all my feels

Mycroft Holmes
  • Mycroft mouthing along to old movies because of course he knows every line
  • Mycroft and his completely overdramatic sword cane
  • Mycoft smiling because Sherlock told him he was great in a school play
  • Mycroft waggling his eyebrows playfully in disguise
  • Mycroft furiously dressing down the director out of fear for and fear of his little sister
  • Mycroft unable to take an innocent life with his own hands
  • Mycroft making a joke about not having a heart and making Sherlock smile while he has a gun trained on his chest
  • Mycroft sitting with his family together for the first time in years




三寸天堂 Three Inches of Heaven
严艺丹 Yan Yi Dan
三寸天堂 Three Inches of Heaven

I stopped searching for the heaven we promised each other That heaven is the place where I once loved you (x)


Some things never change.

Or, another day, another trip on the neverending Stucky feels train. Pun vaguely intended.

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EDIT: Added some wallpapers versions too. Enjoy!