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Everything about these kids just…… Breaks my fucking heart….. Marco, Annie, Reiner, Ymir, Bertl….. In a Shingeki no Kyojin world where everyone is so obsessed with Eren, Mikasa X Armin….. I want nothing to do with that mediocrity, I just want to take these warriors and freckled baby Jesus and hug them and tell them everything is going to be alright!! Isayama is a cruel bastard indeed.

Just look at these precious people! So much love for them <3

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child celebrates 11 Olivier Awards nominations!

I honest to god don’t know how this came to be? If anyone prayed for it (besides me) if this is divine intervention or what!?!? But oh my god, I can die happy now knowing I saw this…. It’s almost illegal and a sin that these two won’t get to be old together….. I still hate Eren and Mikasa for Erwin’s death, regardless if Erwin wanted to die or not….. Oh god, I need to stop now… I’m starting to get emotional…. It’s just…… First Marco, then Erwin, now Ymir, and I’m like fuuuuck…..!!!!! There better be some sort of reunion or something, where those who have died come back in spirit form and they all celebrate or something (you know like in that scene in Mulan, where she finally brings honor to her family!? You know what I’m talking about? And some corny boy pop group from the 90s is singing in the background.) REGARDLESS….. WHO EVER ILLUSTRATED THIS OR DECIDED TO SHARE THIS….. MAY WALL SINA, ROSE AND MARIA BLESS YOU INFINITELY!

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三寸天堂 Three Inches of Heaven
严艺丹 Yan Yi Dan
三寸天堂 Three Inches of Heaven

I stopped searching for the heaven we promised each other That heaven is the place where I once loved you (x)