in New England or It’ll be fun. ^_^

And I’ll be wearing a dress and strappy heels you know no big deal

Beca Defense Squad (Aka Kommissar)

~Requested fic

“What the hell Beca?” Jesse and Chloe had pulled her off to the side for this? Beca internally groaned, not wanting to spend tonight getting lectured.

“He totally pointed to you! You should have been there to help out the Legacy!” Chloe was fuming.

“And whats this I hear about you hitting on the German freak?” Jesse adds.

It doesn’t matter that they are in the back hallway where the bathrooms are, there is no hiding from Kommissar’s keen ears. Out of her peripheral vision she can see a Bella and a stupid American boy yelling at the tiny maus. She doesn’t know why but she feels uncomfortable hearing the harsh words spilling from their mouths. A cold feeling washes over Kommissar that screams at her to beat up both Americans.

“Why does it even matter? You haven’t been there for me these past three years. And Chloe I wasn’t even there when you accepted Legacy! So why is it suddenly my responsibility to take care of her like she is a four year old?” Beca shouts back, not caring now if they attract attention.

“Your the leader Beca. You should be setting a role! You have been totally blowing us off and pushing us away for weeks now!” Chloe argues, hands balled into fists.

“Did you ever think that maybe your being selfish? I lost Beca. I lost the competition and then I lost you.” Jesse looks almost sad for a moment before the rage consumes him again. “You left me Beca don’t you dare pin this on me!”

“By the sound of it you are both… how do Americans say it? Idiots.” Kommissar arrives at Beca’s side in a few graceful, long strides. “Beca has full rights to take breaks from the Bellas. A leader does not mean someone who carries the team, it is someone who leads. You all know how a cappella works, ja? And could you not have teachen the young one yourselves? Or are you just that bad?” Kommissar raises her eyebrow in challenge at Chloe.

“We were busy preparing-”

“Preparing should mean getting people ready, ja? And that includes this Legacy person. So why weren’t you preparing her?” Kommissar taps her foot, resting an arm on Beca’s shoulder as if they are best buds. Beca is too stunned by Kommissar coming to her rescue that she can’t think properly. Not that she can ever think properly around Kommissar.

“Why is this any of your business? I was trying to talk to Beca.” Chloe fires back.

“No you were trying to use her as a scapegoat. Making her feel guilty. You should be ashamed.” Kommissar scolds her like she is a child. Chloe opens her mouth then looks at Beca like she will defend her. Beca just rolls her eyes at Chloe and stares her down until the redhead turns on her heel and storms off.

Jesse is looking expectantly at Kommissar. “Go ahead and try to tell me Im wrong. Im her boyfriend.”

“And as her boyfriend you should be there for her a vice versa. She had a very busy schedule with the tour. She needed you through that rough time. You weren’t there because you were too busy wallowing in self pity because she was going on a victory tour.” Kommissar towers over him. Looking down at him as though he could try to dig himself out of this situation.

“Are you suddenly her girlfriend now?” Jesse asks, obviously still angry at Beca’s compliments.

“I would make a much better partner than you.” Kommissar looks down at Beca. “Don’t you agree?”

For a moment Beca is tok enthralled by Kommissar’s lips to do anything but then mutters, “I don’t know I have never been with another girl.”

Jesse laughs at Kommissar. “See she doesn’t-”

“She hasn’t been with another woman. That doesn’t mean she isn’t opposed to the idea. I think after dating you she would try just about anything.” Kommissar cuts him off smoothly.

“But we are still dating.”

“No we are not so now I can do this.” There is only one way to reward a night in shinning armor. Beca stands on her tiptoes and kisses Kommissar. And Kommissar is so right, she makes a much better partner.