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You think you’re okay until you’re up at 3 am crying about everything and nothing at all and wondering when your life will finally turn to a chapter where you’re happy again.
—  SociopathicEntity
First 365 to reblog!!

y’allll I have a cool idea. The first 365 people to reblog this will get their URLS put into a jar and each day I will pull out a URL and send the blogger a cute lil message on anon. It could be a positive quote, affirmation, or just something nice to brighten your day! For this to work, please only reblog this once, and please do not like this post. If you only like the post, your URL won’t be counted!

Please be following me as this 365 day challenge will only be for my followers. Also, if you change your URL during the year, make sure you notify me or have a redirect page set up.

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope this year holds lots of good things for you guys! I thought this would be a nice lil way of making 2017 more positive!!

All Time Low

So today is the first of January, and one of my goals this year is to actually finish the 365 day song challenge. What better song to start with than this song? It’s a damn good song to start the year off with.

Day 1 of 365: Weightless by All Time Low. 

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Falling in love is so easy for a person like me, but forgetting someone who used to love you, that’s when things get hard. Your heart still loves that person even if they don’t love you back and it’s so hard breathe because you love them so much. How do you live with yourself, now that you know they don’t feel the same about you?

You pick yourself up piece by piece and claim to hate them but deeply, still love them with all your might.

—  365 Days of Excerpts//day 24

Okay but as she drove away today I smiled really big because I just though “wow, some day we’re gonna drive away from a New Years party in the same car to the same house and we’re gonna smile a lot and go to bed together and smile a lot more and cuddle each other and say happy new year and I love you and just love each other and enjoy each other so much and fall asleep at 2am content and happy with each other, knowing the whole new year was gonna be perfect because it would be spent with each other.“

She’s been through hell
and came out an angel,
None of you broke her,
No one has that power.
—  She’s Strong