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I messed up – the other night, when you told me you loved me, I … freaked out. And it’s not because I don’t feel the same way. It’s just – if you haven’t noticed this about me – I try to not make a big deal about anything. And so big gestures of love, I suck at them. I-I-don’t know how to do that. But they’re the things that you do all the time that you do all the time that have made me fall in love with you.

[TUTORIAL] GIF In Templates

this tutorial is way long overdue; a big sorry to pyaar-ka-irada who originally requested this. i finally found the time to make a proper tutorial since i’m now on summer break from school and such. but yea, here it is!

in order to understand this tutorial, you need to know how to work with gifs let alone multiple layers. the process is very similar to my combining 2+ gifs on a canvas tutorial. 

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