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You think you’re okay until you’re up at 3 am crying about everything and nothing at all and wondering when your life will finally turn to a chapter where you’re happy again.
—  SociopathicEntity

Dean’s in that delicate place between sleep and awake, where his body feels heavy and unconsciousness is just right there. Like any moment he’ll be gone to the world for several hours. Teetering and waiting for fall.

Dad had been asleep. Had been for a while now. Snoring away in his drunken stupor. It seemed to happen more often now. Dad drinking himself to sleep but honestly Dean didn’t blame him too much. It seemed more and more often that they couldn’t get a win. They were just a little too slow or a little too wrong and one too many people died. So yeah, it had gotten bad. Demons plagued Dad’s mind and he chased them with a fifth of whiskey.

But he was in that place, just waiting to fall when he felt cold fingertips skim the base of his spine, right above the hem of his sweatpants. He made a sound, low in the back of his throat and slowly he felt a pair of lips settle on the knob of bone at the base of his neck.

The fingers moved, skirting along his stomach as they gently pushed into his skin, rolling him from his side to his back. Sam kissed along the side of Dean’s neck, tongue teasing at that sensitive spot at the base of his ear and Dean opened his eyes, seeing nothing in the dark other than the darkened silhouette of his brother.

Sam didn’t say anything as he threw his leg over Dean’s hips, pulling his body up from laying next to him, to straddling him.

Dean shot a worried glance over at the form of their father who was sleeping just feet away from them but soft fingertips on his cheek brought Dean’s gaze back to the thing that made his heart run wild.

The moon was sneaking past the curtains and into the room and they seemed the reflect the gold that was shining so bright in Sam’s eyes.

“Sam…” Dean whispered, trying to sound like he was warning his brother but Sam bent down and kissed him, swallowing everything that Dean was ever going to say.

“Shh.” Sam muttered against Dean’s lips, his fingers touching every piece of Dean that he could reach and Dean melted underneath the touch. “You’re tense, De. Just relax. I’ll take care of you.”

Dean groaned against Sam, unable to keep the sound within his chest and Dean could feel Sam smile against him.

Then Sam started to crawl down Dean’s body, kissing and touching and leaving love bites in his wake as he disappeared underneath the thin blanket that was wrapped around Dean.

Sam sucked a spot on his hipbone that Dean knew was going to bruise in the morning and he knew that he was going to press his fingertips into it to the point that it hurt, only so that it would stay on him longer, a constant reminder of what they were and what they did in the dark.

Dark marks for dark secrets.

Skinny fingers slipped underneath the hem of his sweatpants, pulling them down his thighs and Dean lifted his hips of the bed, just so ever so lightly so that Sam could pull them further down.

Sam wrapped his skinny fingers around the base of Dean’s cock and a moan slipped out past Dean’s lips and he grabbed a handful of the sheets under him to keep himself grounded.

Sam kitten licked up the length of him and then without warning, Sam closed his mouth around Dean, take him as far into his throat as Sam could possibly manage and the sound that was ripped out of Dean’s mouth was feral.

Dad shifted on the bed beside them, snorted in his sleep and Dean froze, body going rigid as Sam continued to suck Dean off. Dad was restless for several long months, shifting in his bed, tossing and turning before he finally settled and his snoring resumed.

Dean’s heart was beating through his chest, blood pounding in his ears and he wrapped his hand in Sam’s hair and pulled on it slightly, torn between letting Sam continue and stopping this because Dad was right there and if Sam kept this up, Dean wasn’t going to be able to keep quiet.

Sam’s head popped up from underneath the blanket, hair a perfect mess on his head, lips shining with spit and he only smiled.

“You gotta stay quiet, De.” He purred. “Don’t wanna wake daddy up, now do we?“


365 of 365 For better or worse my final Drawing A Day for a Year Challenge is ending on a WIP (Work In Progress) which I’m okay with.

 I wanted to draw the faces/avatars of the people who really cheered me on. Granted, I couldn’t fit EVERYONE in this image, as I have decided I’ll use it as my Twitter Header Image once it’s fully done. But drawing that many headshots takes more time than I was expecting, so it’ll take me a day or two to finish this (I’ve got birthday girl things to do today so, alas).

I want to thank everyone who has walked this path with me. Family, friends, strangers who just kind of stumbled into my sphere. My art has improved tremendously, and I don’t intend to stop. I’m at the plate, ready to swing, and I’ve already called the homerun hit, so I can’t let people down.

Thank you <3

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All Time Low

So today is the first of January, and one of my goals this year is to actually finish the 365 day song challenge. What better song to start with than this song? It’s a damn good song to start the year off with.

Day 1 of 365: Weightless by All Time Low. 

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It was the whimper, not the loud clap of thunder that pulled him from his sleep. He blinked, once and waited for the sound again but it never came. Dean settled deeper back into the blankets, with every intention to fall back asleep when lightning flashed across the sky and illuminated the small motel room and seconds later, thunder erupted all around them and once again, that small unmistakable whimper cried out. The same one that woke him in the first place.

Dean rolled over and blinked away the sleep that was pulling at the corner of his eyes to look at the form of his brother huddled underneath the covers on the other bed.

Dad was away on a hunt and months ago he put an end to the boys sharing the same bed so they slept separately now. Even with Sam just being a couple feet away from him, it felt all too far.

But regardless, he watched and he waited.

Another clap of thunder and another small whimper and Dean was pushing himself up onto his elbow.

“Hey, Sammy. You alright, man?” Dean asked, staring into the dark.

There was a small nod and Sam cleared his throat. “Mhmm. I’m fine.” Sam lied. “Just… just go back to sleep. Sorry if I woke you.”

Dean looked at the dark form of his brother, watched as lightning lit up the room once again and seconds later the rumble of thunder and even though Sam didn’t whimper this time at the sound, he shuddered.

It didn’t take much thinking on Dean’s part to untangle himself from his blankets and walk over to Sam’s bed.

“Scoot.” Dean demanded, looming over Sam and Sam stared up at him with wide, frightful eyes before he moved and lifted the blankets so Dean could crawl underneath them.

Dean crawled underneath them and tried to reach out for Sam, pull him close but Sam squeaked as he moved away, just a little bit. “I’m not a baby.” Sam muttered into the dark, his voice so small. “I’m not scared of the thunder.”

“I know.” Dean replied back and he reached out for Sam again and this time Sam willingly curled up against Dean.

Thunder shook the motel and Sam shivered up against Dean and Dean only wrapped his arms around Sam tighter.

50/365 | for @purgatoan who requested wincest + thunderstorms

[TRANS] Hanryu Pia (May 2017) - B.A.P

“B.A.P as 6. I’m happy to be able to be on stage with all the members”

With leader Bang Yongguk coming back after his break due to his illness, B.A.P are finally making a comeback as 6 in Japan with “WAKE ME UP”. Starting with music programs in Korea first, they are currently in the middle of a world tour, how will things be for the “complete B.A.P” who have awoken after a long time?

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real deal, dear

genre: husband!au

star of the show: NCT’s Taeyong

word count: 2,625 words

author’s note: happy birthday to the center of my universe, brightest star in the sky, diamond in the rough, cutest pupper and eternal loml Taeyong ❤️❤️💞💘💖💛💕💘💖💓

im ready to fucking fight anyone who doesnt think ty is husband material 

Originally posted by nctjay

opening line: “You’re by no means the perfect wife or even wife material, but Taeyong has never regretted the day your ring finger became adorned with the silver band that connected you and him in the name of holy matrimony.” 

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