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The fight is on in season 8 of The Walking Dead as the communities of Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom have united in the battle against their oppressor Negan. And that means many of our favorites who barely interacted last season are back together fighting side by side. Favorites like, say, Daryl and Carol!

EW has the exclusive first photo from season 8, and it features Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride as their Walking Dead alter-egos just as you like them — with Carol packing heat and Daryl on his trusty motorcycle. And if you like seeing this, there’s plenty more where that came from as showrunner Scott M. Gimple promises season 8 will build off the reunions and first-time unions that unfolded in the season 7 finale.

“The season finale last year, seeing all the characters together interacting as one, was thrilling. It was exciting to see all these configurations of characters we hadn’t seen before. Even Aaron merely giving Jerry an apple felt satisfying.” Season 8 will continue that trajectory in a major way. “This is that times a million,” says Gimple of what’s to come. “Though it would be cool if the season began with just everybody giving each other apples. I’d be down with that.” He pauses. “But it’s not that.”

Whatever it is, expect it to be intense and feature plenty of action. And expect Daryl and Carol to once again be at the center of it all.

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So many swen I feel are starting to lose all faith and hope in ouat, even the ones who were startlingly swendgame positive. Of course I get it, they're starting to destroy the one thing that made this show great (swan mills family) all in favor for daddy hook and cs. I'd not be surprised if they honestly kill Regina off at this point, I mean if it's the last season what could they lose (besides dignity) ? I just wanted to ask are you still aboard the hope train ?

Hey Anon,

Hiatus fever. It’s a thing. Last thing we’ve seen was Regina and Emma holding hands in the wish realm. Emma singing one day her prince will come while Regina showed up dressed like a prince. I think all it takes to know where I stand is to scroll down my blog a little. In the last couple of months I’ve written more than a few posts.

The Guide
Ruby is Emma’s wolf. Her story guides us to the truth, just like the wolves made Graham remember who he was.

Emma’s Superpower
We think Emma’s superpower is failing, but there was always one exception to the rule. Emma can lie to herself. Denial.

Hook as the Animus
Hook represents a part of Emma she needs to make peace with. It also fits in with what looks like Hook and Emma parenting Henry. It’s about Emma wondering if the darkest parts of herself are fit to be a parent.

The musical
The musical episode fits in with @colyssa’s Women who run with the wolves meta and is a great opportunity to show us how the characters are really feeling. It might be a way to break through the denial.

Snow & Charming parallels
Emma & Regina’s current story matches that of Snow & Charming in the episode “Heart of Darkness”.

True Love crosses Realms
Henry, Emma and Regina’s relationship is the core of the show in terms of symbolism. Their message doesn’t actually work without a True Love’s kiss between Emma and Regina. 

Key symbolism
Emma giving Regina a key was a big deal.

The Little Mermaid had some queer subtext going on and she’s coming back.

Emma’s secret wish
Some thoughts about Emma’s secret wish in the wish realm and how the absence of the Evil Queen is another symbol of repression and denial.

Season 7
The spoilers for a reset for season 7 can be linked to Emma’s journeys and their repression. Breaking through it could shake up the world for everyone.

A wedding and a funeral
A short exploration of themes related to weddings, funerals and relationships and what it could mean.

I wouldn’t call what I do hope & faith, however. At least not the blind version of it. I’ve explained my reasoning in this now half-finished series.

||  Part II     ||  Dumb Positivity
||  Part III    ||  Split yourself!
||  Part IV    ||  The same… but different
||  Part V     ||  The need to complete
||  Part VI    ||   Know your ending

One of the parts I hadn’t gotten to yet, was research. I didn’t know anything about fairy tales and I felt like I didn’t understand the show. There are several schools on the interpretation of fairy tales, but luckily Adam gave us one clue. The book Uses of Enchantment was what got him thinking about Fairy Tales in the first place, so we know that they are using the depth psychology approach.

All of the books - you can find a selection here - my more recent theories are based on can be linked back to this book. To Freud, Jung and depth psychology. The references on the show are abundant. It suddenly makes everything make sense. Every part of the show becomes relevant. There are no plot holes and the story threads aren’t dropped, the continuity is in the recurring themes like abandonment, abuse and killing fathers. With every new story we get extra elements… and while everything is relevant, Emma, Regina & Henry are more obviously than ever at the core of this story. If you don’t recognize that, you can’t begin to understand the psychology and the mythology. You can’t decipher the clues. Heteronormativity actually serves to keep the story hidden.

The thing with depth psychology is that it assumes the truth lies beneath the surface. We repress things, but here and there you can see the truth shine through. The entire show is built based on that principle. They use text to tell the main story, but then they use everything else available in audiovisual storytelling to mimic what we hide in our subconscious. The text is full of innuendo and double speak. The music tells its own story, as do the clothes, the references to known stories evoke something else, the setting, the symbolism, the props. The subtlety in the acting is amazing, because even there multiple stories are told. 

They don’t try to hide it from us either, they include so much to encourage us to look beyond the surface, like Emma saying the truth is tricky and something to look for.

The actions speak louder than words line is another invite to look beyond the text.

In season one there’s even a reference to the philosopher Derrida. The man is mostly known for his theory of deconstruction. Which - simplified - means that everything that you read holds different interpretations. Meaning changes dependent on context. It’s almost an invitation to pick their story apart the way… well mostly the Swan Queen fandom has been doing from the beginning, but it needs to be applied to everything.

Then I haven’t even gotten into the fact that the Aladdin and Jasmine parallels, OperationOUT, Women who run with the wolves, the circle story structure theory and the recent talks about a different season 7…. All point to Emma & Regina’s relationship finally being taken out of subtext at the end of this season or at the beginning of the next.

So, hope? I guess you could call it that, but it’s not unsubstantiated.

  • What I thought about Rhaegar Targareyan: Rhaegar Targaryen was a man who featured long, platinum/silvery-blond hair thrown to one side with minuscule braids cascading down whilst swaying in the wind. He wore Targaryen colours, sewn into embroidered silks (and gleaming armour for the battlefield whenever duty and honour called upon it). Those eyes of his, a hard-set pair of wine-shaded orbs, greeted whoever entered his presence coldly as his thin lips coiled into a conniving smirk. Rhaegar looked nothing less of a dragon, with his muscly build and strong hands - and yet, the end of his fingertips was ever so pointed and delicate like the talons of the end of a dragon's foot. He differed from his younger brother, Viserys Targaryen, AS RHAEGAR WAS DECIDEDLY NAMED "THE LAST DRAGON", WHILE VISERYS PERTAINED TO BE MOCKED AS "LESS OF THE SHADOW OF A SNAKE.".
  • What D&D apparently thought about Rhaegar Targaryen: He basically looks like Viserys Targaryen, only older. There's literally NO difference look-wise, but at least you now know Rhaegar DIDN'T rape and kidnap Lyanna Stark - he loved her! And Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen's parents suck at baby names!
TWD - Negan Imagine ~ “The Day After”

While at a talk with the reader about the things that happened in and after Alexandria’s battle between the both of them, Negan begins to slowly and vaguely open up about his past to her

the latest part (season 7 finale)
all other previous parts

(Side note: You don’t have to read any previous parts to understand the plot! I hope you all like it and enjoy reading)

(The gif isn’t mine/ it was originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty)

Sometimes a day can change everything and the day that laid behind you, was definitely one of them.
It was just hours ago that you had been in Alexandria as this war began, had seen your brother Daryl for the first time in a long while again, had saved the man you had begun to feel something for from a reanimated Sasha, had witnessed what this certain man had planned for Carl just to break Rick and had then, when hell broke out, fought for the ones you called your family.
And now, well now everything was even more messed up than before.
After you had come back here, back to Negan’s room, all that had been on your mind was anger and getting the fuck away from him but a confession of his he had rather unwillingly made in this fight with you had changed more than you liked to admit.

You hadn’t really thought Negan would truly care for someone but most definitely he did and this certain someone was no one else but you.
You had been alone for hours after these few words had slipped out of his mouth after he had left in anger and confusion before he had come back to make clear that he had meant what he had said.
And just as he wanted to stand up again and walk out of the room as you stubbornly didn’t react to his words, you made a decision that was completely lead by your emotions and you still didn’t know if it was the right thing.

But doesn’t matter if right or wrong, it didn’t change that you were standing in the middle of the room with him right now, with your arms wrapped as tightly around him as his around you.
And you didn’t really want to come out of his embrace, you didn’t really want to face reality or anything else right now even though you had to, earlier or later.
Your face was nuzzled into his neck while Negan’s head still rested on your shoulder and it seemed like he had closed his eyes for a while now.

A knock on the door let the both of you flinch up and actually move out of the position you had rested in for a good while.
Negan let out an annoyed grunt, his arms falling from your waist as he moved over to the door and opened with another sigh.
“What the fuck do you want Simon?”, he asked with a huff.
“The 10 men we had on the two-week run for supplies…just three made it back. Thought you should know as fast as possible”, Simon said in a serious tone while you could only see Negan nodding a little.
“Yeah..yeah fine”, you could hear him say almost uninterested, shortly before he closed the door again.
He turned around, running a hand over his face before he caught a glimpse of you.
You didn’t really know how to react, what to do or to say, you just stood in the middle of the room and fumbled on the waistband of your pants.
“This fucking day is weird as fuck”, Negan grunted, shaking his head with a bittersweet chuckle as he let himself fall on one of the armchairs.
“Yeah”, you just muttered before you saw Negan look up to you.
“Guess we both could use some fucking sleep huh?”, he asked with a light chuckle and you gave him a nod before you sighed.
Hug or not, you couldn’t do this now and sleep with him in the same bed, have him holding you to stop the nightmares that were mostly haunting you if he didn’t.
Your conscience was simply too bad for that and you really needed some time to sort yourself.
Next to that, you simply were still pretty mad at him for the things he had done in Alexandria.

“Negan,…I’d rather sleep on the couch for tonight”, you muttered as you looked reluctantly at him.
“Alright no Problem, but I’m sleeping on the couch you get your sweet ass over to the bed”, he answered faster than you had expected.
“You don’t have to, the couch is fine wi-”, you said but got cut off by him.
“Nope, nope, you’re sleeping in the bed. Just listen to my orders for fucking once”, he said with a small smirk before you gave him a nod and it got silent for a moment.

”You heard the fucking cheers outside, didn’t you?”, he asked as you slowly nodded.
”Yeah, I guess I know what they were cheering about”, you muttered as you saw Negan gulping down.
“Yeah…I know you’re still pissed, I get it. I even fucking understand it. Just don’t think that I did what I fucking did ‘cause I’m a fucking monster. I might be an asshole but I didn’t do that for fucking fun or ‘cause I liked it ”, he said in a serious tone while you gave him another nod.
“I know, wouldn’t have done that step if I didn’t”, you said as he gave you a small nod.

Not too long later you laid alone in his bed and you weren’t happy to admit it but the bed felt empty without him.
The sheets and pillows were still as soft and comfortable as always but he was missing and to your annoyance, you were sure that it would feel this way in any bed you’d lay in now.
You let out an uncomfortable noise as you turned around in the bed and saw Negan shifting slightly on the leather couch.
He was way too tall for it, his legs were somehow crouched so he could barely fit on it while he slept.

Of course, you were still mad at him for everything that had happened in Alexandria, but much to your annoyance the things that had happened as soon as you had gotten back here mixed in.
Your head was still a mess, the anger and this feeling you didn’t even know how to exactly describe ran through your head along with thousands of questions and thoughts.
You knew why he did the things he did, you got his fucked up logic even though nothing on earth justified his deeds just in any way.
And if he had actually killed Carl, hell, you wouldn’t lie in his bed right now and you for sure wouldn’t miss his body next to yours in this bed.
You didn’t really understand yourself anymore, you didn’t know if what you were doing was right or wrong and you didn’t know how to exactly go on.
And next to all this you had a bad conscience, especially towards Daryl.
He didn’t deserve all the things he had to go through, he deserved the complete opposite.
You knew about the things that had happened to him as a kid, the things you never had to go through and now it just didn’t get better for him.
And the man you were already keen on had been a part of that.
The simple fact that you had saved him from Sasha but had killed a good bunch of his men to save Daryl and the others after the man with the tiger had attacked, showed pretty well how torn you were and you hated yourself enough for letting it even come this far.

For a bit longer you turned and rolled around on the bed, struggling with yourself, your thoughts and your feelings until the sleep began to win its fight against your brain and let you finally drift off.

Your eyes fluttered open as the light had already filled Negan’s room completely.
You rubbed your tired eyes, searching for him as you already discovered him.
He sat on the edge of the couch dressed in his white shirt and the gray pants while he stared out of the window.
The noise the bed made as you lifted yourself up let him immediately turn around to you.
“Good morning”, he muttered before your eyes widened at the way he looked.
The front of his white shirt was splattered with blood, hair strands hanging in his face while sprinklers of blood were all over his face and its color told you that this wasn’t walker blood, it was human.
”Some fuckheads they..”, Negan began but stopped with a scoff before he stood up.
”Anyway, I’ll get a quick fucking shower and then…we can get some breakfast and shit. Get your sweet ass out of the bed till then”, he said tensed before he walked over to the bathroom and slipped in.

Moments later you heard how the shower turned on while your mind tried to figure out what had happened.
Sure, punishment wasn’t something uncommon here but even after this one night, even after the breakout at Alexandria he hadn’t looked that way, not that messed up.
You slowly moved out of the bed, felt how the cold air hit your warm legs as the soft sheets left your body and your feet hit the ground.

You let yourself fall on the leather couch where a can with some coffee and a bit other food already stood, probably brought here by someone earlier this morning.

The shower turned off again and it took only minutes until he walked out, only a towel around his lower half but this time, not as always, he didn’t make a dirty remark or smirk and grin at you.
The hair was wet but slicked back, the blood washed from his skin and stubble but the tension still laid on his body.

“What happened?”, you cautiously asked as you took a sip out of your cup and looked over to Negan who now sat fully clothed in one of the armchairs, sipping on his coffee while the tension still wasn’t fully gone.
”Two fuckers tried to fucking rebel…killed two of my damn men and I’m fucking sure they would’ve killed more If I hadn’t fucking stopped them”, he muttered before he let out a bitter chuckle and placed the cup on the table.
”Those two fuckers were with us in Alexandria”, he mumbled, leaning forward to prop his elbows on his knees before he pinched the bridge of his nose, letting out a deep sigh.
”Maybe even fucking saw you gunning my men down after that damn fucking tiger fucked shit up and hell broke out”, he mumbled as your eyes slightly widened.
”You saw me?”, you asked as you looked at him.
“Yeah I did, but that blood on your hands would have told me either way… anyway, that’s a fucking problem. I got a fucking reputation to lose…how do I fucking look when I just let that slip?”, he said tensed, stroking over his stubble.
Now you were the one tensing up by the sound of his words before you heard his voice step in.
”I’m not gonna fucking punish you, believe me. It’s just that this is my fucking problem. I didn’t plan this shit this goddamn way”, he said scoffing before he continued.
“Was already a damn problem when you told Sasha in front of my men that day that you didn’t fucking surrender to me”, he growled letting his fingers lean pondering against his forehead.
“I was surprised that you didn’t really say anything against it”, you muttered while you looked up to him.
“Yep, me too”, he said with a bittersweet chuckle before he let out an uncomfortable grunt.
You looked tensed at him, while you didn’t want to think about the consequences.
“What are you gonna do?”, you asked in a quiet tone before Negan sighed again and looked up to you.
“I don’t know. I have no fucking idea”, he growled, his jaw tensing while his eyes switched between darting at you and wandering nervously around the room.
“I need to get out for a bit, drives me fucking crazy in here”, he sighed as he swallowed hard before he looked at you.
“And I need you to come with me”, he said as he grabbed his bat that leaned against the armchair.

Just moments later you walked out of the room and you could directly feel and see that something had changed.
Unlike every other time you were walking around the Sanctuary, he didn’t have his arm wrapped around you, with his hand resting on your waist or your lower back.
Instead, he walked tensed next to you, Lucille placed on his shoulder while he looked sternly straightforward.

And this tension just increased as he saw his men standing in the hallway.
He cleared his throat as he walked closer, with heavy steps as the men’s glance shot immediately into your direction, their eyes wandering from you to Negan and back before they fell to their knees.
Fast you walked past them, feeling and seeing how Negan’s jaw tensed dangerously stronger as he walked by and his body tensed harder up.
A Thousand thoughts shot through your head, questioning what Negan would do, how far he’d go to feel sure that he was respected as much as before.

You continued to walk through the hallway as you could see the cells from afar.
You swallowed hard, felt your body tensing and your palms turning sweaty again as you came close them, knowing exactly that they were normally the way how Negan taught people a lesson who just didn’t obey to him.
“You don’t really fucking think I’d put you in one of these do you?”, you heard Negan quietly growl who had seemed to notice the way your gaze went over and over again to the cells.
“No, I-”, you said stopping, while you just didn’t know what to exactly tell him.
Negan looked sternly at you as he seemed to notice that you had most definitely waisted a few thoughts for this.
He huffed while he seemed pretty offended before he shook his head slightly.
“I’d snap anyone’s fucking neck who’d just lay their goddamn fingers on you. I’m not…fuck I’m not gonna fucking hurt you”, he growled tensing his jaw once again while his glance swung somewhere between stern seriousness and disappointment, almost pain.
”That’s what I fucking meant. It’s not fucking only that I’m not gonna punish you, I simply fucking can’t”, he said through gritted teeth, his eyes goring through you.
”Okay”, you breathed almost inaudible, as Negan slowly nodded and backed away.
He scoffed, let out a sigh before he began to walk again and grabbed his walkie as soon as he lead you out of the Sanctuary.
“Simon, I need a truck. Now

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All I want for the season 7 finale is for Jaime and Brienne to reunite (cue the puppy dog eyes and a bear-kiss) and then Tormund comes busting in, going, “Brienne of Tarth, you weren’t at Winterfell when we got back. Are you okay? Hi, by the way. I really like you.”

And then there’s a Tormund/Jaime moment where they recognize that (a) they both have good taste for liking Brienne of Tarth and (b) shit’s going down, so they have to work together to make sure the woman they both admire makes it to the end.

The scene between Theon and Jon at Dragonstone was arguably the finest one in that season finale. That’s really saying something. In an episode where we got reunions between Jaime and Brienne, Podrick and Tyrion, The Hound and Brienne, Bronn and Tyrion and that epic scene at the Dragonpit, Alfie Allen and Kit Harington somehow managed to top them all.
— review of the Game of Thrones season 7 finale