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So I caved and bought City Living. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually play, considering I’ve been here for over an hour already and haven’t left CAS (how do you TS4). Anyway, I won’t make a habit of posting TS4 stuff here, but I figured I’d share the fruits of my afternoon labor - here’s Lily. 

So a while back (almost a year, actually) I drew these guys right here and since then I’ve sort of come up with different ideas/headcanons so I thought I’d revisit the drawings.


Since recently in the Sims you could only choose between a Cis man and a Cis woman.  A man was restricted masculine clothing and women to feminine clothing.  This was of course if you didn’t download a kind of mod. 

Not anymore, the most recent patch now allows greater variety of gender options and any type of clothing is available to all Sims. No mods needed!

I can’t express how happy this new update has made me!  Though it probably is not be enough to make me play Sims 4 over my heavily modded Sims 2 game. 

(This first picture is just some random Sim that I got from playing with the different options but not changing the appearance.  The second picture is one of the Sim that I made and customized.)

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Hi congrats you guys on reaching your goals!! Here's to many more 💕 I'm madison and I'd like to request all 4 options (I'm sorry lol), hope your day is going well!

Thank you so much! I hope your day is going well too! (Also, to everyone who is still waiting for a blograte, we are very, very sorry that this took so long! Vivian and I have both been very busy the past few days, and as a senior in high school, I’ve had quite a bit of homework! Thank you for being so patient!)

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All 4 bat options are still available in my store. You can search bat to find them quickly (or click here). I know a lot of people were hoping for presents and might have missed that they were on my custom order list :)

Thank you! :D :D

We’ve received such nice compliments and appreciation for the demo, and the team wants to thank everyone for playing! [Stress-testing the game has also made us aware of bugs, which we’re currently moving as fast as we can to fix]. 

The amount of feedback we’ve gotten has been super overwhelming (our inbox is bursting!) and the team’s just totally AHHHHHHHKDJFHGD! It’s great to know that people love the writing and the art of the game. The final release will have a lot more art ranging from scenes, to backgrounds, and to (and if you’ve seen the credits in-game) ‘photos’, too. And of course, we’ll release the full romance routes of all 4 options (Rachel, Victoria, Kate, and Chloe).

We’ve created an ‘About’ page on our tumblr that gives a little more context to the plotline and story, if you were curious!

The team loves reading anything you guys have to say, because we want to make this game the best it can be! If you have any questions about the game as well, please let us know! You can use the tag #lisvn, or just directly @loveisstrange-vn, or even shoot us a message.