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ameliajduncan  asked:

Love triangle between Aomine and Imayoshi in which the girl is perverted like Aomine and cunning and mischievous like Imayoshi. (I literally just went and read all 70 pages of your blog to hold myself over until more posts. I love this blog!)

oh my– what a girl!

“What’s up?” She greets AOMINE with a firm slap to the ass. Aomine almost jumps five feet into the air before turning to glare at her. “____, I told you to stop that!” He yells, even though he wanted to do the same to her. She ignores him, grinning widely. “Hey, did you know your morning practices are cancelled today?” She asks, and Aomine stops cursing for a second. “Ahn? What’d you do this time?” He couldn’t hide the amusement in his voice.

A few seconds later, IMAYOSHI comes running out, soaking wet head to toe, looking like an angry cat. “____-chan, if you’re the one who turned on the sprinklers in the gym–” He begins to threaten but everyone knows he’s not gonna do anything to the girl he likes. Her confident grin never leaves her face. “My, my, captain, you look damn good wet.” She teases, giving him the up-and-down glance. Aomine and Imayoshi swore their affection for this girl was gonna be the death of them.