Here are some new eyes I’ve been working on, I’ve been trying to improve so much so I’m sorry for not posting a lot! I hope these make up for it :D

Let me know if you have any problems, questions (I’m WCIF friendly) or just what you think, and please tag me if you use these in images! I love seeing you guys’ sims :3

Also as always please don’t reupload anywhere as your own <3

  • 20 Colours
  • Facepaint Contacts
  • All genders
  • All ages

 Download | Dropbox / TSR

P.S. 100th Post and over 1000 followers, I just want to say thank you again <3 

Guys, if you check out IGN’s page on Pyre, it looks like we’ve already got a 22 minute long video of gameplay from PAX and I am sCREAMING!!!! LOOK!!!

It looks like you can pick your gender holy shit?!??!?!? and it keeps getting better the more I watch

im literally five minutes in and i am shaking oh my lordy

@pyred you’ll probably see this but this is important

Makorra state

noun |  ma·ko·rra state

:extreme emotions provoked by the absolutely stunning relationship between Mako and Korra from Legend of Korra, colloquially named “Makorra”, to the point of overwhelming the soul

Examples of ‘Makorra state’:

  • motherofavatars’s current being
  • “So much Makorra on my dashboard. I’m in the Makorra state.”


  • agony

so i’ve been working on a painting of kara using this reference shot and the whole time i’ve just been thinking about this… supergirl with a pearl earring