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Couple of facts about me

1. I am NOT pro-black. I am pro-black women and children ONLY. There is a difference.

2. I don’t care to preserve the black family. Black women have been trying to preserve the black family for centuries. It’s time we become selfish with our energy, time and loyalty.

3. I don’t care about #blacklove. If you are with or if you find a black man that loves you and treats you like a queen, that’s great. However, contrary to popular belief, black women DO have options and I encourage them to explore all of those options. 

4. I am NOT black male-identified. I do not coddle black men. I do not say “not all”. I do not give them the benefit of the doubt or make excuses for them. I call them out actively and vehemently and I will never stop calling them out for their hatred and degradation of black women.

5. I don’t encourage black women to struggle. Struggle love is dead. I am very much so ANTI-STRUGGLE.

6. I realize that not every black woman is my sister. Some of them are just as evil and maniacal as black men and they will go down with the ship. Tough, but I don’t care!

7. Finally, I do not encourage black women to mule, suffer, or “hold a brotha down”. No one has ever held us down so why should we strap ourselves down with other people’s dilemmas? We need to stop with the kumbaya shit because time and time again we continue to kumbaya with our enemies.

The ap chem exam alternated between giving me everything i could have wanted and giving me the topics i prayed not to see that test was a roller coaster jeez

hey time for more rambling about Why Blue And I Aren’t Friends Anymore because i am incapable of shutting up unless you buy me 60 bagels

i always thought it was far more interesting and IC to explore lance’s insecurities (even in fanfics) as being completely unfounded in reality. he assumes the worst of any insulting comment because he thinks so little of himself, while acting like he thinks so much of himself, which makes it difficult for a character (in contrast to the audience) to figure out that lance is struggling–maybe until something really bad happens. 

keith is a great example of this in season 3. he adores lance and depends on him to help lead the team. this is blatantly obvious to us as an audience, but lance doesn’t grasp the extent of it. because keith feels this way about lance, he can’t fathom lance feeling disposable–he’s essential to the team. keith is basically going “DOES NOT COMPUTE” when lance is confiding in him.

(and ohhhh boy if something bad does happen to lance as a result of his rapidly deteriorating self-worth, keith is going to want to kick himself in the face for missing what lance was actually saying there. hindsight.) 

this is how lance’s canon insecurities have been depicted. people do like him and appreciate him, but lance just has no real self-confidence needed to see that a lot of the time. 

the issue with blue is that her behavior actually makes lance’s canon insecurities seem founded in reality. his beloved lion not only refused to let him pilot her but also put up a particle barrier and ignored him when he CRAWLED OVER TO HER and even his ignored his awesome pick-up lines. his lion, blue, the most accepting, friendly lion. his lion, his blue, his best girl, his old blue, his best bud for life

he can’t hear her anymore

and now? blue has opened up far more quickly to allura than she ever did to lance. allura is a faster learner than any of them. allura may be able to access abilities that no one else–particularly lance–could. allura is awesome

(also note that lance happily complimented allura when she was using his old bayard, but we haven’t seen anyone compliment lance’s shooting. given the situation (blue recently rejecting him and allura improving faster than he did), even a confident person might doubt their place in the team.) 

based on what lance knows about the situation (not the audience and our wild speculations/theories), i think it’s actually reasonable to assume that blue locking him out (and red waiting so long to call for him) and then completely opening up to allura suggests that he shouldn’t be a paladin at all. 

i think this is why lance could approach the bedroom conversation with such technically logical reasoning. they need their best soldiers on the front lines. there are 6 paladins but only 5 lions. allura is pretty much their fastest-learning pilot. these are all facts that would be upsetting enough on their own, but they were all something revealed to him by blue’s rejection. 

based purely on the facts and what preceded the reveal of these facts, lance suggesting that he should just step aside actually makes sense. it’s a solid argument. it’s solid math

blue has essentially led lance into a situation in which even a confident person would feel pretty fucking awful about themselves, while knowing that lance is very insecure and self-doubting. 

lance isn’t necessarily being unreasonable here. even if he did realize how much keith depends on him, since shiro is back now (and lance has no reason to believe that he’s actually a clone), lance may assume he’s going to be either irrelevant or replaced. either keith a) won’t be leading anymore and thus won’t need lance as his right-hand man; b) will still be leading but will have shiro as his right-hand man instead.

the self-deprecating leaps in logic that lance is making aren’t really leaps anymore, and are in fact based on reasonably logical assumptions. 

that is why i’m worried. we’ve gone from langst being a thing to explore in fanfics to langst being very much a canon reality. 


So I caved and bought City Living. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually play, considering I’ve been here for over an hour already and haven’t left CAS (how do you TS4). Anyway, I won’t make a habit of posting TS4 stuff here, but I figured I’d share the fruits of my afternoon labor - here’s Lily. 

So a while back (almost a year, actually) I drew these guys right here and since then I’ve sort of come up with different ideas/headcanons so I thought I’d revisit the drawings.

Which line

okay so i am making a pt 2 to them realizing you fell out of love with them. suddenly i got asks saying hyung line, then rap line, then mix of both


so u choose:

1.hyung line

2.rap line





7.all 4

//note option #7 will take longer to post than if it was just 3//

Thank u have a good day/night

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Best Schmidt/Cece moment: Happy

Unfortunately for Schmece shippers, this was not the best romantic season for these two.  However, as the nominations came in, I realized there were more moments than I at first realized.  In fact, this was probably the closest category between all 4 options in the final voting.  In the end, it was this sweet moment in the finale that won with 29% of the vote.  Helping Cece at the bar in Birthday and saying he was proud of her in Big News were tied for second at only ONE vote behind. (GIF credit: @youcantmakeme)


Since recently in the Sims you could only choose between a Cis man and a Cis woman.  A man was restricted masculine clothing and women to feminine clothing.  This was of course if you didn’t download a kind of mod. 

Not anymore, the most recent patch now allows greater variety of gender options and any type of clothing is available to all Sims. No mods needed!

I can’t express how happy this new update has made me!  Though it probably is not be enough to make me play Sims 4 over my heavily modded Sims 2 game. 

(This first picture is just some random Sim that I got from playing with the different options but not changing the appearance.  The second picture is one of the Sim that I made and customized.)

valadationworld  asked:

OMG I THOUGHT OF A SCENARIO! how would the 2ps (allies and axis) propose to their s/o? O u o I really wanna read how 2p Canada would propose to me I I I mean their s/o *cough cough*

((Of course! I’d love to write a scenario about how they’ propose…especially the 2P!AmeCan brothers XD Sorry that this is a bit late- i was celebrating National Coffee Day~!))

Scenario: *How the 2P’s propose*

2P!America: This arrogant bastard would want a very exclamatory way of proposing, one in public so that he can show off his romance skills and love towards his S/O. With that in mind, maybe he’d propose to you on any other date, like at the amusement park or in a restaurant? He would kneel down, giving you a quick wink before showing you a beautiful engagement ring.

2P!England: He’s a guy that likes to keep it classy yet comfortable, whether it’s a date or a proposal; so, with this in mind, i think that Oliver would do a nice fancy restaurant, or, if his S/O isn’t interested n public proposals, maybe on a vacation while you two are alone? He’d devote a lot of time into ranting about everything he loves about them before finally whipping that ring out and popping the question :P

2P!France: Francois is a guy who doesn’t have a lot of anything; no money, no motivation, and no real relationship skills, but he’d make sure to have plenty of that before he proposes his S/O. A couple of months beforehand, they would notice him being slightly more…active. He would put effort into things, he would try to find a job, and he would especially stop going out with prostitutes. Hell, he even went to go get help for his smoking problem! While their S/O wasn’t exactly clear of the intentions, this was all in effort to prove to them that he can be more than enough for them; that he can provide more than just love. Finally, with the money he saved, he managed to get dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel, where he then proposed by putting his ring in your champagne glass, (hoping you wouldn't drink it and choke on it XD)

2P!Russia: Boyfriend/Girlfriend traditions confuse him to no extent, let alone fiancee rituals! So, with this in mind, he’d probably do something very personal and private; but still enough to make you want to exclaim it to everybody how he did it. So, he’d pin up all of the photos you guys have together on a wall, and in the middle of this grand collage he’s put a note that said “I have a problem i would like you to solve. Viktor and S/O have been dating for x amount of time, and have shared y amount of wonderful moments with each other. Creating a system of equations and solving for the variables, what is the likeness of S/O agreeing to Viktor’s marriage proposal?”. Then, he’d out the response as a multiple-choice setup, where all 4 of the options are “100%”.
Of course, as you are looking at it in shock, he’d sneak up behind you and whisper, “if you can’t figure it out, feel free to guess, snow angel.”

2P!China: Wang’s proposal ideas all somehow involved sex, so he actually got your co-workers to help him out to make it more endearing and surprising. He got them to trick you into thinking there was a last-minute meeting,and when you showed up, they began a presentation. At first it seemed business-related, including various statistics and such, but then all of a sudden a slide came up with his proposal. While you are busy in shock, Wang comes out from underneath the table with the ring! 

2P!Canada: Poor Mattie’s probably been trying to think of a way to propose for mooooooonths! He’s known for a while that he wants to pop the question, but there’s never been an opportunity or suiting circumstance to take advantage of. Also, he’s been coming up with real shitty ideas. That’s also been a big factor XD So, he got Allen and Oliver’s help! They suggested that, since you both like nature to a certain extent, incorporate that in somehow. Also, Christmas was coming up, so you’d be too busy last-minute shopping to notice him getting preparations done himself.
So, when Christmas rolled around, and practically all of the 2P’s were around giving presents, you were unsuspecting of what happened. When he gave you his present, it turned out to be a (bunny,kitten,or puppy XD) with a red ribbon tied around its neck! As if that weren't sweet enough, he asked you to undo the bow, revealing an engagement ring hidden behind the silk! While you were gushing over the proposal, and the pet, and the entire surprise of it all, half of the 2P’s were taking pictures and videos, while the other half was clapping and whooping. Some were shouting “Get some, Mattie!” (*glares at Allen, Wang, and Lutz)

2P!Prussia: This guy wants to make it special! He wants to wow you to no extent! He wants to show you just what he;s capable of! So, h chose a public proposal. I mean, he was nervous about being in public…and proposing…in public…but he still wanted to assure you that he’s willing to overcome his fears to make you happy! So, you guys went out on your last date as boyfriend and girlfriend, unbeknownst to you, and wet somewhere pretty standard (a park, a restaurant, anywhere public!) and he suddenly asked for someone to take a picture of you two. You were surprised by his assertiveness, because he usually whispered to you to ask others for those kind of things, so you were too happy to notice him sneaking something behind his back as the stranger took his phone and aimed it at you two posing. Although, halfway through, Gilen instead gets on one knee, allowing you to look down at him in shock. While his face is flushing in both embarrassment, happiness, and anxiety, his world slows as the stranger takes a picture and you cover your mouth.

2P!Romano: Flavio knew from the beginning he wanted his to be at a party, surrounded by all of the 2P’s so that they can get jealous of him and his soon-to-be fiancee. So, he invited you to your standard 2P party, and you guys enjoyed yourselves normally for the first half. Although, when he saw you drinking at the bar, he casually asked Lutz to throw the ring into one of your drinks. Of course, when you put the drink to your lips to drink and saw the ring floating in the fluid, you immediately slammed it back down in utter shock; startling everyone within a 10-foot radius. When you whipped your head around to look for Flavio, you found him waiting patiently standing behind you with his arms held out for a hug. “So is that a yes or a no, bella?” he asked, not getting on his knees until Lutz tossed him back the ring.

2P!Spain: Santiago was smooth, and he knew how to woo women; and you were no exception. He invited you and a couple other close friends (2P’s or not, doesn’t matter) to a beach vacation, very casually suggesting that it’s “too fucking boring staying inside when it’s so hot out”. Prior to leaving, he prepared a glass bottle, scribbled his full proposal onto an older-looking piece of parchment paper, and wrapped it with a ribbon, tying one of the ends with the ring. When you guys actually showed up to the beach, he snuck away to bury it near your towels without you knowing (except for some of your close friends so that they can film it). Santiago said he wanted to build a sand castle, one with a deep moat, so it wasn’t all that suspicious for both of you to be digging, but what was suspicious were your friends filming you two (but you thought they were just going to post it to Facebook with some weird hashtag). When you two found the bottle, and you read the parchment to find out he had planned it all along, you finally understood why your snickering friends seemed so giddy. The whole scenario reminded you of the great pirate stories he tells you~

2P!Germany: Lutz has always been a silly unexpected kind of guy, and his proposal was no different. He got a large box, large enough to fit himself into, and had another 2P take a note that said “The gift inside this box is yours to have for a lifetime.”  You were confused about two things the day it happened, where the fuck your boyfriend was, and why the hell there was a ginormous package on your front step. Reading the note only got you more confused, yet still eager, as you opened it, revealing your boyfriend in a tux and covered in packing peanuts. Before you could even ask what he was doing, he extended the ring box nervously. “Marry me, frau!?” he shouted, much louder than intended. His plan didn’t go…well, according to plan after a certain point, so even he was surprised by his nervous composure.

2P!Japan: Kuro had a plan for a modest private proposal from the very beginning, and took weeks to plan out the details. When you two came home from a wonderful date, you were surprised to see candles leading their way into the bedroom, rose petals scattered around them as a path. Following in pleased shock, Kuro was flattered to see his arrangements precisely as he planned; a tray of japanese desserts on the bed with a small box and note. The note simply read “i swear on everything to protect your life and happiness. It would be a great honor if you could allow me to take your hand in marriage.” When you looked over at Kuro, you saw him smiling at you expectantly. “What do you say, my love?”
Meanwhile, around the corner, Luciano had a lighter in his hand. “It looks like my job here is done…” he says to himself. (In case it wasn't obvious, he set up the arrangements while you were away, as per Kuro’s request, and the lighter is what he used to light the candles XD Did you think that Kuro would leave lit candles burning unsupervised in your home?)

2P!Italy: What can he say? Luci’s just suave as fuck~, so of course he had a plan to propose! How he’d propose had been a question that he asked himself several times in your relationship, but it wasn’t too long ago that this idea came to his mind.
When you came back home after an exhausting day at work, you were shocked to see the ceiling had ribbons hanging, and at the end of them you were on eye level with a photo of various times you’ve spent with Luciano. As you got farther down the path, towards your shared bedroom, the photos became more and more recent. The last photo you saw was from the last date you two went on. Looking behind it, you saw Luciano down on one knee with a ring in his hand.
“Bella, i’ve had so many great memories with you…let this be another?” He asks affectionately,yet having a confident glimmer in his eye that showed he was pretty sure of what your answer was going to be.

((This was so cute! My personal favorites were Matt, Francois, Santiago, and Viktor, but mostly because they were really cute, and/or really unique. Hope you enjoyed~!))

Thank you! :D :D

We’ve received such nice compliments and appreciation for the demo, and the team wants to thank everyone for playing! [Stress-testing the game has also made us aware of bugs, which we’re currently moving as fast as we can to fix]. 

The amount of feedback we’ve gotten has been super overwhelming (our inbox is bursting!) and the team’s just totally AHHHHHHHKDJFHGD! It’s great to know that people love the writing and the art of the game. The final release will have a lot more art ranging from scenes, to backgrounds, and to (and if you’ve seen the credits in-game) ‘photos’, too. And of course, we’ll release the full romance routes of all 4 options (Rachel, Victoria, Kate, and Chloe).

We’ve created an ‘About’ page on our tumblr that gives a little more context to the plotline and story, if you were curious!

The team loves reading anything you guys have to say, because we want to make this game the best it can be! If you have any questions about the game as well, please let us know! You can use the tag #lisvn, or just directly @loveisstrange-vn, or even shoot us a message.