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Cei and Corey Morgan, or as @yaboykeiji dubbed them - The Sunshine Twins.

Mars did such an excellent job bringing these two to life, and I am still overwhelmed by their work. I believe their commissions are still open, so check them out!

Corey Morgan is the main character in my novel, Three Simple Words. I can’t put everything she means to me into a few simple sentences, because they just wouldn’t do her justice. But she has a particularly close bond with her twin brother, Cei, even though they spent several years apart when they were young. These two would go to the ends of the earth for each other, though Cei is the one most likely to be upfront about that quality.

I could go on about them for days, but I will keep it simple and say that I love them, and I’m so glad I can finally see the two of them together. If you’d like to know more about them, send me an ask.

Again, I have to give a million thanks to @yaboykeiji for drawing these two for me!

Six Sentence Sunday- 10/15/17

“So…how do you want to try it this time?” Molly asked, smiling sweetly as she looked across the exam table at him.

“Just um- just keep busy doing the post mortem and don’t pay too much attention to me,” Sherlock instructed with a nervous gesture toward the body and nearby tools, and she quickly looked down and did just as he asked.

He drew a deep breath with eyes closed and then finally opened them with an exhale as he softly but clearly said, “Molly, I love you.”

She glanced up from her work then, her eyes shining and lips lifting in a slow smile that lit up her whole face as she asked, “and when will you really say it?”

“Sherlock, can you please get up and focus so we’re not late for the christening?” John demanded while fussing with his tie.

“Yes of course, John,” Sherlock replied evenly as he exited his mind palace and got up from the Watson’s couch, promising himself, as he always did…to practice again another day.

Everything about these kids just…… Breaks my fucking heart….. Marco, Annie, Reiner, Ymir, Bertl….. In a Shingeki no Kyojin world where everyone is so obsessed with Eren, Mikasa X Armin….. I want nothing to do with that mediocrity, I just want to take these warriors and freckled baby Jesus and hug them and tell them everything is going to be alright!! Isayama is a cruel bastard indeed.

I honest to god don’t know how this came to be? If anyone prayed for it (besides me) if this is divine intervention or what!?!? But oh my god, I can die happy now knowing I saw this…. It’s almost illegal and a sin that these two won’t get to be old together….. I still hate Eren and Mikasa for Erwin’s death, regardless if Erwin wanted to die or not….. Oh god, I need to stop now… I’m starting to get emotional…. It’s just…… First Marco, then Erwin, now Ymir, and I’m like fuuuuck…..!!!!! There better be some sort of reunion or something, where those who have died come back in spirit form and they all celebrate or something (you know like in that scene in Mulan, where she finally brings honor to her family!? You know what I’m talking about? And some corny boy pop group from the 90s is singing in the background.) REGARDLESS….. WHO EVER ILLUSTRATED THIS OR DECIDED TO SHARE THIS….. MAY WALL SINA, ROSE AND MARIA BLESS YOU INFINITELY!

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Just look at these precious people! So much love for them <3

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child celebrates 11 Olivier Awards nominations!

Could the supernatural writers just get their shit together and make destiel canon because I think they have no idea how much this actually breaks my heart on a daily basis


UM. Lindo, you are savage.

‘I like your ribbons…’


The idea of Azuna and Lindo being childhood friends is amazeballs, I mean love can bloom before you blink, k.

My theories are just as valid as frost in July.

Imma just draw them how I please.

Again and again

Written in a burst of procrastination and an epic song. This is set in Paris 1927 during a hypothetical event during Fantastic Beasts 2. 

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Song: “Umbrella’’ by J2 [feat. Jazelle]

Tina never thought that the first time she met the mysterious Leta Lestrange would be in a battle. All those months not hearing from Newt, sitting at her MACUSA desk and running her beat in New York, thinking of any and everything she didn’t know about the woman that was in the picture. None of those images, scenarios, even what she wanted to say came to mind amidst the dust and rubble, the blazing flashes of wands firing spell after spell. In that instant, looking at Leta, she could only think of one word.


The girl was absolutely terrified. In some part of her mind, Tina knew Leta was likely older than her. But those suggestive eyes from the photograph were wide with fear, her coffee coloured skin paled and stretched taught against cheekbone features. Leta was as terrified as a child. No matter her family name or the fact that Tina knew nothing about her, the flicker of jealousy, anxiety or anger at meeting the girl who was always in Newt’s mind disappeared.

Tina almost hacked at the dust was became stuck in her lungs when she breathed in humid air. She ignored the searing discomfort in her chest as she hurried towards Leta Lestrange whose back was pressed against the stone wall.

“Miss Lestrange,” was all she could manage before she forced Leta down on her knees, Tina half covering the woman’s body as another spell hit the ceiling further above them. Leta was shaking almost uncontrollably, her head scarf loosening to hint at midnight curls. Tina looked up to see Newt running from the end of the tunnel, his battered boots hitting the floor in the rhythm of his unique gait.

Another blast of magic and Tina forced her eyes closed as more rubble fell. Blindly, she flung a defensive spell back behind her. A curse in a foreign language bit back at her but Tina didn’t feel relief. She grabbed Leta’s shoulder non-too-gently and pulled her into a crouched position.

“Run to Newt!” Tina hissed with urgency as she flung another spell into the dark corridor. She pulled her into a run but the other woman hesitated almost in shock.

“Newt? What… Newt…he?” Leta began to stutter, her eyes darting between Tina’s to the tunnel. A gust of wind whipped beside them both and Leta startled. Newt Apparated beside Tina, hair disheveled, vibrant blue coat covered with grime and dust and his wand at the ready.

“Tina, we have to—” His words faltered to as complete halt when his green eyes landed on the woman she was covering. And what Tina saw in those eyes that she’d missed more and more each day in America nearly crippled her resolve. Such confusion, pain and…wonder. Newt’s mouth moved to say Leta’s name but no sound came out. Leta was in the same amount of shock, just staring. It was only for a few seconds but it was enough. 

The hair on the back of Tina’s neck rose infinitesimally as the air crackled with another attack. Thrusting her wand forward in defence, her shoulder jarred at the force against her conjured shield. The footsteps were faster in speed now and instinct told her that their attacker was going to Apparate.

“Newt!” Tina ordered, snapping his attention from Leta’s face back to her. His arm had instinctually and protectively gone around Leta’s shoulders, his body angled to shield her from the attack. Tina never knew a heart could wrench right near her throat. “Go! Take her!”

Mind straining, Tina put her Auror training to the absolute test. Maintaining concentration and wand-work accuracy regardless of being emotionally compromised. Instinct. Wand-work. Protect. Attack.

10 seconds and he’ll be there.

“GO!” Tina roared one more time when she forced herself to take prominent defensive position in front of them. “Help Queenie get the door open and GO!”

She could palpably feel Newt struggle behind her, divided against loyalties yet so emotionally battered by the petite woman beside him.

One final push Tina. Come on.

“Protect my sister, Newt. Protect her.”

Tina didn’t have the chance to see him nod. By the time her wand was shooting another spell, the air behind Tina was empty. Hollow.

Electricity charged the air once more, rippling along her skin horrifyingly. Tina stilled her fear, stilled her beating heart as the cloaked man appeared no less than two feet in front of her. Not Grindelwald but one of his followers. Even in the lack of light she could see the glint of his teeth as he sneered.

Tina fired spells again and again and again. Her rhythm never stopped as she was forced to take footsteps back behind her from the sheer force of the spells. For a moment, she almost expected the Swooping Evil to spread its skeletal wings in front of her vision, giving her a respite from the pounding that was beginning to beat in her temples. Then the rest of her heart clenched.

There was no one there behind her. No other wand that can be raised to help her. No Englishman with his suitcase full of weird and wonderful beasts. He was with Queenie, battling the locks to the exit that will guarantee their escape. He was with her. The enigmatic Leta Lestrange.

She was a second too slow as she turned, the spell cutting a sharp red line against her pale cheek. Tina shot back at him again, mustering all the strength she had.

They needed time. Tina will give them all the time they needed. No matter how much she wanted to see a blue coat in her periphery. No matter if she knew he was doing the right thing.

Are you alone, Tina?

This time she couldn’t block the spell and it hit her side, flinging her entire body against the stone wall. The man growled when a wall of light blocked his path forward. Her fingers gripped her wand tighter. She spat out the blood pooling in her mouth.

Always alone, Mrs Esposito.