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ok hi so this is just a quick request for a group of pals that are east erie natives that aren’t quite what their parents ordered. they all went to high school together and used to ride their bikes around town until 2 am and do general hooligan shit lmao

they’re all still really close and they’re all still in east erie (obvious…ly) and now get drunk at shitty bars and go mudding and penny hooks them up with the moonshine her family illegally makes and distributes and they’re all just very content with their lives and lie under the stars together and go on trips to cabins in the woods (without murder or horror stuff usually) and are friendship goals and it’s fantastic ok

anyways they all should be from 22-25, and everything about them is super open!! genders are whatever im not fussed or anything IDK JUST GIVE ME THESE TRASH KIDS for some shenanigans !!! 

  • penny beaufort, 23, played by nisha
  • first last, age, played by
  • first last, age, played by
  • first last, age, played by
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Rhett meets himself when he’s 20 years old. His future self is handsome and bearded, but there are bags under his eyes and his lips are cracked. The man grabs him by the arm while Rhett is walking through the secluded campus, hard enough that Rhett wrenches his shoulder, and starts dragging him away.

He’s ready for a fight; ready to punch this man as hard as he’d truly wanted to punch John Carson.

Instead, he’ll find himself paying for ice cream as he and his future self sit at a secluded park at midnight. Rhett will start off with excited questions about time travel, what he and Link are doing, who he’d married, who Link had married. His older self stays silent, until Rhett descends into an awkward silence, wondering if he’d somehow gone mute in the future. 

“You and Link start a successful internet show. A lot of people love it. You’re millionaires.”

His older self pauses, and Rhett tries to make sense of the words ‘internet show’ and ‘millionaires’. 

“Then Link dies.”

All the breath leaves Rhett’s lungs. He looks at his older self’s tired, wan face. His downturned mouth and grave expression. It makes sense. Rhett tries to stutter out a reply, some sort of denial, but his older self is already continuing.

“Link dies and you try to replace him with clones of himself - but none of them are Link. They were different, and you kept having to replace them until the defects became bigger and bigger. You realise that the only way you can really have Link back is to save the original Link.”

The older Rhett explains how he had saved Link from the original accident, only to have another accident cause Link’s death. Eventually, he realised that to prevent Link’s death permanently, he needed to change one point in the past that would mean Link wouldn’t be in any of the accidents that would take his life. According to his research, that point in time is this one. 

“And that point is…ten years before?” Rhett asks, dubious. He doesn’t know what’s so important about this time. He has a test he hasn’t studied for tomorrow. He wonders if he should skip the test and stay with Link, in case there’s a big accident that breaks Link’s leg that prevents him from running fast enough from the other accidents in the future. 

“You’re walking across campus because you’re finally going to tell Link how you feel about him - but instead you’re going to find Gregg there, freshly dumped by his girlfriend. You use it as an excuse not to tell Link. You never tell him. You never face the consequences of what happens after, and for some reason, that means that ten years later, Link is going to die.” Another dramatic pause. This Rhett seems to love them.

“If you tell him, you save him.”

His older self grips his shoulder and looks him in the eyes. His eyes look dull - Rhett doesn’t believe his eyes are that colour, but in a future where Link is dead, it is. “Promise me you’ll tell him.” 

Rhett can only nod. He practically flies back to his and Link’s dorm. He ignores Gregg moping while playing on the PlayStation and heads straight to Link’s room. Link is studying for a test scheduled two weeks away, his brow furrowed and chewing on his pens. Rhett couldn’t imagine being without him. 

“I love you,” he blurts, and Link looks up at him briefly before flitting back to his textbook. “Love you too, brother,” he answers.

“No, I mean I’m in love with you.” For some reason, telling Link this isn’t as scary now that he knows what lies behind the other door. He doesn’t care if Link punches him (he’s got weak arms anyway) or doesn’t want to be his friend anymore. At least he’ll be alive.

Of course, that’s not what happens. What happens is that Rhett’s confession will lead to a kiss, and will lead to a date and ten, and Rhett asking Sue for permission to marry her son against is parent’s wishes (they come around). It will lead to a wedding outside of America, who won’t legalise it until they’d been married nearly 16 years.

Rhett will realise somewhere down the line that he had never saved the other Rhett’s Link - had only saved his own. His other self must have known this - must have known that changing the course of their history meant he would cease to exist, and that he would no longer be able to return to his timeline. Sometimes, he thinks of this man who lost his best friend, who tried everything to get him back.

“Hey Link,” he’ll say, “I have an idea for a sketch.”

Canadian law students to unite to study issues raised by Trump refugee ban

MONTREAL — Law students from across Canada will join forces on Saturday to study ways to help asylum seekers in light of U.S. President Donald Trump's order temporarily suspending that country’s refugee program.

Between 300 and 500 students from all 22 of Canada's law schools have signed up for four-hour shifts where they’ll conduct legal research relating to the recent travel bans in the United States and their impact in Canada, organizers say. 

The largest group is likely to be in Montreal, where between 100 and 200 students from McGill, Universite du Quebec a Montreal and the University of Moncton are hosting a joint event.  

Dubbed a “research-a-thon,” it will focus on gathering information for the Canadian Council for Refugees to help support a potential legal challenge to the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement.

It will also serve as a fundraiser for the refugee council.

The future of the Trump law was unclear after a U.S. judge on Friday ordered a nationwide hold on the measure, backing a challenge by the states of Washington and Minnesota who are challenging it.

Montreal law student Rachelle Bastarache said she originally floated the idea of a study group for her fellow McGill students who wanted to help those affected by Trump’s immigration policies.

But when 50 students signed on in the first two hours, she figured the idea could be worth expanding.

“I was laying in bed at night thinking, ‘if we can get 50 people at McGill, how many could we get all across Canada?’” she said in an interview.

The Safe Third Country Agreement is based on the premise that Canada and the United States are generally safe countries for refugees and therefore asylum seekers must claim status in whichever of the two they reach first.

In general, it means Canada won't accept refugees who have already entered through the United States, according to Janet Dench of the Canadian Council for Refugees.

Dench said the new U.S. executive orders have brought about legal confusion that could lead to refugees being sent back to their home countries to face persecution.

“The U.S in our view was never completely safe, and in our view now it is even less safe,” she said.

The Canadian law students will make sure the organization is up to speed on anything that has changed since the last unsuccessful attempt to overturn the agreement ended in 2009, as well as help make sense of the changes ushered in with the Trump presidency.

“There are a lot of questions we need to have researched, so we’re very excited about this mass mobilization right across Canada and we're eager to see what they’ll be able to do,” Dench said.

In addition to the research event, Bastarache said students from McGill’s legal information clinic have been going to Montreal’s airport to offer advice to anyone affected by Trump’s temporary entry ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

For Saturday’s event, the students have also set up a Canada Helps fundraising page to benefit the refugee organization.

In addition to research and fundraising, Bastarache hopes the symbolism of the event will encourage the Canadian government to review the Safe Third Country Agreement.

“The united front of law students across the country banding together should send a message that we’re not going to stand for legislation like this,” she said.

Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Press

Imagine waking Woozi up on his birthday with some kisses and a warm cup of coffee. Then, seeing his groggy face turn into a happy one after realizing who woke him up and for what reason.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: 04/02/17

I was going to make this a short one but I think I failed… There was just too much to talk about! So without further ado, let’s do this. 

(Apologies for this recap being almost entirely about James Le Lacheur, Nicola Alexis, and Tom Mackley… I don’t know what to tell you. I love the covers and the ensemble.) 

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I feel a little apprehensive to post this but damn, I’m tired of Poland during WWII being mentioned only in the context of “Hitler invaded it first” (which is not technically accurate anyway).


  • during WWII, around 6 000 000 Polish people were killed, over 3 000 000 of it were Jewish. The vast majority were civilians. To give you the perspective on those numbers, 35 000 000 people lived in Poland before the war. That means that over 22% of all Polish people were killed in WWII.
  • The first actual report of the scope of Holocaust was conducted by the Polish Underground State. Jan Karski gathered a detailed account of the mass murders that were being committed and presented it to the Allies on the West as early as 1942, asking for help. USA and UK did nothing.
  • (by the way, while giving Jan Karski posthumously the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Barack Obama used the very loaded phrase “Polish concentration camps” - which were, you know Nazi Germany concentration camps where Polish citizens were killed. Not to rag on Obama personally but this goes to show what’s the general American attitude towards this)
  • Speaking of the Polish Underground State - did you know that it was the biggest resistance movement under the Nazi Germany? And it was an actual underground state, with underground cabinet, diplomatic channels, education, judiciary system, the press, etc. There was a branch called “Żegota” that provided help for Jewish people in gettos and accomodated their hiding on the “Aryan side”. (You should consider that in Poland only the punishment for helping Jewish people was death).
  • Don’t forget too that Hitler first offered Poland a deal and the Polish response was “We in Poland don’t know the notion of peace at any cost. There is only one thing in the lives of people, nations and states which is priceless: that thing is honor”.
  • (that probably wasn’t very smart but you have to admit it’s pretty badass)
  • Subsequently, both Nazi Germany and USSR invaded Poland while France and Britain (who formally “declared war” on Germany) did nothing.
  • Also don’t forget that Polish Underground State was forced to work with Stalin even though USSR invaded Poland and committed terrible war crimes. For our troubles, we got sold to the Soviets after WWII. By the way, NKWD (secret police) was actively arresting Polish freedom fighters and Jewish people even BEFORE the war was done (sometimes those “freed” from the concertration camps were transferred directly to the Soviet prisons). USA knew about this.

There’s more but I wrote this off the top of my head and I’m tired.

American followers, be aware of this.