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                                ❝ —WE NEED TO TALK—❞

❝ You strike me as someone who’s seen quite a lot. But in my honest opinion I doubt this’ll work like you thought. There’s something specific I need you to do if you’re up to the task. (Which you don’t seem to be from the way that you’re still staring back with no change of expression)  ❞ 

                ❝ —BUT HEY YOU CAN GIVE IT A SHOT—❞

I’ve seen how people work, I’ve watched them all these years. They are not driven by ambition, All their motors run on fear. Each one afraid of aging, dying, Being lonely, getting caught. They’re terrified of moving on, but scared of staying here.  ❞

                      ❝ —STILL I DID NOT BAT AN EYE—❞

❝ They left me at night in the heart of the forest, the air full of noises, the creatures that eat us just feet from my face, as their wild cries sounded, and darkness surrounded. ❞

                         Ind. Sel. Priv. Horror based / Oriented Blogs
                                          Written by Rabbit

Remembering Is One Of The Most Taxing Processes For The Brain

You are paying bills at your online banking website. You have to   think about what bills need to be paid when, look up your balance,   decide how much to pay on your credit cards, and push the right buttons to get the payments processed. As you do this task, you are thinking and  remembering (cognitive),  looking at the screen (visual), and pressing  buttons, typing, and moving the mouse (motor).

In human factors terminology these are called “loads”. The theory is that there are basically three different kinds of demands or loads that  you can make on a person: Cognitive (thinking and remembering), Visual,  and Motor.

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Four charged with hate crime for Chicago Facebook Live attack - BBC News
Four people are charged with a hate crime for the Facebook Live torture of a mentally disabled man.

Four people face hate crime and kidnapping charges for the Facebook Live-aired torture of a mentally disabled man.

Jordan Hill, 18, Tesfaye Cooper, 18, Brittany Covington, 18, and Tanishia Covington, 24, are expected to appear in a Chicago court on Friday.

In the video, the assailants can be heard making derogatory statements against white people and Donald Trump.

Chicago police have described the incident as a “sickening”.

The suspects, who are black, have also all been charged with aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Mr Hill is further charged with robbery and possession of a stolen motor.

All the suspects, apart from Tanishia Covington, also each face a count of residential burglary.

In an assault that went on for two days in a flat on the Illinois city’s west side, the white victim was made to drink from a toilet bowl, had part of his scalp removed with a knife, and was bound, gagged and beaten.

The unnamed 18-year-old - a school acquaintance of one of the alleged attackers - was found disorientated, walking the streets.

Good. I hope that the sentences are long for each of them. Those four criminals are nothing but monsters.


midcentury motels. it’s amazing the little pockets of america where signs like this still survive. very few of the motel restaurants or coffee shops still function, but in little desert towns like Lone Pine and Bishop and the dodgy outskirts of Lancaster, California you can still find successions of sketchy motor inns all in a row with rusty signs that look a lot like these.

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Jon x Sansa - Westworld AU

“Freeze all motor functions,” Jon murmurs as he slowly reaches for the gun in his holster.

She moves closer to him, hollow eyes focused on his, daring him to move.

“I’m not here to hurt you,” he says gently. Placing his gun on the table without breaking eye contact, Jon holds his hands up. He should’ve at least changed his clothes, he thought to himself. He calculates approximately four minutes before the control room alerts Stubbs that Agent Snow went rogue. Another four before the team arrives to detain him. And decommission her.

“How do I explain thi-” Jon begins.

“You’re new,” she interjects. She gives him a once-over and continues. “Not much of a rind…” She puts her finger up to her lips, brows furrowed. It was not what I wanted to say. Confused, her eyes meet again with his, searching for answers with this – this stranger. But as they continue to stare at each other, she feels as if she’s met him before.

She glances at the watch on his left wrist, tentatively reaching for his hand. She knows this man, she suddenly realizes. She’s dreamed of him before, wearing the same, unusual clothes he’s wearing now. But she doesn’t know why.  “Do I know you?”

His lips twitch, nodding his head. “Hello, Sansa.”


1962 Dodge Power Wagon (TX) - $65,000

Exterior: Army Green w/ Clear Coat
Interior: Camo Vinyl
Transmission: Turbo 400 Overdrive Automatic (Mopar Bell Housing)
Engine: Hemi 568 V-8
Mileage: 6,900

Custom M37 Power Wagon, has a Dana 60 with 4:11 gears, posi, moser axles, 4 link coil overs. Rear tires are 33x22x15 Mickey Thompson Radials. Motor is all Aluminum block and heads, 568 cubic inch Hemi with a 1471 Supercharger with 900 cfm demon carbs. Motor was built by Roy Anamia, South State Speed Shop in New Jersey. Have all paper work, motor Dyno-ed at 1450 hp but is street-able and always driven to car shows and events, runs on pump gas. Has a custom built aluminum 32 gallon gas tank, March pulley system, Power steering and power brakes, AC and Heat, two aluminum radiators, ididit steering column, 4 wheel disc brakes. Transmission is a Chevy turbo 400 pro built by JW Performance with a Mopar bell housing, reverse manual valve body and a 2600 stall converter also installed is a Gear Vender Overdrive which makes it really nice driving down the highway. Has a Lokar shifter. Painted a drab green with clear coat, no decals all paint. Top is fiberglass. Over $125,000 invested.

This vehicle is located in China Springs TX 76633.
Please call Roger @ 254-447-9640 to see this Power Wagon.