all I do is MOM

s o since I’m a talkative person, what happened happened: I finally talked a little about MM to my parents - or at least, yesterday we were supposed to eat dinner and I was waiting to finish my chat to come, which pissed off my step dad, so I justified I played “a visual novel where I have to be on on specific hours”

No more no less, but this lunch I fell dead asleep in my bed by pure d/epression (y’know, d/epression nap not tired nap) and I woke up only because there was a chat, and it motivated me to make all the appointments I needed to do.

I kinda told it to my mom when she asked why I fell asleep (she’s aware of my d/epression naps and was more than happy that I took the appointments) and I mentioned “I only woke up because of the chat” and she smiled like “at least it brings you something great”

so long story short even my mom is recognizing what MM is doing to my health, who would have thought


NEW VIDEO: “Getting Tattoos With My Mom” ft. Queen Jackie!

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my sister asked my dad to buy her just ONE freaking dozen of eggs for her baking and my dad went to buy some after his night duty and came home at 1am because he bought nearLY 200 EGGS BECAUSE FELT THE DAMN LIKE IT


so we all know cecil basically believes Carlos’s full name is Carlos the Scientist so headcanon that if Cecil ever meets Carlos’s mom Carlos is going to just be constantly saying “you’re going to meet mom” and “mom can’t wait to meet you” so when they finally meet Cecil is 100% convinced her actual full name is Mom the Scientist



  • erin the mom!friend constantly making the girls packed lunches and food while they work. 
  • irons the girls’ clothes??? they end up getting crinkled regardless?? they’re literally ghostbusters erin what are you doing
  • when patty runs out of historical books erin is the first one to be like “i got u!!! i was heading down to the bookstore regardless :))”
  • abby: “erin the nearest bookstore is ten blocks away” 
  • awkward mom dancing and her finger guns (need i say more) 
  • when ever she gets slimed the girls always wince and are all like “ooh ouch” but erin just puts her thumbs up while holtz collects some on her finger to curiously taste
  • holtzmann: “:(” 
  • drives them around??? in the hurst?? like a soccer mom?? waves out the window when she drops off abby, patty and holtz to go park saying “be safe!! kick those ghost’s butt!” even tho she’s literally abt to join them 
  • holtz and abby are prone to accidents when they do experiments and patty usually patches the dorks up because she’s an angel. but erin is always the one on duty with the Mom Kisses On The Forehead. both of them just scrunch their noses when the onslaught happens 
  • kevin can’t tie his tie so erin has to do it for him. EVERY. MORNING. 
  • she drew the line at “erin, can you tie my shoe laces? I don’t want a nail to catch”
  • sometimes erin herself forgets abt self care so all the girls collectively do small things that make her feel so so loved. like holtz makes her breakfast (pancakes with love hearts and smiley faces made of syrup) abby throws a thermos of coffee like a football to her in the mornings (she screamed and nearly dropped it) patty goes and buys her heaps of physics books and really interesting novels and is all like “nah don’t worry abt the cost. i owe you babe” 
  • just……..ghostbusters!family and they all love each other fucfknchesb

I’ll show that I can save you  [full res]

i need jason to meet sally