Romúlo Coelho pede reeleição de Passos

Romúlo Coelho pede reeleição de Passos

  Rómulo Coelho: Foto – Fabíola de Sousa Esta tarde na Herdade do Chão da Lagoa, cumpriu-se a tradição dos discursos políticos, desta vez de forma diferente, sem a presença de Alberto João Jardim e com o novo presidente do Governo Regional, Miguel Albuquerque, que mesmo em convalesça de uma operação ao rim, não deixou de fazer a tradicional ronda pelas barracas acompanhado pelo primeiro-ministro,…

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Mi Reina

Besides your name in my phone, it’s an noun that that I describe u as. When I found out that you were still at Spelman, that’s what made me latch on to you even more. You were going to be a piece of work because you didn’t play games, two days after catching up I wanted to marry you lol. You lit hope inside of me that was burned out. You never wanted to change who I was because you already understood you can’t change childhood reactions you can only make them better . Physical distance is the only detachment we have. We talk like we’re middle school best friends on the phone and party like its a celebration when we’re together. The next 11 months is gonna be crazy for the both of us but there isn’t going to be any disappointments. The goal is to wake up to you every morning and I’m not breaking that promise.