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The SS fandom gets all high and mighty when Sakura says, “my darling husband and daughter.” Have they forgotten? Sasuke was never home for the entirety of his kid’s life. The 1st chapter of that awful Gaiden has Sakura’s face plastered on Karin’s. Salad has no birth records. Sasuke almost impaled her when they met. Sasuke doesn’t even bother to say anything meaniful to Sakura either. And you really have gall to act the way you do?

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I read somewhere that the only reason Tsunade became Hokage was because Jiraiya turned the role down. So, she is basically getting his leftovers. When you think about it, all the females in Naruto get shat on. Sakura is a struggling housewife, she has to single-handedly raise her child. Ino doesn’t even ‘win’ Sasuke, she gets the guy who thought she was ugly. Tenten is in charge of a failing weapons store, and Hinata has disappeared into oblivion.

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