all Dami sees is the past


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These past few days the fandom has been quiet, we have only seen our queen and believe me I don’t complain she is a the most beautiful sight, her whole aura screams good vibes and that’s amazing.

Maybe the subject that I want to approach in this opportunity tho lacks on good vibes and good energy but it’s something that I consider important. I know we all miss our King, I do too, and I’m sure he will be seen whenever he feels is the time to do, we know how this works, we have been following this for a long time, come on, is not a matter of rocket science here, it all has a reason to be. Now, what bothers me and I want to point out is why there are people believing that if he in fact appears has to do it with his ex wife?, and yes for me this is the reality she is his EX WIFE and to be honest at this point only THE MOTHER OF HIS KIDS, there is no room here for another appellative when it comes to her simply because is what I see based on their acts, you know that acts speak louder than words. Yes, he respects her. Yes, she is the mother of his kids. Yes, she will always be linked to his life, whether we like it or not, but does this mean she is with him as his wife?. Absolutely not, I thought it was pretty obvious, come on, we all have eyes and reasoning, the only love interest he has is Dakota, I know many say that it has to do with the PR and blah blah blah, and I agree, but at some point this has to come to an end, so it bothers me, it really does when people who consider themselves “damies” think that he still follows her orders, or that she owns him, seriously? We have all seen Jamie changing in these past years, do you really believe this is the case? I invite you to do an exercise think about the Jamie back in 2015 and the Jamie now, what do you see? I’m gonna tell you what I see, I see a man who was lost, and now has found himself again and is happy, and you know what I see when I see him with D or with his daughters, yes… his happiness.

Some have to define what they truly think, be honest, whether you believe he is already divorced and with D or you believe he is still with this woman and she treats him as her puppet and D is the poor damsel in distress.

I really hope all the Damies are in the first group, by heart, to think better of the people we admire. 

The truth is, we are here because we admire them and we want true love to win, I’m sure they are doing it, even tho I can’t see it and I don’t have “sources”, I really don’t need it you know why? because I believe in what I see, that’s the only advice I have if you believe it too have confidence in this, don’t doubt, the truth is right there don’t act as blind, and be real with those who follow you.


for @identityconstellations​ who requested bruce and dami headcanons. <3 

- bruce has five kids so he knows what up when damian refuses to eat his mushrooms you know because according to damian if it’s MUSHROOMS and everybody in this house MUST hate him and many great people in the past have been poisoned so that means no mushrooms for damian and that’s THE ONLY REASON OKAY so bruce lets damian do a thorough inspection of the mushrooms in the lab so that he can see that they’re not poisonous at all because he’s raising detectives

- damian does that thing that little kids do when they point out all the other things the big kids tim can do like “but drake does it so it isn’t fair father” to which bruce will just flip the odds and will reply with either “well actually i don’t really know if tim is supposed to be doing that” or “well tim is too big to sit in my lap so come here” 

- because bruce has five kids and he’s figured crap out, whenever damian insists on something, bruce just replies with “i know” and carries on with whatever he was planning on doing. damian will say, “it doesn’t hurt!” and bruce says, “i know,” and gets some painkillers. “i’m not tired!” damian shouts and bruce just answers, “i know” and then proceeds to put him to bed. “i don’t need it!” damian shrieks at the medicine but bruce just says, “i know,” and gives him a dose of it. that’s life.

- sometimes bruce and damian have fights and their apologies to each other are never outright “i’m sorry”. it may be bruce offering to read to damian, it may be damian drawing a sketch and giving it to him, it may be the silence when damian leans forward and presses his head against Bruce’s shoulder. everything’s quiet and then everything’s okay the next day.

- damian’s ipod is always in sync on bruce’s computer because bruce gets good music just for damian (and drake listens to that nasty punk music and why listen to that when there’s always adele)

What we have so far

- Jamala: overdramatic history teacher who everyone loves despite the melodrama
- Petra: experienced vice principal. Does the morning announcements with Måns. They’re hilarious and everyone love them
- Måns: vice principal with Petra, does the announcements. An alumnus of the high school
- Donny: senior who has a fuckboy reputation despite being a cinnamon roll and having had a dorky freshman year
- Poli: super cool senior who’s everyone’s best friend
- Greta: senior who is less well liked (which is weird, because…she’s awesome once you talk to her)
- Ira: super sophisticated senior
- Jamie-Lee: weeaboo freshman
- Laura: sophomore, runs the dance team
- Sandhja: junior, also runs the dance team
- Hovi: junior, super cool, best friends with Poli
- Sanja: junior, super cool, best friends with Hovi and Poli but also everyone else
- Jüri: hot sophomore (which is kind of an oxymorons because sophomores aren’t supposed to be hot hOW??) who knows a lot of card tricks
- Justs: the other hot sophomore who wears leather jackets all the time but somehow it’s not tacky
- Frans: the really chill freshman who is probably plotting everyone’s demise in his head (but in the meantime he’s really chill)
- Zoë: sweetheart bilingual freshman in the gardening club
- Francesca: sweetheart bilingual sophomore in the gardening club
- Joe and Jake: British sports students. The embodiment of cheeky nandos with the lads.
- Amir: cool science teacher
- Minus One: the Gang™
- Highway: trying to be the Gang™ but they’re freshmen so it doesn’t work
- Gabriela: theatre kid who’s talented but always gets shitty parts. Also in the gardening club.
- Barei: senior in the dance team but runs cheerleading too
- Rykka: the new girl, probably a junior, who thinks she’s The Shit™ but really not
- Douwe: mega bisexual party junior
- Ovidiu: got expelled for a dumb reason
- Christer Björkman: the principal who is trying to get more power for himself

I have all this in a notes file on my phone! so if anyone gets ideas about people from past years or something just add on and I’ll add it to my notes. And if we want to make a real fic out of this we totally can!

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Rooting for love shouldn't be judged

I find it unbelievable how some people criticize others for seeing love where the rest don’t.Rooting for two people to be together because you want them to be happy shouldn’t be judged.If some don’t get it then they should move on and ignore it.True shippers who don’t aim for attention are fans who are pulled in by two people because they see love between them.They are not masochists,none of them likes being called names online only because they stick for what they believe.They didn't just say one day Today I Will Become A Damie Shipper,there was obviously something, a feeling that made them start rooting for them & still keeps them doing it after all this time despite of the bad comments of other fans & despite of the past & current situation.They don’t ship Dakota with every male actor she works with,or Jamie with his other female co stars.Why we don’t ship the actors of all our favorite movies & tv shows? Because is not about not being able to separate fiction from reality, as much as some like to use this excuse.Is something much deeper!

I now may be a damie shipper but at first didn’t want to become one because i wanted to avoid the online hate & because at that time I felt it was not morally right since Jamie is married.So i entered the Fifty fandom despite of not having read the books,i only was interested in the books and movies after seeing an interview of Jamie & Dakota.After some time i couldn’t help it and started to really want to see these two together.You can’t tell yourself to stop rooting for love when you see it right in front of your eyes.That is when I realized that morality should not be an obstacle to love.People love,get married,have kids & sometimes they fall out of love & fall in love again.They shouldn’t be judged because of their feelings & they shouldn’t feel obligated to stay in relationships ,which no longer work,with people who can’t help each other overcome their insecurities and fears ,just because of their morals.They should always search for happiness and enjoy it when they find it.I don’t know how this Damie situation will unfold but i’m thankful that because of it i came to the above realization.That is the only way new generations will learn the right way to live their life,follow their hearts and dreams & not be afraid of expressing their feelings.That is the only way people will stop judging others for rooting for love.